Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Taiwan Drama Series on Xie Bi An & Fan Wu Jiu (戲說台灣之七爺斗八爺)

Upon request, here's a Taiwanese Drama Series on Xie Bi An (謝必安) & Fan Wu Jiu (范無咎), the 2 assistants of Lord Cheng Huang (城隍尊神).

In this show, you all will be seeing how the 2 assistants "battle" with each other in order to "assist" the Mortals.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Marshal Wang Ling Guan 2012 (壬辰年王靈官聖誕吉慶)

On 15th Day of Lunar 6 Month (農曆六月十五日) is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Marshal Wang Ling Guan (王天君/靈官).

For Year 2012, it falls on 02 Aug (a Thursday).

In Taoism, Wang Ling Guan holds quite an Important Role.

During Rituals/Ceremonies, Wang Ling Guan will be invited in-order to do Inspection/Guarding for the Overall Event. Besides that, he is also the One who carried out "Punishment" if a Taoist make Serious Mistakes or Distorted the Teaching of Taoism.

More Info on Wang Ling Guan:

1) http://javewu.multiply.com/reviews/item/201

2) http://javewu.multiply.com/photos/album/307

3) http://javewu.multiply.com/photos/album/70

For Higher Res Picture, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/1291838781/pic/list

LSM honouring Maiden Huang 2012 (壬辰年南洋黃姑娘誕辰祭祀)

It’s a wonderful & touching experience for LSM (正一龍山門) to have conducted a simple honouring dedicated to Maiden Huang aka Huang Gu Niang (南洋黃姑娘), a day before her Birthday.

On the 11th Day of Lunar 6 Month (農曆荔月十一日), 29 July, a Sunday, Vabien & Royce had accompany Jave to Hospital Drive, located along Jalan Bukit Merah to pay our respect to Huang Gu Niang, celebrating her birthday a day earlier.

Upon arrival, not much passer-bys were there and so, we started our honouring by laying out the Offerings on the Custom-made Stainless-stain Altar. Once we were ready, Vabien & Royce had lighted the Incenses and waiting for Jave to lead the Honouring.

With a simple Reporting to the Earth Deity and Inviting of Huang Gu Niang, we offered our respect with 3 sincere bows and last, offering the Incenses.

Just as Vabien & Royce were preparing to burn off the Papers, a few strange sounds & noises were heard, but we didn’t really get affected by them, cos we knew that these were signals from the “Spiritual Beings”.

Before we round off the Honouring, Jave offered the last round of Incenses to Huang Gu Niang asking for her permission to allow LSM to promote her further/to more people and a “Green light” was given.

Thanks to Huang Gu Niang for the approval & also a very wonderful Blessing to Royce.

Last but not least, to all our local Taoists & Chinese, it’s time for us to promote our very own Local Deities and giving them Recognitions.

More info on Huang Gu Niang: http://javewu.multiply.com/photos/album/983/983


1 – Million Thanks to Vabien & Royce for sharing with us the pictures

2 – LSM will be honouring our very own Singapore’s Deity of City aka Cheng Huang (城隍尊神) in the upcoming months, do stay-tune for it

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Making of Spiritual Whip - Huat Soh (道教法索製作)

People had been requesting me to do a write up on Huat Soh aka Taoist Spiritual Whip, due to I was busy with other tasks, for the moment, I can only share a little bit on it.

In here, you all will be seeing the Original type of Material that is being used to make Huat Soh, this Material will actually a type of Plant, known as Ning Ma (苧麻) aka Boehmeria Nivea and other than Ning Ma, no other Materials are considered the BEST material for the making of Huat Soh.

In Spiritual Context, Ning Ma is a type of Plant that will emit our Heat & Positive Energy aka Yang Qi, after it's being enhanced.

Due to commercialize & lack of knowledge, a lot of people had stop using Ning Ma rather using the normal Ma (麻) that used for making the Mourning Clothing (孝服) to make Huat Soh, which is not accurate.

PS: stay-tune for more info on Huat Soh

Taiwan Fu Cheng Huang Temple conducting Li Dou on Tian Kuang Day 2012 (壬辰年臺北府城隍廟年中開運大法會)

Upon request, in here, Jave will share a set of pictures that were being shared by Taiwan High Priest Master Li Xuan Zheng (李玄正道長) on the Ritual of Honouring the Northern Dipper Lords (禮斗祈福) on the 6th Day of Lunar 6 Month (農曆六月初六日) – Tian Kuang Day (天貺日) aka Tian Men Kai (俗稱天門開).

Master Li Xuan Zheng (李玄正道長), one of the famous Taoist Priests in Taiwan and he was also one of the most respectable Priest that Jave respected.

In Taiwan, he can said to be the 1st Taoist Priest that will explain every details of a particular Taoist Ritual to the devotees & public before he conduct the Ritual. To him, this is important as he doesn’t want the devotees or public to just blindly follow the Ritual and at the end of the day, the devotees or public don’t know what are the objectives of the participating in the Ritual or Honouring.

Besides that, Master Li will also use various high tech equipments to enhance in the understanding of the Rituals that he’s conducting; such equipments are Projectors, Laptops, Sound-amplifier, etc. Not only using the high tech equipments, Master Li will also print a number of Taoist Scriptures and distribute out to those who had came to participate in the Ritual, these Scriptures allowed the devotees or public to follow whatever Master Li & other Priests had chanted and also, allowing them to understand more in depth into the hidden meaning of each sentence in the Scriptures. Another good credit is that, Master Li had arranged People to sit in the crowd to guide the devotees & public along during the whole Ritual on the Chanting.

