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甲午馬年灶君返天簡介 Sending Off of Kitchen Deity for Jia Wu Horse Year 2015

甲午馬年灶君返天簡介  Sending Off of Kitchen Deity for Jia Wu Horse Year 2015

Its again the Period for Sending back Zao Jun (灶君) aka Kitchen Deity to the Celestial Realm for the Reporting of the whole Year's Credits & Debits of the Mortals.

In the following are 2 links to the more detailed Introduction posted in the past years:

Sweet Potato Horse for Kitchen Deity (番薯馬送灶君):

 In the following its the list of Good Timing for Sending off of Kitchen Deities for the 3 Days

23rd Day (臘月廿三) 11 Feb 2015
0500 – 0659 (卯時)
0900 – 1059 (巳時)
1100 – 1259 (午時)
1300 – 1459 (未時)
1500 – 1659 (申時)

24th Day (臘月廿四) 12 Feb 2015
0300 – 0459 (寅時)
0500 – 0659 (卯時)
0900 – 1059 (巳時)
1100 – 1259 (午時)
1300 – 1459 (未時)
1500 – 1659 (申時)

25th Day (臘月廿五) 13 Feb 2015
0100 – 0259 (丑時)
0700 – 0859 (辰時)
0900 – 1059 (巳時)
1100 – 1259 (午時)
1300 – 1459 (未時)
1500 – 1659 (申時)

PS: Auspicious Timing on 25th Day will usually be more than the 2 other Days.

Additional Info 多知一點點:

Star of Kitchen Deity Vesta (天文學中的灶神星)

In Taoism and Chinese Culture, we have been talking about Kitchen Deity (灶君) for Thousands of Years, but in fact, a lot of Taoists and Chinese do not know that in our Universe, there is a Star dedicated to him.

This Star in Astrometry is known as Vesta (灶神星).

Vesta, the name of the Roman Goddess of Heart & Hearth, whenever she present, it will represent Fire and this is how, Vesta was being depicted as the Overall In-charge of Kitchen/Food in Taoism & Chinese Culture.

 In the Universe, Vesta is situated in near to Pluto (冥王星) and Ceres (穀神星) which in Taoism, Ceres is the Star that look after all the Growth and Harvesting of Plantations & Crops.

According to Astrology Study, Vesta shall be of 10 – 20 Hundred Million Years old and the distance from Vesta to Earth is about 117 Million Mile (approx of 188 Million Km).

For those who are interested in knowing more on Vesta and the linkage with Roman Mythology, it will be great that you all can go indepth in the research.

甲午馬年冬季九天司祿貴人下降 Deity of Prosperity Distributing Blessing for Lunar New Year 2015

Deity of Prosperity Distributing Blessing for Lunar New Year 2015






Deity of Prosperity will be descending into the Mortal Realm for Distributing of Blessing for Businesses, Career and Academic on the 16th Day of Lunar 12 Month at 0300 – 1500 Hours.

For those who are doing business, please do prepare 3 sets of Fruits and 5 Color grains to offer.

May All of you be blessed.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

乙未歲始立春日 Ushering in the Spring - Li Chun Day 2015

A Year is about to End and a New Year is around the corner to allow us to usher in.

Time flashes like Lighting. Now we are already in Year 2015 and for Lunar Year will be Yi Wei Goat Year (乙未羊年).
So what is Li Chun Day?

A lot of people might not know that, actually our Lunar New Year will start on Li Chun Day or Lunar New Year will only be consider as Officially Arrived only after Li Chun Day.

Li Chun Day is a day to mark the start of a New Lunar Year and also, to mark the Arrival of the Spring Season.

Usually after Li Chun Day, most of the plants will start to grow again, snow will slowly cease and accumulated-ice will start to melt, etc.

So how to know when is Li Chun Day?

According to the Ancient Calculation, Li Chun Day will be within 49days after Dong Zhi (冬至) aka Winter Solstice or +/- 9 days from Lunar New Year (except for special Lunar Calendar Year).

In Solar Calendar (陽曆), usually Li Chun Day will fall within 3rd, 4th or 5th of every February.

For Year 2015, it falls on 04 Feb, a Wednesday (甲午馬農曆臘月十六日), starts at 1209 Hr (午時).

So what are the events that will happen on Li Chun Day?

In the past, on Li Chun Day, Emperor would led the Officers of the Imperial Court to the Eastern Field (東郊 out from the Capital City) to usher the Spring or Deity of Spring (迎春神), this represent the Spring Deity was there to perform his task, etc.

As for commoners, they would visit Temples to pay respect to Deities for blessing for the New Year.

Some Folks Organisations would organize Traditional performances, Lion Dances, Guessing-games, etc.

For the modern day now, due to works, education, etc, a lot of such Traditional Dates/Festivals are being forgotten. This is indeed a pity sad thing.

