Friday, 30 December 2011

La Ba Festival of Xin Mao Year (辛卯年道教臘八節)

With a blink on the eyes, its again the End of the Lunar Year and its again the La Ba Festival.

For Xin Mao Year, La Ba Festival falls on 1st of Jan 2012, a Sunday.

In Taoism, the earliest record of the Celebration of La Ba Festival was far in Zhou Dynasty.

And in Taoist Myth Records, it was believed to be the Anniversary of the Day when Nv Wa created the Grains for the Living Beings – the 8th Day after World was created.

To understand more on La Ba Festival, feel free to visit the following link for more information:

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Honouring of Salvation Lord Tai Yi 2011 (正一龍山門/龍山飛捷府辛卯年太乙救苦天尊千秋聖誕祭祀)

This Year, due to Jave’s tight schedule, LSM Heavenly Lord Tai Yi’s Celebration (太乙救苦天尊) had to delay till 30th of Lunar 11 Month (辛卯年農曆十一月卅日).

As usual, the Celebration was conducted at Vabien Lee’s aka Li Huo Jun (禮火君) Taoist Premises.

On the 29th Day of Lunar 11 Month, after having an early Xmas Dinner with Jave’s Mum, Sis-in-law Cherie, Niece Lele, Jave, Royce and Vabien, we all went back home to do the last minute preparation for the upcoming Celebration.

In the early morning of 30th Day, Jave arrived at Vabien’s place at about 10.00Am and upon arrival, all Offerings were ready except the last touch-up on the Paper “Spiritual Officer (送表官)” that was wrongly done by the Paper-offering Master.

At around 11.00Am, the 1st round of Ritual started. Everyone was there to chant the Qing Jing Jing (太上清靜經). Upon completion, a short break was taken and followed by the Manifestation Anniversary Honouring dedicated to Heavenly Lord Tai Yi.

This Year, it was a bit special as we dedicated an Altar for the Honouring of the various Generations Ancestors of our Members and Family.

After 2 hours of Ritual, we proceed with the Sending Off of the Ancestors and last, present our Anniversary Gifts to the Deities.

With the Sending Off of the Paper Offerings, the Celebration dedicated to Lord Tai Yi for Year 2011 was conducted successfully.

Just before we proceed to do preparation for the upcoming Rituals, Vabien was there to Thank the Earth Deity (安土地神).

Million Thanks to Vabien and Royce for sharing with us the Pictures.

Ancient Classic on Strange Tales - Zi Bu Yu (神怪小說-子不語)

Zi Bu Yu (子不語), an ancient classic compiled by Mister Yuan Mei (袁枚), a Poet and also Stories Writer, whom was born in Qing Dynasty (清朝) - AD1716 to 1797.

Zi Bu Yu was not only a book of different compilation of Strange Tales, but it also included stories of Deities & Spirits, especially a lot of stories on Cheng Huang aka City Deities (城隍尊神) and Lord of Feng Du (酆都大帝).

For those who enjoy stories on Strange Tales, Deities and Spirits, this is indeed an interesting book to read for the pass-time.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Long Guan Dian Thanksgiving Ceremony for Xin Mao Year 2011 (新加坡龍觀殿辛卯年臘月謝冬答謝神恩慶典)

On the 1st Day of Lunar 12 Month of Xin Mao Year (辛卯年臘月初一日), 25 Dec 2011, LSM (正一龍山門) was being engaged to conduct a simple Thanksgiving Ceremony dedicating to the Main Deities of Long Guan Dian (新加坡龍觀殿) located at Admiralty.

At about 11.00Am, Jave arrived at Long Guan Dian and most of the Offerings were being prepared by Taoist Jerry and his Family. Without further delay, the Thanksgiving Ceremony started by conducting a simple Reporting to the Celestial Realm.

Upon completion with the Reporting the Thanksgiving Ceremony began and everyone was advised to offer the 1st round of Incenses to the Deities as a form of Respect.

With that, the Ushering in of the Deities, Chanting and Thanksgiving was conducted.

By 1.00Pm, the whole Thanksgiving Ceremony ended successfully and after a short chit-chat session, Royce and Jave left Long Guan Dian to proceed with another appointment.

In here, Jave will like to take this opportunity to Thank Taoist Jerry, Jerry’s Mother and Florence for making this Ceremony a Wonderful and Successful one.

And also, Million Thanks for Royce to rush down to take photos to share with all of us.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Celebrating Dong Zhi Day 2011 (冬至大過年-辛卯年過冬樂)

Happy Dong Zhi Day to all of you here (恭祝各界。冬至快樂).

Its again the arrival of Dong Zhi Day. As usual, Jave Wu had to follow the Tradition to prepare the Sweet Dumplings aka Tang Yuan (湯圓) for the Honouring of Long Shan Men’s Deities & Ancestors (正一龍山門壇上聖真與歷代祖師).

After rushing back from Office, Jave started to do the cooking and once the cooking was done, Jave had offered 3 Bowls of the Sweet Dumplings to the Deities and the Ancestors.

As advised, in each bowl of the Dumpling, it must contain 9 or 12 quantity of the Tang Yuan (for Leap Lunar Month for the upcoming Years will be 13), 9 to represent Long Term & Prosperity, 12 to represent Smoothness for the next Lunar New Year 一碗湯圓應有九或十二粒。九者長久富貴﹐十二者一年興旺 – 如果來年有閏月則是十三粒).

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Winter Solstice Festival 2011 (辛卯年歲末冬至日)

Dong Zhi Day (冬至日) aka Winter Solstice Festival, in Year 2011, it falls on 22 Dec, a Thursday (辛卯年農曆十一月廿八日).

For those who have yet to perform your Thanksgiving to Lord Tai Sui (答謝太歲lease remember to do so before Dong Zhi arrived.

For more info on Winter Solstice Festival, you all may wish to proceed to the following links:

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Pictures of Nv Wa – the Creation Patron of Living Kinds (萬靈始姆女媧太元元君)

A lot of People had been requesting Jave to post something on Nv Wa and today, in here, Jave will like to do a short intro on her.

Nv Wa, a Lady Immortal that existed far before the Universe was being formed.

According to Taoist Ancient Records, Nv Wa was one of the Manifestation of Yuan Shi Tian Wang (元始天王) and after the Universe was formed, she was being appointed to stay in the Earth to look after the movements of the various Stars or Planets.

In some Myths, Nv Wa was known as the Daughter of the Heavenly Emperor (天帝) – during that Era, there wasn’t any Deities being appointed as Jade Emperor of Heaven yet (玉皇大天尊).

Soon after Nv Wa had descended herself into the Planet Earth – after Lord Pan Gu had opened up the “World” (盤古開天地), Nv Wa found out that this Planet Earth was quite “Empty & Quiet” without any “Beings” living in it and so, on the 7th Day after the “World” was formed, Nv Wa created “Human Beings”, which now, on the 7th Day of the New Lunar Calendar (農曆大年初七日), we addressed it as Human Day aka Ren Ri (人日).

In here is the list of Beings that Nv Wa had created on the 8 Days:

1 – Rooster (初一造雞)
2 – Dog (初二造狗)
3 – Pig (初三造豬)
4 – Goat (初四造羊)
5 – Cow (初五造牛)
6 – Horse (初六造馬)
7 – Human (初七造人)
8 – Grains (初八造穀)

For Day 8, till now, we still celebrate it on the 8th Day of Lunar 12 Month (臘月初八日) by eating the Congee that was cooked with 8 different types of Grains, Fruits or Herbs –which was known as La Ba Congee (臘八粥).

People might asked, why we celebrate Ren Ri during Lunar New Year and for Day 8, we celebrate during Lunar 12 Month?

This was due to the change in the Lunar Calendar during Shang & Qin Dynasty. To be more accurate, in Shang & Qin Dynasty, our Lunar New Year should fall on Lunar 11 Month or Lunar 12 Month. So for those who are still following the Ancient Traditions, for Day 8 Celebration, it was fixed on the 8th Day of Lunar 12 Month.

Why Nv Wa needed to mend the Heaven?

After many many Decades after Nv Wa had created All Living Beings, all the Beings were living in a Safe and Harmony environment until one day, where the Lord of Fire aka Zhu Rong (祝融) and Lord of Water aka Gong Gong (共工) started to fight and after Gong Gong knew that he was about to lose the battle, he knocked himself onto the Pillar of Heaven – Mt Bu Zhou (不周山), causing the Heaven to break-up and a hole was formed.

From then, disaster had landed onto the Earth causing the Living Beings to suffer.

Just as all the Living Beings were about to get eliminated by the disasters, Nv Wa descended into the Earth again to assist the Living Beings by getting totally swept off in the disasters.

Upon entering into the Earth, Nv Wa started to collect different colours soil and cultivated them into Spiritual Stones and once after the Cultivation was completed, she flew to the hole where Mt Bu Zhou had collapsed to mend it. From then, the Earth returned to it’s calm state again.

Due to the disasters that the Living Beings had encountered, Living Beings started to have fear and fright.
Due to the fighting that Zhu Rong & Gong Gong had shown to the Living Beings, all Living Beings started to have jealousy, craving and desire.

Soon after the Earth had settled down, the behaviour of the Living Beings changed which deeply upset Nv Wa, from then, she returned back to the Heavenly Realm and do not want to return to the Earth again no matter how the Living Beings had suffered from any form of Disasters.

So did Nv Wa returned back to Earth?

