Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Long Shan Men honouring Lord Tian Guan at Taoist Mission 2013 (正一龍山門假新加坡道教協會 - 上元請香敬天官)

On Shang Yuan Day (癸巳年上元日), Long Shan Men had visited Singapore Taoist Mission Yu Huang Gong (新加坡道教協會玉皇宮), located at Telok Ayer Street, to pay our respect to Lord Tian Guan (天官大帝).

Upon arrival, members of Taoist Mission, were busy with the setting up for the Ritual that taking place in the Noon, so as not to jeopardise with their event, Vabien, Royce & Jave conducted our Honouring with the minimal assistance of the members.

With a simple report to Supreme Lord San Qing (三清道祖), Heavenly Jade Emperor (玉皇大天尊), we started our honouring dedicated to Lord San Guan (三官大帝) & Lord Tian Guan.

Upon completion, we proceed with the Sending off of the San Guan Shou Shu (三官手書), which is an important procedure to be taken on the individual Yuan.

For the time being, Taoist Mission Yu Huang Gong is calling for contribution for the preservation & reconstruction of the Historical & Heritage Building of Yu Huang Gong, for those who are able to provide your assistance, please do proceed to the following weblink for more info on how to assist them:

Monday, 25 February 2013

Thunder Roar on Lord Tian Guan Inspection Day (天官大帝考校三界與雷鳴)




... In Taoist Contexts, it recorded that when Supreme Lord Yuan Shi manifest Lord Tian Guan, there was Thunder roar being heard and also, when Lord Tian Guan conducts his inspection, he would ride a Single-horn Dragon Carriage and while the Carriage moved, Thunder roar was being released.

For Year 2013, while Jave was conducting the Ushering-in Ceremony dedicated to Lord Tian Guan,Thunder was heard from afar. So this is coincidence or Real? Needs pondering…

Round Off Hong Bao for Lunar New Year Celebration (新春圓融紅包)

Every year, my Lunar New Year celebration will round off on the 16th Day of Lunar 1st Month, after getting an Ang Bao that I prepared for myself on the Eve of Lunar New Year.

This had been a tradition since I started working.

This Year, t...he amount of the Ang Bao increased a bit, from $1.00 to $2.80. :)

Why? A symbolism of Successful.



Sunday, 24 February 2013

An Important Taoist Festival - Shang Yuan Day (正統道教大節 - 上元日)



Shang Yuan Day aka Yuan Xiao Festival, solely a Taoist Festival & also an important Feast Day in Taois...t Culture.

Being able to celebrate this Special & Joyous day as a Taoist and Chinese, it's such fortunate and grateful. As a Taoist, oneself must also treasure such opportunity given, do not allowed those Non Chinese-rooted Faiths affect such a Nice & Wonderful Taoism & our precious Culture.

In here, may All be Blessed with Prosperity and also, a Great Wisdom by Lord San Guan.
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Long Shan Men Shang Yuan Honouring 2013 (正一龍山門癸巳蛇年上元恭迎天官大帝鈞駕)

At the Rat Hour aka Zi Shi (子時) of Shang Yuan Festival of Gui Si Snake Year (癸巳蛇年), Long Shan Men had conducted a simple ceremony to usher in the Arrival of Lord Tian Guan (天官大帝) for his Annual Lunar New Year Inspection (考校天下) that take place on the 15th Day of Lunar 1st Month (農曆正月十五上元日). 

With the assistance of Jave’s Mother, the offerings were able to be placed onto the Altar just before the Rat Hour arrived (cos we having Family Reunion Dinner just before the Honouring). 

Since 14th Day of Lunar 1st Month, Jave had been chanting San Guan Scripture 3 times, allowing the requested Blessing to be “transmitted” up the Heavenly Realm and into San Guan’s “Office”.



Saturday, 23 February 2013

Annual Inspection of Heavenly Lord Tian Guan for Gui Si Snake Year 2013 (癸巳蛇年上元天官賜福大帝考校天下)

After a long stretch of Celebration for Lunar New Year, its time to do an Official Round-off for the Festival. 

Its again the 15th Day of Lunar 1st Month (農曆正月十五日) – for Year 2013, it falls on 24 Feb (a Sunday), which is also known as Yuan Xiao (元宵) or Shang Yuan (上元). 

In Taoism, this is also the Day for Heavenly Lord Tian Guan (天官大帝) to conduct his Annual Inspection for the Mortals in the Mortal Realm (考校巡天下) and in some other Taoist contexts, also known as the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Lord Tian Guan (其他文獻也記載此日為天官大帝之千秋聖誕). 

For those who are interested in finding out more, please do feel free to visit the following links: 

Pictures of San Guan Da Di (三官大帝照片連接): 

Praising Incantation of San Guan Da Di (三官大帝寶誥):

Info of Tian Guan (天官大帝簡介): 

Tian Guan Da Di (天官大帝) aka Lord Emperor of Heavenly Realm.