As for the Items/Spiritual Objects that Master Li had used for the various Rituals that he had conducted were all prepared accordingly to our most Traditional & Official Taoist ways or, shall said, Taoist Skills that being imparted down generation by generation, this is one thing that in Singapore, we will never ever had a chance to see or when someone is there doing, those “busybodies” will comment that ALL these ARE NEWLY CREATED SKILLS.

Last of All, in order for Taoism in Singapore to succeed and improve, we have to make a lot of changes & guidance to the Taoists & also, the Public. Certain unnecessary practices shall be eliminated and Proper Imparting of Taoist Skills & Teaching must be made; such as what is the Taoist Five Offerings, What type of Taoist Robes must be worn in what Rituals/Ceremonies, etc. If not, within another 5-10 years, Taoism in Singapore will be gone and left over will only be a “Bag of Trash”.

Do enjoy the pictures and feel free to provide Jave with your enquiries and comment.


Special Thanks to Master Li for sharing with us his pictures and guidance.

His Taiwan Website is at http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/liuk-tw/

Friday, 27 July 2012

Manifestation Anniversary of Master Liu Hai Chan 2012 (壬辰年劉海蟾祖師聖誕吉慶)

On 10th Day of Lunar 6 Month (農曆六月初十日), it is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Taoist Master Liu Hai Chan (劉海蟾祖師)

For Year 2012, it falls on a Saturday - 28 July.

According to records, Master Liu was born in the Wu Dai Period (五代), which was the ending of Tang Dynasty (唐朝末年) and before the establishment of the Song Dynasty (宋朝之前).

Due to his background, he was being closely associated with Wealth and this was one of the main reasons that Master Liu Hai Chan was being placed in group of the Official Taoist 24 Deities of Wealth (道教廿四財神之一).

And for those who are keen in paying your respect to Master Liu Hai Chan in Singapore, you may wish to visit the Official Temple that dedicate Altar to him, in the following is one of theTemples that oneself can visit:

1) Bi Shan Gu Miao (碧山古廟), situated in Peck San Theng (碧山亭), the Cantonese Columbarium located at 50 Kampong San Teng 576498

For those who are interested, can proceed to the following link to take a look at the picture:


Birthday of Maiden Huang 2012 (壬辰年南洋黃姑娘誕辰)

Start:     Jul 30, '12
Location:     Singapore, Jalan Bukit Merah, Hospital Drive

‎12th Day of Lunar 6 Month (農曆六月十二日) is known as the Birthday of Huang Gu Niang (南洋黃姑娘) aka Maiden Ng, our own local Deity that resided in the Old Kampong Silat.

For year 2012, the Birthday of Huang Gu Niang falls on 30th July, a Monday.

Today, we are able to see a small shrine set-up along Hospital Drive (directly opps the Sikh Temple at Jalan Bukit Merah).

For those who are interested in paying respect to Huang Gu Niang, do drop by this weekend at this Hospital Drive.

More info on Huang Gu Niang, please proceed to this link:


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Entire of Long Shan Men Celebration Tian Kuang Ri 2012 (正一龍山門全體弟子壬辰年天貺日祈福儀式)

On the 24 July 2012 (Tuesday), which is the 6th Day of Lunar 6 Month (農曆六月初六日), in Taoism, this is the Day that known as the 2nd Inspection (出巡三界/校考天下) of Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) in the Mortal Realm. In Taoism Context, this Day is known as Tian Kuang Ri (天貺日) and in more Commoner’s Belief, it is known as Tian Men Kai (天門開) – Opening of Heavenly’s Gate.

1 week before Tian Kuang Ri, Vabien had coordinated with ALL the Local & Overseas Disciples of Long Shan Men (正一龍山門) to remind them on conducting the Honouring Respect for Tian Kuang Ri. With Delightfulness, on the actual Day, had conducted the Honouring, this includes Long Shan Men branches in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand & China.

PS: LSM HQ had conducted Honouring for 2 Days, Lunar 6th Day to make Report & Lunar 7th Day to Request for Blessing

In Singapore, the participated Departments are:

1 – Zheng Yi Long Shan Fei Jie Fu (正一龍山飛捷府) – lead by Vabien
2 - Zheng Yi Long Shan Wei Ling Fu (正一龍山威靈府) – lead by Royce

Due to Vabien & Royce had took over the Leadership from Jave, this year, they had conducted Tian Kuang Day Honouring with the Authority of the following Departments;

1 – Long Shan Da Luo Yu Qing Fu (龍山大羅玉清府)
2 – Long Shan Dong Ji Qing Hua Gong (龍山東極青華宮)
3 – Long Shan Jiu Tian Ying Yuan Fu (龍山九天應元府)

And also special thanks to those who have yet to enter into Long Shan Men for their effort in joining in the Honouring. Do keep up the good effort.

Last of All, wishes all having a Good and Prosperity Future.

For High Res Pictures, please proceed to this link:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/1786341451/pic/list

Friday, 20 July 2012

Tian Kuang Ri - Opening of Heavenly Gate 2012 (壬辰年天貺日-天門開)

In Taoist Culture, every year during the Lunar 6 Month, the Taoist or Chinese will celebrate this important Festival on the 6th Day of Lunar 6 Month (in Year 2012, it falls on 24 July, a Tuesday).

This Day is known as Opening of Heavenly Gate, Tian Men Kai (天門開) or Tian Kuang Ri (天貺日). In Chinese Culture, this Day is also known as Half Year Festival aka Ban Nian Jie (半年節).

