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Video of Hong Kong Zheng Yi Sect Rituals 07 (香港粵藉正一天師道科儀之普濟施食)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 7 Video Clips that being filmed by a group of Japanese Researchers in 1982 (due to the Old Style Filming, some of the Videos may seem a bit blur and dark).

In the Videos, you will see the Zheng Yi Sect Taoist Priests conducting Zheng Yi Rituals during a Grand Celebration held in Hong Kong in the Olden Days.

In this Video 07, you will see the Priests conducting the Morning Salvation of Souls Ritual & the Distribution of Spiritual Food for the Wanderings on the last day of the Celebration (普濟施食).

Video of Hong Kong Zheng Yi Sect Rituals 06 (香港粵藉正一天師道科儀之早朝登殿)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 7 Video Clips that being filmed by a group of Japanese Researchers in 1982 (due to the Old Style Filming, some of the Videos may seem a bit blur and dark).

In the Videos, you will see the Zheng Yi Sect Taoist Priests conducting Zheng Yi Rituals during a Grand Celebration held in Hong Kong in the Olden Days.

In this Video 06, you will see the Priests conducting the Morning Chanting & Honouring of Deities (早朝登殿).

Video of Hong Kong Zheng Yi Sect Rituals 05 (香港粵藉正一天師道科儀之揚榜讚善)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 7 Video Clips that being filmed by a group of Japanese Researchers in 1982 (due to the Old Style Filming, some of the Videos may seem a bit blur and dark).

In the Videos, you will see the Zheng Yi Sect Taoist Priests conducting Zheng Yi Rituals during a Grand Celebration held in Hong Kong in the Olden Days.

In this Video 05, you will see the Priests conducting the Ritual of Dotting & Enhancing the Spiritual Notice (揚榜讚善). In the Spiritual Notice, All the names of the Contributors & Devotees will be included in-order for the Deities to take note.

Video of Hong Kong Zheng Yi Sect Rituals 04 (香港粵藉正一天師道科儀之迎火祝燈)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 7 Video Clips that being filmed by a group of Japanese Researchers in 1982 (due to the Old Style Filming, some of the Videos may seem a bit blur and dark).

In the Videos, you will see the Zheng Yi Sect Taoist Priests conducting Zheng Yi Rituals during a Grand Celebration held in Hong Kong in the Olden Days.

In this Video 04, you will see the Priests conducting the Ritual of Ushering of Spiritual Fire for the Celebration (迎火祝燈).

Video of Hong Kong Zheng Yi Sect Rituals 03 (香港粵藉正一天師道科儀之迎真請聖)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 7 Video Clips that being filmed by a group of Japanese Researchers in 1982 (due to the Old Style Filming, some of the Videos may seem a bit blur and dark).

In the Videos, you will see the Zheng Yi Sect Taoist Priests conducting Zheng Yi Rituals during a Grand Celebration held in Hong Kong in the Olden Days.

In this Video 03, you will see the Priests conducting the Ushering & Invitation in of the Deities for the Witnessing of the Rituals/Ceremonies that being conducted in this Celebration (迎真請聖).

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Video of Hong Kong Zheng Yi Sect Rituals 02 (香港粵藉正一天師道科儀之啟壇發表)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 7 Video Clips that being filmed by a group of Japanese Researchers in 1982 (due to the Old Style Filming, some of the Videos may seem a bit blur and dark).

In the Videos, you will see the Zheng Yi Sect Taoist Priests conducting Zheng Yi Rituals during a Grand Celebration held in Hong Kong in the Olden Days.

In this Video 02, you will see the Priests conducting the Initiation of the Starting of the Ritual & also the Sending of Spiritual Petition for the Reporting (啟壇發表).

Video of Hong Kong Zheng Yi Sect Rituals 01 (香港粵藉正一天師道科儀之禁壇結界)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 7 Video Clips that being filmed by a group of Japanese Researchers in 1982 (due to the Old Style Filming, some of the Videos may seem a bit blur and dark).

In the Videos, you will see the Zheng Yi Sect Taoist Priests conducting Zheng Yi Rituals during a Grand Celebration held in Hong Kong in the Olden Days.

In this Video 01, you will see the Leading Priest conducting the Setting of Spiritual Territory (結界) before the other Major Rituals being conducted. Usually this Ritual is conducted on the very First Day or the Eve of the First Day of the Celebration.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Love that last for Ten Generations – Sixth Generation ~ Cultivation with Fate (十世緣之第六世結伴靈修)


In here, you all will be reading thru a Long Story of 10 Series. This Long Story is written base on the Spiritual Reading & Prediction, meaning that ALL the Characters in the Story are “True”. In-order not to reveal the True Identity of the Real People involved, the Names of the Characters will be changed.

Here it goes, starting from the Sixth Generation of the Continuous Love…

With no regrets, Hong Ling Zi (紅靈子) was being locked up in the Celestial Jail.

As Lord Yue Lao (月下老人) waiting for the dateline to arrive in-order to send Hong Ling Zi for Re-incarnation into the Mortal Realm, Hong Huang Zi (紅凰子) & Hong Luan Zi (紅鸞子) were there to assist Hong Ling Zi in his Cultivation and Preparation.

One Day, while the three Immortal Boys were chit chatting, suddenly Hong Huang Zi started to encounter giddiness and within second, Hong Huang Zi was found lying on the ground. Hong Ling Zi & Hong Luan Zi was shocked and immediately, Hong Luan Zi went back to Yue Lao Court to look for his Master’s assistance. Upon receiving the news, Lord Yue Lao stayed calm and as Hong Luan Zi was there to fasten Yue Lao to the Celestial Jail, Yue Lao smiled back to Hong Luan Zi and told him that, something interesting was going to happen.

Knowing that Yue Lao always like to take things lightly, Hong Luan Zi was frustrated and decided to talk back, saying that he would leave Yue Lao Court and joined Hong Xian Zi (紅線子) in the Mortal Realm, in-order not to get provoked by Yue Lao again. Upon hearing the comment, Yue Lao laughed out loudly and compassionately, caressed on Hong Luan Zi’s forehead, mumbling to himself, time was up.

As Yue Lao & Hong Luan Zi entered into the Celestial Jail, the Heavenly Constables were helping Hong Huang Zi to stand up after he regained his conscious. At first glance looking at Hong Huang Zi, Hong Luan Zi let out a loud scream claiming that Hong Huang Zi had turned into a Demon. Hong Huang Zi was shocked and immediately turned to look at Yue Lao, looking puzzled. Yue Lao just smiled back and retrieved a mirror from his Red-thread-bag (紅線寶袋) for Hong Huang Zi. Upon looking into the mirror, Hong Huang Zi almost fainted for a second time. With his trembling hand, Hong Huang Zi slowly touched the 3rd Eye that pop out from his forehead. With a shocked and puzzled looked, he kneeled down in front of Yue Lao, pleading for the forgiveness and asking why this had happened.

Again, Yue Lao compassionately lift Hong Huang Zi up and explained to him that, he was chosen to Re-incarnate into the Mortal Realm to assist Heavenly Marshal Jin (金天君) in his Cultivation and hope that by the Tenth Generation, all of them would be able to return back to the Celestial Realm.

Knowing that this was a Heavenly’s Will, Hong Huang Zi had to accept it but was still puzzled with the 3rd Eye. Just as he was about to open his mouth to ask Yue Lao, Yue Lao was smiling and recited a poem to him:

肉眼不真常有礙。(Naked Eyes are always being blurred by Illusions)
心眼不假卻難真。(Eyes of Mind are always being covered by Doubts)
唯有天眼能視遠。(Only the Spiritual Eye is able to see physical far)
亦能辨別假與真。(And also to look thru the Facts & Truth)

After receiving the Preaching, Hong Huang Zi finally understood and in front of Yue Lao and his other Celestial-mates, Hong Huang Zi kowtowed towards the East and sincerely made a Vow of assisting Heavenly Marshal Jin to regain his Cultivation without Fail.

