Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Taoist Cultivation Sharing Verse One (道教修行說之第一言: 心與言)


After going thru a period of Calm & Serenity Training and with the assistance by the Records & Contexts that the Taoist Seniors pass-down, finally Jave understand the following Taoist Verse.

In here, Jave will like to share with ALL of you the Verse that extracted from the Taoist Cultivation Verses Record:

Connection of Mind, Heart & Verbal Action

Feng Yu Dong Er Xin Jing Zhi

Translated as: Wind might be blowing in the front of our naked eyes, but with a Serenity & Calm mind, the Wind blowing might just be a illusion or imagination created by Oneself. Is the moving infront of Oneself Real/True or the Mind is making a trick on Oneself?

Ming Yu Qiu Er Shen Xing Luo

Translated as: For those who are non-stopping craving for Reputation/Fame/Wealth, are such items Real? People always tend to blame such Items to be attractive & attracting but do they ever thought of this question: if Oneself is Stable & Calm in Mind, will Oneself be attracting to such Items? Are such Items really Evil or Oneself is more Evil than such Items?

Bai Yu Qi Yan Er Bu Guan Ji Xin

Translated as: With an Evil Mind full of Evil Thoughts, Oneself will tend to down-press People who are really trying their every Best Effort in making Result in certain Project/Event/Task. Why they speak-evil on others? Cos they just wanted the others to look down on the Person who might one day over-ride them or prove to them that the things that they are doing now are wrong, etc. For a Person to speak-evil on the other people, Oneself shall think of Oneself’s Actions first, is Oneself suitable to make such comment? Does Oneself eligible on making the others in such an awkward position?

Dao Yuan Nan Jin Er Wang Qi Xiu Xing

Translated as: No matter how Well-versed the Person who make such Evil-comment on others, the Knowledge they gained are just Useless. If one day, the True Dao will to select a Person to implant in the High-teaching of True Dao, such Well-versed People will not be chosen, True Dao will rather chose a Person who is slow, stupid & humble for the implanting of the True Knowledge.

Jing Er Hou Neng Dong. Shi Zhen Yi

Translated as: With a Calm Mind, Open-sighted in the Inner Eye and a Accepting & Sensible Heart, ALL Evil-thought will be Eliminated. And by then, the True Dao will be by the side of Oneself and also, the others who are willing, openly and interested-ly wanted to follow the Dao.