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Introduction on Immortal Boys of Releasing & Retrieving of Spiritual Talismans (收符發符童子簡介)

Upon request, here are the Introduction for the 2 Immortal Boys – Releasing of Spiritual Talismans (發符童子) & Retrieving of Spiritual Talismans (收符童子).

Besides that, must Thank Taoist Bro Edwin Tan from Geylang for the contributing of the Pictures.

So who are these 2 Immortal Boys?

According to Mantras & Scripture Records, these 2 Immortal Boys are actually part of the Spiritual Protectors/Assistants that being summoned in Taoist Lv Shan Sect (道教閭山宗派) during Rituals/Ceremonies.

Even though in here, their Titles only tell us that they are In-charge of Releasing & Retrieving of Spiritual Talismans, but actually, they do have a wider range of Tasks to look into.

So what are their Background?

According to the Chanting Records, both of them are Disciples of Lv Shan Fa Zhu Master Long Xuan (閭山法主龍玄祖師).

Both of them were both in Late Part of Yuan Dynasty, starting of Ming Dynasty (生于元朝末年/明朝初期).

Immortal Boy of Releasing Spiritual Talismans (發符童子) was known as Zhong Qian (鐘謙), hometown in China Hokkien Province, Quan Zhou City (祖籍中國福建省泉州市).

Immortal Boy of Retrieving Spiritual Talismans (收符童子) was known as Liu Gui (劉貴), hometown in China Hokkien Province, Fu Zhou City (祖籍中國福建省福州市).

Since young, they were sent to Taoist Monastery due to they were orphans. After years of training and learning, both of them were being equipped with the knowledge of Spiritual Skills, including the Releasing & Retrieving of Spiritual Talismans.

One year, while they were being advised to assist one of their Seniors to subdue a Demon in the nearby County, both of them were being killed by the Poisonous Gas and on the spot, Master Long Xuan had to summon their Souls back to the Celestial Realm for Cultivation. This day was the 3rd Day of Lunar 4 Month (農曆四月初三日) and so, till today, we Lv Shan Priests will still conduct a simple Ritual dedicating to the both of them on this day to mark their Credits.

In Ming Dynasty, after Lv Shan Sect was being more recognised and properly formed (at that time was known as Officially Jing Ming Zhong Xiao Dao 淨明忠孝道), most of such Spiritual Characters were being introduced to the Public and also the Taoist Followers.

In Qing Dynasty, these 2 Immortal Boys were being group together with the one of the 12 Disciples of Immortal Mother Li Shan (黎山老姆), known as Sun Kun (孫坤) or Li Yu (黎玉) to form the Spiritual Group known as San Tong Zi (三童子).

By then, these 3 Immortal Boys were being appointed to take charge of the Spiritual Tasks of Releasing of Spiritual Talismans, Retrieving of Spiritual Talismans, Ushering in & out of the Appointed Positive Energies during Dotting Ceremony, Issuing of Spiritual Armies, etc.

PS: Another combination of San Tong Zi (三童子) is, Releasing of Spiritual Talismans (發符童子), Retrieving of Spiritual Talismans (收符童子) & Protecting Urn (顧爐童子).

So where can we find their Titles during Chanting?

Their Titles can easily be seen in Mantras that are related with Issuing of Talismans, especially Rituals/Ceremonies that are related with Folks Lv Shan Culture or Sintua Medium Culture.

Usually their Titles will be placed together with San Shi aka The Three Spiritual Masters (三師) to form the Spiritual Group known as San Shi San Tong Zi (三師三童子).

So who are the San Shi?

For the San Shi, there are quite a number of Combination, in here, I will only mentioned the 2 more Popular Groups:

1 – Master Long Xuan (龍玄祖師), Master Wan Fa (萬法祖師) & Master Bian Hua (變化祖師)

Master Long Xuan, one of the Spiritual Masters in Lv Shan Lineage.

