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Video on Lv Shan Xiao Fa Rewarding of Spiritual Armies 04 (閭山小法犒軍科儀)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 4 Video Clips on the Taoist Ritual of Lv Shan Xiao Fa Rewarding of Spiritual Armies.

In the Video, you will see a few young children performing the Rewarding of Spiritual Armies under the Supervision & Guiding of a few Elders.

Hope you all enjoyed the Videos.

Video on Lv Shan Xiao Fa Rewarding of Spiritual Armies 03 (閭山小法犒軍科儀)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 4 Video Clips on the Taoist Ritual of Lv Shan Xiao Fa Rewarding of Spiritual Armies.

In the Video, you will see a few young children performing the Rewarding of Spiritual Armies under the Supervision & Guiding of a few Elders.

Hope you all enjoyed the Videos.

Video on Lv Shan Xiao Fa Rewarding of Spiritual Armies 02 (閭山小法犒軍科儀)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 4 Video Clips on the Taoist Ritual of Lv Shan Xiao Fa Rewarding of Spiritual Armies.

In the Video, you will see a few young children performing the Rewarding of Spiritual Armies under the Supervision & Guiding of a few Elders.

Hope you all enjoyed the Videos.

Video on Lv Shan Xiao Fa Rewarding of Spiritual Armies 01 (閭山小法犒軍科儀)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 4 Video Clips on the Taoist Ritual of Lv Shan Xiao Fa Rewarding of Spiritual Armies.

In the Video, you will see a few young children performing the Rewarding of Spiritual Armies under the Supervision & Guiding of a few Elders.

Hope you all enjoyed the Videos.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Introduction on the Lv Shan Sect 16 Spiritual Protectors (閭山護法十六太保)

In here, Jave will like to make an introduction on the Lv Shan Sect 16 Spiritual Protectors, in Lv Shan Sect, we address them as Tai Bao (閭山護法十六太保).


In South East Asia, this group of 16 Protectors can said to be Rare & Mystery to a lot of People. Now, even in Lv Shan Sect, a lot of the Disciples or Followers are not aware of their existence.


So when is this Group of Spiritual Protectors being evoked?


Usually during very Special Rituals such as Enhancing of Annual Fortune (改年補運), Travelling to the Nether World (觀落陰), Exiting of Spiritual Gardens (出花園), etc.


So who are the 16 Spiritual Protectors?


Here they are (sorry for not able to provide the Pictures as one of the Taiwan Scroll Masters is still working on them):


Zhang Zhen Tai Bao (張真太保)


Born in Late Tang Dynasty (生于唐朝末年), under training with Madam Chen Jing Gu (臨水夫人陳靖姑). Since young, Zhang Zhen had been going thru self-learning on Taoist Spiritual Skills under Heavenly Master Xu Xun’s school (許遜天師門下). By the age of 21, he was able to assist people in getting rid of Negative Entities & providing the necessary Luck Enhancing assistance. At the age of 24, one night, Zhang Zhen dreamt of Madam Chen Jing Gu summoning him to one of the Hills nearby his home. On the following day, Zhang Zhen followed the instruction that appeared in the dream and coincidently, he saw an Old Lady sitting on a rock by the bottom of the Hill. After Zhang Zhen pay respect to the Old Lady, the Old Lady transformed herself into a young Lady, which was Madam Chen Jing Gu. Knowing that the time was up for Zhang Zhen to get his Immortal-hood, Madam Chen Jing Gu had to lead him back to the Celestial Realm. After reaching the Celestial Realm, Zhang Zhen was given the Title of Lin Shui Zhen Xie Fu Mo Tai Bao (臨水鎮邪伏魔張真太保).                


Huang Yi Hu Tai Bao (黃一虎太保)                                  


Born in Tang Dynasty, under training with Madam Chen Jing Gu. From records, Huang Yi Hu was the son of an Officer. Due to his father got framed by An Lu Shan (安祿山) for betraying the Country, the whole family was being executed. Just as the time of Huang Family being executed, Master Xu Xun appeared to lead Huang Yi Hu to a Mountain nearby. From then, Huang Yi Hu was being advised to stay at the Mountain to perform his Cultivation until Madam Chen Jing Gu appeared. In Late Tang, after years of Madam Chen Jing Gu got his Immortal-hood and reunion with her Son, Madam Chen Jing Gu pass-by the Mountain where Huang Yi Hu was staying. After mentioning his encounters to Madam Chen Jing Gu, Huang Yi Hu was permitted to stay by her side to perform the Salvation tasks. After Huang Yi Hu got his Immortal-hood, he was being bestowed with the Title of Lin Shui Mie Yao Chu Mo Tai Bao (臨水滅妖除魔黃一虎太保).                 