In Folks Culture, Tian Guan Da Di is one of the very few High Position Deities that being appointed to distribute or bestowed the Luck of Fortune or Luck of Wealth to the Mortals. 

On every 15th Day of Lunar 1 Month, the Manifestation Anniversary aka Birthday, of Tian Guan, the Chinese & Taoists will visit Temples that dedicate Altar or Statue to San Guan Da Di to pay respect to Tian Guan Da Di, in-order to make request for the blessing of Good Luck from Tian Guan Da Di. 

In other Chinese Countries, such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc, grand Rituals/Ceremonies that dedicated to Tian Guan Da Di will be organized for devotees to participate in.

During the Rituals/Ceremonies, Taoist Priests/Spiritual Masters will do Scripture Chanting and Petition Reading, in-order to evoke the energy from Tian Guan Da Di to be bestowed onto the Mortals.

In Singapore, never ever we can see such a Ritual/Ceremony being conducted, sad to say, not much people in Singapore or South East Asia known about who is Tian Guan Da Di or San Guan Da Di, worst is that, there are ignorant Temples & Sintuas that tend to distort the Upright Culture of San Guan Da Di. 

In order to get the necessary blessing from Tian Guan Da Di or San Guan Da Di, one self must be Upright and Willingly to accept the True Teaching of Taoism. 

Last, all the best in the paying respect, may Tian Guan Da Di distribute the Luck of Fortune to All of you. 

Intro on Shang Yuan: 

San Guan Da Di Comic (三元三官大帝漫畫輯):

Intro on the Spiritual Carriage of San Guan Da Di (三元三官大帝座下靈獸):

Couplets dedicated to Lord San Guan (三官大帝相關通用對聯):

Friday, 22 February 2013

The 4 Taoist Mystery Characters (道門咒語四字)

In here are another 4 Taoist Mystery Characters on a very commonly used verse. See who is able to solve this...


Taoism - Root Culture & Religion of Chinese (道教為中華之根本)





PS:  附圖為北斗經訣 

Being born as a Taoist or Chinese, is a great merit/effort that oneself had accumulated. Oneself shall treasure this opportunity and understand Oneself’s Root Culture, Belief & Religion. As a Taoist or Chinese, we don’t need any external teaching to gain Oneself’s Knowledge, instead, Oneself shall put in effort to learn, understand and digest the Teaching of our Great Dao.

For those who have seen thru and understand, you have achieved a level higher, for those who have yet, need not worry, its time for you to do a reflection and understand where & how you want to be and achieved in the future.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mystery Taoist Couplet (天字橫批對聯)

Mystery Taoist Couplet, till today no one is able to come out with the actual meaning of these 18 characters. You game to try to resolve this?


Couplets dedicated to Lord San Guan (三官大帝相關通用對聯)

大帝垂恩遠。Da Di Chui En Yuan
三元賜福多。San Yuan Ci Fu Duo

三元庇佑恩光大。San Yuan Bi You En Guang Da
萬善同歸福澤長。Wan Shan Tong Gui Fu Ze Chang

太極還從無極始。Tai Ji Huan Cong Wu Ji Shi
三元總自一元生。San Yuan Zong Zi Yi Yuan Sheng

爵列三曹分善惡。Jue Lie San Cao Fen Shan E
神隨六合顯靈通。Shen Sui Liu He Xian Ling Tong

正氣調元。天地人同歸掌握。Zheng Qi Diao Yuan. Tian Di Ren Tong Gui Zhang Wo
存神過化。上中下統屬帡幪。Cun Shen Guo Hua. Shang Zhong Xia Tong Shu Ping Meng

聖德參天。綱維三界隆千古。Sheng De Can Tian. Gang Wei San Jie Long Qian Gu
神功輝日。造化九州著萬年。Shen Gong Hui Ri. Zao Hua Jiu Zhou Zhu Qian Nian

極本道宗。太極原從無極始。Ji Ben Dao Zong. Tai Ji Yuan Cong Wu Ji Shi
元為善長。三元總自一元生。Yuan Wei Shan Chang. San Yuan Zong Zi Yi Yuan Sheng

輔天地。掌永衡。赫赫恩被六合。Fu Tian Di. Zhang Yong Heng. He He En Bei Liu He
握乾坤。司欽位。昭昭靈位九霄。Wo Qian Kun. Si Qin Wei. Zhao Zhao Ling Wei Jiu Xiao

天官地官水官。誠敬三官得佑。Tian Guan Di Guan Shui Guan. Cheng Jing San Guan De You
賜福赦罪解厄。仁慈消災必行。Ci Fu She Zui Jie E. Ren Ci Xiao Zai Bi Xing

紫微清虛洞陰。運化陰陽無添漏。Zi Wei Qing Xu Dong Yin. Yun Hua Yin Yang Wu Tian Lou
賜福赦罪解厄。綱紀乾坤有靈機。Ci Fu She Zui Jie E. Gang Ji Qian Kun You Ling Ji