From then, Nv Wa had not returned to Earth but due to her compassionate, she manifested into different forms and allowing her forms to enter into the Earth to assist the Living Beings, such forms were known as:

1 – Jiu Tian Xuan Nv aka The Immortal Maiden of the Ninth Heaven (九天玄女)
2 – Mother Lord Li Shan ala Li Shan Lao Mu (黎山老姆)
3 – Mother Earth aka Di Mu Yuan Jun (地姆元君)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

He Bi Shan Gong conducting of Duke Tan Anniversary Honouring 2011 (新加坡何碧山宮辛卯年葭月陳府大人聖誕祝壽慶典)

On the 18th Day of Lunar 11 Month (農曆葭月十八日), it was the Anniversary of Duke Tan of He Bi Shan Temple (何碧山宮), in some contexts, Duke Tan was also known as Kai Zhang Sheng Wang aka Duke Kai Zhang (開漳聖王), which was the Ancestor Patron of the Tan Clan and Hokkien People (陳氏及福建籍貫之先祖).

On that Day, the Anniversary Honouring Respect was conducted in the Morning by Pu Ji Taoist Group (普濟道壇) and in the Afternoon, Jave arrived at the Temple with Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張祖天師) from Mt Long Hu Tian Shi Fu (龍虎山天師府) and after the Honouring of the Spiritual Armies (犒賞三軍), Jave was there to do the chanting dedicating to Heavenly Lord Tai Yi aka Salvation Lord (太乙救苦天尊).

On that very night, Lion Dance Performance was being engaged and after the Performance, it was time for Bro Kokhwa to send back the Immortal Red Boy (紅孩兒) back to the Opera Stage.

Next day, which was the 19th Day of Lunar 11 Month (農曆葭月十九日), another round of Rewarding of the Spiritual Armies was conducted and also, Chanting dedicated to Duke Tan was also being carried out.

At 9.45Pm, the sending off of the Guest Deities (恭送眾神) was being conducted and the whole Celebration marked an end after the burning off of the Paper Offerings.

Million Thanks to Royce for sharing with us the Pictures.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Full Lunar Eclipse of 2011 (辛卯年月全蝕一覽)

On 10 Dec 2011 aka 16th Day of Lunar 11 Month, a Saturday, the Full Lunar Eclipse occurred from 7.00pm till 1.00am of 11 Dec.

While Vabien and I were discussing on the upcoming event for End of Year, we also took this opportunity to take pictures on the "changes" of the Moon.

Last 2 pictures were taken when the Moon started to "reveal" itself.

Thanks to Vabien for sharing with us the pictures.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Lunar Eclipse on 10 Dec 2011 (辛卯年月全蝕)

Start:     Dec 10, '11 6:00p
End:     Dec 11, '11 01:00a
Location:     All Over the World

Dear All,

There will be a Full Lunar Eclipse on this coming Saturday, which is 10 Dec 2011 aka 16th Day of Lunar 11 Month.

For those who are interested in looking at the Lunar Eclipse, please do standby after 6.00Pm.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Year End Thanksgiving Ceremony for Xin Mao Year (辛卯年年終答謝天恩儀式)

Start:     Dec 25, '11
End:     Jan 15, '12
Location:     All Over Singapore

Dear All,

Its again the Period for us, the Taoists to conduct our Thanksgiving to All Deities that had look after us for the past 12 Months.

This Year, as usual, LSM will conduct the Thanksgiving Ritual for Temples, Sintuas and Homes for the various Grades Taoists.

For those who are interested, please do pick a Date from the following list for LSM to conduct the Ritual at your Premises:

1) 25 Dec (Sun) - 1st Day of Lunar 12 Month
2) 31 Dec (Sat) - 7th Day of Lunar 12 Month
3) 01 Jan (Sun) - 8th Day of Lunar 12 Month
4) 07 Jan (Sat) - 14th Day of Lunar 12 Month
5) 08 Jan (Sun) - 15th Day of Lunar 12 Month
6) 14 Jan (Sat) - 21st Day of Lunar 12 Month
7) 15 Jan (Sun) - 22nd Day of Lunar 12 Month

Monday, 5 December 2011

Tian Shi Fu Heavenly Master Zhang in LSM (正一嗣漢張天師駕臨正一龍山門)

With Great Honour, LSM was able to invite the Statue of Heavenly Master Zhang from China Si Han Tian Shi Fu (正一嗣漢張天師) to station in our HQ.

With the great assistance that Taoist High Priest Master Le from Tian Shi Fu (勒道長), we were able to get this wonderful Statue, Million Thanks to him and we appreciated this superb effort.

LSM Honouring Salvation Heavenly Lord Tai Yi 2011 (正一龍山門辛卯年太乙救苦天尊聖誕祭祀)

On every 11th Day of Lunar 11 Month of every Lunar Year (農曆十一月十一日), it is consider as the Important Day of LSM.

This is the Day that all descendants of LSM needed to pay their respect to Heavenly Lord Tai Yi (太乙救苦天尊).

As usual, Jave was on leave from my course and conducted a simple Honouring dedicated to Lord Tai Yi.

By having such an Auspicious Day, Jave had also conducted the enhancing of the Banners dedicating to the 5 Immortal Assistants of Lord Tai Yi (東極青華五方童子聖幡), preparing for this End of Month Ancestors Salvation Ceremony conducted at Fei Jie Fu (正一龍山飛捷府).

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Manifestation Anniversary of Salvation Heavenly Lord Tai Yi 2011 (辛卯年太乙救苦天尊萬壽聖誕)

11th Day of Lunar 11 Month (農曆十一月十一日 for Year 2011, it falls on 05 Dec, a Monday) is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Salvation Heavenly Lord Tai Yi. The Main Deity that conducted the Salvation for the Pass-on, Wanderings & Suffering Souls.

In Taoist Funerals or 7th Month Celebration, Lord Tai Yi will be invited for the witnessing of the conducting of the Salvation Ritual, besides that, he is also being invited to evoke the Enhancing Energies for the Salvation of the Suffering Souls.

On 11th Day of Lunar 11 Month, this is the Day that we Taoists show our Sincere Gratitude to Lord Tai Yi for the efforts & hardship of leading our Ancestors and related Pass-on to the Eastern Palace for Eternal Joyous (東極青華長樂宮).

For those who are able to honour Lord Tai Yi, please do so. I'm sure Lord Tai Yi will be able to sense your Sincerity & Faithfulness.

Tai Yi Yuan Tong Bao (太乙元通寶), the Taoist Salvation of Souls/Spirits Money (類似” 道教往生錢”). This is a form of Paper Note that founded in Late Song Dynasty (宋末發起), Re-formatted in Ming Dynasty (明朝重制) and Peak-usage in Qing Dynasty (清朝高峰) and now, Jave Wu had re-brought it into the Taoist Society.

More related Info on Lord Tai Yi:

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Exploring Taoism in China – Zhen Wu Hall in Da Shang Qing Gong (探索中華道教之旅-上清真武殿)

Just before the whole group of us visit Tian Shi Fu (龍虎山天師府) to pay our respect to Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張祖天師) and meet up with the Taoist Priests there, we visited Da Shang Qing Gong (大上清宮) in the early morning.

Da Shang Qing Gong, built in a thousand years ago and was being destroyed a few times, the most recent one was during the Cultural Revolution Period where now, only less than 5% of Da Shang Qing Gong was left over for Taoists and Visitors to visit (for the moment, Tian Shi Fu is getting donation for the rebuilding of Da Shang Qing Gong).

During the 1st stop in Da Shang Qing Gong, we visited the Zhen Wu Hall (真武殿) above Fu Di Men (福地門) – the Main Entrance.

Upon climbing about 3 storeys high, we reached the Hall and at 1st sight, we were shocked to see the huge Statue of Zhen Wu Da Di (真武大帝) aka Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) sitting in the centre of the Main Altar, accompanying him were the Two Official Assistants – Master Zhou (周公) & Fairy Peach Blossom (桃花女).

With a quick honouring of Zhen Wu, we proceed down, just as Jave was leaving the Hall, Jave was delighted to see the Tian Shi Talismans (天師符) being used to block the Negative Energies – sticking on the Windows, so without any hesitation, Jave took a few photos of them.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

He Bi Shan Gong conducting of Lord Shui Guan Inspection Anniversary Honouring 2011 (新加坡何碧山宮辛卯年水官大帝聖誕/校考朝祭祀儀式)

2011 is the 4th Year that Jave had visited He Bi Shan Temple (新加坡何碧山宮) to honour Lord San Guan (三官大帝).

And for sure, it was Jave’s honour and pleasure to assist He Bi Shan Temple in all Events and Celebrations.

This Year, due to Jave was on Training Course, on the 15th & 16th Day, Royce had to represent Jave to conduct certain Taoist Rituals for this Celebration and on the 15th Evening, Jave and Mum had arrived at the Temple to pay our respect to Lord Shui Guan (水官大帝).

On the 16th Evening, the whole of LSM had participate in the Grand Dinner (千人宴) of He Bi Shan Temple and after the Dinner, a few of us left behind to conduct the Official Honouring dedicating to Lord San Guan of He Bi Shan Temple and as usual, Vabien and Royce made their 3 Kneelings and 9 Kowtows to the Deities (Million Thanks to Vabien and Royce for preparing the Offerings).

On the 17th Day, LSM had conducted the Taoist Chanting dedicated to Lord San Guan and also, the Sending of Shui Guan Spiritual Petition Ceremony (送水官手書儀式) while we sent off the Guest Deities.

It was an enjoyable day and many Spiritual Encounters occurred again.

We look forward for the next Celebration that will be happening soon.

Million Thanks to Vabien and Royce for sharing with us the Photos.

LSM conducting of Lord Shui Guan Inspection Anniversary Honouring 2011 (正一龍山門辛卯年水官大帝聖誕/校考朝祭祀儀式)

One year had passed and its again the time for LSM to conduct the Honouring dedicating to Lord Shui Guan for his Manifestation Anniversary and Inspection Day.

On the 14th Evening of 10th Month, Vabien and Royce arrived at Jave’s place to conduct the honouring.

Upon arrival, we made some final preparation and then proceed with the Honouring.

1st, Vabien representing the whole LSM to offer the 1st round of Incenses to Lord Shui Guan, followed by Royce the 2nd round and the final round conducted by Jave (三獻禮).

Then we offered the Wine to Lord Shui and last, the Paper Offerings.