Qiu Ting Tai Bao (邱霆太保)          


Born in Tang Dynasty (生于唐朝年間), under training with Madam Li San Niang (臨水李三娘). At the age of 4, Qiu Ting was able to read people’s fortune. Once, Qiu Ting even saved a village by hinting them that there would be a fire disaster happening soon and advised them to move to another area before any mishap happened. By 12 years old, Qiu Ting was able to command Thunder & Rain. After which, his parent had to send him to a Taoist Temple to seek proper training. At 16, one day while Qiu Ting was on his way back home from the Temple, he pass-by a forest and saw a white snake. At 1st, he was delighted to see a rare white snake then followed by puzzled of why such a nice white snake could appeared in such a humble forest. As he went nearer the snake, he was shocked to see a few words appearing on the back of the snake saying that it is a Spiritual Sword. Qiu Ting didn’t believe it and as he was about to walked off, the snake transformed itself into a Sword and flew towards Qiu Ting and landed infront of him. Qiu Ting was susprised by the sight and with hesitation, he picked up the Sword. By the time he reached home, a Priestess was sitting in the main hall talking to his parent. After introducing, Qiu Ting came to know that she was Madam Li San Niang. Soon, Qiu Ting followed Li San Niang to perform his Cultivation. After he got his Immortal-hood, he was given the Title of Lin Shui Hu Jing Xian He Qiu Tai Bao (臨水護境顯赫邱霆太保).


Lin Feng Yi Tai Bao (林風義太保)


Born in Southern Tang Period (生于南唐時期), Royal Relative of the Li Empire. Since young, Lin Feng Yi had not been showing much interest in Fame & Wealth. By the time he reached his Adult-hood, Lin Feng Yi had requested to leave home for Cultivation. Due to he was the Royal Relative, his parent didn’t allowed. One Day, while he was doing his study in the Backyard, a Priestess appeared in the Air talking to him. Lin Feng Yi was shocked but after looking at her carefully, he found that she was familiar. By descending into the Backyard, the Priestess told Lin Feng Yi that she was Madam Lin Jiu Niang (林九娘) of Lin Shui Palace (臨水宮) then, Lin Feng Yi was able to recognise her, cos he even visited the Temple that dedicated to the 3 Madams (三奶夫人) of Lin Shui Palace. After which, Madam Lin accepted him as the Disciple and imparted him with various type of Spiritual Skills. By the age of 26, due to War between Tang & Song Empire, Lin Feng Yi was being killed during a Riot. On the Day of his passing-on, Madam Lin was there to lead his Soul into the Celestial Realm. After he got his Immortal-hood, he was given the Title of Lin Shui Shou Yi Zhong Jie Lin Tai Bao (臨水守義忠節林風義太保).


Chen Hong Long Tai Bao (陳弘隆太保)  


Born in Tang Dynasty (生于唐朝年間), the nephew of Madam Chen Jing Gu. Since young, he had been doing training under Madam Chen. On the Day of Chen Jing Gu’s Immortal-hood, Chen Hong Long was also being led to the Celestial Realm by Heavenly Master Xu Xun in-order for him to gain his Immortal-hood. After he got his Immortal-hood, he was given the Title of Lin Shui Sui Jia Ling Ming Chen Tai Bao (臨水隨駕領命陳弘隆太保).


Li Huang Cheng Tai Bao (黎煌誠太保)   


Born in Late Tang Dynasty (生于唐朝末年), a Buddhist Follower due to parent’s influence. After going in-depth in the study of Buddhism, Li Huang Cheng started to have doubts in the Teaching and so, he started to go around seeking answers for his doubts. Due to he was not able to get a Good Answer, Li Huang Cheng decided to give up on Buddhism and start his Cultivation in Taoism. On the Day when Li Huang Cheng gave up Buddhism, he went to a Taoist Temple and at the moment of stepping into the Temple, Li Huang Cheng felt a sudden rush in his mind and within moment, he fainted at the entrance. During his coma, he saw scenes of Celestial Realm, Immortals & Deities. After returning to his conscious, Li Huang Cheng made a Vow in front of the Altar to do his best to promote Taoism. Just as he finishing making his Vow, an Old Lady appeared behind him giving him a pat on the Shoulder, just as he was about to turn his head, the Old Lady vanished into the Air in a gust of Wind – which later, he found out that the Old Lady was Madam Chen Jing Gu. Li Huang Cheng was shocked and from then, he concentrated on his Cultivation. At the age of 40, he gained his Immortal-hood and given a Title of Lin Shui Xing Fa Hu Jiao Li Tai Bao (臨水興法護教黎煌誠太保).


Tian Wu Liang Tai Bao (田無量太保)                  


Born in Song Dynasty (生于宋朝年間), under-going training with Master Zhang Ci Guan (張慈觀法主). Tian Wu Liang was actually a Military Officer in his hometown but due to being wrongly accused by the Money-eating-Magistrate Officer, Tian Wu Liang decided to give up his post and travelled around to assist the needy. At the age of 36, Tian Wu Liang arrived at the Cultivation Venue of Master Zhang Ci Guan. Upon seeing Master Zhang, Tian Wu Liang felt that Master Zhang had given out a form of unknown attraction to him and so, after consideration, Tian Wu Liang decided to seek training under Master Zhang. After years of training, at the age of 50, Tian Wu Liang had mastered the necessary Skills and he was being appointed to station at one of the Temples in Hokkien Province to assist the People. At the age of 60, Tian Wu Liang gained his Immortal-hood and was given the Title of Lv Shan Du Lei Chu Mo Tian Tai Bao (閭山都雷除魔田無量太保).