一氣混成。天地水中分造化。Yi Qi Hun Cheng. Tian Di Shui Zhong Fen Zao Hua
三帝相見。雲台山上放祥光。San Di Xiang Jian. Yun Tai Shan Shang Fang Xiang Guang

今夫天。今夫地。今夫水。不貳不測。Jin Fu Tian. Jin Fu Di. Jin Fu Shui. Bu Er Bu Ce
位乎上。位乎中。位乎下。資始資生。Wei Hu Shang. Wei Hu Zhong. Wei Hu Xia. Zi Shi Zi Sheng

Tian Tong Yuan Qi. Di Tong Yuan Xing. Shui Tong Yuan Jing. He San Yuan Er You Xiang
Shang Ze Fu Guo. Zhong Ze Fu Min. Xia Ze Fu Wu. Jiang Wan Fu Yi Wu Jiang

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lord San Guan Inspection Paper Offering (三官大帝巡三界紙禡)

After honouring of The Great Jade Emperor of Heaven, its time to prepare the honouring for Lord San Guan on the 15th Day of Lunar 1st Month.

This is an Antique Printing that our Taoist School has and it has been kept for decades and now, finally being taken out and reused again.

On the Inspection Day of Lord San Guan, this Paper Offering will be burnt to usher in the Arrival of the Lords. By ushering in the Lords, hope that the necessary Blessing will be distributed or bestowed upon all the Beings.



Unique Statues of Lord San Guan (具特色的三官大帝聖像)

In here, you all will be seeing 3 sets of Statues dedicated to Lord San Guan with special features. Some of them are really rarely seen or known. Do enjoy them.


San Guan Coin (三官錢)

San Guan Coin, a Coin that being used to honour San Guan Da Di aka The Three Heavenly Lords of the Three Realms, during 15th Day of Lunar 1st, 7th & 10th Month.

After honouring, the Coin will be distributed out to the Taoists, Chinese & Devotees for Prosperity Blessing, Eliminating of Sins & Debts & Removal of Obstacles.


Monday, 18 February 2013

Long Shan Men honouring Yu Huang of Gui Si Snake Year 2013 (正一龍山門癸巳蛇年玉皇萬壽聖誕)

At about 2330 hours of 9th Day of Lunar 1st Month (農曆正月初九日丑時), Long Shan Men (正一龍山門) had conducted a Simple Honouring dedicating to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊). 

This Year, it was the 4th Year for Jave to conduct the Honouring at own Place – HQ of LSM, many Thanks to Jave’s Mum for providing the necessary support and assistance in getting the Honouring carried-out smoothly. 

At 2345 hours, Jave’s Mum Offered the 1st Round of Incenses and Beverage.  

Followed by Jave’s offering the 2nd Round of Incenses and Beverage at 0000 hours. 

At 3rd Round of Offering (三巡茶酒香), which was about 0015 hours, the whole Honouring considered Successfully Done. 

At 0030 hours, Sending Off of the Paper Offerings was being conducted. And also, Thanksgiving to the Earth Deity (答謝當境城隍及土地神祇). 

Upon completion of the Sending Off of the Paper, the Offerings were being transferred to the Main Altar for the Honouring & Rewarding of the other Deities & Heavenly Marshals (犒賞天兵神將) at about 0115 hours. 

In here, will like to wish everyone have a enjoyable Yu Huang Anniversary and may all be Blessed with Prosperity & Good Health.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Manifestation Anniversary of the Great Yu Huang for Gui Si Snake Year 2013 (癸巳蛇年玉皇大天尊萬壽聖誕)

Starting from 8th Night of Lunar 1st Month (正月初八晚), Taoists & Hokkiens will start to prepare for the Honouring dedicating to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun (玉皇大天尊) aka Jade Emperor of Heaven. Once the Clock strikes 0000 hours – 9th Day of Lunar 1st Month (正月初九凌晨), the Official Honouring will begin and everyone of the Family will need to involve in the Offering of Incenses to Yu Huang and other Deities.

For more info, please proceed to the following links:

Pictures of Yu Huang (玉皇大天尊圖片分享):

Intro on Honouring Yu Huang on 9th Day (正月初九日玉皇萬壽聖誕簡介):

History of Tian Gong Bing (天公餅的由來):

Intro on Tian Gong Zuo (天公座簡介):

Intro on Walking Thru the Sugar Cane Gate on 9th Day of Lunar 1st Month (甘蔗門簡介):



Saturday, 16 February 2013

8th Day of Lunar 1st Month – Descending of All Star Lords (農曆正月初八順星日-眾星君下降日)

According to Taoist Contexts, 8th Day of Lunar 1st Month (農曆正月初八) is the Day that All Star Lords aka Xing Jun (眾星君下降日) descending down into the Mortal Realm to conduct Inspections and also, Cleansing of the Surrounding.