In South East Asia, due to the mis-interpretation and misconception, the Opening of Heavenly Gate is being celebrate on the 7th Day of Lunar 6 Month, which is not that Official & Accurate. Recent Years, due to Commercialization, many Folks are using this Opportunity to make Money by holding Un-necessary Events & Blessing Ceremonies, which somehow contribute to Degrading & Distorting of the Culture of Tian Kuang Ri.

According to Chinese History, the Celebration of Tian Kuang Ri aka Tian Men Kai was only being fixed after Song Dynasty (this is a Day that being Bestowed by Song Emperor Zhen Zong 宋真宗祥符四年 on AD 1011, before AD 1011, Tian Men Kai is usually being celebrated on the 1st Day or 15th Day of Lunar 6 Month).

So does Really the Heavenly Gate opened on this Day?

This is just a Myth that the folks believed in, to be more exact, Heavenly Gate does not have the process of Opening or Closing.

In Taoist Context, the "Heavenly Gate" or so-called the Entrance to the Heavenly/Spiritual Realm is located at the Eastern Hemisphere, in between the 2 Stars in the Green Formation (東方青龍角宿二星) - in Western Astrology, these 2 Stars are located in Spica Formation (室女α星). And this is why, during Tian Kuang Ri, when Taoist Priests performed the Sending of Spiritual Petition to the Heavenly Realm, the Taoist Priests will have to step the Dipper-steps towards the Eastern Direction and then conduct the Burning-off the Spiritual Petition facing the East.

In most of the Chinese Myths, Heavenly Gate always being illustrated in the Southern Hemisphere (南天門), which is not Accurate.

So what is the actual meaning of this Tian Kuang Ri aka Tian Men Kai?

According to records and the Objective that being fixed by the Song Empire, actually Tian Kuang Ri is a Day for the Taoists to pay respect to the Heaven and other Deities and also, for Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) to send his Officials to the Mortal Realm to distribute out the necessary Blessing to the Living Beings according to their Credits and Merits accumulated thru-out the past 6 Months (another Day of such Events will be on the 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month).

Due to this Tian Kuang Ri belief, this is why in our Taoist or Chinese Society, in the Spiritual Theory, we have a Theory of Luck will only changed after every 6 Lunar Months.

Tian Kuang Ri has another meaning of, Heaven gives out the Necessary Gifts/Rewards to the Necessary groups of Beings, such as Sick, Poor, Cultivated People or "Badies (its time for them to Receive the Rewards of what they have Accumulated)".

So how will the Taoists or Chinese Celebrates this Day?

For Taoists, we will visit Temples to pay Respect to Heaven & Jade Emperor of Heaven and then, do certain Chanting or Reciting of Scriptures or Incantations.

For Chinese, they will visit Temples to do requesting of Lucks and also, to do reprimanding of one self Debts, Sins and Evil-doing, once the Reprimanding is done, then they will do another round of Luck-requesting.

For those whose Requests being fulfilled within the 6 Months, they will need to return to the Temple to show their Gratitude to the Heaven or Deities before 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month.

For the Folks, on this Day, they will bring out their Clothing, Paintings, Books or some Valuable-stuffs to do Sun-bathing. Why they do so? Folks believed that by doing the Sun-bathing, the Objects will be blessed by Heaven and all these Objects will be able to last longer.

In the Early Days (in Singapore), Old people who had bought their Shou Yi (壽衣 the Apparel for their Funeral) to keep, on this Day, they would bring out one piece (out of the 7 Layers) to do Sun-bathing. Why they do so? The Old people believed that by doing so, their Age-span would be prolonged by 1-3 years. If they didn’t do that, meaning that on that year, it might be their Last Year staying in this Mortal Realm.

Besides the Sun-bathing for the Items, Taoists will also do Copying of Taoist Scriptures (抄經) at Home. This is the time that Taoists can shows their Respects & Gratitude to the Big Dao.

On this Day, Taoists & Chinese will use Glutinous Rice Powder (Red, White is Forbidden for this Day) to make Sweet Dumplings aka Tang Yuan (湯圓). Consuming of Tang Yuan on this Day is to request for Blessing on Reunion & also for Ushering in New Hopes for the Next 6 Months.

So how can one self Celebrates this Day in this Modern Society?

Its very simple, just get some simple Offerings (as followed) to any Temple. Sincerely pay your respect and I’m sure your Request will be heard by the Heaven.

Here the offerings go:

1) 1 set of 3 Long Incenses (長壽香一副)
2) 1 pair of Red Candles (紅燭一對)
3) 1 set of Fruits (5 Quantity 生果五顆)
4) 1 set of Loose Flowers (鮮花一盤)
5) 1 or 3 set(s) of Tian Gong Jin (Big Josspaper 天公/太極金三疊)
6) 1 or 3 set(s) of Shou Jin (Normal Josspaper 大壽/三寶金三疊)

Upon reaching the Temple, place All the offerings on the Main Altar or at the Jade Emperors Altar, then proceed to the Whole Temple to pay respect to the Other Deities and then return to the Altar where you placed the Offerings, sincerely make a Bow and then Kneel down on the Kneeling-pad and start your Requesting:

1) Start with the Offering of Incense Incantation:

祝香神咒 (Incenses Offering Incantation)

Dao You Xin Xue, Xin Jia Xiang Chuan

Xiang Re Yu Lu, Xin Cun Di Qian

Zhen Ling Xia Pan, Xian Pei Lin Xuan

Ling Min Guan Gao, Jing Da Jiu Tian (Bow 鞠躬)

Then Recite Yu Huang Da Tian Zun's Praise Incantation (玉皇大天尊寶誥)