While we were waiting for the Incenses to be burnt for 15 minutes, Vabien and Royce made their 3 Kneels and 9 Kowtows (三跪九叩) to Lord San Guan.

With then, we completed our Honouring for Year 2011.

Million Thanks to Vabien for preparing the San Yuan Nuts (三元果) – which were Dried Longans (龍眼干), Dried Lychee (荔枝干) & Walnut (核桃).

Monday, 7 November 2011

Exploring Taoism in China – Jing Gang Shan (探索中華道教之旅-革命井岡山)

Just before we proceed to pay respect at Nan Chang Wan Shou Gong (南昌萬壽宮), we drop by Jing Gang Shan to stay there for a day in-order to visit Jing Gang Shan to visit the Places that Mao Ze Dong (毛澤東) had stationed while he led the Chinese to initiate the Revolution Exercise.

In the Evening, after returning from the sight-seeing of where Mao Ze Dong and his fellow Team-mates had stationed, we went for a night stroll at the Garden outside the Revolution Museum (革命博物館).

To our surprise, the night scenery there was wonderful and attractive.

After taking some nice photos at the River Garden, the few of us went for a good night supper at the nearby Night Market.

Long Shan Men Year End Ancestor Honouring 2011 (正一龍山門辛卯年冬季祭祖)

On the 12th Day of Lunar 10 Month (農曆陽月十二日), its again the Year End Ancestor Honouring Day for Long Shan Men (正一龍山門祭祖日).

This year, the whole LSM conducted the Honouring of the Ancestors at individual’s Home. Besides that, LSM has to honour the various Generations’ Heavenly Masters too (歷代正一天師).

Million Thanks to All the various Disciples of LSM for the conducting of the Honouring.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Exploring Taoism in China – The Trigram Feast of Tian Shi Fu (探索中華道教之旅-品賞八卦宴)

After our Respect at Long Hu Shan Zheng Yi Guan (龍虎山正一觀), we proceed with our Dinner – the Heavenly Master Trigram Feast of Long Hu Shan Tian Shi Fu (龍虎山天師府), this Feast was being pass-down since Song Dynasty (最早記載有八卦宴是於宋朝年間) and whenever there were Big Celebration, the Heavenly Masters were prepared this Feast for the Guests.

Due to we had arrived late, the Chief In-charge of Zheng Yi Guan was not able to get us a Table in the Official Dining Hall in Tian Shi Fu, so we had to proceed to Shang Qing Village Taoist Inn (上清古鎮) to have our Trigram Feast. Really appreciate the assistance of the Chief in the arranging for this Special Trigram Feast for the whole group of us.

Upon arrival, we were being welcomed by the Eight Cold Vegetarian Dishes – made from the local Mountainous Plants & Herbs, followed by the Yin Yang Tai Ji Toufu (陰陽太極豆腐).

With all the Cold Dishes to cleanse our Throat and Stomach, the 12 Main Dishes were being served.

To our surprises, these 12 Dishes were being made by Deer (山鹿), Donkey (山驢), Bull-frog (田雞), Eel (河鰻), Lu Xi River Fish (廬溪魚), Turtle (甲魚), Kampong Chicken (土雞), Kampong Duck (土鴨), Wild Boar (山豬), Pork (畜豬), Local Vegetable (山菜) and Eight Treasure Lotus Rice (八寶荷葉飯). Due to we don’t consume Dog, Beef, etc, the Chief had replaced some other dishes with other Meat items.

That very night, we really had a good and full meal.

After having the Feast, the Chief show us their Residential Apartment of All the Taoist Priests and then, we proceed back to our Hotel for an early rest before proceeding to Tian Shi Fu on the next morning.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Exploring Taoism in China – Back to Zheng Yi Guan (探索中華道教之旅-回返正一觀)

After Jave’s Late Master – Chen Ding Gui (陳鼎癸先師) had made an agreement with the 63rd Heavenly Master Zhang En Pu (嗣漢第六十三代真人張恩溥天師), Long Shan Men had not returned back to Long Hu Shan neither Tian Shi Fu (天師府) for the past 40 years (63rd Heavenly Master Zhang En Pu attained his Immortal-hood in Year 1969). Finally in Year 2011 October, Jave, Jave’s Family and all Taoist Siblings, we arrived at Long Hu Shan Zheng Yi Guan.

With a walking of about a Mile’s distance (this walking distance was being set by the Emperor in the past as a form of respect to Heavenly Master), we arrived at Zheng Yi Guan, we were being welcomed by the Chief In-charge and we were delighted to meet each other again.

After then, we were being led into the Main Hall.

Just as Jave step into the Main Hall and Jave almost break-down, cos 63rd Heavenly Master Zhang En Pu’s huge statue was sitting at the Right-side Altar. After so many years, Jave finally was able to make my Kowtows to this Grandmaster of mine (Zhang En Pu was considered as the “Initiation Master” of Chen Ding Gui).

PS: Do compare the photo of the real 63rd Heavenly Master Zhang En Pu with the photo of the statue, the statue look so real.

Immediately, without any delaying, Jave took out the camera to take a few photos of him and as expected, certain Spiritual Issues happened while we were taking photos on him.

Due to we were from Singapore, certain new Taoist Priests were not being informed of whom we were, some of them were being asked to donate a “certain amount of Donation”, this was what we expected and until the Chief informed them, they were shocked and quickly went into their room to change into proper Taoist Attire to welcome us.

After paying respect to the various Deities in Zheng Yi Guan, we went around taking photos and chit chat with the various Taoist Priests and while Jave was walking towards the Rear Hall where Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) was being honoured, I was delighted to see that my Elder was in there.

After 20 years of not seeing him, he had grow old and while Jave was there, he told me that now he was having the same Taoist Lineage Title as me, cos most of them had been demoted due to a drastic change in the Lineage System in Long Hu Shan. Upon hearing that, I was deeply hurt and get very disappointed.

With a quick chat, we exchanged our contact and address and Jave could said to be very fortunate and lucky, cos within a week after I returned to Singapore, my Elder had sent a Textbook from Long Hu Shan to me for my Cultivation and Study. Million Thanks to my Elder.

With about 2 hours stayed in Zheng Yi Guan, we left the Monastery to continue our Tour and prepared for the next Day’s Visiting to Da Shang Qing Gong (大上清宮) & Tian Shi Fu.

PS: The last 2 pictures on the Carving of many Taoist Deities sitting on it is known as Da Luo Tian (大羅天), this is a very special carving that can be bought to place at home or Temples to honour. In this carving, you all will able to see San Qing (三清), Si Yu (四御), Wu Lao (五佬), San Guan (三官), Er Da Jian Tan (二大監壇) & Zhang Tian Shi (張祖天師).

Exploring Taoism in China – Touring Long Hu Shan (探索中華道教之旅-行足龍虎山)

On the 3rd Day of our Tour to explore Taoism in China, we arrived at China Jiang Xi Province, Ying Tan City, Long Hu Shan aka Mt of Dragon & Tiger (中國江西省鷹潭市龍虎山).

Long Hu Shan, previously known as Yun Jin Shan aka Mt Yun Jin (雲錦山) or commonly known by the Commoners as the Mt of the Fairy Scarf. A Mountain that being appointed to Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張道陵祖天師) by The Supreme Lord Lao Jun (太上道祖道德天尊) for Zhang Dao Ling to start his Cultivation and Promoting of Taoism.

After a long period of combing the Mountain to find a good spot for the cultivating of Spiritual Skills and making of the Elixirs, Zhang Tian Shi was led to the best spot by the Earth & Mountain Deities of Long Hu Shan – which is where the current Zheng Yi Monastery (正一觀) was located.

Zheng Yi Guan, situated in front of the Mountain of the Tiger and facing the Mountain of Dragon, this was a very special & spiritually enhanced location and was later part being helpful to the Cultivation for the various Heavenly Masters of Zheng Yi Sect.

Back to the Tour Introduction.

Upon arriving at the Long Hu Shan entrance, we were being led by the Tourist Guide to go thru a brief introduction on how the Mountains were being formed in Million Million years ago and what minerals can be found in these Mountains, besides that, a Bird-eye View Plan of the whole Long Hu Shan was shown on form-model in-order for us to understand more.

After the quick introduction, we proceed to tour around the whole Long Hu Shan, including climbing the Elephant Mountain to look at the Spiritual Elephant (象鼻山) and also having an hour’s ride on the Bamboo Raft (竹筏) on the Mother River of Long Hu Shan, which is known as Lu Xi River (龍虎山母河 – 廬溪河), to look at the Thousand Years old Heavenly Buried Coffins known as Xuan Guan (懸棺).

Just as the Bamboo Raft left the Shore, first to see was the Main Mountain known as Yun Jin, which later was being changed to Long Hu. This Yun Jin was also known as Tian Shu (天書) aka The Heavenly Secret Manual Mountain. On this Mountain, one special feature on it was, this was the only Mountain that the Birds were gathered and shit on it (see the white stains on it).

After going one round of Long Hu Shan, we proceed to have our Lunch before we proceed to pay our respect to Heavenly Master at Zheng Yi Guan.

PS: Due to Long Hu Shan is famous for harvesting of Chestnut (栗子), in Hokkien known as Gao La, most of the dishes we ate in Long Hu Shan, Chestnuts will be added into them.

Exploring Taoism in China – Xiamen Religious Exhibition 2011 (探索中華道教之旅-夏門國際佛事宗教展覽)

On the 1st Day of our Arrival in China Xiamen, after we had settled down in Ru Shi Hotel (如是酒店) and before our Exploring of Taoism Tour started, we proceed to the 6th International Religious Exhibition (第六屆夏門國際佛事宗教展覽會) located at the Xiamen Expo Hall (夏門國際會議展覽中心) to participate in their Religious Exhibition.