These Star Lords include Nan Bei Dou (南北斗星君), Dong Xi Zhong Dou (東西中斗星君), San Tai Xing Jun (三台星君), Lord Tai Sui (當年太歲星君), 28 Constellation (廿八星宿星君), The Four Spiritual Animals' Marshals (四方四靈四大天君) & Recording Officers of the Dipper Departments (斗府紀錄功曹).

On this Day, Taoists or Chinese will conduct a Simple but yet Official Ritual for the Ushering in of the Star Lords and also, to perform the Requesting of Good Luck and Health for Oneself or the Parent.

According to the Records, on this Day, 2 Pictures or Scrolls must be prepared:

1) Picture of All Star Lords, especially the 28 Constellation Star Lords (廿八星宿)
2) Picture of Star Lord Bei Dou aka The Great Dipper Group (北斗七元君)

After the Pictures or Scrolls are prepared, a Temporary Altar must be placed at an Open Area facing the North or North-west (供桌面北方或西北方).

Once the Sun set, 49 or 108 Lamps (四十九盏或一百零八盏油燈) must be Light-up (in the past, People used small saucers containing Oil to act as Lamp) and 3 bowls of Sweet Dumplings (三碗湯圓) & 9 cups of Chinese Tea (九杯清茶) must be offered to the Star Lords.

After the Lamps are being light-up, 9 or 12 Incenses (九或十二支清香) will be Lighted and Reports will be made facing North.

Once the Incenses are offered, 15-30 minutes rest and then All the Lamps are to be Put-off and the Pictures or Scrolls and Incenses must be Burnt-off.

Upon completion of the Burning, the Altar must be cleared off and the Sweet Dumplings must be consumed.

The whole of this Ritual is known as Shun Xing (順星) aka The Aligning with the Celestial Stars or Honouring & Ushering in the Stars for Bestowing of Luck & Health (祭星/接星).

As for Shun Xing Ritual, which later in the Taoist History, it became a Major Ritual for Taoist School, known as Shun Xing Li Dou Ke Yi (順星禮斗科儀), meaning Aligning with the Celestial Stars and Honouring the Great Dipper for Eliminating of Negative Issues and Gaining of Luck & Health Blessing.

In the attachment is the 2 Combination Pictures of The Star Lords. For those who are interested in conducting this Ritual, you may wish to download it and use it during the Honouring.

For Higher Res Picture, please proceed to this link:

Friday, 15 February 2013

Lunar New Year Inspection of Lord Bei Dou for Gui Si Snake Year 2013 (癸巳蛇年北斗星君下降賜福消災日)

It’s the New Lunar Year and its time again for Lord Bei Dou to conduct their Lunar New Year Inspection & also the Distribution of Prosperity Blessing for ALL Beings on the 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month, which is also known as Ren Ri (人日) aka ALL Human Kind Day. 

On the Eve of 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month, Taoists or Chinese can prepare 7 – 9 Lamps/Candles for the ushering in of Lord Bei Dou. For those who can participate in the Official Taoist Ritual of Honouring the Dipper Lords, it will be better.  

This is also the Anniversary Day of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling received the imparted Skill of Bei Dou Scripture from Supreme Lord Dao De (此日也是太上道德天尊傳授張祖天師北斗經訣之紀念日). 

For Gui Si Snake Year, the Lunar New Year Inspection falls on 07th Day of Lunar 01 Month (農曆正月初七日), which is 16 Feb, a Saturday. 

For more detailed info on how to prepare for this Day, please refer to the following links for the intro (農曆正月初七日簡介): 

More info on Lord Bei Dou & the Incantations (北斗星君簡介及寶誥分享): 

7th Day of Lunar 1st Month - All Human Kind Day (農曆正月初七日-人日)

7th Day of Lunar 1st Month (農曆正月初七), the Day that Empress Nv Wa (女媧娘娘) descended into this Mortal Realm to create Human-kind, making Men out from Soil (泥土造男) and Women from Water (泥水造女) - (approx time period: 400-5000, 000 years ago).

In Chinese Culture, this Day is known as Ren Ri (人日) aka Human-kind Day, it’s the Birthday of All “Human”.

Till today, on the 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month, Chinese & Taoist still visit Temples to Honour Empress Nv Wa, thanking her for her Compassionate & Kindness of creating Human on this Mortal Realm. Besides that, Chinese & Taoists will also eat a type of Dish, made from 7 types of Vegetables known as Qi Cai Geng (七菜羹) to celebrate the New Born of Human-kind. Hoping that by eating the Qi Cai Geng, ALL Bad-issues will be eliminated and Good-issues will bestowed onto Oneself and ALL Mortals in this Mortal Realm.

Few Decades ago, in Singapore, the 4 Famous Cantonese Chefs created a Lunar New Year Dish known as Qi Cai Lao Qi Yu Sheng (七彩撈起魚生 – See Picture below) accordingly to the Culture of the consuming of the Qi Cai Geng. Till Today, during Lunar New Year period, this Dish became a MUST-eat dish for Chinese.