Tai Shang Mi Luo Wu Shang Tian. Miao You Xuan Zhen Jing

Miao Miao Zi Jin Que. Tai Wei Yu Qing Gong

Wu Ji Wu Shang Sheng. Kuo Luo Fa Guang Ming

Ji Ji Hao Wu Zong. Xuan Fan Zong Shi Fang

Zhan Ji Zhen Chang Dao. Huo Mo Da Shen Tong

Yu Huang Da Tian Zun. Xuan Qiong Gao Shang Di (Bow 鞠躬)

2) Report your name and where you stayed
3) Report what is the event Today
4) Report what is your Request (remember to request for those that is possible to fulfill)
5) Once the report is done, sincerely make 3 Bows and then stand-up and place your Incenses into the Urn
6) Make a Bow and leave the Spot
7) After 10 - 15 Minutes, retrieve the Josspapers and proceed to do the Sending-off
8) Once the Burning is done, retrieve the Offerings and then leave the Temple

Remember, once the Request is being fulfilled within the 6 Months, please return to the Temple again to show your Gratitude.

More info on Tian Kuang Ri:

The Eight Predictions: http://javewu.multiply.com/reviews/item/391

Incantations to Recite: http://javewu.multiply.com/reviews/item/390

Temples to visit in Singapore for Tian Kuang Ri:

1) Telok Blangah Tian Gong Temple (新加坡天公廟), located at Telok Blangah Drive, besides Blk 45

2) Yu Huang Dian (玉皇殿), located at Havelock Road

3) Hai Nan Shan Tian Gong Tan (海南山天公壇), located at Upper Thomson Road

Scripture describing the Honouring of Northern Dipper Lords on Lunar 7th Day (太上老君說上七滅罪集福妙經)

Tai Shang Lao Jun Shuo Shang Qi Mie Zhui Ji Fu Miao Jing

This is a Scripture explained by Tai Shang Lao Jun aka the Supreme Lord, saying that on Shang Qi (上七) - may refer to the 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month (正月初七日) or every Lunar 7th Day of the Month (每月初七日), Mortal shall pay respect to the Great Dipper Lords (北斗七元星君) to gain blessing from them and also, allowing the Dipper Lords to eliminate the Sins & Misfortunes from oneself.

Besides that, oneself shall also practice reflection on this Day in-order to attain a higher level of Cultivation.

A rare Taoist Scripture dedicated to the Star Lords of the Great Northern Dipper (北斗七元星君).

This Scripture was recorded in Taoist Canon, Book 27, Page 157 (收納於《正统道藏》太清部).



Wednesday, 18 July 2012

7th Mth Celebration Table Banner (中元慶典冥府神靈相關桌圍)

Category:   Household Goods
Price:   S$70 - 100

Time flies and Lunar 5th Month is ending. It's again time to prepare for the upcoming Lunar 7 Month for Ren Chen Year (壬辰年農曆七月).

In the following, is a sample of a Table Banner that some Sintuas & Temples had ordered dedicated to this Festival.

For those who interested in getting this type of Table Banner, feel free to contact the Dealer at 62959686 or proceed to their shop located at 304, Lavender Street.

Do act fast while stock last...

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Stone Slab of Gui She of Ming Dynasty (明朝龟蛇石碑)

In here, you all will be seeing 2 different type of Slabs dedicating to Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) or Zhen Wu Da Di (真武大帝) in Tang (唐朝) & Ming Dynasty (明朝).

Both were found in China but the one founded in Shaanxi Province, Yao Zhou Area, Yao Wang Mountain (中國陝西耀縣藥王山) was much more rare & precious Slab which weight about 1 ton.

The one carved in Tang Dynasty was by High Priest Wu Dao Zi (唐朝高道吳道子), which the drawing was in the Real-form of a Tortise & Snake, whereas the one drawn in Ming Dynasty was in Chinese Calligraphy-form.

Due to misunderstanding & misconception, people tend to mistaken that the one in Ming Dynasty was drawn in Tang Dynasty and by Lv Dong Bin (唐朝呂巖).

Monday, 16 July 2012

Pictures of an Official Ground-breaking Ceremony in Taiwan 2012 (台灣正統道教動土儀式留影)

In here, you all will be seeing a series of pictures taken in Taiwan during a simple but yet Official Ground-breaking Ceremony conducted this year.

This Ground-breaking Ceremony was carried out on behalf of a New Museum.

Today, it's hard to see this type of Ceremony in Singapore whether is it done for a Company or for a Temple.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pictures of an Official Taoist Salvation Ritual in Taiwan 2012 (台灣正統道教普渡法會留影)

In here, you all will be seeing a series of pictures taken in Taiwan during a simple but yet Official Salvation Ritual conducted this year.

Do look at the wonderful paper-offerings and the way the Taoists prepared the offerings for the Deities & Pass-ons. It's something that worth learning and sharing.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Introduction on Nanyang Huang Gu Niang (南洋龜仔山黃姑娘簡介)

In Singapore, besides Lin Gu Niang aka Maiden Lim (紅山林姑娘) and Lei Gu Niang aka Maiden Lei (四腳亭雷姑娘), we actually have another wonderful Lady Immortal that had not left us in this Mortal Realm.

A lot of people had been approaching Jave on the background of the Huang Gu Niang aka Maiden Ng, after Jave shared a brief introduction on her years & months back.

After doing some interviews & researches, finally Jave got some info on her and using the opportunity when I’m in Singapore General Hospital, Jave went to Hospital Drive (somewhere opposite the Sikh Temple) to take a picture of the rundown Shrine that dedicated to Maiden Ng.