Lei Wan Cheng Tai Bao (雷萬程太保)     


Born in Song Dynasty (生于宋朝年間), the Sworn-brother of Tian Wu Liang. After Tian Wu Liang given up his post, Lei Wan Cheng also resigned from his post as the Chief Constable. Due to Lei Wan Cheng was already married, he couldn’t follow Tian Wu Liang in the travelling and so, he had to stay in his Hometown to do some small Business. At the age of 40, one day, Lei Wan Cheng met up with Tian Wu Liang again. This time round, Tian Wu Liang was already well-equipped with Spiritual Skills and so, in-order to assist Lei Wan Cheng in providing the necessary protection for the People, Tian Wu Liang imparted a few simple skills to him. After learning, Lei Wan Cheng realised that, he had show great interest in learning Spiritual Skills but due to family restriction, he had to delay the idea of seeking training under Master Zhang. On the following year, a flood occurred in his hometown and the whole family was killed, leaving Lei Wan Cheng. After the flood receded, Lei Wan Cheng arranged for a simple funeral and after the funeral, he made up his mind to seek training under Master Zhang. With interest and determination, Lei Wan Cheng succeed in his training and at the age of 65, he gained his Immortal-hood and given the Title of Lv Shan Du Fa Bao Min Lei Tai Bao (閭山都法保民雷萬程太保).


Hua Yu Jing Tai Bao (花雨靖太保)                       


Born in Song Dynasty (生于宋朝年間), hometown in Shan Xi Province Tai Yuan City (山西省太原市). Due to his father was being appointed to be the Magistrate Officer in one of the City in Hokkien Province, the whole family had to shift to Hokkien Province. Upon reaching Hokkien Province, Hua Yu Jing had fall in love with the living style here and so, after settled down, he went around the City to look for something interesting. One day, while he was on his routine in finding something interesting, he found a place indicating the spot of where Master Zhang Ci Guan gained his Immortal-hood. Hua Yu Jing was puzzled by the spot and so, with enthusiasms, he sat on the spot and immediately, he felt a gust of energy flowing thru his body. He was quite shocked after feeling it but after then, he thought that it was normal and so, he left the spot without thinking much. On the night, Hua Yu Jing dreamt of someone talking to him and imparting him with some manuals. Upon waking up, he was delighted to see some books besides him and from then, he started to follow the instructions in the books for his Cultivation. At the age of 37, on the 5th Day of Lunar 5 Month, a bright ray shined into Hua Yu Jing’s home and from then, Hua Yu Jing was not being seen till today. After Hua Yu Jing’s disappearing, his family somehow knew that he had gained his Immortal-hood. In Lv Shan Sect, he was being given the Title of Lv Shan Du Fa Hua Zhen Hua Tai Bao (閭山都法化真花雨靖太保).


Deng Tian Xing Tai Bao (鄧天行太保)


Born in Song Dynasty (生于宋朝年間), a Bandit in the territory of Hokkien Province. Due to Deng Tian Xing was different from the other Bandits who killed or snatched, he was something being left out by the others. One Day, while Deng Tian Xing was about to set off to rob a Evil-Merchant’s Wealth, he was being held back by some issues and so, the others had to set off before him. Just as the others stepped out from the Bandit’s Hide-out, Thunder & Lightning strike onto them, Deng Tian Xing was shocked and at the same time, felt lucky. After the others were being strike to death, a Priest with dark complexion appeared in front of Deng Tian Xing. At 1st, Deng Tian Xing mistaken that the Priest had released the Thunder to kill all of them, but after listening to the explanation, Deng Tian Xing understood that this was actually the Retribution that the others had to repay back. From then, Deng Tian Xing seeks training under the Priest – Master Zhang Ci Guan. At 28 years old, Deng Tian Xing returned back to the Celestial Realm with Master Zhang and was given the Title of Lv Shan Du Lei Zheng Fa Deng Tai Bao (閭山都雷正法鄧天行太保).


Hong Jian Tai Bao (洪建太保)