Master Wan Fa, one of the Spiritual Masters in Lv Shan Lineage that in-charge of certain groups of Spiritual Skills.

Master Bian Hua, one of the Spiritual Masters in Lv Shan Lineage that in-charge of Multiplying the Spiritual Energies or so-called Enhancing.

2 – Master Long Shu (龍樹祖師), Master Xuan Tian (玄天師相) & Zhang Gong Fa Zhu (張公法主)

Master Long Shu, one of the Common Spiritual Masters in the Lv Shan Lineage that in-charge of Talisman Skills. He was being imported into the Lv Shan Lineage due to his popularity and also his well-known Spiritual Skills. In Tibetian Buddhism, he was one of the Highest Spiritual Masters that the Followers will honour for Blessing.

Master Xuan Tian, one of the Official Taoist Deities that being well-known for Imparting Spiritual Skills. In Commoner Taoist Culture, Xuan Tian was known as the one that in-charge of giving the Authorities to the Taoist Priests of releasing Taoist Skills.

Zhang Gong Fa Zhu, one of the Taoist Deities that in-charge of the Authority of the Five Thunders (五雷).

In Summary

In the future, while you are out in any Temple Events or Sintua Celebrations, do keep a close “hear out” for the Chanting of Mantras, you will be able to find the Titles of San Shi San Tong Zi (三師三童子) being mentioned during the Ushering in of the Energies for Mediums or while Drawing of Talismans.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Manifestation Honouring of Heavenly Master Zhang 2010 (庚寅年張祖天師聖誕祭祀)

Today, the 18th Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月十八日), is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (正一張祖天師).

As usual, Long Shan Men (正一龍山門) had conducted a Simple Honouring dedicated to him.

In the Early Morning, with the assistance of Jave's Mum, we had prepared the necessary cooked items and at about 10.00Am, we started the Honouring.

Hoping that, Heavenly Master will Blessed on All Beings and allowing the True Taoists to promote the Upright Culture of Taoism.

For High Res Pictures, please proceed to this link:

Monday, 28 June 2010

Zheng Yi Long Shan Fei Jie Fu Anniversary Celebration 2010 Part 1 (龍山門1135年慶典序幕-飛捷府週年慶典之祝壽科儀)

After 2 Months of Discussion and Preparation, finally the Day had arrived and the Initiation for Long Shan Men 1135th Anniversary (正一龍山門) had being carried out.

On the 15th Day of Lunar 5 Month ( 農曆五月十五日 26 Jun 2010), the Initiation Ceremony and Annual Celebration for Fei Jie Fu (正一龍山飛捷府) was being conducted at Vabien Lee’s House (special thanks to Vabien’s Mum for the assisting & preparing).

This Day, besides celebrating the Anniversary of the Setting-up of Fei Jie Fu, the celebration was also dedicated to Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (正一張祖天師), Founder of Long Shan Men – Lord Long Yi (龍山門始祖龍一真君) and last, the main Star of Fei Jie Fu – Heavenly Marshal Jiang Fei Jie (江府仙官飛捷天君).

At about 11.00Am in the Morning, I arrived at Vabien’s House to assist in the last part of the Preparation and at about 12.30Pm, the Ceremony started with 1st, performing the Cleansing, Invitation of Deities, Reporting and then the Dotting for the New Statues, Qi Lin Tian Guan (麒麟天官) and the carriage of Heavenly Marshal Jiang – the White Horse (飛捷白馬).

PS: New Statues dotting are Heavenly Master Zhang (正一張祖天師), Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (趙公明天君) and Earth Deity of the Area (一方土地)

By 1.45Pm, the Dotting Ceremony was completed and then, the Anniversary Honouring & Birthday Respect was being conducted by the Initiation of making 9 Kowtows (三跪九叩) in front of ALL the Invited Deities and the Main Star of the Day.