Besides the above mentioned Events, Li Chun Day is also a Day to usher in Lord Tai Sui of the New Lunar Year (值年太歲星君).

For those who are being affected by the Confliction of Lord Tai Sui, Oneself or the Family can visit Old Temples with Proper Altar set-up dedicating to Lord Tai Sui to pay their respect. After the paying respect to Lord Tai Sui, everything will be fine and if Oneself is Sincere & Upright, that Year will usually turn out Good & Peaceful.

So when is the Best Timing to visit Temple to pay respect to Lord Tai Sui?

For those who are Not working, you can start to visit Temple to honour Lord Tai Sui after Li Chun Day (next day), for those who are working, then you can choose to visit the Temple on Weekends, but remember to do it before the Lunar New Year arrives.

Last of All, an Advise for ALL. For those who are able to visit 3 Temples on Li Chun Day, it will be Great. This action is to eliminate ALL un-necessary Negative Energies that have pestered Oneself for the past 1 Year. As for those who cant make it, Family Members or Friends can assist in paying respect to the Deities on-behalf of them.

For those who needed to Replenish their Spiritual Coffer (消災改運添補庫), Li Chun Day is also a Good Day to perform this Ceremony.

相關資訊  More info on Li Chun Day:

立春點燈  Lighting Blessing Lamp on Li Chun Day -

立春開春習俗之咬春 Li Chun consuming of Spring Roll

立春開春旺財法 Multiplying the Wealth on Li Chun Day

道在屎溺 Where is Dao? In the feces















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乙未羊年安奉當年太歲星君 Paying Respect to Lord Tai Sui Of Yi Wei Goat Year 2015

Chinese Zodiacs Luck in Yi Wei Goat Year 2015 - Conflicts with Lord Tai Sui

Its again the period for Jave Wu to do the analysis of the Luck for the various Chinese Zodiacs for the Year of Goat (2015) aka Yi Wei Goat Year (乙未羊年), Taoist Calendar Year 7203 (道曆七千二百零三年) & Lunar Calendar aka Huang Li Year 4712 (黃曆四千七百十二年).

Huang Li aka Lunar Calendar was founded accordingly to the founding year by Yellow Emperor aka Huang Di (軒轅黃帝).

As for Taoist Calendar, many Taoists or People had been using the same calculation method as Lunar Calendar which is not very accurate. In here, Jave will like to use this opportunity to correct it back. According to records, Taoist Calendar should follow the founding year when the oldest painting of Nv Wa (女媧蛇身畫軸) was founded, which was 7203 years ago.

Ok, direct to the topic:

For Yi Wei Goat Year, the following Chinese Zodiacs will have some minor issues with Lord Tai Sui General Yang Xian. In Official Taoist Records in Southern & Northern Period, the Tai Sui of Yi Wei Goat Year was known as Long Bi Hong. The version that we are using now is from Qing Dynasty, which have got a lot of mistakes that have yet to be clarify or change. (乙未羊年當年太歲楊仙將軍又作楊賢/楊建。真正名諱為龍畢鴻 – 記載於” 南北朝六十甲子太歲名錄”, 目前所用的為清朝版本):

Direct Front-facing (Direct Conflict) with Lord Tai Sui of Yi Wei Goat Year:
Goat (正犯太歲: 羊)

Lunar Age involved (農曆虛歲): 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73, 85, 97

Direct Back-facing (In-direct Conflict) with Lord Tai Sui of Yi Wei Goat Year:
Cow (正沖太歲: 牛)

Lunar Age involved (農曆虛歲): 19, 31, 43, 55, 67, 79, 91

Adjacent Left-facing (Major-side Conflict) with Lord Tai Sui of Yi Wei Goat Year:
Dragon (偏沖太歲: 龍)

Lunar Age involved (農曆虛歲): 16, 28, 40, 52, 64, 76, 88

Adjacent Right-facing (Minor-side Conflict) with Lord Tai Sui of Yi Wei Goat Year:
Dog (刑沖太歲: 狗)

Lunar Age involved (農曆虛歲): 22, 34, 46, 58, 70, 82, 94

For age Below or Of 12 & Above or Of 99 wont be affected by the Conflicts or Issue-facing with Lord Tai Sui, so for those who have kids and elders of this Age-group, please do not worry so much (童生不越虛歲十二﹐老者虛歲欲百﹐皆不與太歲犯衝刑。).

For those who are Affected and needed the Assistance from Long Shan Men in getting the Spiritual Petition (安奉太歲疏文), please feel free to contact me at or PM me.


Paying Respect to Lord Tai Sui Of Yi Wei Goat Year 2015

Dear All,

After Dong Zhi aka Winter Solstice of Year 2014, all Paying of Gratitude to Lord Tai Sui of Jia Wu Horse Year (民間一般通常在冬至之前答謝該年當值太歲星君) will end (for those who miss this, usually will do it before 16th Day of Lunar 12 Month of the Year or the Day for Thanksgiving Ceremony (如若有人無法在冬至前答謝﹐可在歲末答謝神恩時或尾牙答謝該年當值太歲星君) or before 24th Day of Lunar 12 Month 或者在臘月廿四日前答謝也可).