In Singapore, besides eating of the Lao Qi Yu Sheng, Chinese & Taoists will also go to Temples to pay Respect to “Mother of ALL Human-kind” Nv Wa Niang Niang. The most Biggest & Oldest Nv Wa, was in being honoured in Telok Blangah Tian Gong Temple (天公廟), located beside Block 45.

During the Honouring, Chinese or Taoists will bring 7 type colours Flowers (七色花) to honour her and also, for those who collect Nv Wa Stone (女媧石 – See Picture below), they will bring it to the Temple to allow the Energy of Nv Wa to bestow on it.

Other info on 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month:

Seventh Day of Lunar New Year, known as Ren Day (人日) aka Day of Human or Mortal, in some contexts, this Day is also being addressed as the Birthday of All Human (人生辰). This is to keep in memory that on this Day, the Universe created Human.

So what are the usual practices on this Day?

In Myth, on the 7th Day after the Universe is formed, Nv Wa (女媧) created Human. In-order to show our gratitude towards Nv Wa, the Chinese or Taoists will visit Temples that are dedicated to Nv Wa to pay respect to her.

In China or Taiwan, the Chinese or Taoists still keep this practice, but in Singapore, seldom you will see the Chinese or Taoists visit Temples to do the honouring.

Besides that, the Chinese will prepare a dish that is made up of 7 different kinds of Vegetables to celebrate the Birthday of Human.

These 7 Vegetables are:

1 – Celery 芹菜
2 – Water Chestnut 荸荠
3 – Spinach 菠菜
4 – Spring Onion 青蔥
5 – Garlic or Chinese Leek 大蒜
6 – Chinese Cabbage 蒿麗菜
7 – Mustard 芥菜

In the Ancient Era, folks believed that by eating these 7 types of Vegetables, all misfortune & bad-luck will be eliminated and good luck will be bestowed upon oneself in the New Year.

After this custom being imported into Singapore, the 4 Famous Chefs in the Early 1900s invented a dish known as Qi Cai Yu Sheng (by adding the 7 different type of vegetables with fish-slices, 七彩魚生). Till today, our local Chinese still like to consume the Yu Sheng on every 7th Day of Lunar New Year. In Cantonese known as Loy Hey (撈起).

So, any other Deities that one self must pay respect to?

Yes, besides Nv Wa aka The Mother of All Human, the Chinese or Taoists shall pay respect to The Great 9 Star Lords of the Northern Dipper Group (北斗九皇星君).

In certain part of the Chinese History, Chinese or Taoists will pay respect to the 9 Star Lords to request for blessing on improving the Luck of one self in the New Year.

After the custom being imported into our Hokkien Custom, on the 7th Day of Lunar New Year, the Hokkien, Chinese & Taoists will visit Temples to pay respect to them, if not, the Hokkien, Chinese or Taoists will pay respect at home.

It will be great if one self can do the requesting of Prolonging of the Life-span of one selfs Parent.

How to go about with the honouring?

1st, prepared the Five or Ten Taoist Offerings (道教五/十供), if not, just prepared 5 oranges (五顆桔子), Nian Gao (年糕), some traditional cookies (傳統糕點), 3 cups of Chinese Tea (三杯清茶), then, place them on the Main Altar.

2nd, when one self is ready, light 9 Incenses (九支香) and kneel down sincerely facing the Heaven (for those who house is facing North will be the best)

3rd, make a short report on who you are, where you stay, what is the event and then, make a short request

4th, after paying respect, stand up, make a simple bow and then place the 9 Incenses into the Main Urn on the Main Altar

And the whole honouring is considered completed.

Why 9 Incenses are being used?

9 to represent the 9 Star Lords of the Northern Dipper Group – 7 visible (七現) & 2 invisible (二隱).

Besides using the 9 Incenses, some folks will like 7 Lamps or 9 Candles to represent the 9 Star Lords.

So what to do after the honouring?

Distribute out the offerings to the other family members, allowed them to get the blessing from the 9 Star Lords.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Singapore Taoist Mission Yu Huang Gong usher in the Deities of Wealth 2013 (癸巳年新加坡道教協會玉皇宮迎接財神儀式)

Singapore Taoist Mission & Yu Huang Gong, located at Telok Ayer Street, had conducted an Official Taoist Ritual on the 5th Day Morning of Lunar 1st Month to usher in the Deities of Wealth.

For those who are keen in accord your respect to the Deities of Wealth, please do make a visit to Yu Huang Gong today or during the Lunar New Year Period.

May All be Blessed with Prosperity & Good Luck.

For more info, feel free to visit Yu Huang Gong & Taoist Mission's Facebook page at

PS: Special Thanks to Yu Huang Gong for sharing with us this picture.



Ushering in Deities of Wealth on 5th Day (大年初五迎財神)


At Tiger Hours (0300 - 0459 hrs), Long Shan Men had conducted a simple Ceremony to usher in the Deities of Wealth. May all People be Blessed with Abundance of Wealth & Prosperity thru-out the Year.