Here it goes with the story;

According to the records, Huang Gu Niang’s full name was Huang Su Ying (黃素英), in Hokkien as Ng Shor Eng and some will addressed her in Cantonese as Wong Sok Eng.

She was born in Qing, Tong Zhi 5th Year, which was 1866, 12th Day of Lunar 6 Month (生于清同治五年﹐農曆六月十二日). Residing in the Kampong located in Ghoo A’ Sua (龜仔山), which is now known as Kampong Silat (甘榜石叻).

Since young, she had been trying her best to learn whatever she wanted but due to she was born in a poor family, she had to assist her mother in doing the laundry for people in-order to earn that minimal income to support the family.

In Year 1879, when Maiden Ng was 14 years old, she followed her Paternal Aunty Mdm Ng to do laundry-washing at Kandang Kerbau Hospital (竹腳婦幼醫院). At that period, the scale of KK Hospital was small and so, the income that they earned had to go to Maiden Ng’s Aunty (黃姑娘生前為新加坡竹腳婦幼醫院之浣洗娘).

In Year 1882, Singapore General Hospital had relocated to the current location and so, by testing their luck, Maiden Ng & her Aunty had approached the Hospital, seeking for a job as Cleaner & Laundry-assistant. With approval, they were being accepted. From then, Maiden Ng to work in SGH until one day, she was being approached by a Doctor whom had been observing Maiden Ng for quite some time.

At first, Maiden Ng was shocked but after knowing the objective of the Doctor’s approaching, Maiden Ng accepted the Doctor’s suggestion – trained her as a Nurse.

Using few years of learning, at the age of 34, Year 1900, Maiden Ng was able to take care of patients & also, assisting the Pharmacy Department to prescribe medicines.

In Year 1901 (清光緒廿七年), just before the Festival of Qing Ming (臨近清明期間), a Kampong that situated somewhere near to Kampong Silat was on fire, due to it was at night, a lot of villagers were not aware of the sudden fire attacking and so, quite a number of houses were being burnt off (黃姑娘所居住區內發生火患).

Immediately after getting the news on the injuries, Maiden Ng did not hesitated to volunteer herself at the fire site to assist the injuries. With a dash, she ran to the fire site.

Trying her best to save as many villagers as possible, she had somehow neglected the burning houses might collapsed at anytime (因黃姑娘原本就懷著醫者之德﹐在火患發生後﹐黃姑娘奮不顧身的闖進失火房屋內搶救困于屋中的人們).

And out of a sudden, a loud bang sound was heard, the house that Maiden Ng was inside, trying her best to assist an old lady out, had collapsed (當黃姑娘在一所被燒的不堪入目的房屋救人時﹐整所房屋不甚倒塌).

Most of the eye-witnesses tried their best to dash into the collapsed house, but none of them were able to approach it as the fire was too big and brave (週圍人們想前往搭救﹐但因火勢過猛﹐因此無人能接近該倒塌房屋).

From then, no one had seen Maiden Ng (從那時起﹐就再也無人看到黃姑娘的蹤跡了).

According to some people whom were more Spiritual Sensitive, they had seen the Spirit of Maiden Ng standing at the cross-junction of where her Shrine & the Old Earth Deity Temple were many decades back.

And about 20 years back-dated from today, a simple Shrine was constructed to honour Maiden Ng at Hospital Drive, hoping that she could looked after all the Patients that had visit SGH for treatment and also, no accidents to happen in the area. If we will to realise one thing, indeed after the Shrine had been set-up, no accidents were reported at the Hospital Drive, neither the road opposite it.


And this was the story of Maiden Ng & the Mystery Shrine that stand along Hospital Drive.

Additional Points;

According to the elderly, for those who have approached Maiden Ng for the blessing of Health, if on that very night after the honouring, the patient dream of a Big White Spider or Spider with long legs, the chances of getting his illness cured will be high (黃姑娘常化身白色蜘蛛﹐入身患有重病之夢中﹐為該病患治療).

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Introduction of Heavenly Marshal Chen Da Nian (正一法籙靈官陳大年天君)

Chen Da Nian (陳大年) aka The Zheng Yi Celestial Officer Chen or Heavenly Marshal Chen, whom was appointed to be In-charge of the Spiritual Certificates that being issued to All Taoist Priests under Zheng Yi Sect.

He was born in Southern Song Dynasty Shao Xing Period (宋朝紹興年間), Ancestral Hometown in China Hokkien Province, Yong An City (中國福建省永安市), with Birthday unknown (生辰不詳).

For Chen Da Nian, a few names of him were recorded, such as Chen Sen (陳森) and in some Contexts, he was also known as Chen Fu Zhi (陳輔之).

According to records, Chen Da Nian was the Manifestation of the Spirit of Fire and used to station in the Southern Hemisphere in the Celestial Realm, assisting Heavenly Marshal Jin Jia (九天金甲天君) & Heavenly Marshal Ma Hua Guang (馬華光天君).

One Day, while Chen Da Nian was accompanying his sworn brother – Heavenly Marshal Zhu Fan Zhi (朱梵之天君), which was also the assistant of the 2 senior Heavenly Marshals, to do patrolling in the Three Realms, they spotted an area in the Eastern Part of China, filled with Poisonous Energies.

Without delayed, both the Marshals descended into the Mortal Realm to check on what had happened in that area.

Just as both of them descended to the spot where the Poisonous Energies were emitted, Chen Da Nian saw a White Snake (白蛇) & Red Crow (赤鴉) fighting against each other and as the White Snake was about to curl up the leg of the Red Crow, the Red Crow spit out a gust of Red Energy onto the White Snake.