何時為安奉新年當值太歲星君 So when is the Best timing or Accurate Day to pay respect to General Xu Dan?


According to Chinese Custom & Taoist Practice Records, the Best & Accurate Day to pay respect to a the Lord Tai Sui of the New Lunar Year starts on Li Chun Day - which means that, the Initial Starts of the Spring Season (a lot of people may think that the 1st Day of Lunar 1 Month is the start of a New Lunar Year, but actually is not, if we are to go according to the Old Ancient Calendar, Li Chun shall be the actual day of the arrival of Spring Season).

So when is Li Chun Day for Yi Wei Goat Year?

Li Chun Day for Yi Wei Goat Year falls on 16th Day of Lunar 12 Month of Jia Wu Horse Year (甲午馬年臘月十六日), 04 Feb 2015, after 12:09hr (Horse Hour 午時).

Read more on Li Chun Day 立春相關簡介:

Lighting of Blessing Lanterns on Li Chun Day 立春點平安燈簡介:

So what are the Offerings that needed to prepare?

Usually the Temples that dedicate Altars to Lord Tai Sui will have set of offerings prepared for Devotees, but if you needed to get extra shares, here are the suggested items:

1 - One set of Mandarins (5 quantities 大吉)

2 - One set of Chinese Tea Leaves & Traditional Cookies (Jian He 餞盒)

3 - One set of Lord Tai Sui Incense-paper (optional 太歲金)

4 - One set of Lord Tai Sui Robe (in Blue Color 藍色太歲袍)

5 - One set of Lord Tai Sui Talisman (optional, beware that, only choose the Taoism one, not those mix with other Religions Wordings/Charms on it 正統道教太歲符)

6 - One set of Incense (not to short, medium length will be best - more than 48cm 富貴長命香)

7 - An Ang Bao with an amount of S$1.20 or S$12.00 (for Yi Wei Goat Year, there are only 12 Lunar Months)

8 - A Spiritual Petition to report on the name, age, DOB and address of the person who paying respect to Lord Tai Sui (some Temples will prepare for the devotees, if not, can always look for any Taoist Spiritual People for one 安奉太歲疏文)

For more info on the Honouring Offerings, you may wish to the following link for references:

PS: For those who need the Spiritual Petition, please PM or email Jave Wu at

Protection & Blessing Items for Oneself

Recently, many People had approached me for the enquiry of what Items to be bought in-order to do Self-protection for the Conflict-issue against the Lord Tai Sui.

安奉當值太歲星君所需供品/物件 Here are a few items that oneself can get:

1) Wu Di Qian aka The Five Emperors Coin (五帝錢)

Pls refer to link 五帝錢簡介:

2) Wooden Pendant (木制墜子)

For example, Wooden Ru Yi Pendant (木如意)

3) Golden Jewelry (金飾)

4) Tai Sui Coin (太歲錢)

5) A Copy of Lord Tai Sui Praise Incantation (太歲寶誥)

Remember, the Tai Sui Incantation must be written by oneself, do not ask anyone to do the copying or writing on behalf of you. This Incantation can be written or copy after 24th Day of Lunar 12 Month.

The Incantation can be found in (太歲寶誥資料):

Copy it on a Red or Yellow Paper with the dimension of 10cm by 10cm.

After complete writing, on the Day of Paying Respect to Lord Tai Sui, bring it along and then before burning off the Paper Offerings, bring out the Mantra and bring it on top of the Urn, go 3 rounds on top of the Incense Fume and then keep it in the Wallet.

Whenever Oneself feels uneasy or frustrated, take it out and recite once, the Issues that you faced will somehow be solved.

Last of All, wish everyone after paying respect to General Xu Dan, All necessary blessings will be bestowed to you and your family.

Wu Liang Shou 無量壽
Wu Liang Fu 無量福
Wu Liang Guang 無量光

甲午馬年道教臘八節 La Ba Festival of Jia Wu Horse Year 2015

With a blink on the eyes, its again the End of the Lunar Year and its again the La Ba Festival.

For Jia Wu Horse Year, La Ba Festival falls on 27 Jan 2015, a Tuesday.

In Taoism, the earliest record of the Celebration of La Ba Festival was far in Zhou Dynasty.

And in Taoist Myth Records, it was believed to be the Anniversary of the Day when Nv Wa created the Grains for the Living Beings – the 8th Day after World was created.

To understand more on La Ba Festival (農曆臘月習俗之臘八節簡介), feel free to visit the following link for more information:

& Info on La Ba Garlic (臘八蒜簡介):

& the Offering of Red Dates Huat Kueh (臘八紅棗發糕簡介):