5th Day of Lunar 1st Month - Ge Kai Day (大年初五隔開日)



5th Day of Lunar 1st Month is known as "Ge Kai" Day, a Day to retrieve down the Offerings that being placed on the Altar since the Eve of Lunar New Year, besides that, the Altar also needed to be Cleansed or Cleaned before placing a new set of Offering.

This Cleansing or Cleaning significant Clearing Off All the Negative & Usher in a New Start.

For those who are Ushering in the Deities of Wealth, the Offerings can be placed on the Altar after the Cleansing or Cleaning.

More info on Ge Kai Day:

Fifth Day of Lunar New Year, known as Niu Day (牛日) aka Day of Cow. This is to keep in memory that on this Day, the Universe created Cow.

And so, for some folks, on this Day, they will not consume any cow meat or any items that are associated with Cow.

Besides that, in Hokkien Custom, 5th Day is also known as Ge Kai Ri (隔開日), translated as Day of Retrieving or Removal of Offering Items from the Altars. After a few days of making offerings to the Deities & Ancestors, the offering items shall be in a Very good condition by the 5th Day. Only after the 4th Day, then such offerings can be retrieved or removed from the Altars. This is a form of respect to the Deities & Ancestors and also a form of cultivation of knowing the rules & regulations of making offerings.

Some people after retrieving or removing of the items from the Altars, they will prepare another new set of simple offerings to be offered to the Deities & Ancestors, cos its still the Lunar New Year period, the Altars shall not be left empty, etc.

After 5th Day, most of the people will need to report back to work and those who operate businesses will have to resume their operations, trading, transactions, etc.

Just before people report back for work or resume their operations, some people will tend to go to Temples that are being dedicated to Deity of Wealth to request for blessing of Wealth Luck. Why? Cos on the 5th Day, in Taoist Culture, this is the Birthday or Anniversary for the Deities of different forms of Wealth (財神誕).

In Chinese Custom, the 5th Day is also known as Cai Shen Ri (財神日) aka Day of Deity of Wealth. By looking at the term, one self will know that this is a Day or a Solely Day that is dedicated to All Deities that associated with Wealth, Money, Fortune, Prosperity, etc.

And so, this is the Actual & Correct Day to do the Welcoming & Ushering in of Deity of Wealth instead of performing the Ceremony or Ritual on the Eve of Lunar New Year (on the Eve of Lunar New Year, the Deities that one self shall invite or usher shall be Fu Lu Shou Star Lords 福祿壽三星).

So what are the things that one self shall prepared?

As being intro in the previous posting, the following items are to be prepared for the Welcoming or Ushering in of the Deities of Wealth:

1 – Nian Gao (年糕)
 2 – 1 set of 5 Oranges (五顆桔子)
 3 – 1 Pineapple (黃梨)
 4 – 1 set of 5 Apples (五顆蘋果)
 5 – 1 set of 5 Chinese Pears (五顆香梨)
 6 – 1 Bunch of Bananas (一串香蕉)
 7 – 6 sets of Traditional Cookies (六甜)
 8 – 6 sets of Vegetarain Items (六素)
 9 – 3 cups of Wine (三杯米酒)
 10 – 3 cups of Tea (三杯清茶)
 11 – Huat Kueh (發糕)
 12 – Some flowers (5 colours 五色花)
 13 – Paper-offerings, a type of Paper-offerings that are dedicated to Deity of Wealth, can get in any Incense-shops (財神紙料)
 14 – Some people will prepare the cooked-stuffs such as chicken, roast pig (三牲禮).

Once ready, the Altar shall be set up in front of the Home or any Business-operating Area (due to this Day is dedicated to Deity of Wealth, no specific direction is needed for the Altar to face or be placed at, do not get tricked or cheated by those un-realistic-remarks made).

Place the Urn at the front of the Altar, 2 Red-candles standing at the side of the Urn, place the 5 types of Fruits in front of the Urn, follow by Huat Kueh, Nian Gao, 6 Candies & 6 Vege-items.

The flowers can be placed in the center.

Then the Tea & Wine are too be served.

After all the preparation and setting-up is done. The one who wished to request for the blessing of Wealth shall lead the Honouring. Light the incenses, sincerely kneel down in front of the Altar, do simple report on the name, address of the place, what day is today and why such offerings are being made, after the reporting, one self can do the requesting.

After requesting, sincerely place the incenses into the Urn and then leave the place.

After about 15 minutes, return back to burn-off the incense-paper. Remember not to burn the Deity of Wealth Picture that comes with the Paper-offerings. The picture is mend for one self to paste it on the Main Altar or anywhere that one self feel comfortable with.
Only remove the picture when its time to do the send-off.

So when to send off the Picture of Deity of Wealth?