Looking at Hong Huang Zi was being appointed to assist Heavenly Marshal Jin, Hong Luan Zi started to get jealous and throw his tantrum at Yue Lao for being bias. Just at the moment of Hong Luan Zi wanting to step out of the Celestial Jail, he started to felt a sharp pain in the Head. With shouting and struggling, Hong Luan Zi’s ears began to grow Big. Within moment, both the ears were about half a feet long. After the ears stopped growing, Hong Luan Zi stood up and turned back to look at Yue Lao & Hong Huang Zi, Yue Lao started to giggle loudly and Hong Huang Zi was stunned to see the pair of Big ears. Hong Luan Zi dashed over to Yue Lao and snatched over the mirror, thinking that he might have a 3rd Eyes popping out too, but to his horror, he saw that he got 2 ugly ears sticking out from the side of his head. By looking at Yue Lao, Hong Luan Zi cried out loudly. After getting the advises from Yue Lao, Hong Luan Zi had to accept the Heavenly’s Will and sincerely made a Vow to assist Heavenly Marshal Jin too.

By looking at Hong Huang Zi & Hong Luan Zi, Hong Ling Zi secretly made a Vow in the Cell, hoping that Heavenly Marshal Jin & Fairy Qing Xuan (青玄玄女) was able to stay happily and safely with the assisting from the Heaven.

With a fanning with the Spiritual Fan of Yue Lao, the Souls of Heavenly Marshal Jin, Fairy Qing Xuan & Heavenly Marshal Xian (冼天君) were being sent down for Re-incarnation again. This time round, Hong Huang Zi & Hong Luan Zi was also being sent off together with the 3 Souls.

With a glance at the Mortal Realm, almost all the areas were being affected by War & Riots.

This Day, was the Day that Chinese History recorded as the Day of the Starting of the Downfall of the Southern Song Dynasty (南宋).

AD1142, 29th Day of Lunar 12 Month (绍兴十一年农历十二月廿九日), few months after Marshal Yue Fei (岳飛) received the 12 Urgent Edicts (十二道金牌) issued by the Useless Song Emperor, Marshal Yue Fei was being captured and later was beheaded at the Feng Po Pavilion (風波亭) on the Eve of the Lunar New Year. On that Day before and after Marshal Yue Fei was being beheaded, heavy Snow started to fall and the whole City was filled with sadness and disappointment.

Upon receiving the news of Marshal Yue Fei being executed, General Chen Shao Jin (陳少金) rushed to Hang Zhou City (杭州市), but too late, by the time he reached, Marshal Yue Fei and his son’s bodies were being removed.

At the Pavilion, Chen Shao Jin was extremely upset and soon, he was blacked-out by the anger and sadness.

While Chen Shao Jin was in his coma, 3 young refugees approached him. After seeing that Chen Shao Jin was a General, the 3 young refugees began to assist him in regaining his conscious. One of the young refugees went to the nearby Taoist Temple to get the assistance from an Old Priest and immediately, they returned back to the Pavilion for the rescuing of Chen Shao Jin.

Upon reaching the Pavilion, the Old Priest examined the pulse of Chen Shao Jin and without hesitation, he gave Chen Shao Jin a Pill and after a while, Chen Shao Jin regained his conscious. By looking at the people around him, he was shocked and after exchanging of names, Chen Shao Jin came to know that the Old Priest was Long Guang Shan Ren (龍光山人), the two male refugees were - with Rounded Eyes was known as Lin Qing Huang (林慶隍) & the one with Pointed Ears was known as Jiang Luan (江巒) and the other female refugee was known as Ye Hong Ling (葉虹翎), which was a mute.

As soon as Chen Shao Jin got their names, he returned his respect and thanked Priest Long Guang and the others for saving his lives.

Due to the Pavilion was not a decent spot to talk, Priest Long Guang had invited all of them to his Taoist Temple and the others agreed.

At the moment of Chen Shao Jin and the other 3 refugees stepped into the Temple, they felt a strange feeling and as immediately, Chen Shao Jin fainted for the second time. During his coma, he saw a few scenes that somehow related to him but due to the blur-ness of the scenes, Chen Shao Jin couldn’t really tell whether the Heavenly Marshal that appeared in the scenes was him and as he was about to walk towards the Heavenly Marshal, he encountered with a sudden force pushing him, he woke up.

After waking up, Chen Shao Jin found out that Lin Qing Huang & Jiang Luan were there waking him up in a resting room. Just as he was about to tell them the scenes in his dream, Priest Long Guang and Ye Hong Ling came into the room. Knowing that Chen Shao Jin had a Spiritual Dream during his coma, Priest Long Guang nodded at him upon entering the room and recited a poem to him:

緣起緣滅終有盡。(Fate will appear and disappear without signals)
只是來早與來遲。(Only the time will matters)
一心修道欲得道。(With Sincerity in Oneself Cultivation)
霎時夢醒便成真。(Then Oneself will find the Truth Form of Fate)

As Priest Long Guang was reciting the Poem, Lin Qing Huang & Jiang Luan were there starting to sob and after Priest Long Guang had stopped the reciting, Chen Shao Jin suddenly realised something but due to his “Spiritual Fate” had not “arrived” yet, he couldn’t figure out what he wanted to convey and upon seeing that Chen Shao Jin’s minor wisdom had activated, Priest Long Guang was quite pleased.

At this moment, Ye Hong Ling was there looking at Chen Shao Jin and in her mind, she somehow felt that she knew him long before they had met and as she was about to signal to Priest Long Guang on this issue, Priest Long Guang smiled at her and slowly bring his hand to the forehead of Ye Hong Ling and recited a Poem to her:

原是天上一支花。(You are just like a Flower in the Heaven)
降生凡間了情緣。(But being scatter into the Mortal Realm for a reason)
世世受盡苦與樂。(You had been suffering for Generations)
只為尋得一回真。(Why? Just because you are seeking one time of Truth in Fate)

Immediately after Priest Long Guang recited the Poem to her, Ye Hong Ling’s wisdom was being enhanced and without hesitation, she kneeled down on the floor and made 9 times of Kowtows to Priest Long Guang, signalling him that she wanted to be his disciple. Looking at Ye Hong Ling, Priest Long Guang was happy and willingly to accept her but with an in-return.

Ye Hong Ling looked at him with puzzled and just as immediately, Priest Long Guang grab-hold of her hand and Chen Shao Jin’s hand and placed them together. At this point, Chen Shao Jin was puzzled too, but when both the hands were being placed together, a strange “spark”appeared and both of them could somehow relate to each other. Due to Ye Hong Ling was a mute, she could only shed her tears to acknowledge and before Chen Shao Jin was able to speak-up, Priest Long Guang stopped him and brought him to a side to convey certain messages to him.

After getting the messages from Priest Long Guang, Chen Shao Jin accepted them and on the very day, Chen Shao Jin made his trip to the Southern China as advised. Before Chen Shao Jin set off, Lin Qing Huang & Jiang Luan requested to follow him and after getting the permission from Priest Long Guang, they set off for the journey.

Seeing the 3 of them setting off for the Southern China trip, Ye Hong Ling felt sad and un-reluctant, but knowing that this was an order from Priest Long Guang, she had to accept it and from then, she started her training under Priest Long Guang.

After months of travelling, Chen Shao Jin and the two arrived at Hokkien Province, Fu Zhou County.

One day, while the three of them were resting in a rundown Taoist Temple, a young Lady abruptly dashed into the Temple looking in great horror. As soon as she entered into the Temple, a group of evil looking hooligans were found standing outside the Temple shouting at the Lady. Seeing that the Lady was being chased after by them, Chen Shao Jin approached the Lady to provide his helps while Lin Qing Huang & Jiang Luan went to the doorway to check on the situation.