Upon signing-in (pre-registration made in Singapore), we entered into the Exhibition Hall, with delights, we saw a lot of wonderful Huge Statues being displayed at the Exhibition for People to take pictures and “ordering”. This was the 1st time that we see such a BIG Statue on Sale.

With 1.5 hrs to go round the whole Exhibition Hall, the timing was too short for us, so we decided to go back to the Exhibition Hall again on the next day to do our purchasing for New Temple and our New Taoist HQ in the near future.

In this Exhibition, we met up with a lot of Taoist Friends from All over the World, including our own Singaporean and to our delights; we had made a lot of purchasing on very nice Taoist Objects and Painting.

We will be back to the Exhibition in Year 2012.

Exploring Taoism in China – Religious Hotel (探索中華道教之旅-如是酒店)

On this Trip to China, we had chosen this Religious Hotel – Ru Shi (如是酒店), to stay in.

This is a very Special Hotel that is closely associated with Chinese Religions – Buddhism & Taoism.

During the stay, we had met a lot of Buddhist & Taoist Siblings from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, etc. Most of them were there to participate in the Religious Events such as Talks on Dao De Jing (道德經), Buddhist Culture and also Qi Gong (氣功).

Among so many Hotels that we stayed in, Ru Shi was the one that gave us a warm and comfortable feeling.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Exploring Taoism in China 2011 - Visiting to Wan Shou Gong (探索中華道教之敬禮萬壽宮)

In China Nan Chang City, there are 2 Wan Shou Gong, 1 known as Xi Shan Wan Shou Gong (西山萬壽宮) – which is the main HQ dedicated to Heavenly Master Xu Xun (淨明忠孝道許遜天師) and the 2nd 1 is known as Nan Chang Wan Shou Gong (南昌萬壽宮) – being built by the Commoners for remembering of the Merit of Subduing of the Jiao Demon in the Nan Chang River.

On this Trip to China to explore on Taoism, Jave and the others visited Nan Chang Wan Shou Gong to pay our respect to Heavenly Master Xu and also, to bring back the “Spiritual Lineage” aka Xiang Huo (香火).

In the whole Nan Chang Wan Shou Gong, it is being divided into 4 Main Halls and 2 Sub-Halls.

The Halls are as followed:

1 – Main Gate Hall known as Shan Men (山門) or Cai Shen Hall (財神殿)
2 – Zhen Jun Ge aka Main Hall of Heavenly Master Xu & his 12 Assistants (真君閣)
3 – Yu Huang Hall dedicating to Jade Emperor of Heaven & the 4 Heavenly Masters (玉皇殿)
4 – Yu Ce Ge dedicating to Lord Supreme Lao Jun and the various Taoist Scriptures (玉冊閣)
5 – Sub-Hall One dedicated to Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君), known as Dou Mu Hall (斗姆殿)
6 – Sub-Hall Two dedicated to Chen Mu Yuan Jun (諶姆元君), known as Chen Mu Hall (諶姆殿) – which was the Master of Heavenly Master Xu

After paying respect to All the Deities in Wan Shou Gong, Big Bro Chee Seng and Sis-in-law Cherie bought a bundle of Fire-crackers to be lighted in the Temple and within moment, the whole Temple was being surrounded by the Joyous Cracking Sound. Everyone was so delighted, cos after a long long time, finally we were able to hear the Fire-cracker crackering sound again.

With the completion of the honouring, we proceed to have a chat with the Taoist Priests of Wan Shou Gong.

Staying in Wan Shou Gong for a few hours, finally we proceed to the Main River where the Huge Stone Carving of Heavenly Master Xu was being placed.

After taking a few pictures, we proceed to have our Dinner.

PS: All the Chinese Calligraphy shown in Wan Shou Gong were being written by Famous Poets – Wang Xi Zhi (王羲之), Su Dong Po (蘇東坡) & Huang Ting Jian (黄庭坚).

China Trip 2011 - Visiting to Shi Fo Dong (中國宗教行之朝禮石佛洞)

Shi Fo Dong aka The Stone Buddha Cave Temple (石佛洞), located at Quan Zhou City Nan Tian Road (泉州市南天路), on top of a Mountian in a Rural Village.

This Temple was famous due to the Statues of the Buddha & Guan Yin were being carved out from a Big Mountian and stand at the height of 3 Storey high.

Besides that, there are few new and old temples surrounding this Stone Buddha Cave Temple, one of them is dedicated to the 12 Lords of Quan Zhou City Dai Shan Area (泉州岱山十二巡案大人).

While we were in the Temple, we felt that some very strange "Beings" following us and while we were taking photos, certain Spiritual Encounters happened.

China Trip 2011 - Visiting to Nan Pu Tuo Temple (中國宗教行之朝禮南普陀)

Nan Pu Tuo Temple (南普陀), built in Tang Dynasty, which was about 1200 years ago (建于唐朝年間﹐距今一千兩百余年).

This Temple located in Hokkien Province, Xia Men Area, can considered as the oldest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Part of China (南普陀座落於中國福建省厦门市﹐可說是閩南最久老之佛寺之一).

In this Temple, we are able to see the oldest 3 Storey High Statues of Lord Buddha, Guan Yin and the Four Heavenly Kings.

Besides that, the Land that Nan Pu Tuo sitting on was known as the Best Feng Shui Land in Xia Men, cos behind the Temple was Wu Lao Feng aka The Mountian of the Five Elders (五老峰) and in front of the Temple was Taiwan Strait Sea (台灣海峽).

China Trip 2011 - Visiting to Teng Wang Ge (中國宗教行之一訪滕王閣)

In here, you all will be seeing the pictures took at Teng Wang Ge, a River-side Mansion built by Lord Teng, the 22nd Younger Brother of Emperor Li Shi Ming (唐太宗李世民之廿二弟李元婴) in the Tang Dynasty, Zhen Guan Period (建于唐朝貞觀年間).

This Mansion was built by Lord Teng in-order for him to invite all the Officials all over the whole China in Tang Dynasty to watch the Performances that being arranged by him.

Lord Teng was a Talented Person whom engaged in writing of Poems, Songs, etc.

Even though he was being born with such a Great Talent but his Life was short, he was drowned one of his trip and at that time, he was only 20odd years old.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Auspicious 19th Day of the Lunar 9 Month of Year 2011 (辛卯年菊月十九黃道吉日)

Start:     Oct 15, '11
Location:     All Over the World

Dear All,

Please be informed that on the 19 Day of Lunar 9 Mth (15 Oct - Saturday) is considered a Good Day for crossing of the Sea (out for Holiday).

This Day, while on the trip to any place, remember to bring along the following 4 items – a book, a pen/Chinese brush, a ruler and a chinese black ink-pad.

These 4 items will be able to lead the Blessings of the 4 Spiritual Prime Ministers (天府四相).

Besides that, from 7.00pm till 9.00pm, Oneself can request Prosperity Blessing from any Deity of Wealth or Earth Deity.




如若有人在此日出游﹐可隨身攜帶此四物 – 宣紙﹐毛筆﹐木尺及墨條。



Wednesday, 12 October 2011

64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian 3rd Anniversary 2011 (六十四代張源先天師得道三週年)

On this coming Saturday (15 Oct), which is 19th Day of Lunar 9 Month (農曆九月十九日), it is known as the Immortal-hood Attaining Anniversary of the 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian (六十四代張源先天師).

This is the 3rd Year after he had left us and attaining his Immortal-hood.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Long Guan Dian receiving of Edict at Dong Yue Temple 2011 (新加坡龍觀殿辛卯年菊月東嶽廟請令儀式)

On the 8 Oct (a Saturday), the Auspicious Day of the Lunar 9 Month, Long Guan Dian (新加坡龍觀殿) had conducted a simple Ceremony at Dong Yue Temple (東嶽廟), located at Bukit Purmei, on the Receiving of the Dong Yue Edict (東嶽令).

At 7.30Am, we arrived at the Temple and after a quick preparation on the laying out of the Offerings and Spiritual Items, we seek permission from Lord Dong Yue (東嶽大帝) and then, the Ceremony started.

With the chanting of the Taoist Scriptures and the Ushering in of the Deities for the witnessing of the Ceremony, Jerry had to represent the whole of his Taoist Shrine to follow in the Honouring of the Deities.

At about 9.00Am, the whole Ceremony was ended and we left the Temple for other appointments.

Million Thanks to Royce for sharing with us the pictures.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Auspicious Day of the Lunar 9 Month of Year 2011 (辛卯年菊月金龍降駕日)

Start:     Oct 8, '11
Location:     All Over the World

Dear All,

Please be informed that on the 12 Day of Lunar 9 Mth (08 Oct - Saturday), from Morning 7.00Am till 9.00Am & 11.00Am till 1.00Pm, is considered the Best Timing for this Month.

The Golden Dragon Star will be shining on the Mortal Realm and for those who are requesting for Good Business and Good Future ahead,this will be the best timing to conduct the honouring.

Even though it is an Auspicious Day, but the White Tiger Star will be there to do nasty actions to people who are Spiritual & Physically Weak.

For those who need to attend Funerals, Wedding or Full-month Celebration, please remember to wear a Jade/Gem Stone in-order to block the Negative Entities.

For those who wished to Celebrate his/her Birthday on this Day, it is confirm to be a Good Timing and do remember to honour Lord Bei Dou before going for the Celebration,as Lord Bei Dou will lead the Yi Ma Energy out from One’s Physical Body to get the Enhancement for the future.







Tuesday, 4 October 2011

He Bi Shan Temple 9th Mth Honouring of Dipper Lords Ritual 2011 (何碧山宮辛卯年菊月朝禮九皇儀式)

On the Evening of the 7th Day of Lunar 9 Month (農曆菊月初七日), He Bi Shan Temple had conducted a Ritual on the Honouring of the Dipper Lords for the Devotees & Members.

At 6.30Pm, Jave arrived at the Temple to do the necessary preparation and by 7.00Pm, most of the Devotees and Members were there waiting for the Ritual to be conducted.