As Chen & Zhu trying to get nearer to the 2 Demons, they were being drugged by the Poisonous Energies and soon, Chen got giddy and fainted onto one of the rocks on the Mountain.

Upon waking-up, Chen found himself in the Hall of Heavenly Marshal Ma’s Court. He was shocked but due to he was being poisoned, he was too weak to explain the whole situation to Heavenly Marshal Ma. Just as Chen wanted to get up, Zhu had entered into the Hall and in his hands, the White Snake & Red Crow were being locked in a Golden Pyramid Cage.

Chen was delighted to see that and Heavenly Marshal Ma had explained to him that, the 2 demons were subdued by him and due to these 2 demons, Chen & Zhu had to be appointed to reborn into the Mortal Realm for a special task.

With a gust of Bright Shiny Energy, Chen & Zhu were being sent off from the Celestial Realm into the Mortal Realm for reborn.

This year, it was AD1132, Southern Song Dynasty Shao Xing Period 2nd Year (南宋绍兴二年), Chen was being appointed to be reborn in the Chen Family in Hokkien Province, Yong An City.

On the Day of his reborn, the whole house was filled with a special warming heat and just as the delivery-maid carried the new born baby to show Old Mister Chen, a Red Ray appeared on top of the Mansion and followed by a nicely fragrance that covered the whole house.

Old Mister Chen was shocked and as he was about to carry the baby from the Maid, he heard a Taoist Priest calling out to him from the Courtyard.

Without delaying, Old Mister Chen had to proceed to the Courtyard to return his respect to the Priest. Just as Old Mister Chen approached the Priest, the little infant start to laugh aloud and Old Mister Chen felt weirder with the sight of his son laughing at the 1st day of his birth.

By looking at the baby and caressing the baby’s head, the Priest told Old Mister Chen that, this boy was a gift from the Celestial Realm, hoping that Old Mister Chen would be able to pay more attention on this boy and best, to give the boy a good education & freedom in learning any form of skills.

Upon hearing that, Old Mister Chen agreed and just as the Priest was about to learn the Mansion, Old Mister Chen requested him to give a name to the newly born boy. After thinking thru for a short moment, the Priest suggested Da Nian (大年literally as Great Year) & also, Fu Zhi (輔之literally Assisting-in).

Time flies, in AD1152 (南宋绍兴廿二年), age of 20, Chen was being sent to study by his parent and in AD1157 (南宋绍兴廿七年), he passed his examination and was appointed as Scholar (進士).

After 5 years of being a Magistrate Officer, Chen felt that the things that he could do for the people was minimal and most of the time, he was being restricted by the Imperial Rules & Regulations and so, at the age of 30, he resigned from his post and started to wander around in the Country to seek for Spiritual Masters/Teachers to cultivate in the Taoist Skills.

AD1165, at the age of 33, he reached Mt He Ming (鶴鳴山) and was able to seek his learning from one of the Old Priests that resided in the Mountain.

With 2 years of studying the theory on the Taoist Manuals, Chen was able to recite them without difficulties and with another 5 years of learning the practical skills, Chen had finally mastered most of the skills from his Master.

By the age of 40, he left Mt He Ming and wandered around in the Country to assist the needy and he promised that, if anything would to happen, he would returned back to Mt He Ming to seek for his Master’s assistance.

With a year’s travelling, Chen had reached Mt Wu Lv (無慮山 literally No Doubt/Trouble), which later was known as Mt Lv (閭山).

Just as Chen stepped into the territory of Mt Wu Lv, he was deeply attracted by the Taoist Monastery that was built at the peak of the Mountain and so, without delaying, he made his trip to the Monastery. As he was about to enter into the Main Hall, he was stopped by an Old Priest, which the Priest was able to call out Chen’s name.

Upon hearing the Priest called-out, Chen was surprised but also, delighted.

Returning his respect to the Elder, Chen asked the Old Priest on why he knew his name.

The Old Priest returned with a smile and just kept quiet and signalled Chen to follow.

With about 15 minutes of walking, they reached a Rear Hall in the Monastery. Just as Chen entered into the Hall, he was not able to shift further, no matter how hard he tried to lift his leg from the spot where he was standing; his leg seems to have rooted to the ground.

Without fear in him, Chen wanted to scream out and just at the moment of opening of his mouth, a bright Golden ray emitted out from the statue of Heavenly Marshal Ma Hua Guang, from the right Altar, into his mouth. In a few seconds, Chen collapsed onto the floor and entered a coma state.

During his coma, Chen entered into a state that he was being brought to the Celestial Realm by an Old Priest. After entering into the Celestial Gate, he was led to a Hall with many Generals standing guard outside the corridor and upon entering, he saw a familiar-face Marshal sitting at the Main Seat in the Central of the Hall. Trying to recall who the Marshal was and with a moment of recollection, he recognised the Marshal as Ma Hua Guang.

Knowing that Chen had recognised him, Ma Hua Guang smiled and signalled Chen to step forward.

Chen nodded his head and moved forward.

Ma Hua Guang advised him to take his seat and Ma Hua Guang started to tell Chen about his past. Upon hearing that, Chen was shocked and he stayed motionless for a while, telling himself that this was just a dream. Knowing that Chen might not had believed in the stories, Ma Hua Guang asked the Old Priest to pass Chen a Spiritual Sword (火靈劍) and signalled Chen to take his leave.

Getting the signal of asking him to leave the Hall, Chen stood up and paid his respect to Ma Hua Guang and immediately, he dashed out of the Hall without any further delaying. Soon the Old Priest catch-up with Chen and with a push, Chen was being pushed into a Valley and with a great fright, Chen shouted out and soon, he was awaked from the dream.