As Chen Shao Jin was helping the Lady to stand up and questioning her on what had happened, the girl break-down sadly and told him that she was actually the daughter of the Magistrate Officer in this County, known as Su Hong Mei (蘇紅梅). After her father was put to death for no reason by the Emperor, her family was destroyed. And soon after her father was killed, her mother committed suicide and now, she was being chased after by the Bandits whom wanting her to be the Mistress of their Leader.

While Chen Shao Jin was comforting Su Hong Mei, the Bandits dashed into the Temple and start to fight with Lin Qing Huang & Jiang Luan, just as the Leader of the Bandits wanted to snatch Su Hong Mei away, he saw Chen Shao Jin. Chen Shao Jin was shocked by looking at the Leader of the Bandits.

Just at that split moment, the Leader of the Bandits kneeled down in front of Chen Shao Jin and cried loudly with the addressing of Chen Shao Jin as Elder Brother.

Immediately, Chen Shao Jin dashed over to hug the Leader tightly and cried together.

So who was this Leader? Actually, he was the foster brother of Chen Shao Jin known as Cai Li Xian (蔡禮線). Since young, Cai Li Xian had been staying with them due to his parent had pass-on when he was 5 years old. From then, both of them had accumulated their mutual trust and could say that, they were much more closely than real brothers.

At the age of 18, Cai Li Xian volunteered himself to serve the Country by joining Marshal Yue’s Army (岳家軍). By then, both of them lost contact. After Marshal Yue was being captured, Cai Li Xian ever went back to the hometown to look for Chen Shao Jin, but to his horror, the Mansion was being destroyed and the people were of no sight.

Just as Cai Li Xian was about to end his life, the Late-leader of the Bandit Gang, known as Robber Qing Yang (青羊盜) saved him. From then, Cai Li Xian followed Robber Qing Yang till he pass-on and the Leadership being handover to him.

Knowing that Cai Li Xian had gone thru so much suffering, Chen Shao Jin felt terrible sorry for him and promised him that, from then onwards, they wouldn’t be parting anymore.

At this moment, Su Hong Mei suddenly had the fear and unsure for Chen Shao Jin. Just as she was about to escape off, Chen Shao Jin approached her. Chen Shao Jin made his assurance to Su Hong Mei that they wouldn’t harm her and she would be safe under their protection. Upon hearing that, Su Hong Mei made her relieved and nodded her head as a form of acceptance. Before they set-off, Cai Li Xian dismissed his Bandit Group and compensated the Bandits with a huge sum of money allowing them to go back to their Hometowns.

Soon, the big group set off to the destination that Priest Long Guang advised Chen Shao Jin to go to. After another 1 month travelling, finally they arrived at the Old Taoist Premises of Heavenly Master Xu Xun (許遜天師). Standing in front of the Taoist Premises, Chen Shao Jin and the rest were delighted and touched. Just as they were wondering whom to look for, a Young Taoist Priest approached them to usher them into the Premises.

Upon entering into the Premises, Chen Shao Jin was being welcomed by an Old Priestess, whom they known as Priestess Chen (陳道姑祖). After getting the addressing title, Chen Shao Jin respectfully made his respect and was ushered to take his seat at the side Hall.

In the side Hall, Chen Shao Jin and the others had a feeling of comfort and calm, just like the feeling at Home. As they were chit-chatting and looking at the Premises, a Young Priest was there to serve them Tea. Soon, Priestess Chen arrived at the side Hall and handed a bundle of Scriptures to Chen Shao Jin, advising him to bring them to Priest Long Guang.

At first, Chen Shao Jin was shocked but after recalling the messages of Priest Long Guang, Chen Shao Jin accepted them.

Soon after the accepting of the Scriptures, Chen Shao Jin and others were prepared to leave the Premises, but just at the moment, Priestess Chen requested Cai Li Xian & Su Hong Mei to stay in the Premises for Training. At first, Chen Shao Jin was not able to relate the whole situation, but after Priestess Chen showed him a Scroll with 2 Immortals, Chen Shao Jin was enlightened and he had to accept the Fate. After a short bidding of farewell, Chen Shao Jin, Lin Qing Huang & Jiang Luan had to depart.

On the way back, Chen Shao Jin was being attacked by several groups of Bandits for a few times, but luckily, with the assistances of Lin Qing Huang & Jiang Luan, they were safe.

Within months, they arrived back at the Taoist Temple of Priest Long Guang, but to their horror, the Temple had collapsed and it seems like it was being destroyed by Fire.

By doing ransack at the whole place, Chen Shao Jin couldn’t see Priest Long Guang or Ye Hong Ling, just as the three of them were there upsetting, a mute Old Lady approached them with a Letter.

Upon getting the Letter, Chen Shao Jin opened it immediately and in the Letter, Priest Long Guang had advised him to do training accordingly to the Scriptures that Old Priestess Chen had passed to him. After he mastered the Skills, he was supposed to impart them to Lin Qing Huang & Jiang Luan. In the Letter, Priest Long Guang also told him that Ye Hong Ling was fine and doing well. Once their connection of the Fate was ripe, they were met each other again.

After reading the Letter, Chen Shao Jin was relieved but also upset and disappointed, but knowing that all these were Planned, he had to accept it and so, on that day, the three of them set off to Chen Shao Jin’s Hometown in-order to do their cultivation & training.

Years had pass and time flies.

30 years had gone since the Day, Chen Shao Jin returned to his hometown.

Even though he was performing his Taoist Cultivation, he couldn’t forget about Ye Hong Ling & Priest Long Guang.

One Day, while Chen Shao Jin was travelling to the Southern China again, he saw Priest Long Guang & Ye Hong Ling. Just at the moment of him rushing over, Priest Long Guang & Ye Hong Ling disappeared in the crowd. After combing the whole area, he was not able to spot them and as he was about to leave the place, suddenly someone pat on his shoulder. Upon turning, he saw Priest Long Guang & Ye Hong Ling. With delighted, he kneeled down to pay his respect to Priest Long Guang.

After a short chit-chatting, Priest Long Guang told Chen Shao Jin that this would be the last time that they seeing each other, cos’ soon, Priest Long Guang would need to report back to the “source”. Upon hearing that, Chen Shao Jin was puzzled by the term of reporting back to the “source”, just as Chen Shao Jin was about to ask, Ye Hong Ling stopped him and signalled to him that, when time was ripe, he would know.

On the night of their Reunion, a strange Red Ray appeared in the Sky and slowly, the Ray shined onto the Inn that they were staying. As Chen Shao Jin was about to gather the rest to look at the Red Ray, Ye Hong Ling dashed over to Chen Shao Jin’s room to ask him over to Priest Long Guang’s room.

Upon entering, Chen Shao Jin was shocked to see the Red Ray was shining onto Priest Long Guang.

As Chen Shao Jin approached Priest Long Guang, Priest Long Guang passed him a small Amulet and advised Chen Shao Jin to open up after he had gained his Immortal-hood. By hearing that, Chen Shao Jin couldn’t hold on to his sadness and he started to cry out loudly.

Soon, the Red Ray started to weaken and by the time the Red Ray disappeared, Priest Long Guang had also gained his Immortal-hood.

With the accompanied of the Rain-pour and Wind, Priest Long Guang had return back to his “source”.

After the Funeral was over, Chen Shao Jin remembered the Amulet that Priest Long Guang had passed to him. Upon opening, he saw a Letter with 4 Phrases:

今生能遇屬天意。(In this Life, we are fated to meet with Heavenly’s Will)
有為修煉能成真。(With the assistances of Sincerity, we will be able to achieve the Best)
世世姻緣若能了。(With such achievements, we will be able to put down everything)
自然回返太虛宮。(And with that, we will be able to depart and return to our Source)

After a few times of reading and reciting, finally Chen Shao Jin understood the meaning.