By 8.00Pm, upon the arrival of All Members, the Ritual started.

With the Ushering-in of the Deities, Reporting, Chanting of Bei Dou Scripture and the Burning of the 24 Talismans for the Eliminating of Sins & Debts, the Ritual ended successfully an hour later.

Million Thanks to Royce for sharing with us the Pictures.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Fei Jie Fu conducting LSM 9th Mth Honouring 2011 - (龍山飛捷府啟建辛卯年龍山門朝禮九皇祝燈儀式)

After a week’s preparation, on the 6th Day of Lunar 9 Month (2nd Oct 2011), the Honouring of the Dipper Lords of the North (中天北斗九皇星君) was being conducted Fei Jie Fu on behalf of LSM.

Million Thanks to Vabien for initiating this Honouring and also, for all the efforts that he had put in.

At about 1.00Pm in the Noon, Jave arrived at Vabien’s Home and upon reaching, Royce was already there assisting Vabien in doing the final setting up before the Honouring of the Dipper Lords starts.

At about 2.00Pm, after some minor washing up and cleansing, the Chanting of Qing Jing Jing (清靜經) was being conducted by Vabien and Royce, followed by Chanting of the Scripture dedicating to the Dipper Lords of the South aka Nan Dou Jing (南斗經).

At 3.00Pm, after changing into the Official Taoist Robes, Vabien and Royce join-in with the Chanting of Bei Dou Jing (北斗經) and the whole honouring last for about 2 hours.

By 4.30Pm, all of us proceed with the Sending –off of the Paper Offerings.

This Year, Vabien had prepared the Official Taoist 20 Offerings (道教廿供) for the Honouring.

The 20 Offerings consist-of:

1 – Incenses (香)
2 – Flowers (花)
3 – Lamp (燈)
4 – Water (水)
5 – Fruit (果)
6 – Chinese Tea (茶)
7 – Food (食)
8 – Gems (寶)
9 – Pearls (珠)
10 – Cloth (衣)
11 – Taoist Musical Instrument (樂)
12 – Taoist Scripture (經)
13 – Taoist Classic (典)
14 – Taoist Headgear (冠)
15 – Taoist Spiritual Weapon (令)
16 – Chinese Brush (筆)
17 – Taoist Spiritual Seal (印)
18 – Elixir (丹)
19 – Chinese Herbs (草)
20 – Preserve Fruits (津)

Besides that, Vabien had also put in effort to decorate the Dipper Seats (中天斗府星君座) for the Ushering in of the Dipper Lords.

Last, will like to thank Royce and Vabien for the taking the photos.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tian Gong Temple 9th Mth Honouring of Dipper Ritual 2011 - (新加坡天公廟辛卯年朝禮九皇祝燈法會)

After 2 weeks of intensive training and preparation, on the 5th Day of Lunar 9 Month (1st Oct 2011), the Honouring of the Dipper Lords of the North (中天北斗九皇星君) was being conducted at Tian Gong Temple by LSM and the various Taoists.

At 8.00Am, Ruihe, Royce and Jave arrived at the Temple and Uncle Tan was already there doing the last minute preparation for the Main Ceremony to be conducted.

By 8.30Am, Jave was ready and just as Jave was about to initial the starting of the Ceremony, the Filming Crews arrived at the Temple. With a short introducing of each other, Jave proceed with the Ritual on the Cleansing of the Ritual Premises (禁封淨壇).

With the completion of the Cleansing of the Ritual Premises, the Dotting of the Statues of the Three Lords of San Tai was being conducted (中天三公三台星君開光儀式) and by then, Jave proceed with the Ritual of the Ushering in of the High Level Deities (恭迎三界). And also, after the arrival of the High Level Deities, Jave conducted the Luck-blessing Ceremony for a Mother and Daughter – being instructed by Uncle Tan.

At 11.30Am, the 2 Initial Rituals ended and this was the time that Producer Wendy from the Production Group requested Jave for a short Interview on Taoism and the History behind the 9th Month Celebration.

At about 12.30Noon, the Interview completed and so, LSM proceed with the chanting of the Qing Jing Jing aka Scripture of the Supreme Lord explaining the Purity & Serenity of Taoism (太上清靜經). This chanting was being chanted by Donnie Tay, Vabien Lee, Lin Ruihe, Royce Tan and Jave.

After the chanting of Qing Jing Jing, it was time for Jave to conduct the various enhancing of Spiritual Objects for Jia Fu Jing (新加坡嘉福境), Long Shan Zhi De Fu (龍山至德府), Long Shan Fei Jie Fu (龍山飛捷府) and also, Long Shan Wei Ling Fu (龍山威靈府).

By 2.00Pm, the Major Ritual began.

With the Reporting of to Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君), Dou Fu Tian Zun (斗父天尊) and the various Dipper Lords (中天斗府諸斗星君), the Honouring of the Dipper Lords for the Eliminating of Sins & Debts and requesting for Health-blessing was being conducted (禮斗消災延壽朝禮法會).

In this Honouring, Donnie Tay, Vabien Lee, Lin Ruihe, Royce Tan, Gerald Lim and Uncle Tan were being involved.

Upon the completion of the Honouring, each individual Devotees were being called forward to get the Initiation Blessing from the Dipper Lords.

By 3.30Pm, the whole Honouring Ritual was completed and followed by All the Disciples making respect to the Founder of LSM – due to it was also LSM Founding Anniversary for 1136th Year (正一龍山門開山一一三六週年紀念).

By 4.00Pm, Royce Tan was there to offer Tea to Jave for the Entering into LSM (正一龍山門入門拜師儀式) and by 4.30Pm, the Reporting and Accepting of Royce was Disciple’s Ceremony was being conducted by Vabien and Ruihe.

At about 5.00Pm, a mini Celebration for Jave’s Birthday was carried-out, million thanks to Bro Chee Seng and Sis-in-law Cherie for getting the Wonderful Fruit-cake for Jave. Jave was really really very touch with All my Family Members celebrating my 31st Birthday with me.

At 6.00Pm, we left the Temple and headed back for preparation for LSM’s own Honouring of Dou Mu on the 6th Day of Lunar 9 Month.

This Year, LSM had achieved a lot of Special Tasks, million thanks to All for providing LSM your fullest support (in mentally, physically, financially, etc).

Last, will like to thank Royce and Jerry for the taking the photos.

Documentary Filming for National Geographic on 9th Month History (參與國家地理頻道錄影 – 發覺九皇聖會之秘密)

Million Thanks to Producer Wendy Loh of Infinite Entertainment (for National Geographic & other Documentary Channels) for selecting LSM as the Filming Target for the Exploring of Ninth Month History and Culture.

At 8.30Am, Producer Wendy and her Crew arrived at Tian Gong Temple (新加坡天公廟) to do the necessary set up for the Filming and by 9.00Am, the 1st Ritual Started.

Upon completing the 2nd Ritual, Producer Wendy requested for a 30 minutes interview before the major Ceremony of the Honouring of the Dipper Lords started.

It was a great experience for the interview and also, learnt quite a lot during the Conversation with Wendy and the other crews.

Last, will like to thank Royce and Jerry for the taking the photos.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The 24 Talismans for the Eliminating of Obstacles (道教禮斗解廿四災厄符)

In here, you all will be seeing the Talismans for the Eliminating of the 24 types of Obstacles, Debts and Sins for the Living Beings in the Mortal Realm (preparing for the upcoming Great Honouring Ceremony).

In Taoism, while conducting the Honouring of the Dipper Lords on behalf of the Taoists/Devotees, these 24 Talismans are needed and it is compulsory to have them.

PS: In Taoism, there are 2 sets of these 24 Talismans.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

LSM Star Lords San Tai (正一龍山門壇中三台星君聖像)

In here, you all will be seeing the Statues of Star Lords San Tai aka the Three Life-span Star Lords for the Beings (中天三公三台星君).

In Taoism, San Tai holds a very important task in the distributing of the Souls aka Hun (魂) for the Beings.

Besides that, after distributing the Souls to the respective Being, San Tai will also look into the individual’s Luck, Life-plan and also, the Health of One Being.

In Taoist Rituals, San Tai will be Invited/Evoked when honouring Lord Bei Dou (北斗星君).

This Year (2011), with the assistances of LSM Members and All our Dearest Taoist Brothers and Sisters, Jave had invited them to Singapore Tian Gong Temple (新加坡天公廟) for the 9th Month Celebration and the 1136th Anniversary of LSM.

PS: These Statues were being ordered-made according to the Description recorded from the Ancient Records of Taoism.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Singapore Taoist Mission conducting of 9th Mth Honouring 2011 (新加坡道教協會辛卯年九皇法會)

Start:     Sep 26, '11 11:00a
End:     Oct 5, '11 6:00p
Location:     Singapore, Central, Ang Mo Kio

Dear All,

Singapore Taoist Mission is conducting the Ninth Month Honouring of Dou Mu and the Dipper Lords, feel free to visit the website for more details:

He Bi Shan Temple 9th Month Celebration 2011 (新加坡何碧山宮辛卯年菊月禮斗法會)

Start:     Oct 3, '11 7:00p
End:     Oct 3, '11 9:00p

Dear All,

He Bi Shan Temple, located at Yishun Ring Road - opps to Blk 111, will be conducting a Great Honouring of Lord Bei Dou and Dou Mu on the 3rd Oct (Monday), timing starting at 7.00Pm.

For those who are interested, do drop by to participate in the Honouring.

Tian Gong Temple 9th Month Celebration 2011 (新加坡天公廟辛卯年菊月禮斗法會)

Start:     Oct 1, '11 1:00p
End:     Oct 1, '11 3:00p
Location:     Singapore, South, Telok Blangah Drive

Dear All,

Tian Gong Temple, located at Telok Blangah Drive - next to Blk 45, will be conducting a Great Honouring of Lord Bei Dou and Dou Mu on the 1st Oct (Saturday), timing starting at 1.00Pm.