Usually this will be done on the Day while the family send-off the Kitchen Deity, which means the 24th Day of Lunar 12 Month (農曆十二月二十四日).

Due to Folks Culture, some will do it before Dong Zhi aka Winter Solstice (冬至).
On the day of the sending-off, simple offerings must be prepared. 3 sets of Tian Gong incense-paper (天公金 the big size one), 3 sets of Shou Jin incense-paper (壽金 the normal size one), a set of Gui Ren incense-paper (貴人紙 the red-color paper-offering will a lot of Officer-figurines being printed) and some Sending-off Jia Ma (送神甲馬 Horse offering-paper).

After the preparation, make a short report to Deity of Wealth that the New Year is coming, the family will be making invitation for another New Deity of Wealth (take note that, Deity of Wealth will also changed accordingly to the Element of the Lunar Year, not necessary for a same Deity of Wealth to stay on duty for a few constant years) in for the New Year and will sincerely invite the current Deity of Wealth back to the Heaven, thank him for the blessing of the Year.
Once the report is being made, one self can take down the Picture and then together, bring the incense-papers and burn them off.

Ushering in the Deities of Wealth 2013 (大年初五日-恭迎財神到我家)


At the Rat Hour aka Zi Shi (2300 - 0059 hrs), Jave & Bro Ryan visited Sembawang Cai Shen Temple to usher in the Deities of Wealth. Before we left, we invited a set of Long Incenses back home for the Ushering of Deities of Wealth at our individual homes.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Overall In-charge Deity of Wealth Descending Day for Gui Si Snake Year 2013 (癸巳蛇年督財財神上任日)

On the 5th Day of Lunar 1st Month (農曆正月初五日), also known as Ge Kai Day (隔開日) or means that the Day to Retrieve or Remove the Lunar New Year Offerings from the Deities Altar.

For more info, please proceed to this link:

And besides that, in Taoist & Chinese Culture, it is also known as the Descending Day or the Reporting Day for the Overall-In-charge Deity of Wealth to the Mortal Realm to Inspect and also to distribute the necessary Wealth Blessing for the Mortals for the next 12 Lunar Months.

According to Taoist Deities of Wealth’s Rotation Shift Chart, this Year, it will be Madam Fu De (東嶽三公主福德夫人) & General Yang Si (楊泗大將軍), which is part of the Rotating Shift of the 24 Deities of Wealth (道教督財廿四值年財神).

So who are the 24 Deities of Wealth (道教督財廿四值年財神名單)?

In the following are All the Titles of them:

Deity of Prosperity 福神
Deity of Fortune祿神
Deity of Longevity壽神
Deity of Happiness喜神
Wealth Deity- Fan Li財神(范蠡)
The Academically Deity of Wealth – Bi Gan文財神(比干)
The Militarically Deity of Wealth武財神
The Superior Deity of Wealth正財神
The Subordinary Deity of Wealth 偏財神
The Joyous Deity of Wealth 樂財神
The Richgrowing Deity of Wealth富財神
The Intellectual Deity of Wealth智財神
The Benefactory Deity of Wealth貴財神
The Wealth Gathering Deity of Wealth聚寶財神
The Luck Increasing Deity of Wealth添喜財神
The Luck Obtaining Deity of Wealth結喜財神
The Career Deity of Wealth祿元財神
The Recording Deity of Wealth計元財神
The Auspicious Astronomic Deity of Wealth 黃道財神
The Ordering of Wealth; Deity of Wealth司令財神
The Requesting of Wealth; Deity of Wealth難得財神 (福德夫人)
The Mysterical Deity of Wealth點金財神
The Found & Gone Deity of Wealth流泗財神 (楊泗大將軍)
The Three Realms In-charge Deity of Wealth三界赦財神

Color Code & the Significant of Spring Rice (春飯顏色簡介)

I am sure by then, many people have already know about Spring Rice aka Chun Fan and the meaning of having a Chun Fan on the Altar. 

In here, I will go further into the various colors that will appear on the Chun Fan (cause by the moulds) & the significant that are associated with the colors. 

If the color is Bright-red (大紅/桔紅), meaning that, the year the whole family will be blessed with Great Auspicious Good Luck (寓意鴻運當頭).

If the color is Dark-red (褐紅), meaning that, the year the whole family will be blessed with Medium Good Luck which needs to avoid encountering Negative Events (寓意事事順利). 

If the color is Bright Yellow (大黃/桔黃), meaning that, the year, someone in the family will be having a Promotion or getting an increment in the Salary or for those who got own Business, the Business will have a good profit-made (寓意飛黃騰達).

If the color is Purplish Yellow (紫黃) – a very Rare choice of having it (最為難得的吉祥春飯霉), meaning that, the year the whole family will be blessed with Great Fortune, Prosperity and the High Authorities Deities are there to look after the family (寓意紫氣東來﹐富貴吉祥). PS: for so many years of assisting people in preparation of Chun Fan, I’ve only seen once 2 years back. 