Born in Late Song Dynasty (生于南宋年間), during Yue Fei period. Father was a General in Yue Fei’s Camp (岳飛) whereas Mother was one of the Heroine who followed his father out to fight against the Invaders. Due to Hong Jian was being brought up in the Military Camp, since young, he was being trained with Good Martial Art. Besides that, he was quite a Compassionate person whom would show Care & Concern for the sufferings. One Year, while Hong Jian was out performing hunting with his father, a Deer came forward to him to pass him a Ling Zhi (靈芝), Hong Jian was shocked and after looking at the Ling Zhi, Hong Jian found out that it was quite different from the normal Ling Zhi that he saw in the Market and so, trying to sniff on the aroma of the Ling Zhi, just as sudden when he placed it near the nose, the Ling Zhi transformed into a gust of Energy and flow into his nose. After sniffing in the Ling Zhi, Hong Jian felt giddy and on the spot, he went into coma. Upon waking up, Hong Jian found out he was in a Temple, taken care by a young Priest. After asking, he found out that he had already pass-out for 3 months. As he was about to get out from bed, a dark complexion Old Priest walked into the room with his father. Immediately, Hong Jian kneeled down to show his gratitude to the Priest for saving his life. Looking at Hong Jian, the Priest was happy and with his father’s permission granted, the Priest took Hong Jian as the disciple. From then, he stayed in the Temple to learn skills under the Priest. One Year, after Yue Fei was being killed, the Country entered into a Chaotic situation. Hong Jian was being advised by his Master to assist his father in defeating the Invaders. When Hong Jian arrived at the Camp, his father was already being captured by the Invaders and trying his very best, Hong Jian tried to rescue his father but time was too late. After his father was killed, the soul was being summoned back to the Celestial Realm and he was being bestowed as Lord Hong or Duke Hong (洪府千歲) and Hong Jian was being murdered on the Night by the Invaders. At the point of being killed, Hong Jian saw his Master walking towards him and with a wave from his Master, Hong Jian’s float into the Air. After Hong Jian was able to react to the whole thing, he had already gained his Immortal-hood by the assistance that his Master gave him. His Master was Master Zhang and upon reaching the Celestial Realm, Hong Jian was bestowed with the Title Lv Shan Du Fa Shan Jiao Hong Tai Bao (閭山都法闡教洪建太保).


Xian Ning Tai Bao (賢寧太保)        


Born in Yuan Dynasty (生于元朝年間), according to Records, Xian Ning was not a Chinese. He was born in the Border of China (中國邊疆), after which, he was being led to do training under Master Long Xuan (龍玄祖師) at the age of 8. Since young, Xian Ning was being attracted by the beautiful culture of Chinese. Everytime when his grandfather told him the stories on Chinese History, he was deeply attracted by it and by 6 years old, he was able to memorize all the stories that his grandfather told him. At 7, he got a chance to travel to China Mid-land (中原) with his father. One day while Xian Ning and his father were travelling to another City, a Priest caught the attention of him. Upon asking his father, Xian Ning knew that the Priest was actually a Taoist Priest which assisted the People by issuing Spiritual Skills, etc. As the Priest came nearer to them, Xian Ning suddenly had the urge to interact with him. Just as Xian Ning was about to ask permission from his father, the Priest approached Xian Ning and gave him a book, advising him to go thru the content and when he was ready, he could go the address stated in the book to look for him. Looking puzzled, Xian Ning accepted the book and with a bow, the Priest went on his way, leaving Xian Ning staring into the Space on the Spot. At the age of 14, Xian Ning finally memorized all the instruction in the book and was ready to visit the Priest on the stated address and so, he bid farewell to his parent and travelled to China Mid-land again. Upon reaching, Xian Ning was amazed by the Cave where the Priest stay-in. By entering into the Cave, Xian Ning was able to feel Peace & Comfort and as he was enjoying the feeling, the Priest approached him. Xian Ning was susprised by the look of the Priest – didn’t grow old. After asking Xian Ning a few questions, the Priest accepted him as the disciple and started to train him on the various Spiritual Skills. By 28 years old, Xian Ning was being led by his Master – Master Long Xuan, to get his Official Title of Long Xuan Ming Zhi Hu Fa Xian Ning Tai Bao (龍玄明志護法賢寧太保).    


Chun Sheng Tai Bao (淳勝太保)               


Born in Yuan Dynasty (生于元朝年間), the Brother of Xian Ning. After Xian Ning gained his Immortal-hood, he actually travelled back to his Hometown to perform Salvation for the People. One Day, while he was imparting the knowledge of doing Taoist Cultivation, his Brother Chun Sheng was there to stop him. In his mind, Chun Sheng found that his Brother had neglected the family and had to take refuge under other People’s Religion in-order to gain Immortal-hood and so, he felt shame & degraded. Knowing that Chun Sheng had mistaken him, Xian Ning didn’t get provoked but instead, slowly prove to his Brother that he had made the Right choice. One year, the Yuan Armies had somehow invaded the Hometown of Chun Sheng. Due to they were lacked of Man-power, Chun Sheng’s Hometown was being conquered and the People in the Area had to suffer from the torturing. Without any other choices, Chun Sheng had to seek Xian Ning’s assistance. Knowing that it was time to bring his Brother back to the Right Path, Xian Ning accepted the invitation and started to use his Spiritual Abilities to defeat the Cruel Yuan Armies. Within a Day, the Yuan Armies were being forced to retreat from their Hometown. From then, Chun Sheng started to accept what his Brother was doing. After a year, Master Long Xuan travelled to the Hometown of Xian Ning & Chun Sheng, Chun Sheng took the opportunity to ask for his acceptance as Disciple and Master Long Xuan accepted the request. With years of training, finally Chun Sheng succeeded and gained his Immortal-hood at 50 years with given Title of Long Xuan Biao Zhi Wei Fa Chun Sheng Tai Bao (龍玄表志維法淳勝太保).