For those who have signed up for the Honouring, please do be there on time.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

9th Month Self Cultivation Notice Poster (農曆九月慶典齋戒自省告示)

Dear All,

In here, you all will be seeing a Notice Poster created according to the Ancient Cultivation Rules & Regulations.

This Notice was now being widely used during the Ninth Month Celebration for Oneself's Cultivation on the Cleansing of Soul/Mind/Verbal Actions, besides that, also to remind Oneself for going-on on Vegetarian Diet.

This Notice can be Printed out (in A4/A3 sizes) and Paste beside the Altar or Main Door.

Upon seeing this Notice, the Public will know that there are Members of the Family on-going Self Cultivation during the 9th Month Celebration, etc.

PS: This can be used during any Grand Celebration/Ceremonies in Temples/Sintuas/Taoist Society.

參與農曆九月齋戒眾信﹐可將此告示打印於A3/A4 紙張之上﹐貼與神案或大門之側﹐以便警覺己身﹐常受齋戒​。

Tian Gong Temple 9th Mth Celebration 2011 (新加坡天公廟辛卯年農曆菊月九皇星君千秋祈福消災法會)

In here, you all will be seeing the Schedules for the Nine Days' Taoist Ritual dedicated to The Nine Emperor Lords of the Great Dipper of the North.


For those who have sign-up for the Honouring of Dipper Lords, please do be there on Saturday Noon and also, please practise Vegetarian Diet on the Day.


Friday, 23 September 2011

Introduction of General Xiang Bi & Zhu Tou (道教護法象鼻豬頭雙使者簡介)

A lot of People had been asking/finding out from Jave on these 2 interesting Generals of Taoism, why these 2 Generals got an Elephant head and a Pig Face.

After finding indepth into our Taoist Records, finally Jave is able to do a simple write up on them.

According to our Taoist Records, Xiang Bi (Elephant Head 象鼻使者) & Zhu Tou (Pig Face 豬頭使者) were being recorded far before Tang Dynasty in the Ritual Books on “Summoning of Celestial Marshals for the Guiding of the Ritual Premises (佈壇召請法兵儀式)”.

In the Books, they mentioned that Xiang Bi & Zhu Tou were 2 subordinates of Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (龍虎玄壇趙天君) and part of the “Hei Sha Jun aka Black Entities Spiritual Armies” of the Northern Celestial Heavenly Military Department (北極天兵), which was directly under Heavenly Emperor Zi Wei & Tian Huang (紫微及天皇大帝).

Besides that, whenever the Five Dukes of Ceasing & Spreading Plagues aka Wu Bing Ling Gong (瘟疫部主宰五部靈公) appeared, Xiang Bi & Zhu Tou were also appeared by their side to assist in assisting in the Punishing of the Bad-doers and Saving the Good-beings.

In Song Dynasty, these 2 Generals were quite well known and in most of the Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies, their Titles were appeared whereas later part, they were being mix-up with the 2 Assistants or Daughters of Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君之護法/女兒) known as Qing Yang Tuo Luo (擎羊陀羅二聖者).

In Ming Dynasty, after the re-arranging of the Taoist Deities System, these 2 Generals were being forgotten and were somehow being known as 2 “Imported Deities” from the Indian Hinduism Deities System during Tang Dynasty.

So do they have names?

Yes, in Taoist Records, there were 2 sets of Names being recorded for them:

First Set:

Known as Yang Zhang (楊章) for Xiang Bi and Geng Zhong (耿忠) for Zhu Tou.

Actually this Set of Names were referring to Qing Yang Tuo Luo at Song Dynasty, whereas later, some Taoist Contexts included them into the Heavenly 36 Generals Group (後被收入進道教三十六天罡名列).

Second Set:

Known as for Li Jie (李潔) for Xiang Bi and Zhang Deng (張登) for Zhu Tou.

This Set of Names appeared in the “Summoning of Celestial Marshals for the Guiding of the Ritual Premises (佈壇召請法兵儀式)” and from what Jave know while practising the Lv Shan Spiritual Skills, this Set was being imported into Lv Shan Spiritual Skills Record in late Ming Dynasty (後收入進道教閭山門派玄法之中).

So what is their Major Task?

With the Records shown, the Major Task of these 2 Generals were to assist Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming in issuing Spiritual Armies to stand by at the respective Points/Boundary, preventing any form of Black Magic/Negative Entities from Invading while a Ritual/Ceremony was on-going.

Besides that, once these 2 Generals were being provoked by any form of the Negative Energies, both of them were transformed into Gigantic-form and with a blow, they were eliminate or cleanse all the Nasty Entities.

So meaning that the placement of the 2 Boys of Ushering Wealth and Collecting of Gems standing beside Zhao Gong Ming are not correct?

Can say so.

If we will to understand the whole background of Zhao Gong Ming and the actual Task of Zhao Gong Ming, it is not difficult to know that, actually Zhao Gong Ming is associated with Wealth in the Mortal World but not Distributing Wealth to the Mortals for No Reason. And this is why, by placing the 2 Assistants of Zhao Cai Jin Bao (招財進寶童子), it may seems inappropriate. If anyone whom can place Xiang Bi & Zhu Tou by the side of Zhao Gong Ming, it will be more Official and allowing the Actual Culture to pass-down.

So can Normal Devotees honour them?

Of cos can, but it is unnecessary to Honour them at Home as, this combination is usually mend for Big Temples, Taoist Schools or Places that practise Taoist Spiritual Skills.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Malaysia Yong Peng Qing Tian Temple Annual Celebration 2011 (西馬永平新港青天宮辛卯年桂月慶典)

Million Thanks to Bro Chee Seng and Sis-in-law for inviting Jave to go over to Qing Tian Temple (青天宮) located at Malaysia Yong Peng, Xin Gang Village (西馬永平新港), whereas the Family of Sis-in-law Cherie was one of the few Main Contributors of this Temple. The Temple was celebrating the Anniversary of General Hong Gong (洪公聖君) aka the Sworn Brother of Zhang Gong Fa Zhu (張公法主).

On the 20 Sept (the 3rd Day Celebration – Actual Day), we arrived in Malaysia at about 9.30Pm, with about 1.5 hours of travelling, we reached at Yong Peng at about 11.30Pm, just before the Anniversary Honouring started at 12.00Noon.

By the time we arrived at the Temple, it was already crowded with Devotees and the Villagers. Just as advised by Sis-in-law Cherie on the reaction that the people might had on us, I was really surprised to notice that, All of them stared at us when we arrived, just like Long-time Lost Family Members had returned home.

As usual, we were being warmly welcomed by Sis-in-law Cherie’s Mum. Just as Jave was chatting with the Mum, she told us that the Temple had bought the Land and New Temple would be building in No-time when the Funding was ready for the construction.

Just when we arrived, the Home-cooked Hokkien Mee (福建面) cooked by Sis-in-law Cherie’s Father was ready and so, we were being asked to have our Lunch first and Jave could say that the Hokkien Mee was superb Delicious and Special that outside stores couldn’t find.

Just as we finished our Meal, the Temple committee gathered all of us to station outside the Temple and we were informed that the Honouring was going to start after the Opera Actors paid their respect to the Deities.

With the Leader of the Temple reciting the Spiritual Petition to the Deities, 3 loud cheers were being shouted by the Devotees and Villagers and with a sudden, the Fire Crackers were being lighted, it was scary but the feeling was good, cos for us Singaporeans, we had missed the sound of Fire Crackers for many many years, just as what I told Bro Chee Seng, it was a form of different style “Cleansing” for us – the Busy Singaporeans.

Immediately after the Fire Crackers stopped, the Sending Off of paper offerings were being conducted by a big group of Happy and Cheerful Members of the Temple.

Upon the completion of the Honouring, we left the Temple to proceed to Sis-in-law Cherie’s Childhood Home to rest for a while before we went for a short tour in the Viilage.

By 4.00pm, we arrived back at the Temple to have our Dinner. Again, a Home Cooked style Dinner and All the Food was wonderful, especially the Yong Tau Foo (釀豆腐) prepared by Sis-in-law Cherie’s Mum and the Curry Mutton by Sis-in-law Cherie’s Brother-in-law – Zhi Wei.

By 5.30pm, we left Yong Peng to head home, worrying that there might be Traffic Jam due to the Rainy Weather.

It was indeed an enjoying trip to see the way the other Countries’ Temple Celebration. For this Temple, the Celebration may be simple, but the feeling was totally different. Its filled with a Homely Atmosphere and the whole environment seems like we had returned back to the 70s.

Some Special Features that we see:

1 – In Malaysia, we still can see Homes inviting their own Deities to Temples during Celebrations

2 – Few Storeys high Long Incenses being offered to Deities

3 – Very Unique and Official of Setting-up the Spiritual Armies Territory

4 – Different Temples around the Area will send Gifts to the Celebration Temple as a form of Respect

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Nan Shan Hai Beo Nine Emperors Celebration 2011 (南山海廟辛卯年九皇大帝聖誕)

Start:     Sep 26, '11 6:00p
Location:     Singapore, East, Bedok Reservoir Road

Dear All,

Nan Shan Hai Beo Nine Emperors Celebration (南山海廟九皇大帝聖誕), located at Blk 701 Bedok Reservoir Road will be conducting the Ushering in of Water Ceremony on the 29th Evening of Lunar 8 Month (26 Sep) by Xing Xuan Taoist Group (興玄道壇).

For those who are interested, can drop by to take a look.

Ji Shan Temple Annual Celebration 2011 (吉山廟辛卯年簫池卓三王府大人千秋慶典)

Start:     Sep 17, '11 08:30a
End:     Sep 21, '11
Location:     Singapore, East,Hougang Ave 3

Dear All,

Ji Shan Temple (吉山廟) located at Hougang Ave 3 is having its Annual Celebration dedicated to the Three Lords of Xiao, Chi & Zhuo (簫池卓三王府大人千秋).