After then, a report was being done and asking for the permission of the Re-opening of the Overall In-charge of the Six Official Departments of Long Shan Men – Liu Fu Du An Ge (六府都案閣), and with a successful approval, the request was being granted and from the Day onwards, Vabien Lee was being appointed as the Overall In-charge of Liu Fu Du An Ge (六府都察).

By around 3.00Pm, the Honouring Ceremony was done and the Sending Off of the Paper Offerings was done by shifting ALL the Paper Items down to the Open Field under the Block. Thanks to Gerald Lim for calling the HDB Board for the requesting of the multiple Cans for the Burning.

After the Sending Off of the Paper Offerings, we were able to have a short rest and reward ourselves by having a Good & Wonderful Meal. Thanks to Vabien’s Mum for preparing the Good Food for us.

At about 8.00Pm in the Evening, it’s the Final Ceremony for the Day. After preparing the necessary Items, the Ceremony for the Salvation of the Wandering Souls was being conducted and this time round, Vabien was there to conduct the Invitation of Heavenly Lord Tai Yi (太乙救苦天尊), Cleansing & Enhancing of the Water and last, to summon the Wandering Souls for the collecting of the Offerings.

Upon Completion on the Reporting, Cleansing & Enhancing of the Water, we proceed down to the Open Field under the Block again for the Salvation of the Wandering Souls.

1st, Vabien made a report & inviting of the Earth Deity to come forward for the guarding of order for the Wandering Souls.
2nd, I went to set up the Offerings for the Wandering Souls at a Corner somewhere far.

3rd, Summon the Wandering Souls to come forward.

4th, To disperse the Enhanced Food to them, Sprinkled of the Enhanced Water for them and last, to burn off the Paper Offerings for them.

At about 9.30Pm, the Ceremony ended and without any further delaying, Vabien had to Thank & Send-off the Earth Deity.

By the time we went up to Vabien’s House, it was already quite late.

In-order to Round Off the Whole Day’s Ceremony, we enjoyed a Bowl of Tang Yuan aka Sweet Dumplings (湯圓), hoping that ALL the necessary Blessings were be Bestowed to ALL the Beings that came for this Grand Celebration.

Next Day, on the 27 Jun 2010, the Invited Guest – Heavenly Marshal Wang Tian Jun (王天君), was being invited back to the Main Altar of Long Shan Men by Vabien.

For Higher Res Pictures, feel free to visit this link:


More Pictures and Photo will be uploaded at Vabien’s Website.

You can visit the following link to take a look at the Preparation Pictures taken on the 25 Jun 2010:

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Taoist Quote Sharing: Mirror of Oneself (鏡之道)


Last Week, while do preparation for Long Shan Men’s (正一龍山門) 1135th Anniversary Initiation Celebration at Fei Jie Fu (正一龍山飛捷府), Jave was being summoned by an Elder (from China) of Long Shan Men (龍山門長老 – 道號鼎昇) whom came to pay his visit to one of our Old Temples in Singapore.

During the meeting, while Jave making some minor reports to him on the Taoism Situations happened in Singapore, he was somehow calm and “generating” some replies in his mind and after a while, he get back to me with this following phrases:

Chang Yi Ta Ren Wei Jing. Guan Qi Yan Yu Xing Wei

Translated as: Using the Others as a form of Mirror Reflection for Oneself, may it be Right or Wrong, Oneself shall learn from their Behaviour & Reactions

Yi Ci Wei Jing Ti Er Bu Wang Ben Shen Zhi Hui Ying

Translated as: By understanding their Behaviour & Reactions, Oneself will be able to learn from the Rights & Wrongs and will be able to avoid making the same Mistakes that other had made

De Qi Ren Zhi Er Xi Qi Zhi Wu

Translated as: Only truthfully understand the Right & Wrong, then Oneself will be able to Understand the Others more. This Theory is the same as Accepting Oneself in-order for Oneself to be accepted or accepting the others

Gai Qi Shi Er De Qi Zheng

Translated as: Eliminate the Wrong and Keeping the Right, the Right will be able to lead Oneself far from beyond and reach the Ultimate Aim of Oneself

Bu Wang Wei Xiu Dao Ren Yi

Translated as: This is what a Cultivating Taoist shall behaviour & Practise (this also applies to ALL Public)

After listening to these Phrases from the Elder, Jave have somehow clear certain doubts upon his Preaching.