If the color is Greenish (淺青/青藍), meaning that, the year the family will need to have a “Restart” in certain “issues”, such as having the house refurnish or getting some new furniture to gain the necessary Prosperity Blessing. For some families, this can be a sign of someone getting married or having baby (寓意重新出發﹐自我檢討).

If the color is White (灰白), meaning that, the year, someone in the family might encounter some health issue, so do be more careful or aware of the health of the Elderly or young children (寓意身虛體恙). 

Whereas, if the color is dark brown/black (褐或黑褐), that the family will have to work harder for Good Luck to be bestowed on & beware of Backstabbers (寓意再接再勵).

Ushering in of Deities of Wealth (正月初五迎接財神)

5th Day of Lunar 1st Month, a Day to usher in the Deities of Wealth.

For Year 2013, the best timing to usher in the Deities of Wealth is at 2300 - 0059 & 0300 - 0459 hrs.

Direction is not that important but for those who are concern abou...t the Direction, it will be at Direct East.

農曆正月初五日為民間迎接財神之吉日。今年迎接財神吉辰為子與寅時﹐ 方向則是正東。

For those who are preparing to Usher/Welcome in the Deity of Wealth (Jie Cai Shen 接財神), will need to prepare the following items:

1 – Nian Gao (年糕)
2 – 1 set of 5 Oranges (五顆桔子)
3 – 1 Pineapple (黃梨)
4 – 1 set of 5 Apples (五顆蘋果)
5 – 1 set of 5 Chinese Pears (五顆香梨)
6 – 1 Bunch of Bananas (一串香蕉)
7 – 6 sets of Traditional Cookies (六甜)
8 – 6 sets of Vegetarain Items (六素)
9 – 3 cups of Wine (三杯米酒)
10 – 3 cups of Tea (三杯清茶)
11 – Huat Kueh (發糕)
12 – Some flowers (5 colours 五色花)
13 – Paper-offerings (紙料)
14 – Some people will prepare the cooked-stuffs such as chicken, roast pig (三牲禮).

Once ready, the altar will need to set up and the offerings will be placed on the altar to wait for the 5th Day to arrive.
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Auspicious Moulds on Spring Rice (春飯發吉霉)

Orangey Pink moulds grown on the Spring Rice aka Chun Fan, a great auspicious omen for the Year.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Manifestation Anniversary of Supreme Lord Yuan Shi (玉清道祖元始大天尊萬壽聖誕)


1st Day of Lunar 1st Month, besides ushering in the Lunar New Year & get the necessary Auspicious Blessing from the Three Star Lords Fu Lu Shou (福祿壽三星天尊), it's also known as the Manifestation Anniversary of Supreme Lord Yuan Shi Tian Zun.

On this day, it is considered as an important Day for the Taoists & also the Chinese.
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Long Shan Men Ushering-in the Three Auspicious Star Lords (正一龍山門恭迎福祿壽三星天尊)

After Ushering in the New Lunar Year, Long Shan Men had conducted a simple Ceremony to usher in the Three Auspicious Star Lords aka Fu Lu Shou.

While Ushering in the Star Lords, Jave had "directed in" the Energies from the Orion Star Group that could be found, at the Sky, just outside Jave's Home.

By ushering in the Star Lords, hope that ALL people will be Blessed and our there will be long period of Peace in the Mortal World.

More info at



Long Shan Men Lunar New Year Greeting (正一龍山門-恭賀新禧)


Long Shan Men wishes ALL a Happy Lunar Year of Gui Si Snake.

Long Shan Men ushering in the New Lunar Gui Si Year (正一龍山門迎新開正儀式)

After a week’s Preparation, it was time for Long Shan Men (正一龍山門) to conduct the Ceremony of Ushering in the New Lunar Year (迎新) on the Lunar Eve of the New Year (大年除夕).

At 6.00Pm in the Noon of the Lunar Eve, after doing the last minute cleaning up of the Main Altar Jave had conducted another round of the Departing of Old Year Ceremony & Thanksgiving dedicating to the Main Deities.

Upon completion, it was time for Jave & Family to have Reunion our Dinner (團圓飯) with the whole Family (including Aunties & Cousins).

At about 11.30Pm, Jave & Family arrived home and with the Brewing of Tea & preparing of the Wine, we Offered our Incenses for the Lunar New Year (新春頭香) and when the Clock strikes 0000 Hours, Long Shan Men Officially Ushered in the Lunar New Year.

Upon completion of the conducting our Honouring to the Deities, it was time for Jave to pay my Lunar New Year respect to my Mum. As usual, Jave had prepared the 3 necessary items and kneel-down in front of my Mum to wish her all the Best and having a Healthy Year ahead.

With that, Jave will wait for 3 rounds of Incenses to be Offered before Sending Off of the Paper Offerings to Thank the Deities for their Blessings.

In here, with this Opportunity, Long Shan Men will like to wish ALL of you a Prosperity and Happy Lunar New.