For those who are interested, feel free to drop by the Temple to pay respect. Their Celebration will last for 4-5 Days and on 18 Sept, the Mediums will be in-trance to send off the Celestial Deities and on 20 Sept, a Grand Salvation & Food-offering Ritual (登臺普施) will be conducted for the Suffering Souls by Xing Xuan Taoist Group (興玄道壇).

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Changi Hong San See Lord Guang Ze Anniversary 2011 (辛卯年樟宜鳳山寺廣澤尊王聖誕)

Start:     Sep 19, '11 8:00p
Location:     Singapore, East, 17 Lorong Melayu 416912

Dear All,

Changi Hong San See (樟宜鳳山寺), located at No 17 Melayu (off Changi Road) will be celebration Lord Guang Ze's Anniversary (廣澤尊王聖誕) on this coming Monday (19 Sept).

Taoist Ritual will starts from 8.00Am by Xing Xuan Taoist Group (興玄道壇), for those who are interested in joining in the honouring, do drop by.

Map Link:

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Bright Day of the Autumn Season of Year 2011 (辛卯年秋季帝星臨照日)

Start:     Sep 13, '11 11:00p
End:     Sep 14, '11 11:00p
Location:     All Over the World

Dear All,

Please be informed that on the 17 Day of Lunar 8 Mth (14 Sep), at 2300 - 0100 Hour (starting from 13 Sept Night), the Emperor Star will shine on the Mortal Realm.

So for those who wish to request for Good Career & Blessing for Business, pls do honour Zi Wei Star at at the North Direction.

At 9.00-11.00pm on 14 Sept, the Prosperity Deities will descend from the Celestial Realm, this will be the last chance to request for Good Blessing before the Black Day arrive for the Autumn Season.





Monday, 12 September 2011

Fei Jie Fu Mid Autumn Celebration for Xin Mao Year 2011 (正一龍山飛捷府仲秋朝禮月佬儀式)

After a massive preparation for this Special Event, finally the day had arrived.

PS: All Offerings must be in Red or Pink color, shape must be Round. Not only that, Offerings must be associated with Marriage, Relationships/etc. Million Thanks to Vabien’s Mum – Aunt Catherine, for preparing the White & Red Flower Baskets. These 2 colored Flowers are to request for Blessings for All Guys and Gals (regardless of Beings) for Good Relationship (所有供品只能以紅色及粉紅為主。供花也只能以紅白為主。其他顏色花朵﹐易招爛桃花).

Must really thank Vabien for making initiative to conduct this Ritual, cos this Culture of Honouring Lord Yue Lao had somehow being lost in South-East Asia.

On the 14th Noon, we arrived at Vabien’s Home and most of the Offerings were being set up.

By the time the Clock strikes 6.30Pm, the Ritual was ready to commence. Just as we were about Sound the Spiritual Musical Instruments to initiate the beginning of the Ritual, heavy rain poured. Everyone was quite disappointed cos they worried that on that night, the Moon wouldn’t be showing “herself” due to the thick cloud and haze.

But, just as Jave finished writing the Talismans to request for the “Opening of Heavenly Gate (開天儀式)”, something strange happened (as for this, Jave will leave it to the others to explain).

With the completion of the Opening of the Heavenly Gate, the Reporting to the Celestial Realm was being conducted and followed by ushering in the various Deities that were involved in this Ritual. After the ushering, Vabien was to represent the whole LSM to offer Incenses to the Invited Deities and then, Jave continued to conduct the Dotting Ceremony for the 4 assistants of Lord Yue Lao – Hong Ling Zi (紅靈子), Hong Luan Zi (紅鸞子), Hong Huang Zi (紅凰子) & Hong Xian Zi (紅線子).

Upon the completion, it was the time for us to Honour the Lord Yue Lao and the other Deities that got their Manifestation Anniversary on the 15th Day of Lunar 8 Month.

It took about 30 minutes to conduct the honouring and by then, with the request of Vabien, Jave had conducted the Disconnecting of Negative Relationships (斷孽緣) – cutting of the Black & White Ribbons (剪斷黑白線) and then conducted the Enhancing of Getting Good Relationships Ceremony (增人緣) – getting the Pink Ribbons (敬納紅粉線), for all of them.

And to round off the Ceremony, everyone had to bring back a pair of Da Xiao Yuan Qian (大小緣錢) aka The Big and Small Affinity Coins for all Good Blessings.

Looking at the Clock, it was getting late and so, we decided to send off the Deities and had our Dinner.

Million Thanks to Royce and Vabien for sharing with us the Pictures.

Friday, 9 September 2011

The Black Days of the Autumn Season of Year 2011 (辛卯年秋季大煞日)

Start:     Sep 17, '11 9:00p
End:     Sep 18, '11 12:00a
Location:     All Over the World

Dear All,

Please be inform of the following 2 Dates that are not suitable for any Religious Activities:

17 Sep (20th of Lunar 8 Mth) – after 9.00pm
18 Seo (21st of Lunar 8 Mth) – the whole Day

These 2 days are considered as the Black Dates for this Autumn Season. The Negative Entities will enter from the South & South-east Direction. Minor will cause Diseases and Major will affect the Elders and Infants.



Introduction of Deity of Happiness (迎喜富貴陽春正神)




Upon request by the mass, here’s the introduction of Deity of Happiness:

Deity of Happiness aka Deity of the Spring, was born in Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 390), 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month (生于東晉孝武帝太元十五年正月初七日), hometown in Du Zhong Shan (都中山) – now in China Hubei Province Ding Zhou City (今河北省定州市).

Due to Deity of Happiness was born during the Lunar New Year period, her father named her as Sun Ji Xiang (孫吉祥), hoping that after her arrival in the Family, the Family would be blessed with Prosperity & Happiness and the Country would be blessed with Peace & Harmony.

Note: The Sun Family was the descendant of Sun Quan of the Three Kingdom (孫家為三國東吳孫權後裔)

By the age of 12, Sun Ji Xiang was able to memorise all the Classics that her father had imparted to her and by 15, she was able to understand what Ge Xuan’s records (葛玄之聞作).

During the Spring Period of AD 406, after learning from her nanny that Lord Bei Dou aka The Great Dipper Lords of the North were be descending on the 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month to provide blessing to those who were there to usher in their arrival, Sun Ji Xiang set-up an Altar at the backyard garden.

Knowing that she was a girl and not quite suitable to meet up with any Male without the permission from the parent, so Sun Ji Xiang asked her maid to borrow a men’s suit from her Brother. After changing, she sincerely waited for the Lords of Bei Dou to arrive at her mansion.

Just as Sun Ji Xiang was about to doze off, a bright Golden Ray shined onto the Altar and with a shock, Sun Ji Xiang woke up and found out that, the Lords of Bei Dou were standing around the Altar waiting to receive the respect that Sun Ji Xiang was presenting.

Due to Sun Ji Xiang was a young girl whom had not encountered seeing such a big group of men, Sun Ji Xiang was shy, so she covered the lower half of her face and made her respect to the Lords.

Upon seeing Sun Ji Xiang paying respect to them, the Lords started to ask Sun Ji Xiang on what request that she wanted.

Firstly, Sun Ji Xiang requested for prolonging of her Parent’s Life and she was granted.

Secondly, Sun Ji Xiang requested for the Lords to bestowed Happiness to the whole Country and she was granted.

And last, just as Sun Ji Xiang was about to request for her marriage, Sun Ji Xiang smiled out to herself which she accidentally pointed to her mouth. After looking at the action of Sun Ji Xiang, the Lords of Bei Dou thought that Sun Ji Xiang was requested for a bunch of Beards to be transformed onto the Face and within moment, the Lords “granted” Sun Ji Xiang’s request.

Upon completing the 3 requests, the Lords of Bei Dou vanished from the Altar which left for another premises. Seeing that the Lords left without listening to her 3rd request, Sun Ji Xiang was blurred and just as she was standing up, she realised that she got a bushes beard on her face.

Note: This is why, till today, the painting or statue of Xi Shen comes with a Female face but with long beard

With horror, Sun Ji Xiang shouted out loud and fainted.

When she woke up, her parent, nanny and maids were by her side and her mother was sobbing sadly.

With the beard on her, Sun Ji Xiang was sad too. So immediately after she rushed out from her bed, she took a scissors and try to cut the beard off, but with several tries, the beard grew back again.

Exhausted, Sun Ji Xiang gave up and sobbed sadly in her room.

Just as the father was out of ideas on what could be done, a Taoist Priest walked into Sun Ji Xiang’s room. After introduction, the Sun Family paid their respect to Priest Sun Tai (孫泰道人).

At a glance, Sun Tai hold on to Sun Ji Xiang’s hand and told her not to cry as this was fated.

Soon, Sun Tai told them that Sun Ji Xiang was actually the Deity that being put in-charge to lead the Four Seasons (掌管天下四季) and was bestowed to look after all the various types of Peach/Plum Blossoms in the Mortal Realm (看守人間百般桃梅花).

Upon knowing the history of Sun Ji Xiang, the whole family was shocked. Just as Sun Tai was about to leave, Sun Ji Xiang requested Sun Tai to assist her.

With permission granted, Sun Tai handled Sun Ji Xiang a Heavenly Manual and advised her to master it.

With 5 years of hardship in performing her self-training, Sun Ji Xiang attained her Immortal-hood at the age of 22 and was being bestowed with the title of Ying Xi Fu Gui Yang Chun Zheng Shen (迎喜富貴陽春正神).

So when is the Best Timing to Honour Xi Shen?