Due to this Preaching was being mentioned & relay on Mirror, so Jave had decided to name it as

Mirror of Oneself

And in Chinese as Dao of the Mirror (鏡之道).


Related Article – Dao of Water (水之道)

Link at

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Lord Cheng Huang Taoist Scripture Chanting CD (城隍明道經誦經光碟)

Category:   Music & Movies
Price:   S$13.00 - S$15.00

Dear All,

For those who are the Sincere & Faithful Followers of Lord Cheng Huang (城隍尊神), here is the ONLY Taoist Scripture Chanting CD dedicated to Lord Cheng Huang.

This CD was being produced by Taiwan Lu Zhou Hu Tian Gong (台灣廬州護天宮) Chanting Group (誦經團).

It was recently being imported into Singapore for Sale.

If you are interested, you are able to get the CDs from Joo Moh located at Rochor Centre & Teck Ghee located at Fortune Center besides Waterloo Temple.

Hope you all will like it.

Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (正一祖天師聖誕吉慶)

Its again the arrival of the important Day for ALL Taoists to honour our Founder of Taoism – Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (正一祖天師).

On the 18th Day of Lunar 5 Month, it is considered as another Manifestation Anniversary for Heavenly Master Zhang (some contexts dated as 15th Day of Lunar 1 Month).

This Year, 2010, it falls on 29 June, a Tuesday.

On this Day, as usual, the Taoists will visit Temples that dedicate Altars to Heavenly Master Zhang to pay their respect, besides that, in other Countries in Asia, Grand & Official Ceremonies/Rituals will be conducted dedicating to Heavenly Master for the Credits of Founding Taoism and the Promoting of the Upright Teaching of Zheng Yi Sect (正一天師道).

To find out more on Heavenly Master Zhang, please proceed to the following links:

Introduction of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張道陵天師簡介):

Praise Mantra for the Four Heavenly Masters (四大天師寶誥):

For Higher Res of this Picture, please proceed to this link:

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Banner of Dou Fu Tian Zun Bao Gao (斗父天尊寶誥)

In here, ALL of you will be seeing the Bao Gao (寶誥) aka Praise Mantra dedicated to Dou Fu Tian Zun (斗父天尊) aka The Heavenly Lord Father of ALL Stars/Dippers.

Again, this is a very Rare Bao Gao that being recited in normal Rituals/Ceremonies.

This Bao Gao will only be recited during Grand Rituals/Ceremonies for the Honouring of Dippers & ALL Star Lords during the Ninth Month Celebration or Feast Period.

Dou Fu Tian Zun, the Initial Gust of Positive aka Yang Energy, which collated with Dou Mu Yuan Zun (斗姆元君), the Initial Gust of Negative aka Yin Energy, which resulted in a Big-Bang (宇宙大爆炸).

For High Res Picture, please proceed to this link:

Monday, 21 June 2010

Featured: Singapore Local News on Voodoo Bags on Street (神秘咒囊懸大路)


Reported on Lianhe Wanbao 21 Jun 2010 (Monday)
Thanks to Bro Raymond of API for the translation of the Article.

A national serviceman passing by a pedestrian bridge in Upper Bukit Timah was shocked to see two strange mysterious bags tied up and hang on two tall trees.

He alerted API Charles and Raymond Goh, who decided to drop by to investigate.