At this moment, Ye Hong Ling approached him to signal him that, its time for them to continue their Cultivation and by looking back at her, Chen Shao Jin nodded his head to show his acceptance and with Ye Hong Ling, Lin Qing Huang and Jiang Luan, the four of them entered into a deep forest for their Cultivation and from then, no one had even seen them again.

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Master Lei Hai Qing's Song – Sing with Smile & Drunk with Enjoyment (田都雷海青之唱笑醉臥舞)


Dear All,

In here is a Song/Poem that being composed in showing the Art Talent of Master Lei Hai Qing or the so called Marshal Tian Du of Tang Dynasty.

In this Song/Poem, it tells us how he created the Music/Drama to please the Tang Emperor and also the Concubine.

Besides that, it also describe/hint us that, Master Lei is also a person who got his Idea/Creativity from drinking – in-order to get drunk to see Illusions/scenes that needed for the composing of Songs/Dramas.

For those who are interested, you can learn to “Sing” the Song, but due to the Language used to write this Song/Poem was in Hockchew Dialect, so some words might sounds a bit different.

Nong Di Du. Wan Yun Ban

Translated: Di Du & Yun Ban are 2 types of Musical Instruments used in Tang Music aka Southern/Northern Music.

Tiao Ge Le Gao Tian Di Zhuan

Translated: Once the Music started, Dancing & Performance will begin. Tian Di & Tian Du are being pronounced the same in Tang Dynasty Dialect and this is how, Lei Hai Qing got his title of Tian Du in Tang Dynasty.

Wu Ge Le Gao Da Qing Xiao

Translated: With the Enjoying Dance, everyone will enjoy to the fullest and forget about all Doubts & Troubles.

Chang De Le Gao Yin Rao Rao

Translated: Every corner in the Palace is filled with Happy Singing.

Tang Gong Yi Qu Qing Xiao Yao

Translated: With the composing of the Song “Qing Xiao Yao” .

Le Di Ming Huang Mi Lie Mu

Translated: Emperor Ming Huang was satisfied with the effort that Master Lei had put in.

Xie Tai Yi Chu You Yue Gong

Translated: With the performance of the Show of “Visiting to the Moon Palace”.

Xi Sha Gui Fei Sha Chun Feng

Translated: Concubine Yang was being delighted.

Ji Di Han Lin Bian Chang Qu

Translated: Remembering the time that Master Lei did his composing in the Han Ling Court

Nian Di Dang Nian Xiao Zui Wo

Translated: Everyday was Enjoying and filled with Laughter & Drunk.

Sheng Wu Bu Zhi Sui Shi Sui

Translated: Only then, he realised who is him and who had brought him into this World.

Yang Wu Yuan Zhi Tian Di Zhong

Translated: They are the Heaven & Earth whom give him his Life.

Xiao Xiao Xiao. Chang Chang Chang

Translated: With Laughter & Singing,

Wu Wu Wu. Zui Zui Zui

Translated: With Dancing & Drinking.

Yi Meng He Xu Huang Liang Chui

Translated: Do I need a long period to wait be Happy?

Jiu Niang Zhi Da Jiu Xiao Gong

Translated: My Answer is No Need, cos with my Drinking, I will be able to Enjoy to the fullest just like an Immortal.

Research Article on Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (閩北張公研究文獻)

In here, Jave had scanned a series of 9 pictures on the Research Article from a Taoist Magazine that published in Year 2009.

In this Article, you will be able to read more on the various Stories/Myth/History of Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (張公聖君) aka Fa Zhu Gong (法主公).

For those who are unable to see the Pictures here, you can visit the following link to retrieve the High Res Pictures:

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Introduction of Heavenly Unicorn Officer (三界麒麟天官簡介)

A lot of People had encountered or seen this Heavenly Unicorn Officer (三界麒麟天官), but most of the People are not aware of the Function, Task & History Background of this Special Heavenly Officer.

Recently, after Vabien Lee had made a Brief Introduction on this Heavenly Officer, many People started to get more aware of him and was interested in finding out more on him (Link at:

In here, Jave will do a quick Introduction on the History Background of this Special Heavenly Officer (the more known and realistic one).

According to what Jave knows, this Heavenly Officer was a Real Person in our Chinese History that occurred in Tang Dynasty.

The Story goes like that:

In Tang Dynasty (唐朝), after Empress Wu (武則天) was being overthrown, the Li Empire (李氏皇朝) regained its Empire-ship.

Few years after Emperor Zhong Zong (唐中宗李顯) ascended the Throne, in the Southern Part of China, a Boy with the name of Zhou Wei Gang (周威罡) was born.

Since the Day of his Born, the Zhou Family started to encounter several Spiritual Issues, such as smelling un-known Fragrances in the Premises, seeing Light Rays appearing on top of the House, finding special Bird species flying into the backyard, etc.

At 3 years old, Zhou Wei Gang was able to memorize the Chinese Classic that his Elder Brothers studied on.

By the age of 4, Zhou Wei Gang started to able to command Animals or Birds in the Premises to pluck Fruits & Flowers for him.

One Day, when Zhou Wei Gang was about 12 years, a Taoist Master approached the Zhou Mansion.

Upon entering into the Mansion, the Taoist Master walked straight to where Zhou Wei Gang was standing and told him that soon you would be able to return back to the Place of where you came from.

At the moment, the Parent and other Siblings were shocked but instead, Zhou Wei Gang was smiling happily and nodded his head showing that he somehow knew it.

From that day onwards, almost every night, Zhou Wei Gang’s room would be filled with Laughter and Conversation sounds and whenever the Family Members peeked into the room, they couldn’t see anything but only Light Rays floating around.

At first, the father was worried that Zhou Wei Gang might had offended some Beings and so, on the 15th Day of Lunar Month, he went to the nearest Temple to engage Spiritual Masters to his Mansion to conduct the Warding Off of Negative Entities Ritual but when the Spiritual Masters were about to start the Ritual, they would be punished for no reasons and soon, the news spread out to the whole County.
After a month, this news reached the Imperial Palace and Emperor Zhong Zong was surprised and delighted to know that in his Era, there were such People existing and so, immediately, he made an Order for Zhou Wei Gang to come into the Imperial Palace to meet up with him (Emperor Zhong Zong was an Emperor that deeply believed in Spiritual Beings & Immortals).

On the Day of Zhou Wei Gang’s arrival, the Imperial Palace was filled with a strange Fragrance and as Zhou Wei Gang was walking into the Main Hall, Emperor Zhong Zong was deeply attracted by his Immortally look.

Upon paying his respect to Emperor Zhong Zong, Zhou Wei Gang was being order to take his Seat at the Right-side of the Hall.

At this moment, one of the High-ranking Officers was quite unpleased with the benefit that Zhou Wei Gang got from Emperor Zhong Zong and he started to claim that Zhou Wei Gang was an Evil Being that spread rumours and created Un-realistic Teaching for the Commoners.

Knowing that the Officer was jealous, Zhou Wei Gang had to stand up and made his report that he was born in this form and slowly, he told Emperor Zhong Zong his life-time encounters, etc.

After hearing the life-time stories of Zhou Wei Gang, Emperor Zhong Zong was deeply attracted by him and admired Zhou Wei Gang’s Spiritual Power and so, on that very Day, Zhou Wei Gang was being bestowed by Emperor Zhong Zong as his Empire Tian Guan (朝中天官一職) for performing Predictions and Conducting Spiritual Requests for the Country & People. Besides that, he was being bestowed with a Red Robes (紅綢緞袍), Gold Belt (金腰帶), Double Golden Flower Hat (雙錦花烏紗) and an Amulet Bag for placing Special Documents & Records (金鑲帶錦囊), this was to represent that he was a Well-treated Officer and Special Graded Officer for the Empire.