According to Chinese Customs, the following are the few Dates that the Taoists or Chinese that will honour Xi Shen:

1 – On the 1st Day of Lunar 1st Month aka Spring Festival or Lunar New Year (春節/農曆年)

2 – On the 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month aka Birthday of Human-kinds or Ren Sheng Day (人胜节)

3 – On the 15th Day of Lunar 8th Month aka Mid-Autumn Festival (仲秋節)

According to Taoist Culture, it is important to usher in the Deity of Happiness first before ushering in the Deities of Wealth, without the Blessing of Happiness, no matter how we ushered in the Deities of Wealth, the Deities of Wealth won’t be able to arrive the premises of Oneself and this is why, in the later part of the Taoist History, Deity of Happiness was known as the Leader of the various Deities of Wealth & Prosperity (富貴財神之首領).

Other myths of Xi Shen:

According to the Northern Culture of China, on the 1st Day of Lunar 1st Month (大年初一日), the Direction where Xi Shen appeared, the White Soul Grabber aka Bai Wu Chang (白無常) will also appear.

Why Bai Wu Chang appeared?

There are a few saying, 1st Bai Wu Chang was the subordinate of Xi Shen, which assist in giving the necessary blessing to the other Beings.

2ndly, for those who anyhow make requests on the 1st Day of Lunar New Year, their names will be recorded and when time is up, the necessary retributions will be bestowed upon the individuals.

Whereas in the Southern Culture of China, on the 1st Day of Lunar 1st Month (大年初一日), Deities of Wealth will followed behind Xi Shen, once Xi Shen entered into a premises, the rest of the Deities of Wealth will followed and if all the Deities of Wealth, Prosperity and Happiness entered into the premises of oneself, that year, the person or the family will enjoyed all the necessary blessings that Heaven bestowed on them.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Singapore Taoist Mission Bei Dou Jing Printing Project 2011 (新加坡道教协会"北斗本命延生经"助印活動)

Start:     Sep 7, '11
End:     Sep 9, '11

Taoist Mission (Singapore) is going to print "The Scripture of the Northern Dipper Stars". Donations are warmly welcome. For more information, please call: 6295 6112.

Closing Date: 09 Sept 2011

各位道友,新加坡道教协会将印刷<<北斗本命延生经>>。欢迎各界人士捐款助印。有意捐款助印者,请致电道教协会: 6295 6113。

截止日期: 09/09/2011。无量寿福。

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autumn Season Honouring of Lord Bei Dou 2011 (辛卯年秋季禮斗法會)

LSM will be conducting a series of 9 Days Honouring of Lord Bei Dou aka The Great Dipper of the North, from 27 Sep till 5 Oct.

For those who are keen in participating, please contact Jave at

For those who want to Light the Dipper Lamps, it will be S$35.00 each and limited to 10 people only.

For those who wished to join in the Honouring of Lord Bei Dou, it will be Free.

九日之中﹐每日會由本門道士宣經禮懺 ﹐祈求風調雨順,

Sunday, 4 September 2011

LSM Deity of Happiness Dotting Ceremony 2011 (辛卯年正一龍山門迎春喜神聖尊開光儀式)

After delaying for almost half a year, finally LSM is able to conduct the dotting for the Deity of Happiness or known as Ying Chun Xi Shen (迎春喜神).

Special Thanks to Heng Moh Seng Religious Shop for keeping the Statue for LSM, if not, this Statue will have been misused by the other party.

In Taoist Culture, Xi Shen one of the major Deities that lead the other Deities that are put in-charge of Prosperity and this is why, in Taoism, we considered Xi Shen as the Leader of the 12 Official Deities of Wealth, without Xi Shen’s present, the other 11 Deities of Wealth will not be able to bring in any Direct Blessing to the Devotees (喜神為正統道教十二府財神之領袖).

Besides that, Xi Shen is also one of the Deities that will bestow Marriage & Relationship Blessing to the Needy. And according to records, Xi Shen is one of the Subordinates of Tian Yi Zi Huang Tian Zun (喜神為天乙紫皇天尊之屬下).

On the 6th of Lunar 8 Month, which was an Auspicious Day, LSM had conducted the Dotting Ceremony dedicated to Xi Shen at Telok Blangah Tian Gong Temple (新加坡天公廟).

Early in the Morning, most of us had arrived at the Temple to do the necessary set-up and before 11.00Am, the Dotting started.

As usual, the necessary procedures were being practised and when it was time to dot the Statue, Juin Wen and Ruihe were advised to carry the Statue on behalf of the whole LSM.

With the Joyous Shouting of “Hian (顯 meaning Officially Enhanced or Come to Live)”, the Dotting of the Statue was completed.

Upon completion, it was the time for the Chanting of the Taoist Scriptures and with the assistance of LSM members and our dearest Sisters, the Chanting of Qing Jing Jing aka Scripture of Purity and Serenity (太上清靜經) was done.

After then, other Chantings were being conducted and by 5.30Pm, we left the Temple.

Million Thanks to Royce for sharing with us the Pictures.

Honouring of Lord Yue Lao for Relationship 2011 (辛卯年農曆八月仲秋朝禮月佬增崇姻緣法會)

On the 13rd Day of Lunar 8 Month till 15th Day of Lunar 8 Month, LSM will be conducting a series of Taoist Rituals on the Honouring of Lord Yue Lao and the various Relationship-related Deities for Singles, Couples, Married Couples, etc.

Besides that, Ceremonies for Requesting of Good Relationship in Careers will be conducted too.

For those who are interested in participating, feel free to contact Jave at for the signing-up (Free of Charge 無收費).

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

‎1st of Sept is known as the Teachers' Day in Singapore, in here, Jave will like to wish All Masters, Teachers & Guidancers for their efforts for the past 1 year. Also will like to wish my Living Masters, Enlighted Masters a Happy Teachers' Day. 國曆9月1日為新加坡教師節﹐在此恭祝全天下師傅﹐教師及導師教師節快樂。也在此恭祝小道之先師們﹐在世之師傅們﹐桃李滿天下﹐功德似海深。

He Bi Shan Temple Lord Di Guan Anniversary 2011 – Rewarding of Spiritual Armies (何碧山宮辛卯年中元地官大帝慶典法會之總犒三軍將)

On the 15th Day of Lunar 7 Month (辛卯年中元吉日), after conducting of the Honouring dedicated to Lord San Guan, it was time to reward the Spiritual Armies and Heavenly Generals that had evoked for the Protection of the Spiritual Premises.

With the Lead by the Founder of Nanyang Zhen Xuan Tai Yuan Sheng Dao Tan (南洋真玄太元聖道總發起人-陳炳森大哥) – Taoist Senior Chen Bing Sen and Royce Tan of Singapore Tong Shan Tang (新加坡童善堂), the Ceremony of the Rewarding of the Spiritual Armies was being conducted using the Lv Shan School’s Skill.

It’s a tiring session for both of them but the end result was wonderful. Must thank Royce for putting in the effort for the conducting of this Ceremony dedicating to the Spiritual Armies and Heavenly Generals of He Bi Shan Temple.

Million Thanks to Taoist Bro Jerry Ong for sharing with us the wonderful Pictures.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Manifestation Anniversary of Kitchen Deity (九天司命定福灶君誕辰)


‎3rd Day of Lunar 8 Month, known as the Manifestation Anniversary of Kitchen Deity aka Zao Shen (灶神). In Taoism, this is a Day that the Leader of the Family to offer his/her respect to the Kitchen Deity. For Families with Children under Lunar Age of 12, it is a MUST to honour Zao Shen.

For Year 2011, it falls on 31 Aug, a Wednesday.





Monday, 29 August 2011

He Bi Shan Temple Lord Di Guan Anniversary 2011 – Chanting of Qing Jing Jing (何碧山宮辛卯年中元地官大帝慶典法會之誦念清靜經)

On the 15th Day of Lunar 7 Month (辛卯年中元吉日), after Jave had conducted the Cleansing and Enhancing of the Ritual Premises, Members of He Bi Shan Temple had conducted a Session of the Chanting of Qing Jing Jing dedicating to this Official Celebration.

With the Lead by the Founder of Nanyang Zhen Xuan Tai Yuan Sheng Dao Tan (南洋真玄太元聖道總壇發起人-陳炳森大哥) – Taoist Senior Chen Bing Sen, Founder of the Taoist Ritual Group of He Bi Shan Temple (何碧山宮道教科儀文化團發起人陳志成大哥) – Elder Bro Chee Seng and Leader of LSM – which is Jave, All the Members from the various Taoist Groups had chant the Qing Jing Jing.

This was a very unique and special chance for All to come along to the Chanting for after some period.

Soon, the groups will expand and we hope to see more Members join in for the next Chanting Session.

Million Thanks to Taoist Bro Jerry Ong for sharing with us the wonderful Pictures.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Lv Shan Sect Spiritual Protectors (閭山法壇中的六護法)

In here, you all will be seeing the 6 Spiritual Protectors (out from the 16 of them) that owns by the Lv Shan Sect (道教閭山法門).

According to Records, some of them are actually Demons that being subdued by Heavenly General Zhang aka Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (張公聖君), Empress Chen Jing Gu aka Lin Shui Fu Ren (臨水夫人陳靖姑) and other different Masters (此些護法有傳是由以上聖明所收復).

And other contexts claimed that they were being imported in from Classics such as Journey to the West & North (也有記載是由民間小說如西遊記/北遊記引進而來).

The following 6 Spiritual Protectors are:

1) General Ba (巡山芭將軍)
2) General Beng (入谷崩將軍)
3) General He (思源何將軍)
4) General Liu (察水流將軍)
5) General Ma (制魔馬將軍)
6) General Zeng (滅邪曾將軍)

According to Records, their task are as followed:

General Ba & Beng are to inspect the High-land or Forests to look out for Demons, Negative Spirituals, etc (入谷守山除山魅).

General He & General Liu are to inspect the Valleys & Streams for Diseases or Virus, etc (察視水源防瘟疫).

General Ma & Zeng are to inspect the Towns & City for Negative Entities from Invading or spreading Black Magics (監視城池免災禍).

Today in the Taoist Society, such Lv Shan Spiritual Protectors are hard to find and see. Not much Taoists actually know about them or even invite them for the Witnessing of Rituals/Ceremonies.