The location of the two voodoo bags

API found that the strange objects were being hung high on two trees just next to the pedestrian crossing

On closer examination of the two strange objects, they looked like dirty bags being tied up by strings

One of them has two iron nails piercing into the bundle, with another iron nail and chilli tied on top of the bundle, as if securing the bundle.

API Raymond took them out of the trees for closer examination.

Raymond then decided to open the bundle for investigation. The bundle with the chilli and iron nails actually contains a rotten lime that turns mouldy

The other bundle contains two pieces of wood like structure

Both the lime and the wood are wrapped in tissue papers.


API Explanation:

As Indians used to use lime and chilli to ward off evil spirits and bad luck, API theory is that this is a sort of Indian ritual whereby a person supposedly get rid of bad luck and evil influences by disposing of the bad luck absorbed through the lime, wrapped up with tissue paper, and with the help of the iron nails which helped to nail the bad luck (iron nail is supposed to control evil spirits), secured with the chilli, and then hang it away on a tree to dispose away the bad luck and evil influence.
The wood also are used in the ritual, and have to be disposed off similarly.

As the person doing this ritual may find difficulty to hang the disposed "bad luck bundle" in a tree, he has chosen the location of the bridge whereby he has just hang the bundle onto the tree without any problem (You can reach out and touch the tree when you are going down the staircase of the bridge)

After examining the two bags, we then burned them off.

Burning the voodoo bag

Other explanations

1) It can also be a form of cleansing ritual, whereby the evil influences are absorbed by the lime, controlled by the iron nails, and then disposed off by hanging onto the trees.

Jave Wu theory

Jave Wu, Long Shan Men Taoist Sect Leader, said that the voodoo bag pierced with the nails has 3 meanings:

1) To take a life

2) A curse for no descendents

3) A curse for bad luck

If the bag is hung on a papaya, guava or banana tree, it is a curse for no descendents. However, since this is a common tree, Jave believed it is a curse for a person to undergo bad luck

Priest Wu further pointed out that the cursed person's name and 8 characters probably would have been written onto the two pieces of wood during the ritual, with the lime and chilli fencing off outside
interferences during the ritual, hence the two voodoo bags are related.

For the cursed person, it is better for the person to seek a Taoist priest to remove the curse

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Long Shan Men 1135th Anniversary Initiation Celebration - Fei Jie Fu Anniversary Celebration (正一龍山門1135年慶典序幕-飛捷府週年慶典)

Start:     Jun 26, '10 09:00a
End:     Jun 26, '10 9:00p

Year 2010, Long Shan Men (正一龍山門) is celebrating its 1135th Year of Anniversary.

On 26 June 2010 (Saturday), Long Shan Men will be having its very 1st Celebration associated with this 1135th Year Anniversary Celebration.

This Year, Fei Jie Fu (飛捷府) will be celebrating its 1st Year Anniversary by dedicating the Honouring to Heavenly Marshal Jiang Fei Jie (江飛捷仙官), Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張道陵祖天師) & Lord Long Yi (龍一真君).

On this Day, it will also be the Official Initiation of the Re-opening of Long Shan Liu Fu Du An Ge (龍山六府都案閣) - The Overall In-charge of the Six Official Departments.

Summer Solstice - Taoist Mission Feast day of Lord Ling Bao Tian Zun - Thanksgiving Blessing and Religious Initiation Ceremony (夏至 - 道教協會庆祝上清灵宝天尊圣诞“感恩祈福皈依道场”)

Start:     Jun 21, '10 09:00a
End:     Jun 21, '10 9:00p
Location:     Singapore, CBD,Telok Ayer Street

Dear All,

Taoist Mission of Singapore (新加坡道教協會) will be conducting a Feast day of Lord Ling Bao Tian Zun - Thanksgiving Blessing and Religious Initiation Ceremony on the 21 June 2010 (Monday).

The Ceremony will be conducted at Qing De Yu Huang Gong (庆德玉皇宫) - Formally Keng Teck Whay Building, located at Telok Ayer Street (besides Thian Hock Kheng).

