Sunday, 29 April 2012

Manifestation Anniversary of Marshal Kang Miao Wei 2012 (壬辰年康妙威天君聖誕吉慶)

On 10th Day of Lunar 4 Month (農曆四月初十日), it is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Marshal Kang Miao Wei (康妙威) aka Kang Xi (康席).

For Year 2012, it falls on a Monday - 30 April.

For more info on Heavenly Marshal Kang, you can proceed to the following link:

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Master Ge Hong 2012 (壬辰年葛洪天師聖誕吉慶)

On 10th Day of Lunar 4 Month (農曆梅月初十日), it is also considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Master Ge Hong (葛洪天師).

Heavenly Master Ge Hong & his Granduncle Ge Xuan (葛玄天師), were the Founder of Taoist Ling Bao Sect (道教靈寶派). On this Day, the Descendants & Ling Bao Sect Priests will have to conduct Grand & Official Rituals to honour Heavenly Master Ge Hong.

More Info on Heavenly Master Ge Hong, please proceed to the following link:

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hongkong Drama Series on Tang Dynasty Musical & Art (香港TVB影劇:《耀舞长安/乐府藏龙》)

Dear All, In case anyone has not been alert on the new Hongkong Drama Series on Tang Dynasty Musical & Art (香港TVB影劇:《耀舞长安/乐府藏龙》), here is a link to the Facebook on this show.

According to the explanation on the Editor of this show, this show was written on the idea on how Xi Qin Wang Ye aka Emperor Tang Ming Huang (西秦王爺唐明皇) and Master Lei Hai Qing aka Tian Du Yuan Shuai (田都元帥雷海青).

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Closure of Shui Xian Gong Temple (新加坡百年老廟水顯宮閉廟繳旨)

Dear All,

The Hundred Year Old Temple Shui Xian Gong will have to cease it's operation on 5th May 2012, 15th Day of Lunar 4 Month.

After then, the building will be demolished to give way to new commercial buildings.

On 5th May, at 0900 hour, the Medium will proceed to Havelock Road Yu Huang Temple to submit the Temple's Authority to the Celestial Palace and by 1000 hour, Taoist Priests will be there to conduct the Sending-off.

For those who wish to pay your respect to the Main Deities of Shui Xian Gong, please do so before 5th May.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What is Chinese Heritage & Culture to the Modern Era? (華族文化是啥?)

A moment of thoughts;

In 2 weeks time, an hundred year old temple in Central Singapore will closed down due to the land was being planned to built new Commercial Buildings.

From this incident, it's not difficult to discover that, in our Country, Old & Rich Heritage Buildings are not secured by its Value, instead, Newly built Buildings are constructed telling the others that our Homeland "Respected" our History. Don't it sounds contradicting?

Secondly, assistance among the Chinese Community and Taoist Society is really weak. When such incidents happened years ago, the Chinese Authorities shall had step
out to provide their very best assistance for preserving the Heritage & Culture. To our disappointment, they didn't do it.

Lastly, some people had been spending lots of money on preserving our very own Chinese Culture, are these people really doing it? Are they just putting on a show to let those who are not in this Community or Society to see? Do these people really understand what is the Real Value of our Heritage & Culture? Sad to say, I have yet to see it and many people out there have yet to sense it.

So in Summary, for the past 10 years, what are those campaigns/events on Protecting Chinese Heritage & Culture for? Just to meet quota? Let's ponder all the above points again to reflect on this serious issue. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Creativene​ss is Taoism - Don't be restricted to become a Frog in Well (藝為道-生生不息)


Dear All,
Thought for the Day:

In School, my teacher had taught me Empty Vessel makes the most Noise.

Since then, this statement stuck to my head.

I always wanted to know what is the real meaning, but no matter how hard I tried, no answer was given to me.

Today, I've got the answer.

~ Religion is a source of Teaching that lead a person to be a better person but if a person is not well-versed enough, the person will looked Stupid, comment the Wrong thing and also, sounds like a Frog in a Narrow Well.

One Point to Ponder:

In our homeland, don't be too creative, cos your Creativeness will be restricted by People whom they thought they are the Emperor that can control everything and anything.

Sad to say, No Freedom to be Creative, No Freedom to express one's Talent.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Manifestation Anniversary of Ma Zu 2012 (壬辰年天上聖母媽祖華誕)

Ma Zu aka The Immortal Maiden or Heavenly Empress of the Sea, in Taoism, we addressed her as Tian Shang Sheng Mu Ma Zu (天上聖母媽祖).