From then, Zhou Wei Gang was being treated well in the Imperial Court and whenever Emperor Zhong Zong needed his Spiritual Power for Reporting to the Celestial Realms, Emperor Zhong Zong would personally made his trip to the Office of Zhou Wei Gang to make his order.

Soon, this action was being jealously remembered by a few Crude Officers in the Tang Empire.

On the Day of Zhou Wei Gang’s Birthday (Lunar 20 years old), Emperor Zhong Zong threw a banquet for him and invited the High-ranking Officers to join in the Celebration. Just as Emperor Zhong Zong started to get drunk and being sent back to his Resting Chamber, one of the Crude Officers approached Zhou Wei Gang to toast him with Wine.

Knowing that if he didn’t drink with the Officer, he would offend the other few Crude Officers and so, Zhou Wei Gang had to accept it and slowly, the few other Crude Officers came forward to toast him.

After 10 odd rounds of toasting and drinking, Zhou Wei Gang started to get drunk and just as at immediately, Zhou Wei Gang began to spit blood. Within moments, Zhou Wei Gang collapsed onto the floor and after the Imperial Physicians rushed to the Celebration Venue, Zhou Wei Gang was announced died.

Upon getting the news, Emperor Zhong Zong fell from his Dragon-bed (龍床) and without hesitation, he dashed to the Venue and with his horror, he saw Zhou Wei Gang laid there still and cold.

Due to Emperor Zhong Zong doted & admired Zhou Wei Gang a lot, his departure made Emperor Zhong Zong felt that something precious had really gone and just as Emperor Zhong Zong was about to approach the body, a gust of Warm Breeze blew cross and a loud roar of the some creatures was heard above them.

By looking up, Emperor Zhong Zong and the other Officers were shocked to see Zhou Wei Gang wearing the same Apparel that Emperor Zhong Zong bestowed upon him, riding a Unicorn, slowly ascended into the Celestial Realm.

At first, Emperor Zhong Zong & the other Officers thought that they had saw illusions but after Zhou Wei Gang shouted to Emperor Zhong Zong on thanking him for his bestowing & caring, Emperor Zhong Zong & the other Officers believed in what they had saw.

Slowly, Zhou Wei Gang disappeared into the Sky and on the spot, Emperor Zhong Zong bestowed the pass-on Zhou Wei Gang was San Jie Qi Ling Tian Guan Jian Xun Shi Tian Xia Ci Fu Shi (三界麒麟天官兼巡視天下賜福使), from then, Zhou Wei Gang was being “appointed” as the Deity for Making Requests for Beings and also, to transmit any form of Messages to the Celestial Realms (傳達天命與代言).

And this is how, San Jie Qi Lin Tian Guan or so-called the Unicorn Officer is being invited in Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies nowadays.

Due to Cultural-revolution and Changes, now many Places do not used this Unicorn Officer despite, the People will used Jin Jia Shen aka The Golden Armour Marshal (金甲神) & Master Zhu aka Zhu Wen Gong (朱文公) to take over the position of Qi Lin Tian Guan.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Taoist Chanting Device/Machine for Altar & Rituals (道教誦經儀/機)

Dear All,

Good news for All Taoists, finally this Taoist Chanting Device is in Singapore. After Years of searching, finally was able to import it from Taiwan into Singapore.

So you may ask what is this Device used for?

In here, I will do a simple Introduction on the various Chanting.

In this Device, there are 4 Chanting of different Official Titles of our Taoist High Position Deities.

1st – Fu Sheng Wu Liang Tian Zun (福生無量天尊)

This can be played at anytime and anywhere. This is to request for Prosperity Blessing & also Eternal Peace & Tranquillity.

2nd – Xiao Zai Yan Shou Tian Zun (消災延壽天尊)

This can be played on every 7th Day of the Lunar Month when Lord Nan Bei Dou (南北斗星君) descended into the Mortal World for Inspection & Recording. This can be played also on Rituals/Ceremonies that conducted to honour Lord Nan Bei Dou & Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君).

3rd – Yu Huang She Zui Tian Zun (玉皇赦罪天尊)

This can be played during the Honouring of Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) on the 9th Day of Lunar 1 Month, 6th Day of Lunar 6 Month when “Heavenly Gate” is “Opened” (天貺日) or 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month when Jade Emperor of Heaven conducted his Annual Inspection (玉皇出巡朝).

Last – Tai Yi Jiu Ku Tian Zun (太乙救苦天尊)

This can be played during Salvation period such as Qing Ming (清明), 7th Month (中元普度), Homes/Temples that honoured Lord Tai Yi (太乙十方救苦天尊) or during Taoist Funeral Wakes (道教喪禮).

Some of the Temples that installed with Ancestral Halls, this can be played too.

So what is the size of the Device?

It is quite small, about the size of a Singapore EZlink Card.

So what is it operated with?

This Device just needs Two AA size batteries and it will last for quite sometime.

This Device can be connected to a Hi-fi set for Sound-amplifying.


For those who are interested in getting one of such Device, please do let me know as soon as possible, so that I can place order for you.

Incantation for the Escaping from the Five Elements (盾出五行密咒)


2 weeks ago, while a few of my China Elders from China were in Singapore for a Taoist Ceremony, had a chance to meet up with them for a quick chat. It was great to have such a gathering for after so many years of contacting thru phones. Finally, able to see them face to face and had a “real” chat over the dinner.

During the chit-chatting, we had discussed on certain topics, such as the differences in the honouring methods, Deities, Scriptures and Incantations.

After going in-depth into the Topic of the Incantations, one of the Elders had impart me an Incantation for us, as Cultivating People, to train on in-order to “Escape-away” from the various affections that the Five Elements emitted on a Mortal.

Upon getting the Incantation, I was shocked and was delighted to have learnt something new (this Incantation is not stated in any Records that we can find in Bookstores yet). After learning, I sincerely asked for Permission for the sharing of this Incantation and happily, my Elders agreed and was happy to share with more People.

In the following, it will be the Incantation:

Feng Huo Lei Dian. Hun Dun Wu Xing

Ri Yue Xing Guang. Guang Yao Tian Di.

Xuan Huan Wu Jin. Shi Yu Wu Shi

Yu He Yu Zhen. Shen He San Yuan

Wu Xing Wu Jin. San Tai Bao Shen

San Yuan Yi Ti. De Da Dao Zhen

Yi Xia Wei Shang. Yi Shang Wei Zun

Yi Qi Ning Jie. Xu Sheng Tian Men

Tian Men Ling Qiao. Xu Huan Wu Men

Yi Dian Neng Tong. Wu Xing Dun Kong

Ci Nai Dun Chu Wu Xing Ba Gua Zhi Jue Yi

For those who are interested in Cultivating this Incantation, firstly, please do master and understand the Incantation itself. Understand every individual phrases.

Once ready, do let me know, I will impart the simple diagram for you to cultivate on the Practical Motions.

Happy Learning and hope it does assist you all.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Praising for the Lighting of Lamps in Temple (廟中点灯祈愿文)


Recently, since Lunar New Year Period till now, many People had approached Jave for the details of which Temple in Singapore allowed the Lighting of Lamps and which Temple got Good Spiritual Masters or Teachers that performed the Lighting of Lamps for Devotees. But after giving them Directions and Recommendations, some of the Members were not satisfied with the Temples, etc.

Reasons for the Dis-satisfaction were:

1 the Temple is not providing a good service for the Lighting of Lamps

2 the Temple does not have the Type of Lamps that Oneself wanted to Light

3 the Temple requested for a Great Amount in the Lighting of Lamps

4 the Temple does not provide a Good After service after the Lighting of Lamps (such as performing the Chanting or Enhancing regularly)

5 the Temple does not have any Spiritual Masters or Teachers to perform the Lighting of Lamps

With all these Comments & Complaints, Jave decided to share with ALL of you here on a few Simple Procedures on the Lighting of the Blessing Lamps in a Temple if there isn’t anyone to assist Oneself in the Lighting.