For those who are interested in participate in this Religious Event, please do drop by the Temple on the mentioned date.

Besides that, please do assist Taoist Mission in preserving this Keng Teck Whay Building (about 180 years old).

Saving Heritage is the same as Saving our Roots.

Hope to see you there.

Atttitude of Learning & Teaching (學習與教學)


As a Student or Disciple, Oneself must accept Oneself in-order to allow the others to accept Oneself and also for Oneself to accept all the Preaching & Teachings of the Teacher or Master or the others.

Remember the Role of a Student or Disciple:

Learn with Interest

Once Oneself is able to learn with Interest, the feeling will last long and it will make Oneself to have the strong urge to learn more and understand more.

If Oneself is lack of interest, then Oneself will just be like an Empty Shell, only allowing the Teacher or Master to fill up the Blank and then thats it. Which it defeats the purpose of Learning and Craving for being Taught.

As a Teacher or Master, Oneself must be able to accept and reject any form of Requests & Knowledge bounce back to Oneself. This is important as it will assist Oneself to gain the necessary Right Mindset to perform One's Teaching, Sharing & Preaching. Never allowed Oneself to be Pull-along while giving teaching, preaching and sharing.

Thus, remember the Role of a Teacher or Master:

Teach with Passion
Preach with Uprightness
Share with Concern

If Oneself is lack of passion, then Oneself is just like a Mono-tone Radio giving out Sounds only. Whether Oneself's Students or Disciples got the message or not, it is of no concern of Oneself, which will end up leading to Un-rightfulness and ignorants.

Try to be more alert in the Teaching, Preaching and Sharing, cos all these will Mould a Person to a better Person and assist a lesser Wise Man to become a Man of Wisdom.

Last of All, Happy Learning and also, Joyous Teaching.

Bao Sheng Da Di Drama Series DVD (神醫大道公-保生大帝傳奇)

Category:   Music & Movies
Price:   S$19.90-S$29.90

Dear All,

For those who are a Faithful Follower of Bao Sheng Da Di (保生大帝) aka The Taoist Physician Deity, the Drama Series DVD on his Story is out in the Market.

For interested parties, you can get the whole set of 7 DVDs from Dallas Video Shop Island Wide, with the pricing ranging of S$19.90-S$29.90.

In this Show, Adam Cheng (鄭少秋), the famouse Hong Kong Actor, was being selected to perform as Bao Sheng Da Di.

This Show was being directed by 2 famous Hong Kong Producers and was filmed in China.

Do get this Drama Series while stock last.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Introduction on Summer Solstice (一年之半夏至日)


Time flies and now, its almost Half a year is gone.

In Lunar Fifth Month, besides celebrating the Dumpling Festival (端午節 eating of Rice Dumpling and enjoying Dragon Boat Racing), another important Day to celebrate will be Summer Solstice (夏至, Year 2010, it falls on 21 June, a Monday).

Summer Solstice, as important as Winter Solstice, it’s a day for the Family to gather and also for the Workers to rest. Of cos, in the modern era today, every minute is considered as Gold-worthing-moment, so now we cant really sit down and relax and have an enjoyable Summer Solstice, but in the past (Ancient Era), Summer Solstice is an Official Off Day for All working adults.

Why this Day is so Important?

1st, this is a Day that the Imperial Court promote Reunion & Gathering for Families & Friends. This is to strengthen the Bonding of the Society and also to show the Compassionate of the Imperial Court or Emperor

2nd, to show Filial Piety towards our Parents & Past-on Ancestors of the Family. On this Day, Special Honouring will be conducted for Deities & Ancestors, this is to thank them for providing the necessary Blessing

3rd, to allow the Plantation/Farm Plot to have a rest before the next round of Ploughing or Field-work starts. This is important as certain Plantation Lands do need enough rest in-order to produce enough minerals for the Plants, if not, at the end of the Year, the harvesting will be affected and it will affect the whole Food Chain-cycle and also, the total income of the Nation

Lastly, an Important Day for Taoism. As this Day, in some Contexts, it is the Manifestation Anniversary/Feast Day of Supreme Lord Ling Bao (上清靈寶天尊) of the Three Pure Ones (三清道祖)

So what are the Special Items that can be seen on this Day?