Gong Ru Long Tai Bao (龔如龍太保)     


Born in Early Ming Dynasty (生于明朝年間), Son of General Gong Dan Tian (龔丹天), whom was the General of Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang (明朝太祖朱元璋). Since young, Gong Ru Long had been learning Spiritual Prediction Skills under Liu Bo Wen (劉伯溫). At the age of 5, Gong Ru Long was able to do prediction on what were happened on the next day and most of the time, the prediction did come true. By the age of 15, General Gong had imparted Martial Art to him for self-protection and by the age of 18, Gong Ru Long was able to assist his father in defeating Bandits & Invaders. By 21 years old, Gong Ru Long had somehow chosen his path for the future – to perform Taoist Cultivation and so, one day, while he was out hunting with his father, Gong Ru Long requested to leave home for a period to seek Masters for cultivation. Knowing that the son was connected with Taoism, General Gong had to allow his son to wander around to find a Master but he advised his son to be back in home after he mastered the Skills and Gong Ru Long agreed on that. Soon, Gong Ru Long came to the Cultivation Venue of Master Long Xuan and with sincere request, he was being accepted as the Disciple of Master Long Xuan. From then, he do training under Master Long Xuan and within 3 years, Gong Ru Long had mastered most of the Skills. One day, while Gong Ru Long was out in the field doing his training, Master Long Xuan called upon him and advised him to go home before it was too late. At that moment, Gong Ru Long was not able to understand what his Master was trying to say but due to this was what his Master had advise him on, he had to set off for home. Just at the moment he reached home, an Imperial Edict arrived at the same time too, in the Edict, it commanded that General Gong would be beheaded due to offending Emperor Zhu. Upon hearing that, Gong Ru Long was shocked and on the post, Old Madam Gong pass-on due to heart-weaken. Knowing that this was a plot that Emperor Zhu had planned on their Home, Gong Ru Long was provoked. Before Gong Ru Long could take any action, General Gong killed himself outside the house to prove his innocent to the Public. Within moment, Gong Ru Long became parentless. Just as Gong Ru Long wanted to end his life, Master Long Xuan appeared and signalled him to go over. When Gong Ru Long ran over to his Master, a Cloud was form underneath the 2 of them and slowly, both of them ascended into the Mid-air and disappeared in the sight of the Public. Slowly, both of them reached the Celestial Realm and Heavenly Master Xu Xun was there to convey the Celestial Edict of bestowing Gong Ru Long as Long Xuan Zhong Xiao Shou Fa Gong Tai Bao (龍玄忠孝守法龔如龍太保).


Wei Chi Tian Tai Bao (尉遲天太保)                     


Born in Late Ming Dynasty (生于明朝末年), was recorded as the Descendant of Wei Chi Jing De (尉遲敬德) of Tang Dynasty (唐朝) – the Hero who assist Emperor Tai Zong (唐太宗) to ascend onto the Throne. Since young, Wei Chi Tian was quite pampered by the Elders in the Family and after he had grown up, he would like to find trouble on others in-order to gain attention. One day, while Wei Chi Tian was in a Temple dedicated to Heavenly Master Xu Xun, he spit at the Statue of Master Xu and dare Master Xu to go look for him. Just as Wei Chi Tian was about to step out of the Temple, a loud Thunder Roar was heard and with a fright, Wei Chi Tian started to felt sick. Upon reaching home, Wei Chi Tian was found having high fever. Immediately, the Elders ran around to engage Physicians but no matter how many Physicians they engaged, no one was able to cure him. With no choices, Madam Wei Chi had to visit Temples to request for Blessing for her son. Just as she was entering into the Temple of Master Xu, a Priest approached her to ask for if she need assistance. Looking at the Priest, Madam Wei Chi started to cry sadly and upon knowing that her son was seriously ill, the Priest volunteered for the curing of the son. Upon reaching at the house, the Priest went straight to the room of Wei Chi Tian and just as he stepped into the room, Wei Chi Tian was shocked by the look of the Priest – look exactly the same as the Statue of Master Xu. Knowing that he was Master Xu coming to give him punishment, Wei Chi Tian immediately got out of the bed to kowtow to him. Seeing that Wei Chi Tian could get out of bed so suddenly, the Elders were shocked. After finding out on what had happened, all the Elders kneeled down to request for forgiveness for Wei Chi Tian. Looking at the sincerity of the Elders and Wei Chi Tian had realised his mistakes, Master Xu agreed to forgive Wei Chi Tian and would like to take him in as one of the disciples. Upon hearing that, the Elders were overjoyed and Wei Chi Tian immediately kowtowed again to thank Master Xu for accepting him. After then, Wei Chi Tian was being brought back to Lv Shan for training and at the age of 36, he gained his Immortal-hood and was given the Title of Jing Ming Shou Dao Chuan Zhen Yan Jiao Wei Chi Tai Bao (淨明守道傳真演教尉遲天太保).