Here it goes:

Step 1:

Registered for a Lamp/Candle, retrieve the Lamp/Candle from the Counter and tell them that you will be doing the Requesting for yourself

Step 2:

Light the Incenses and pay respect to Heaven, Main Deities in the Temple and last, return back to the Main Altar where you going to make your Requests and Lighting of the Lamp (do not place the Incenses into the Urn)

Step 3:

Light the Lamp. For Temples that provide the Red-Lantern type, hold on to the Lantern with both Hands

Step 4:

Sincerely make 3 Bows and then Kneel down

Step 5:

Report who you are, where you stay and then your Request

Step 6:

Recite the following Praise for the Lighting of the Blessing Lamp

Yuan Ci Deng Guang. Guang Zhao Shi Fang San Jie Tian

Yuan Ci Deng Huo. Huo Ying San Jie Jie Wan Nan

Yuan Ci Deng Ming. Ming Liang Hua Cheng Shun Qi Dao

Jing Ci Deng Shu. Xin Hua Yi Zhan Xian Sheng Qian

Guang Huo Ming Shu. Dian Dian Xiao Chu Zhong E Nan

Shang Feng Gao Zhen Hua Dao Xin

Xia Ji You Ming Li Hei An

Zhi Xin Jing Deng Li Zhu Sheng

Jie De Guang Ming Xin Yan Qing

Xi You Guang Ming Ran Ci Deng

Gong Xian Li Jie Zhu Sheng Qian

Wu Yu Guang Da San Jie Jing

San Bao Shi Zun Hu Fa Deng

Qi Yuan Fu Mu De Chang Sheng

Qi Yuan Guo Tai Min An Ding

Ci Sheng Yi Ji Ge Suo Sheng

Jie Deng De Dao Yu Da Cheng

Yuan Yu Da Dao He Wei Yi

Yuan Da San Bao Zhen Jiao Yi

Wu Deng Ru Ci Fa Suo Yuan

Yuan Yuan Cheng Zhen Guang Ming Qian

Step 7:

After Reciting, make 3 Sincere Bows and then Stand-up and place the Lamp at the respective area or Hand the Lantern to the Temple Keeper for Hanging up.

Step 8:

Once the Lamp is being put in Place or Lantern is being Hang-up, placed the Incenses into the Urn and then retrieve any Paper-offerings for Burning

Once ALL these Steps are Done, it will be Considered as Successfully Lighted a Good Blessing Lamp.

In the future, when returning to the Temple for Honouring of the Deities, remember to Recite the Above Praise again. It will help in accumulating the Blessing for Oneself or the Family.

Last but not Least, ALL the Best to ALL of you.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Long Shan Men Celebrating Mothers’ Day 2010 (正一龍山門之母親節祈福儀式)

Today (9 of May), the 2nd Weekend of May, a Day that dedicated to ALL the Mothers in the Mortal Realm.

As usual, Long Shan Men (正一龍山門), will conduct a Simple Ceremony & Requesting of Blessing for the Mothers (Honouring of Dou Mu Yuan Jun 斗姆元君 & Mother Queen 西華元君).

This Year, Long Shan Men is proud to have Long Shan Dong Ji Qing Hua Gong (龍山東極青華宮) & Zheng Yi Long Shan Fei Jie Fu (正一龍山飛捷府) to join in the Simple but yet Official Ceremony dedicating to ALL the Mothers.

In here, Long Shan Men will like to wish ALL Mothers a Happy Mothers’ Day and hope ALL of you will enjoy this Special & Meaningful Day.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy Mothers' Day 2010 (天下偉大母親節)

Its Mothers' Day again, remember to send your little regards to your lovely Mum, I'm sure she will be susprise and delighted.

Wishes ALL Mothers here, a Happy Mothers' Day.

May you all enjoy this Wonderful Day.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Introduction on Prince of Fiery Dragon (去厄消災火龍太子簡介)

In here, Jave Wu will like to do a brief introduction on another Taoist Deity that being Forgotten by the Mass-Taoist-Population.

This Deity is known as Prince of Fiery Dragon, in Chinese, known as Huo Long Tai Zi (火龍太子).

According to Records, Huo Long Tai Zi was being widely honoured and respected in Late Song Dynasty & Early Yuan Dynasty and then was being neglected till Late Ming Dynasty and Extinct in Qing Dynasty until China Cultural Revolution ended, then it appeared again in the Northern China Taoist Culture.

As we can see from the Timeline, actually Huo Long Tai Zi had been with us for more than 1000 years, but why he was being neglected & abandoned?

Reasons are:

1 Due to it was not being Promoted uprightly
2 Due to the quick change in Taoist Culture & Belief
3 Due to his Authority was being over-taken by other more Popular Deities during the Transition Period
4 Due to the Ending of Song Dynasty

As shown in Taoist Contexts, Huo Long Tai Zi was actually referring to the First Emperor of Song Dynasty, which is Zhao Kuang Yin (趙匡胤) aka Emperor Song Tai Zu (宋太祖). In some Contexts, he was also being addressed as Er Lu Yuan Shuai (二路元帥).

After Zhao Kuang Yin got onto the Throne, the Society was quite satisfied with the result and the credit that he had put in and after Zhao Kuang Yin had passed-on, one year where the Song Empire encountered a serious Natural Disaster, a Taoist Master dreamt that Zhao Kuang Yin had subdued a Fiery Dragon and upon subduing the Dragon, the Natural Disaster was ceased. After then, the Taoist Master got the assistance from a Scroll Painter to draw out a Picture of Zhao Kuang Yin riding on a Fiery Dragon, travelling around the whole World to cease Disaster. Due to Zhao Kuang Yin was an Emperor of the Song Empire, his name was not able to being addressed directly and also due to Official Restrictions, Zhao Kuang Yin’s name was not able to be mentioned on the Scroll and so, upon getting the permission “spiritual” from Zhao Kuang Yin, the Taoist Master got an “order” to address him as Huo Long Tai Zi. And this was how Huo Long Tai Zi came about.

After the Scroll was being mass-produced for distribution, the Belief of Huo Long Tai Zi started to increase and within a short period, the whole Song Empire was being introduced to Huo Long Tai Zi. Due to in Song Dynasty, there was a rise in the Belief of Jade Emperor of Heaven aka Yu Huang Da Tian Zun (玉皇大天尊), slowly People started to associated Huo Long Tai Zi was the “Son” of Yu Huang due to the addressing-term of Prince and so, it somehow assist the Popularity of Huo Long Tai Zi to increase faster.

Besides that, due to the “Spiritual Effects” after putting up the Scroll of Huo Long Tai Zi (un-explainable by Science), the honouring of Huo Long Tai Zi became more Popular.

But soon after the Jin Troop invaded Song Empire and the last few Song Emperors were being forced to leave the Capital, Surrendered, Captured, etc, the Popularity of Huo Long Tai Zi started to decline and last, disappeared from the Honouring System of the Song Taoist Culture.
After Yuan Dynasty was being defeated and chased out from the China Land, Ming Dynasty arises Proudly in our Chinese History. And with the assistance of the Myths & Legends that added onto the background of Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang (朱元璋), People started to associate him with Deities again and soon, Huo Long Tai Zi appeared again.

This time round, Huo Long Tai Zi didn’t appeared as one of the Deities that ceased Natural Disasters, but becoming a Deity that could Ward-off Negative Entities and providing Peace. Soon, the Belief of Huo Long Tai Zi started to increase again and within a period, the whole Ming Empire was being “Equipped” with Huo Long Tai Zi and this time round, Huo Long Tai Zi even entered into the Culture & Beliefs of the Tribal Troupes in Tibet & Extreme Northern China.