In the Ancient Era, Taoists or Chinese will prepared Sweet Dumpling aka Tang Yuan (湯圓) for the honouring of Deities & Ancestors.

Besides that, People will also ground Wheat to make Wheat Noodles or Biscuits for consuming. This is to celebrate that Half a Year had pass Smoothly, hoping that the next Half a Year can also be Peaceful and Prosperity.

Not only on the normal consumption, Chinese will also start to do certain necessary preparation for the Peak of the Summer to arrive, such as consuming Cooling Herbs, Balancing of the Physical Health, if not, once Oneself is being infected by the “Summer Fever”, the reason can be fatal.

So in Singapore, where can Oneself performed the Honouring for Summer Solstice?

In Singapore, Oneself can visit any Jade Emperor of Heaven Temples (玉皇大天尊廟宇) to pay your Respect or Honouring, from there, Oneself can make your Request to the Celestial Realm for Blessing.

Besides that, Taoist Mission of Singapore (新加坡道教協會) will also conduct Summer Solstice Honouring for Ling Bao Tian Zun (靈寶天尊), for those who are interested in participate, can contact them with this Website Link:

In Summary

Last of ALL, hope that everyone enjoyed your Summer Solstice and wish that ALL of you will be Blessed.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ang Chee Sheng Ong Temple Anniversary Celebration (安濟聖王廟慶典)

Start:     Jun 16, '10 08:00a
End:     Jun 20, '10
Location:     Singapore, West, West Coast

Dear All,

Ang Chee Sheng Ong Temple will be celebrating Lord Ang Chee aka Duke Green Dragon on the 5th Day - 9th Day of Lunar 5 Month.

For those who are interested in joining in the Joyous Celebration, feel free to drop by the Temple located at West Coast Drive.

For more info on the Temple, you can proceed to the following link:!/topic.php?uid=131988316817660&topic=83

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Introduction on Bai Shou Qian – Hundred Longevity Paper (百壽錢簡介)


After a long rest, Jave is back in here to do some postings again.

Today, Jave will like to do a quick and simple introduction on a Long Lost Practise on the using of Bai Shou Qian aka The Hundred Longevity Paper for Anniversary Honouring aka Birthday Respect for Deities.

According to Old Traditional Practise in the Past that Taoist or Chinese practised, during the Anniversary Celebration for Deities, Taoists or Chinese would engaged Calligraphy Writers to prepare a Big Piece of Paper Honouring with Hundreds of Chinese Character of Longevity being written on it. After which, after the Honouring was being conducted, this Piece of Big Paper would be burnt off together with other Paper Offerings for the Deities as a form of Highest Respect and also, a form of Birthday Greeting.

Slowly, after Printing Skills became popular in China, Moulds for the Printing of Hundred Longevity (百壽) & Prosperity (百福) were being invented. With such Moulds, the Speed of Printing increased and the Production was multiplied and within a short period, the using of such Bai Shou Qian was being spread around in the Whole Country.

Due to Chinese believed that the Shape Round represent Reunion, Fullest, Smoothness & Happiness, in no time, the Moulds for Printing of the Bai Shou Qian or Bai Fu Qian had changed from Square to Round form (see Picture 00).

So what is the Main Purpose of using Bai Shou Qian?

Besides showing our Highest Respect for the Deities on the Anniversary Honouring, Bai Shou Qian can also be used to request for Health Blessing & Prolonging of Lifespan of a Person, especially those who are encountering Serious Sicknesses or suffering from Long Term Illnesses.