Ling De Tai Zi Tai Bao (靈德太子太保)


Ling De Tai Zi aka Prince Ling De, was actually a Gust of Energy that later transformed itself into a Mortal Form in the Mortal Realm. After going thru Cultivation in a Forest, Ling De Tai Zi was able to live like a Mortal and so, he started to go into Capital City of Ming Empire. Upon reaching the Capital, Ling De Tai Zi was not able to accept the Food that the Mortal consumed and so, sometime, he had to sneak into Temples at Night to inhale the Incense Fume in-order to replenish his Energy. One day, while Ling De Tai Zi was trying to inhale the Incense Fume in Master Xu’s Temple, Master Xu appeared in front of him and started to reprimand him for stealing the Energy. Upon seeing Master Xu was the Owner of the Temple, Ling De Tai Zi felt embarrassed but in-order not to lose face, Ling De Tai Zi had to fight back with Master Xu. After rounds of Battling, Ling De Tai Zi was not able to resist the power of Master Xu and just as he was about to sneak off, Master Xu released a Spiritual Heavenly Net (天羅) to capture him. And when Ling De Tai Zi saw the Heavenly Net, he tried to descend himself into the Ground but just as he was trying to sink into the ground, Master Xu released out a Spiritual Earthly Net (地網) to block his way. With no other ways, Ling De Tai Zi had to surrender himself to Master Xu and beg for his forgiveness. Knowing that Ling De Tai Zi was actually a Cultivated Spirit and he had never ever harmed anyone before, Master Xu had decided to forgive him and willingly to accept him as one of his disciples. And from then, Ling De Tai Zi stayed by Master Xu’s side and continued to perform his Cultivation under Master Xu’s inspection. Soon, Ling De Tai Zi was being bestowed with an Official Title of Jing Ming Hu Dao Chuan Zheng Xing Jiao Ling De Tai Bao (淨明護道傳正興教靈德太保) and was given the task of looking after the Heavenly & Earthly Net (天羅地網).


Heavenly & Earthly Net (天羅地網), a Spiritual Object that being widely used in Lv Shan Ritual. During the using of Heavenly & Earthly Net, Ling De Tai Bao must be invited in-order to gain the necessary permission for the Opening of the Heavenly & Earthly Net, but due to some Taoist Priests are not aware of such Practices, now a lot of Lv Shan Priests had skip this process, which I can said that, it’s a form of distorting the Culture.


Due to these 16 Spiritual Protectors appeared in the Contexts of Lv Shan Sect, a lot of the Folks tend to mistaken them as part of the Five Directional Spiritual Camps (五方神將), which this is not True.


And for Ling De Tai Zi (靈德太子太保), a lot of Folks tend to mix him up with Prince Na Zha (哪吒), which is also not Correct – due to there are a few Temples that dedicated to Na Zha got the Title of Ling De Temple (靈德宮).


Pre-visiting to the abandoned cemetery at Lorong Halwa (先行探訪被遺忘之新恆山亭)

On Saturday Morning (27 Mar 2010) at about 10.00Am, a group of us, including Reporters of Straits Time Singapore, we went to Lorong Halwa Cemetery to do a Pre-visiting before the Actual Visiting that took place on next Saturday to take some nice pictures.

In the following, it's a write-up by Bro Wee Cheng on the Day's Tour:

Do you know that just outside of the City at Lorong Halwa/Bukit Brown - south of Lornie Rd and off the PIE near Bukit Timah Rd - is a large piece of long forgotten cemeteries and old tombs, almost overgrown by the tropical rainforest? Today, I joined the Straits Times (doing an article about Qing Ming) and a few founders of the SG-Tao discussion yahoogroup for a photoshot at this place. Many of the tombs dated to as early as the late 19th century and some as late as 1971. Most of the tombs are long forgotten by the descendants of those buried there and overgrown with weeds.

We came across a few grander ones still tended by people, including one with elaborate fengshui water and sculpture features. At that stage of the trip, I was still a bit "pang tang" and didn't take any photos. We visited a temple which used to be the heart of the old Kampong Lorong Halwa but whose roof has almost collapsed. There was a Tua Beh Kong altar but Jave felt that it might be a different diety within...

We also came across a family headed by a 75y/o matriarch there to clear the tomb of her father-in-law buried here 60 years ago. Her son, brother-in-law and the latter's wife was also present. "The young these days do not even care about their living mother...why should they care about these long dead," she said aloud. Interestingly, we ended our trip at a monumental tomb (complete with stone sculptures of Sikh guards) over which a traditional Malay house was built many years ago by a fengshui master. Even the fengshui master had supposedly long past on and the house is now owned by someone. There was neither wall nor door and so we walked right through. The dog even posed for us over the tomb of the dead's spinster daughter.

What a day! An article on this visit would appear soon in the ST, possibly Monday.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Love that last for Ten Generations – Fifth Generation ~ Loving with Pain & Suffering (十世緣之第五世致死雙憐)


In here, you all will be reading thru a Long Story of 10 Series. This Long Story is written base on the Spiritual Reading & Prediction, meaning that ALL the Characters in the Story are “True”. In-order not to reveal the True Identity of the Real People involved, the Names of the Characters will be changed.