According to Taoist Scripture, the Only & Official Taoist Scripture dedicating to Ma Zu, known as Tai Shang Lao Jun Shuo Tian Fei Jiu Ku Ling Yan Jing (太上老君說天妃救苦靈驗經), Ma Zu was actually the Manifestation of the Energy from the Great North Dipper Star Group into a Lady Immortal (known as Miao Xing Yu Nv 妙行玉女) which had overcome multiple testing & obstacles before gaining her Immortal-hood.

After which, Miao Xing Yu Nv was called upon by the Supreme Lord (道德天尊) to the gathering for the appointment of the task to descend into the Mortal Realm to perform the necessary Salvation for the Suffering Beings.

Upon getting the appointment, Miao Xing Yu Nv made her Sincerest & Greatest Vow of ceasing of ALL Sufferings before she returned back to the Celestial Realm again and so, upon getting the Vow, Miao Xing Yu Nv was being sent off to get her Re-incarnation aka Manifestated into Mortal at Song Dynasty Jia Shen Year 23rd Day of Lunar 3 Month (AD 960宋朝建隆元年农历三月年三日) in the Lin Family (降生莆田湄洲岛林家之中) – given Maiden Name as Lin Mo or Lin Mo Niang (林默/林默娘).

Since young, Mo Niang had been going around to assist the Needy, regardless of strangers or people she knew.

By the age of 8, one day while Mo Niang was out in the Sea-side to waiting for her father to return from the Sailing, a Elegant Lady approached her and passed her a few Books on Unknown Writings & Diagrams. Upon getting hold of the Books, Mo Niang was puzzled but after getting some advises from the Lady, Mo Niang accepted and promised the Lady to study all the information in the Books and understand the Diagrams.

By the age of 16, Mo Niang was able to use the Skills that mentioned in the Unknown Books to assist more Needy in her Hometown.

At the age of 28, on the 8th Night of Lunar 9 Month, Mo Niang got a dream from the Elegant Lady again, this time round Mo Niang finally knew who she was – Zi Guang Fu Ren (紫光夫人). After getting the advises from Zi Guang Fu Ren, Mo Niang decided to leave home on the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month to gain her Immortal-hood at the Highest Peak in her hometown.

On Song Dynasty AD 987, 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month (宋雍熙四年九月初九日得道), Mo Niang got her Immortal-hood and was summoned back to the Celestial Realm to receive her Official Title before she was being sent back to the Mortal Realm to assist the Needy again.

In Southern Taoism Culture, Ma Zu was a highly respect Lady Immortal by the Taoists & also Chinese. Every year, during her Manifestation Anniversary, ALL Temples that dedicated to Ma Zu in Southern China will conduct Supreme Rituals/Ceremonies to honour Ma Zu as a form of Gratitude for her hardship in Salvaging the Sufferings & Blessings.

Till today, in Hokkien Pu Tian Mei Zhou County (中國福建省莆田湄州), on the 23rd Day of Lunar 3 Month, tons & tons of Devotees will flocked to the Main Ancestral Temple of Ma Zu to pay their respect to her in-order to request for Blessing through-out the Year.

In Year 2012, Ma Zu Anniversary falls on 13 Apr 2011, a Friday.

So in Singapore, what can Oneself do to honour Ma Zu?

For Taoists, we can just prepare the Taoist 5 Offerings/10 Offerings (道教五供/十供) to honour Ma Zu as these Offerings can consider as the Highest Respect in Taoist Culture.

Besides that, Oneself can add in some Traditional Cake/Cookies (傳統糕點) stuffs such as Longevity Peach Buns (壽桃包), Longevity Noodles (壽麵), Huat Kueh (發糕), Ang Ku Kueh (紅龜粿) & Ang Ee (紅圓包).

As for the Paper Offerings, actually for us Taoists, we can save up the Paper Offerings, as long as Oneself is able to prepare 3 sticks of Good Long Incenses and a pair of 24hours Red Candles for Ma Zu, Oneself and the whole Family will be Blessed.

Due to Ma Zu had made her Greatest Vow to Salvage the Mortals, the Honouring shall be Simple and filled with Sincerity, rather than Grand but Commercializing.

