Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Year 2011 Opening of Heavenly Gate aka Tian Kuang Day (辛卯年天門開又稱天貺日)


Its again the period for Taoists to prepare for Tian Kuang Day (天貺日) or so-called the Opening of Heavenly Gate (天門開).

This Year, Year 2011, it falls on 06 July (a Wednesday) and some will celebrate on the 7th Day of Lunar 6 Month - which is 07 July.

For more info on Tian Kuang Ri, you all may proceed to the following links:

Intro on Tian Kuang Ri:

Things to take note Tian Kuang Ri:

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Japan Taoism Info-Web 日本道観の道教交流サイト|中国道教・台湾道教と日本道観との道教交流の軌跡


Million Thanks to our Japan Taoist Sister Akimoto Etsuko for sharing with us this wonderful link.


Singapore Chwee Kang Temple 5th Month Celebration 2011 (新加坡水江廟農曆五月慶典)

Start:     Jun 25, '11 9:00p
End:     Jun 30, '11
Location:     Singapore, East, 801 Upper Boon Keng Road

Million Thanks to Taoist Bro Kevin for sharing with us the info:

Chwee Kang Temple 5th Mth Celebration 2011:

Address: 801 Upper Boon Keng Road

~9pm-大普公, 七王爷降乩主持放军安棚仪式, 合境平安...
-The deities will decend onto our temple to place spiritual armies.

~7am-大普公, 七王爷降乩请天尊, 仪式由资深道长主持...
-The deities and senior priest will lead all devotees to invite the Jade
~3pm-大普公, 七王爷降乩恭送天尊, 仪式由资深道长主持...
-The deities and senior priest will lead all devotees to send the Jade
~5pm-资深道长主持犒军, 拜斗, 过布桥仪式...
-Senior priest will lead all devotees to reward the spiritual armies,
prayer to the dippers and crossing of the cloth bridge.

~9pm-大普公, 七王爷降乩主持撤军收棚仪式...
-The deities will decend onto our temple to retrieve spiritual armies.
-Senior priest will lead all devotees in thanking the deities.

26/6/11 - 30/6/11: 本庙特请秋艺歌仔戏公演五日连宵助兴...
-Our temple has engaged Qiu Yi Opera to perform for all 5 days of celebration.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Fei Jie Fu Celebration for 5th Month of Xin Mao Year 2011 (正一龍山飛捷府蒲月祝壽慶典儀式)

With a blink of the eyes, another year had passed.

This is the 3rd Year that Fei Jie Fu is having its Annual Celebration.

1st Year in 2009,was the setting up of Fei Jie Fu after the dotting of Heavenly Marshal Jiang Fei Jie’s Statue.

2nd Year in 2010, celebration conducted at the old house of Vabien.

3rd Year in 2011, celebration conducted at the new house of Vabien.

This year, Vabien took about 2 weeks to do the preparation and must thanks to those who have volunteered in assisting him in getting the necessary Offerings, etc.

On 17 Jun (Friday), Jave went over to assist Vabien in the setting up of the necessary Scrolls and Paper Offerings for the main Day Celebration.

On 18 Jun (Sat), Jave & Vabien went to do some last minute shopping on the Food Offerings and after then, Vabien went home for the last minute necessary preparation.

On 19 Jun (Sun), the main Celebration Day, Jave & Royce arrived at Vabien’s Home at 9.00Am.

By 10.30Am, we were ready for Initiation of the start of the Celebration.

By 11.00Am, the Dotting of the new Statues were being conducted. This time round, a few new Statues of Fei Jie Fu were being dotted.

They were as followed:

1 – Tian Yi Gui Ren Zi Huang Tian Zun (天乙貴人紫皇天尊)
2 – Shang Shan Fa E Shuang Tian Guan (賞善罰惡雙天官)
3 – Tian Chu Gui Ren (天廚貴人) & Kitchen Deity (司命灶君)
4 – Lin Shui Fu Ren Chen Jing Gu (臨水夫人陳靖姑)
5 – Jiu Lei Long Shen (九壘龍神)
6 – City Deity (當境城隍)
7 – Horse Attendant (馬官) & Heavenly Horse (天馬)
8 – Qi Lin Tian Guan for Fei Jie Fu (麒麟天官)
9 – Du Cai Fu’s Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming’s Tablet (趙公明天君八卦鏡)

At about 12.30Pm, the whole Dotting Ceremony was completed and then, we proceed with the Ten Offerings Ceremony (道教十供獻敬科儀).

And this was the 1st Year for LSM to introduce the Official Taoist 20 Offerings (道門二十大供) to the Public and Fei Jie Fu was the one to represent LSM to re-introduce it to the public after a few decades. Usually these 20 Offerings can only be used by Taoist Priests during Special Occasion or Celebrations.

At 1.30Pm, after the Ten Offerings Ceremony, we proceed with the Anniversary Respect Ceremony (祝壽科儀).

Upon the completion of the Anniversary Respect Ceremony, all of us proceed with the sending off of the Paper Offerings and by 3.00Pm, the Day’s Event ended.

At 4.00Pm, we went over to Jiu Li Dong Temple (新加坡九鯉洞) to pay our respect to the Nine Carps Immortals (九鯉仙師) as instructed by the Deities and at 6.00Pm, we arrived back at Vabien’s Place to conduct the Night Salvation Ceremony for the Wanderings (濟渡儀式).

At 9.00Pm, the whole Day’s Ceremony ended smoothly and so, after a long day’s Event, finally all of us can have a good rest and meal.

At 11.00Pm, we left Vabien’s Place to head home for a good night rest.

On 20 Jun (Mon), Vabien had another simple round of Honouring dedicating to All the Home Deities and Guest Deities for the witnessing of this Year’s Celebration.

Million Thanks to Vabien & Royce for sharing with us the Pictures.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Taoist & Chinese Cultural Classes for participating 2011 (新道教及中華文化課程2011)

Start:     Aug 1, '11
End:     Dec 31, '12
Location:     All Over Singapore

After inviting a few Elders & Seniors from the Taoist Society (Main Stream & Sintua), they had agreed to assist Jave in conducting the following Classes for the Public (these classes will take place from Year 2011 - 2012):

1) The Taoist Five Directional Camp Culture & Practises (道教五營文化分享課程)
2) The Taoist Paper Offerings Culture sharing (道教紙紮紙料文化分享課程)
3) The Taoist Chanting for Zheng Yi School & Lv Shan Sect (正一及閭山誦經班課程) – including the Music & Singing from various Dialects & Countries

The Taoist Five Directional Camp Culture & Practises will be conducted by a few Spiritual Masters, one of them is the Direct Lineage Descendant of the First Spiritual Master (from a very famous Sintua in Ang Mo Kio) who brought in the Five Camp Culture from China.

And for the Taoist Paper Offerings Culture sharing (燈座/天公座), this will also be shared by the Descendant of the First Master whom brought in the Culture from China.

All these Classes are conducted on No-fee basis & Notes will be provided.

For those who are interested, please do keep a close look out on the Posters or Email Jave at

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Master Zhang 2011 (辛卯年蒲月十八日張祖天師聖誕)



‎18th Day of Lunar 5 Month, consider as the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling. In here, Disciples of ALL LSM and on behalf of ALL Taoists, we will like to express our Gratitudes to Heavenly Master Zhang for all the necessary Blessings & Skills that he had imparted to us.