Here it goes, starting from the Fifth Generation of the Continuous Love…

In the Court of Lord Yue Lao (月老星君), 4 of his young assistants were being asked to do the cleaning of the Hall where the Marriage Recording Books (月下姻緣簿) were kept.

Hong Ling Zi (紅靈子), Hong Xian Zi (紅線子), Hong Huang Zi (紅凰子) & Hong Luan Zi (紅鸞子) arrived at the Hall and with a shock, they found out that the Hall was so messy, due to this was an Order from their Master to do the cleaning, they had to get to work before they were being punished.

While Hong Huang Zi & Hong Luan Zi went to collect the dusting equipments, Hong Ling Zi & Hong Xian Zi stayed back to pick up all the Books which were laying around and carefully categorized them accordingly to year, countries, Realms & Being-types.

Just as Hong Ling Zi was shifting the Books into the Inner-hall for storing, he came across a Chest that was left open. Recalling from what his Master had advised them on, this was a Confidential Chest, no one was to open it without any permission and so, Hong Ling Zi was surprised to find it left open.

With curiosity, Hong Ling Zi retrieved the One of the Records that from the Chest and start checking on the Content.

After reading the Remarks made on the 1st few pages, Hong Ling Zi was amazed to found out that this Book was the Record for the the Ten Generations Re-incarnation of Heavenly Marshal Jin (金天君), Heavenly Marshal Xian (冼天君) & Fairy Qing Xuan (青玄玄女). With enthusiasm, Hong Ling Zi kept on reading. Due to the Record was so detail-recorded, Hong Ling Zi was attracted deeply by it and even Hong Xian Zi walked into the Inner-hall, Hong Ling Zi was not aware of it.

Quietly, Hong Xian Zi sneaked to the side of Hong Ling Zi and when he was about to frighten him, Hong Xian Zi took a peek at the Record and was also attracted by the content. As both of them were concentrating on the Reading, Lord Yue Lao had lead Mother Empress of Western Paradise (瑤池金母) into the Inner-hall to retrieve of the Confidential Record of Dong Yong & Zhi Nv (董永與織女).

At the moment when Lord Yue Lao & Mother Empress stepped into the Inner-hall, they heard an angry comment. From the voice, Lord Yue Lao knew that it was Hong Xian Zi. In the comment, Hong Xian Zi was actually blaming Mother Empress for being Cold-blooded and Iron-hearted, making ALL Lovely Celestial Couples to suffer and not able to be together, etc.

Upon hearing the comment, Mother Empress was shocked and provoked. Following the direction of where the voice came from, Mother Empress arrived at the small area where the Chest was placed.

Seeing Mother Empress had arrived, Hong Xian Zi was shocked.

Soon after Mother Empress approached Hong Xian Zi, Mother Empress started to reprimand on him for being disrespectful. Due to his stubborn character, Hong Xian Zi was unhappy and started to fight back with Mother Empress, blaming her for being un-reasonable and autocratic which led to no freedom in the Celestial Realm.

With the fighting back of Hong Xian Zi, Mother Empress was totally upset by the words and just as she was to carry-out any punishments on Hong Xian Zi, she saw Hong Ling Zi was sobbing at the side. From the expression of Hong Ling Zi, she knew that Hong Ling Zi was actually sobbing due to the Love of Heavenly Marshal Jin & Fairy Qing Xuan. From there, Mother Empress had somehow realised something and after being led to the seat by Lord Yue Lao, Lord Yue Lao was being call-upon to the side.

After Lord Yue Lao came forward, Mother Empress mumbled some secrets to Lord Yue Lao and as immediately, Lord Yue Lao was shocked & puzzled and with hesitation, Lord Yue Lao had to convey the Edict issued by Mother Empress on punishing Hong Xian Zi to Re-incarnate into the Mortal Realm and Hong Ling Zi to be kept in the Celestial Jail until his Date for punishment for Re-incarnating into the Mortal Realm arrived.

Upon receiving the Edict, Hong Ling Zi was shocked & puzzled but due to his timid character, he didn’t dare to fight back and so, he had to thank Mother Empress for being Compassionate for allowing him to Re-incarnate into the Mortal Realm. But on the other side, Hong Xian Zi was unhappy with his punishment and as he was about to fight back again, Lord Yue Lao had to pull him aside to convey some secrets to him. With the secrets that Lord Yue Lao had mumbled to him, Hong Xian Zi somehow understood and so, he prepared to go for his Re-incarnation, but before he stepped out of the Hall, he stared back at Mother Empress and left angrily.

Seeing that Hong Xian Zi was still that stubborn, Mother Empress had to shake her head and then proceed with the retrieving of the Record.

Just before Mother Empress left, she reminded Lord Yue Lao on the punishment that Hong Ling Zi should received in no time, Lord Yue Lao nodded respectfully and sent her off.

After Mother Empress left, Hong Huang Zi & Hong Luan Zi returned back from their errands and were shocked with news of Hong Ling Zi & Hong Xian Zi had being punished for offending Mother Empress. While the 2 of them comforting Hong Ling Zi, Lord Yue Lao ordered them to bring Hong Ling Zi to the Celestial Jail for temporary lock-up.