And One that WE ALL must remember to do while preparing any form of Offerings for Ma Zu. Remember to prepare the following Label (print out on Pink or Red Paper) and stick onto any form of Offerings that dedicated to Ma Zu. This is an Old Traditional method of Honouring Ma Zu while Oneself is making certain Request or Blessing. By doing so, Oneself’s Name & Address will be recorded by the 2 Generals of Ma Zu and whenever Oneself needed the assistance of them, just by Calling Ma Zu’s Name of Title, she will be there to provide the assistance.

Ma Zu Official Title Label (do remember to write your name & address at the blank space at the bottom of the Label):

So in Singapore, where can Oneself honour Ma Zu?

In Singapore, there are quite a number of Old Temples that Oneself can visit to Honour Ma Zu, in the following is the List of Temples:

1 Yue Hai Qing Temple located at Phillip Street (粵海清廟)
2 Tian Fu Gong located at Amoy Street (天福宮)
3 Ban Gang Tian Hou Temple located at Sengkang (半港天后宮)
4 Sembawang Tian Hou Temple located at Admiralty Road (三巴旺天后宮)
5 Kampong San Teng Tian Hou Temple located at Sin Ming Industrial Estate (甘榜山亭天後廟)
6 Wan Shou Shan Guan Yin Tang located at Telok Blangah Height infront of Blk 54 (萬壽山觀音堂)
7 Hainan Association Tian Hou Temple located at Beach Road (海南會館天后宮)

Last of All, may Tian Shang Sheng Mu Ma Zu bestowed her Blessing to ALL and hope that the World will have lesser Disaster in the next 1 year.


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Intro on Black Face Ma Zu:

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Generation Titles for Ancestors for Qing Ming Honouring (清明祭祀文化:歷代祖先之稱諱)


In case anyone needs the Hierarchy for the address terms of our Parent, Grandparent and so, here will be a simplified and most common one that All of us here can use (this might differ from the normal one that we can see from other records, cos different dialects, different countries, different Chinese cultural group will have different addressing terms, but one thing cant change is the Generation-level):

Up 1 Generation -
Father: 先考/先父
Mother: 先妣/先母

Elder Brother: 先兄
Elder Sister-in-law: 先嫂
Elder Sister: 先姐
Elder Brother-in-law: 先姐夫
Younger Brother: 愛弟/亡弟
Younger Sister-in-law: 愛弟媳/亡弟媳
Younger Sister: 愛妹/亡妹
Younger Brother-in-law: 愛妹夫/亡妹夫

Maternal Uncle: 先舅父
Maternal Aunty: 先姨媽

Paternal Elder Uncle: 先伯父
Paternal Younger Uncle: 先叔父
Paternal Aunty: 先姑母

Up 2 Generation -
Maternal Grandfather: 先外祖考/先外祖父
Maternal Grandmother: 先外祖妣/先外祖母

Paternal Grandfather: 先祖考/先祖父
Paternal Grandmother: 先祖妣/先祖母

Up 3 Generation -
Maternal Great-Grandfather: 先外曾祖考/先外曾祖父
Maternal Great-Grandmother: 先外曾祖妣/先外曾祖母

Paternal Great-Grandfather: 先曾祖考/先曾祖父
Paternal Great-Grandmother: 先曾祖妣/先曾祖母

Up 4 Generation -
Maternal Great-Great-Grandfather: 先外高祖考/先外高祖父
Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother: 先外高祖妣/先外高祖母

Paternal Great-Great-Grandfather: 先高祖考/先高祖父
Paternal Great-Great-Grandmother: 先高祖妣/先高祖母

Up 5 Generation -
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: 先外高太祖考/先外高太祖父
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: 先外高太祖妣/先外高太祖母

Paternal Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: 先高太祖考/先高太祖父
Paternal Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: 先高太祖妣/先高太祖母

Up 6 Generation -
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: 先外太高太祖考/先外太高太祖父
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: 先外太高太祖妣/先外太高太祖母

Paternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: 先太高太祖考/先太高太祖父
Paternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: 先太高太祖妣/先太高太祖母

Up 7 Generation -
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: 先外太玄高太祖考/先外太玄高太祖父
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: 先外太玄高太祖妣/先外太玄高太祖母

Paternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: 先太玄高太祖考/先太玄高太祖父
Paternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: 先太玄高太祖妣/先太玄高太祖母

Up 8 Generation -
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: 先外太玄太高太祖考/先外太玄太高太祖父
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: 先外太玄太高太祖妣/先外太玄太高太祖母

Paternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: 先太玄太高太祖考/先太玄太高太祖父
Paternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: 先太玄太高太祖妣/先太玄太高太祖母