Immediately after gaining conscious, Chen looked at the surrounding and he found himself in a Resting room in the Taoist Monastery. And to his surprise, the Sword that he received in the dream was laying beside him.

As Chen was still wondering how this Sword got onto his bed, the Old Priest that he met outside the Monastery entered into the room to check on Chen out.

Looking at the Sword, the Old Priest smiled again and told Chen that, he had to take good care of the Sword as this Sword would assist him in gaining his Immortal-hood soon.

Chen was blurred by the words from the Old Priest but he had to keep quiet, cos at that very moment, in his mind, there were too many Doubts & Unsolved mysteries.

After resting for a week, Chen left the Monastery. Just as Chen was walking out of the Main Gate, the Old Priest appeared again in front of him and advised Chen to proceed to the East Region of China.

Taking his advice, Chen started his East Journey.

Soon, Chen had reached the Shan Dong Province (山東省), the Eastern Region of China and this period, it was the Period where Southern Song Dynasty having War with the Invaders.

One Day, while Chen was trying his best to assist the refugees, he was being alerted by an old man on a demon appearing in a cave at one of the forested areas. Without delaying, Chen grab-hold of his Spiritual Sword and with the instruction on the direction to get to the cave, Chen ride a horse and dashed towards the cave.

Upon approaching the cave, Chen could see the area was being fogged with poisonous energies and knowing that, the demon was somewhere nearby, Chen had to release his Spiritual Sword and just as he released the Sword, a Silvery-ray flied over his head and within a few seconds, an enormous Snake appeared in front of him.

At first sight, Chen was shocked, but knowing that there wouldn’t be any way of backing-out, Chen had to try his best to fight with the demon.

With a few rounds of trying to subdue the demon, Chen was not able to put the demon down and just as the demon was approaching nearer to him, Chen suddenly recalled on the words that his Master had advised him before he left Mt He Ming and so, Chen started to chant a series of Incantations and just as he finished the Incantations, a bright ray descended from the Celestial Realm and in the bright ray, Heavenly Marshal Jin Jia & Ma Hua Guang appeared.

Soon, the Snake demon was being subdued again by Ma Hua Guang and this time round, the Red Crow was there to present a Green Robes (青玉袍) to Chen, advising him to put on before paying his respect to the 2 Heavenly Marshals.

Obeying the Celestial advise, Chen put on the Robes and immediately, he felt that his body began to get lighter and with a motion of pushing, the whole body floating into the air and while Chen was ascending to the air, he turned to look at the ground and to his horror, he found his own body laying on the floor with his faced tinted green & brown. This day was dated as 18th Day of Lunar 2 Month (陳大年得道日記載為農曆二月十八日).

Know that he had attained his Immortality, Chen followed Heavenly Marshal Jin Jia & Ma Hua Guang back to the Celestial Realm to get his bestowed title from the Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊).

Upon approaching the Celestial Imperial Court, Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (正一張祖天師) was there to announce Chen’s Official Title on behalf of Jade Emperor of Heaven. By getting his Official title of Zheng Yi Jian Du Fa Lu Ling Guan Wu Lei Si Pin Yu Mian Yuan Shuai Chen Da Tian Jun (正一監督法籙靈官五雷四品玉面元帥大天君), Chen kowtowed to the Celestial Edict and received his Seal from Heavenly Master Zhang and left the Imperial Court.

From then, he was appointed to return to his original post at Jin Jia Department (金甲府) & Celestial Firey Department (火部) as before he was being granted the reborn to the Mortal Realm in Southern Song Dynasty.

Manifestation Anniversary of Fujian Cheng Huang 2012 (壬辰年福建省城隍周苛公聖誕吉慶)

On 22nd Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月廿二日), it is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of China Fujian Province Cheng Huang (福建省城隍), which is known as Zhou Ke (周苛), the Braveness General of Emperor Liu Bang in Han Dynasty (漢朝名將﹐劉邦皇帝部下).

For Year 2012, it falls on a Tuesday - 10 July.

For more info on Lord Cheng Huang, you can proceed to the following links:

Pictures of Cheng Huang (城隍尊神照片):


Introduction of Cheng Huang Zun Shen (城隍尊神簡介):


Introduction of Cheng Huang Zun Shen Bao Gao (城隍尊神寶誥):


Cheng Huang Taoist Scripture (城隍消災集福經):

The various Famous Lord Cheng Huang in Chinese History (中華歷代受封為城隍之賢者) :


 And for those who are keen in paying your respect to Du Cheng Huang (都城隍) in Singapore, you may wish to visit the Official Temples that dedicate Altars to him, in the following is the list of Temples that oneself can visit:

1) Du Cheng Huang Temple (都城隍廟), besides Tanjong Pagar MRT Station

2) Lian Shan Cheng Huang Temple (蓮山城隍廟), located at Toa Payoh

3) Dong Yue Temple (東嶽廟), located at Bukit Purmei


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fei Jie Fu Tian Shi Celebration 2012 (壬辰年正一龍山飛捷府張祖天師上壽儀式)

It will not be completed, if LSM (正一龍山門) did not conduct the routine honouring on the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張祖天師), which was on the 18th Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月十八日).

This year, due to Jave had to attend a Media Conference at my Organization, so I couldnt make it in time to accompany Vabien & Royce to pay the respect to Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling at Fei Jie Fu (正一龍山飛捷府).

As usual, after the honouring at Fei Jie Fu, Vabien & Royce will visit Yu Huang Dian (玉皇殿), Tian Gong Temple (天公廟) & Du Cheng Huang Temple (都城隍廟) to pay their respect to Heavenly Master Zhang on behalf of LSM.