But again, due to the Downfall of the Ming Empire at the later part of the History, the honouring of Huo Long Tai Zi stopped and from then, it became weaker and slowly being forgotten by the Population. Only in the Northern China, Huo Long Tai Zi was still being honoured as a Protector.

And so, what is the Real Identity of Huo Long Tai Zi in Taoist Contexts?

To be more accurate, Huo Long Tai Zi is one of the Assistance Immortals in the Taoist Deity System.

In some Contexts, Huo Long Tai Zi was one of the assistants of Ma Zu (媽祖), which assist Ma Zu in finding the Suffering Beings.

According to some descriptions, Huo Long Tai Zi ride on a Red/Orange Dragon, both hands holding on to 2 Mirrors – 1 represent Yin & other represent Yang. Whenever there are accidents or drowning incidents, the Mirrors will shine onto the spot like a Lantern and from there, Ma Zu will make her way to perform the rescue.

Another form was, Huo Long Tai Zi look quite similar to Lord of Sun aka Tai Yang Xing Jun (太陽星君),which he will ride on a Red Dragon to travel around the World to assist the Sufferings/Needy.

And so, nowadays who is there still honouring him?

Now only in Northern China such as Yunnan People is still honouring Huo Long Tai Zi. Whenever the People felt that their issues are not able to solve, they will approach their Spiritual Masters and after the Spiritual Masters do chanting on the Paper with printed Huo Long Tai Zi’s picture, they will proceed with the burning off or paste the Paper in the House, hoping that Huo Long Tai Zi will come to their place to perform the Salvation.

Besides that, in Taiwan, few years ago, one of the Temples also started to bring back the honouring of Huo Long Tai Zi, but too bad is that, the image of Huo Long Tai Zi changed to look like Zhong Tan Yuan Shuai (中壇元帥), which tend to confuse the people.

In Summary

In the future, when you come across a Deity with the above descriptions, do try to find out more, maybe in somewhere in South East Asia, we can still find Huo Long Tai Zi existing to assist the Needy.

Spiritual Beings Book Series (中國靈異總動員系列)

Category:   Books
Price:   S$9.90 - S$15.90

Dear All,

In here, Jave will like to introduce a Series of 10 Books to you all.

In this 10 Books Series, you will have a chance to read & understand about the Various Spiritual Beings such as Taoist Deities, Immortals, Fairies, Spiritual Masters, Animals Spirits, Ghost, etc etc.

Besides that, in this Series, there are also 2 Books that concentrate on introducing the various Spiritual Beings in Buddhism and other Religions.

For those who are interested to get the Books, you may proceed to Big Bookshop or Du Yi Bookstore located at Singapore Chinatown Point (have been sending out Orders for People, but due to tight project schedule nowadays, Jave wont be taking any more orders for People).

For Overseas Members, you might wished to search these Books Online.

The ISBN are:


These Books are published in Taiwan under the Publisher known as Han Xin Wen Hua Shi Ye You Xian Gong Si (漢欣文化事業有限公司).

Do grab them while stock last.

Ma Zu Manifestation Anniversary Honouring at Sembawang Tian Hou Temple (庚寅年天上聖母暖壽祭祀)

Yesterday (5th of May), Vabien Lee, Gerald Lim and I performed our Annual Regular Task by visiting Sembawang Tian Hou Temple to pay our respect to Tian Shang Sheng Mu Ma Zu (天上聖母媽祖) for her Manifestation Anniversary Celebration.

At about 3.00Pm, we arrived at the Temple after getting our necessary Offerings. Upon reaching the Temple, we were shocked by the sight of the Un-countable number of Paper Robes that the Devotees had offered to Ma Zu.

After having a quick glance at the Robes, we went into the Temple to pay our respect to Ma Zu and about 30 minutes, upon completing the whole routine of Reporting, Offering of Incenses, Burning of Paper and honouring the Tu Di Shen (土地神) at the Side Altar, we proceed to the Sembawang Cai Shen Temple (三巴旺財神廟) to greet our Dearest Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (趙公明天君).

At about 4.30Pm, we left the Temples and proceed to Town waiting for the timing to go for the Anniversary Dinner of Taoism Singapore Online Group.

PS: For those who wished to get the Enhanced Gold Card from Sembawang Tian Hou Temple, please do act fast while Stock last (Celebration will go on for the next 2 Days). Besides that, for those who contributed a sum of S$12.00, you will get a Goodie Bag of Enhanced Items by the Ma Zu.

Thanks to Vabien for sharing with us the Pictures.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Grand Talisman of Ma Zu 02 (天上聖母媽祖華誕大符)

In here, Jave will like to introduce this Grand Talisman of Ma Zu to all of you.

This is the New design that Taiwan will be using for this Year's Ma Zu Manifestation Anniversary (天上聖母媽祖華誕).

Next Year, 2011, Long Shan Men (正一龍山門), will be printing this Grand Talisman dedicating to Ma Zu for distributing, for those who are interested, can approached me for the Enhanced Talisman.

Last of All, may Ma Zu bestowed her Blessing to ALL of us.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Manifestation Anniversary of Ma Zu 2010 (庚寅年天上聖母媽祖華誕)

Ma Zu aka The Immortal Maiden or Heavenly Empress of the Sea, in Taoism, we addressed her as Tian Shang Sheng Mu Ma Zu (天上聖母媽祖).

According to Taoist Scripture, the Only & Official Taoist Scripture dedicating to Ma Zu, known as Tai Shang Lao Jun Shuo Tian Fei Jiu Ku Ling Yan Jing (太上老君說天妃救苦靈驗經), Ma Zu was actually the Manifestation of the Energy from the Great North Dipper Star Group (or Dou Mu Yuan Jun 斗姆元君) into a Lady Immortal (known as Miao Xing Yu Nv 妙行玉女) which had overcome multiple testing & obstacles before gaining her Immortal-hood.

After which, Miao Xing Yu Nv was called upon by the Supreme Lord (道德天尊) to the gathering for the appointment of the task to descend into the Mortal Realm to perform the necessary Salvation for the Suffering Beings.

Upon getting the appointment, Miao Xing Yu Nv made her Sincerest & Greatest Vow of ceasing of ALL Sufferings before she returned back to the Celestial Realm again and so, upon getting the Vow, Miao Xing Yu Nv was being sent off to get her Re-incarnation aka Manifestated into Mortal at Song Dynasty Jia Shen Year 23rd Day of Lunar 3 Month (AD 960宋朝建隆元年农历三月年三日) in the Lin Family (降生莆田湄洲岛林家之中) – given Maiden Name as Lin Mo or Lin Mo Niang (林默/林默娘).

Since young, Mo Niang had been going around to assist the Needy, regardless of strangers or people she knew.

By the age of 8, one day while Mo Niang was out in the Sea-side to waiting for her father to return from the Sailing, a Elegant Lady approached her and passed her a few Books on Unknown Writings & Diagrams. Upon getting hold of the Books, Mo Niang was puzzled but after getting some advises from the Lady, Mo Niang accepted and promised the Lady to study all the information in the Books and understand the Diagrams.

By the age of 16, Mo Niang was able to use the Skills that mentioned in the Unknown Books to assist more Needy in her Hometown.

At the age of 28, on the 8th Night of Lunar 9 Month, Mo Niang got a dream from the Elegant Lady again, this time round Mo Niang finally knew who she was – Zi Guang Fu Ren (紫光夫人). After getting the advises from Zi Guang Fu Ren, Mo Niang decided to leave home on the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month to gain her Immortal-hood at the Highest Peak in her hometown.