Not only that, for Elderly who are celebration the Grand Birthday at Lunar 60 Years Old (六十甲子大壽), this Bai Shou Qian can also be honoured to the Deities for the requesting of Good Luck Blessing.

For Elderly who are above Lunar 100 Years Old, then they can stop using such Paper.

PS: In the Modern Era now, most of the People will only buy Scrolls with the Writing of Hundred Longevity or Prosperity for Hanging during Big Occasions rather then using them as a form of Paper Offerings.

Can this Paper be burnt Regularly?

Yes, you may.

One piece at a time will do.

Do remember to write Oneself’s Name & Lunar Date of Birth or the Person-whom-you-wished-to-bless’s Name & Lunar Date of Birth on the Bottom Left Hand Corner of the Paper, after then, do a simple report to the Deities on the requesting for the Blessing. Once the report is done, burnt off the Paper Offerings and it will consider completed.

Best timing for Honouring of this Paper will be – on the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month (農曆九月初九日).

So where can Oneself get this Paper?

For the moment, in South East Asia, it is totally impossible to find such Paper, but if Oneself is keen & interested in honouring this Paper, Oneself can download the Picture from here and print it on an A4 Red or Orange Paper.

In Summary:

Last of All, remember while using this Paper as Offering, do not make any un-necessary request. A Simple & Sincere reporting or honouring will enhanced the Blessing in multiple folds.

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Zheng Yi Long Shan Fei Jie Fu Anniversary Celebration 2010 (正一龍山飛捷府庚寅年慶典)

Start:     Jun 26, '10 10:00a
End:     Jun 26, '10 2:00p
Location:     Singapore, West, Dover

Zheng Yi Long Shan Fei Jie Fu (正一龍山飛捷府) will be conducting a Anniversary Celebration on 26 June 2010 (農曆五月十五日), dedicating to the Main Deity - Heavenly Marshal Jiang Fei Jie (江飛捷仙官).

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Banner of Zhu Que & Xuan Wu Bao Gao (朱雀玄武星君寶誥)

In here, you all will be seeing 2 Banners created dedicated to Zhu Que Xing Jun (朱雀星君) & Xuan Wu Xing Jun (玄武星君), aka The Star Lord of Fiery Pheonix & Mystical Tortise & Snake.

In here, you will see the Rare & Precious Bao Gao (寶誥) aka Praise Mantra dedicating to them.

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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Banner of Qing Long and Bai Hu Bao Gao (青龍白虎星君寶誥)


In here, you all will be seeing 2 Banners created dedicated to Qing Long Xing Jun (青龍星君) & Bai Hu Xing Jun (白虎星君), aka The Star Lord of Green Dragon & White Tiger.

In Taoism, there are 4 Directional Star Lords that appeared in different Spiritual Animal Forms, in here are the 2 of them, the other 2 are known as Zhu Que Xing Jun (朱雀星君) aka The Firey Phoenix & Xuan Wu Xing Jun (玄武星君) aka The Mystical Tortise & Snake.

Each of the Spiritual Animals are made up of 7 different Stars and allocated to stand guard at the 4 different corners in the Spiritual Realm.

Green Dragon & White Tiger here are the 2 most common Star Lords from the 4 that being evoked or invited for the With-holding of Uprightness & Peacefulness during Grand & Official Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies.

In here, you will see the Rare & Precious Bao Gao (寶誥) aka Praise Incantation dedicating to them.

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Friday, 4 June 2010

Facebook - Chinese Temple in Singapore (新加坡華族廟宇文化網)!/group.php?gid=131988316817660&ref=mf

This is a Group to do introduction on the various Chinese Temples in Singapore. Besides that, oneself will also learn more on the Deities & Chinese Cultures of the Individual Temple.

Not only learning the Culture here, for this Group, we will also organise Trips & Tours to various Temples.