Besides that, this was also the Day fo LSM to get their Spiritual Weapons to get enhanced by the various Deities and also, to inspect on certain Temples that were closely associated with LSM.

Around late noon, after the Media Conference ended, Jave was in town to join Vabien & Royce in the Annual Celebration Dinner of LSM.

It was a fun & joyous occasion and Jave appreciated the hardwork that Vabien & Royce had put in.

Another joyous event to share with all is that, Taiwan Long Shan Men (國際台灣正一龍山門) was officially set-up on the 15th Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月十五日), on the Manifestation Day of Lord Long Yi (龍山始祖龍一真君) - the Founder of LSM.

Soon, our Taoist School's name will be listed in the International Taoist Association and we look forward to the working together with the various Main Taoist Schools around the World.

Let's all put in our Sincerity to bring Taoism to the next higher level.

Million Thanks to Vabien for the sharing of the pictures.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Heavenly Master Xu Xun & 12 Immortals (許遜天師與十二真君)

In here, you all will be seeing the 12 Immortals that assist Heavenly Master Xu Xun in promoting the Teaching of Lv Shan Zhong Xiao School (閭山忠孝道) & also, imparting of the Spiritual Skills of their Sect to the selected Taoist Disciples.

Their names were:

Wu Meng, Shi He, Gan Zhan, Zhou Guang, Chen Xun, Zeng Hen, Xu Lie, Shi Cen, Peng Kan, Huang Ren Lan, Zhong Li Jia & Wu Cai Luan (daughter of Wu Meng).

In the Classic of Feng Shen Bang (封神榜), the 12 Disciples of Yuan Shi Tian Zun (元始天尊十二弟子) were the evolved version of these 12 Immortals (便是由此十二真君演化而來).

These 2 meter huge statues can be seen at China Nan Chang Wan Shou Gong (中國南昌萬壽宮), one of the main Taoist Premises of Lv Shan School.


1) 包括許遜在內者有十二位,即許遜、吳猛、時荷、甘戰,周​廣、陳勳、曾亨、盱烈、施岑、彭抗、黃仁覽、鍾離嘉等十​二位。

2) 不包括許遜在內者有十二位,即吳猛、時荷、甘戰,周廣、​陳勳、曾亨、盱烈、施岑、彭抗、黃仁覽、鍾離嘉并女仙吳​彩鸞(吳猛之女)等十二位。

Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling 2012 (壬辰年正一祖天師聖誕吉慶)

Its again the arrival of the important Day for ALL Taoists to honour our Founder of Taoism – Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (正一張祖天師).

On the 18th Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月十八日), it is considered as another Manifestation Anniversary for Heavenly Master Zhang (some contexts dated as 15th Day of Lunar 1 Month 又記載農曆正月十五日).

This Year, 2012, it falls on 06 July, a Friday.

On this Day, as usual, the Taoists will visit Temples that dedicate Altars to Heavenly Master Zhang to pay their respect, besides that, in other Countries in Asia, Grand & Official Ceremonies/Rituals will be conducted dedicating to Heavenly Master for the Credits of Founding Taoism and the Promoting of the Upright Teaching of Zheng Yi Sect (正一天師道).

To find out more on Heavenly Master Zhang, please proceed to the following links:

Introduction of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張道陵天師簡介):


Praise Mantra for the Four Heavenly Masters (四大天師寶誥):


LSM visits to Long Hu Shan:




Taoist Objects related to Zhang Tian Shi:



Fei Jie Fu Honouring Zhang Tian Shi:


For Higher Res of this Picture, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/718780009/pic/list

Monday, 2 July 2012

Fei Jie Fu 5th Mth Celebration 2012 (壬辰年正一龍山飛捷府蒲月上壽慶典儀式)

With a blink of the eyes, another year had passed.

This is the 4th Year that Fei Jie Fu (正一龍山飛捷府) is having its Annual Celebration.

As usual, the Celebration was held dedicating to Heavenly Marshal Jiang Fei Jie (江府仙官), Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張祖天師) & Founding Master of LSM - Lord Long Yi (龍一祖師).

This year, Vabien took about 3 weeks to do the preparation and must thanks to those who have volunteered in assisting him in getting the necessary Offerings, etc.

On 29 Jun (Friday), Royce had went over to assist Vabien in the setting up of the necessary Scrolls and Paper Offerings for the main Day Celebration. And on 30 Jun (Sat), after some last minute shopping on the Food Offerings, we were all ready for the Celebration to be taken place.

By 12.00 Noon, the Celebration started by 1st, making report to the Celestial Realm and then, the Chanting of Qing Jing Jing (太上清靜經).

Followed by the Dotting & Enhancing of Qi Lin Tian Guan for Fei Jie Fu (麒麟天官).

At about 1.30Pm, it was time to Honour the Lords of the Dippers (朝禮斗府) and also, the Opening of the Dipper Lamp for Fei Jie Fu (敕開斗首).

At 2.30Pm, we proceed with the Anniversary Respect Ceremony (祝壽科儀), followed by the Banquet Feast Offerings (上敬壽宴) to the Main Deities & Guest Deities.

Upon the completion of the Anniversary Respect Ceremony, all of us proceed with the sending off of the Paper Offerings at around 5.00Pm.

After dinner, Fei Jie Fu conducted the Night Salvation Ceremony for the Wanderings (濟渡儀式). And upon completion, the whole Day’s Ceremony considered ended smoothly.

Million Thanks to Vabien & Royce for sharing with us the Pictures.