On Song Dynasty AD 987, 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month (宋雍熙四年九月初九日得道), Mo Niang got her Immortal-hood and was summoned back to the Celestial Realm to receive her Official Title before she was being sent back to the Mortal Realm to assist the Needy again.

In Southern Taoism Culture, Ma Zu was a highly respect Lady Immortal by the Taoists & also Chinese. Every year, during her Manifestation Anniversary, ALL Temples that dedicated to Ma Zu in Southern China will conduct Supreme Rituals/Ceremonies to honour Ma Zu as a form of Gratitude for her hardship in Salvaging the Sufferings & Blessings.

Till today, in Hokkien Pu Tian Mei Zhou County (中國福建省莆田湄州), on the 23rd Day of Lunar 3 Month, tons & tons of Devotees will flocked to the Main Ancestral Temple of Ma Zu to pay their respect to her in-order to request for Blessing through-out the Year.

So in Singapore, what can Oneself do to honour Ma Zu?

For Taoists, we can just prepare the Taoist 5 Offerings/10 Offerings (道教五供/十供) to honour Ma Zu as these Offerings can consider as the Highest Respect in Taoist Culture.

Besides that, Oneself can add in some Traditional Cake/Cookies (傳統糕點) stuffs such as Longevity Peach Buns (壽桃包), Longevity Noodles (壽麵), Huat Kueh (發糕), Ang Ku Kueh (紅龜粿) & Ang Ee (紅圓包).

As for the Paper Offerings, actually for us Taoists, we can save up the Paper Offerings, as long as Oneself is able to prepare 3 sticks of Good Long Incenses and a pair of 24hours Red Candles for Ma Zu, Oneself and the whole Family will be Blessed.

Due to Ma Zu had made her Greatest Vow to Salvage the Mortals, the Honouring shall be Simple and filled with Sincerity, rather than Grand but Commercializing.

And One that WE ALL must remember to do while preparing any form of Offerings for Ma Zu. Remember to prepare the following Label (print out on Pink or Red Paper) and stick onto any form of Offerings that dedicated to Ma Zu. This is an Old Traditional method of Honouring Ma Zu while Oneself is making certain Request or Blessing. By doing so, Oneself’s Name & Address will be recorded by the 2 Generals of Ma Zu and whenever Oneself needed the assistance of them, just by Calling Ma Zu’s Name of Title, she will be there to provide the assistance.

Ma Zu Official Title Label (do remember to write your name & address at the blank space at the bottom of the Label):

So in Singapore, where can Oneself honour Ma Zu?

In Singapore, there are quite a number of Old Temples that Oneself can visit to Honour Ma Zu, in the following is the List of Temples:

1 Yue Hai Qing Temple located at Phillip Street
2 Tian Fu Gong located at Amoy Street
3 Ban Gang Tian Hou Temple located at Sengkang
4 Sembawang Tian Hou Temple located at Admiralty Road
5 Kampong San Teng Tian Hou Temple located at Sin Ming Industrial Estate
6 Wan Shou Shan Guan Yin Tang located at Telok Blangah Height infront of Blk 54
7 Hainan Association Tian Hou Temple located at Beach Road

Last of All, may Tian Shang Sheng Mu Ma Zu bestowed her Blessing to ALL and hope that the World will have lesser Disaster in the next 1 year.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Pictures of Lord of Sun Palace Tai Yang Xing Jun (日宮普照天尊太陽星君)

Lord of Sun Palace, in short addressed as Lord Sun, in Chinese, we known it as Tai Yang Xing Jun (太陽星君) or in Folks Term known as Tai Yang Gong (太陽公).

Honouring of Sun in Taoism can be traced back to 7000 years ago when Chinese (Caveman) started to understand the importance of the Energy that emitted out from the Sun.

According to Scientific Records, Sun was being formed 4.5 Billion Years ago (4,500,000,000), which is about 140,000,000,000 Years after the Taoist Big Bang took place (where Dou Mu & Dou Fu collated together to form the Universe, for more info, please refer to this link:

In Han Dynasty (漢朝), Honouring of Lord of Sun was being classified into the 8 Major Deities (八大祀神) that the Emperor & the Imperial Officers must honoured. And so, in a Year, the Imperial Court will conduct 2 Major Honouring Ceremonies for the 8 Major Deities and the Emperor & Imperial Officers (文武百官) had to travel to the far-east Boundary (東郊) of the Country (some said the Mountain Tai 泰山) to offer their Respect to the Lord of Sun in-order to request for Blessing for the Country for the Year or the coming Year.

Later part in the History of China, after Human became more Civilised and Well-educated and due to the Finalizing of the Taoist Deity System, Statues of Lord of the Sun started to create and in Song Dynasty (宋朝), most of the Taoist Temples in China, Statues dedicated to Lord of Sun could be seen.

Peak of honouring of Lord of Sun started in Ming Dynasty & Early Qing Dynasty after the Qing Army Troops invaded China and the Manchurian started to force the Ming Emperor to give up the Throne. After Emperor Chong Zhen (崇禎帝) hung himself on Mountain Mei (煤山), the Ming Commoners started to list the Date of 19th Day of Lunar 3 Month as the Day of the Manifestation Anniversary of Lord of Sun. This was not only to pay respect to Lord of Sun but also to symbolise that Ming Dynasty was not being defeated. There were still People of Ming Empire living in the Society waiting for the Ming Empire to re-start again (反清復明).

So in Taoism, what is the Major Task of Lord of Sun?

In Taoism, Lord of Sun doesn’t only represent the Energy or Symbolism of Yang (Positive), it also represent Upright, Brightness & Smoothness.

According to Taoist Records, Lord of Sun was being appointed to look into the Movement of the Sun, such as the Energy emitted-out, the Routing Path of the Sun is in Place and whether the Beings are able to get the Shining from the Sun through-out the Year, etc (due to these Reasons, many Folks tend to mistaken Lord of Sun stay inside the Sun, which is not True).

For a Taoist to honour Lord of Sun, Oneself can request for the Eliminating of excess Negative Entities that pestering around Oneself and also, requesting of getting rid of Sicknesses & Illnesses that caused by the influences of Yin Energy.

So in Taoism Rituals/Ceremonies, when do we need to invite Lord of Sun?

There are a few circumstances that Lord of Sun needed to be invited:

1 During the Ushering of Spiritual Fire for the Lighting of the Lamps & Fire in a Grand Celebration or Salvation Ceremony (請火/乞火)

2 Lighting of the First Incense for a New Temple or Taoist Organisation (極陽迎頭香)

3 To get the Prediction from the Sun or Universe for the Year (usually Country’s Luck 測國運) on the 1st Day of the New Lunar Year (conducted with the accompany of Taoist High Priests & High Ranking Officers/Ministers)

PS: For Event Number 2 & 3, it is totally impossible to see in Singapore.

So during the Manifestation Anniversary of Lord of Sun, what shall Oneself prepared?

Due to Lord of Sun is a High Ranking Deity, usually for Taoists, we just needed to prepare the Taoist Five Offerings/Ten Offerings (道教五供/十供 Link: for the Honouring.

As for those who still wanted to follow the Traditional Culture that our Grandparents had pass-down, we can prepare 9 pieces of Pong Phia (碰餅) or Tai Yang Bing (太陽餅) for the Honouring.

After Honouring, the Pong Phia or Tai Yang Bing must be consumed by the whole Family, especially for those who are not able to give birth to Baby Boy. By consuming it, the Ladies will be blessed with Positive Energies and sooner or later, the Surname of the Family Lineage will be able to continue with a new additional Man in the Family.

Sample of Pong Phia (碰餅) or Tai Yang Bing (太陽餅):

Last of All, wishes everyone will get the Positive Blessing from Lord of Sun and for this Life, all issues will be smoothen out with the present of the sight of the Sun.

Additional Info on Lord of Sun:

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