With a sorrowful departing, Hong Ling Zi had to bid farewell to Lord Yue Lao and with some advised by Lord Yue Lao, Hong Ling Zi was being sent off with the accompanied of Hong Huang Zi & Hong Luan Zi.

In the Mortal Realm, it was Tang Dynasty – in between the Era, the Title of the Tang Dynasty was being changed to Zhou (唐朝年間).

During this Period, Empress Wu Ze Tian (武則天) was on Throne to lead the Imperial Empire.

AD 697, in Lunar 10 Month, after many years of being released to the Border due to demotion, Di Ren Jie (狄仁杰) was being summoned back to the Capital to serve the Imperial Empire. With the clearing of some misunderstanding between the 2 of them, Empress Wu decided to promote Di Ren Jie as the Premier (宰相) and in-order to show the Sincerity, Empress Wu bestowed Di Ren Jie with an Official Purple Robe (紫金袍)and a Turtle Shell Belt (龜甲帶).

From then, Di Ren Jie gained back his reputation & Official Title again.

AD 698, Tu Jue (突厥) – the Ancestor of some Turkish, invaded China. In Lunar 8 Month, Di Ren Jie was being appointed as the Military-Advisor and was asked to station at the Border to fight against the Tu Jue.

During the meeting on the Strategy Planning before the Troop set-off to the Border, Empress Wu had requested Di Ren Jie to recommend some new & capable Generals to join in the Troop, immediately, Di Ren Jie recommended Marshal Jin Hua (錦華).

Upon getting the recommendation and knowing that Jin Hua was a Young & Capable Marshal, Empress Wu accepted it and Jin Hua was being summoned to the Military Department (兵部) to meet up with Empress Wu.

Jin Hua, born in AD 670, hometown was in Shan Xi Province Tai Yuan City (山西省太原市). His Father, Magistrate Officer Jin Gong Ye (錦公葉), was a well-educated & humble person who scored the 2nd position (榜眼) in the Imperial Examination (唐朝文科舉) during Emperor Tang Gao Zong period (唐高宗).

In AD 677, while Di Ren Jie was performing his Inspection at different Provinces, Jin Gong Ye got a chance to meet up with him and from then, both of them became Good Friend. Knowing that Di Ren Jie was an Upright Officer, Jin Hua was being introduced to him and Jin Gong Ye wanted Jin Hua to undergo study with Di Ren Jie.

In AD 696, due to having credits in defeating the Rebellious Bandits in the South, Jin Hua was being appointed as the 4th Grade Marshal in the Imperial Court and was granted with the authority of joining in Confidential Discussions in Military Planning.

Due busy Schedule of work, Jin Hua had neglected his Marriage and so, when Jin Hua received the Order for him to station in the Capital, his Father used the opportunity to seek assistance from Di Ren Jie to look for a suitable Lady for Jin Hua’s marriage.

After Jin Hua settled down in the Capital, Di Ren Jie found a suitable timing and introduced his distant-relative niece Chen Qing Lian (陳清蓮) to Jin Hua, from then, both of them become close friend and in some way, both of them had fall in love for each other.

AD 698, 25th Day of Lunar 8 Month, Jin Hua was being summoned by Empress Wu to the Imperial Court for the finalizing of the Battle Issue, upon receiving the Order, Jin Hua went over to Di Mansion (狄府) to bid farewell to Qing Lian and asked her to wait for his returned. Shyly, Qing Lian nodded her head and agreed to wait for his return, regardless of months or years.

AD 698, 8th Day of Lunar 9 Month, Empress Wu’s Imperial Army Troop set off for the Battling. By the time the Troop reached the Border, it was already the Winter Season. Due to the sudden change of Weather, a lot of the Armies were being seriously affected and a number of them had lost their lives.

Seeing the situation was not right, Di Ren Jie had to make a report to Empress Wu on the situation. While the Reporting Petition arrived at the Imperial Court, Wu San Si (武三思) – the nephew of Empress Wu, got hold of it and deliberately delayed the sending in of the Petition to Empress Wu.

At the Border, Di Ren Jie & Jin Hua were eagerly waiting for the outcome of the Reporting but waiting for almost 3 months, no news was being received. Upon seeing the Armies suffering, Jin Hua had to volunteer himself to Di Ren Jie in taking some necessary actions for the suffering people. And without any other choices, Di Ren Jie had to grant his request. With Jin Hua’s volunteering, Di Ren Jie had gained more trust on Jin Hua and he made a promise to himself that, one day, he would try his best to assist Jin Hua in getting a Good Position in the Imperial Court.

AD 699, Lunar 3 Month, with Di Ren Jie & Jin Hua’s Strategy Planning, Tu Jue was being defeated. From then, Tu Jue had to surrender to China and take refuge under China. Due to Winter Season and the War, many innocent people were killed and many homes were destroyed. After Empress Wu got the Victory Report by Di Ren Jie, Empress Wu appointed him as He Bei Dao An Fu Da Shi (河北道安抚大使) – Ambassador of Comforting the Sufferings, and Jin Hua was being advised to assist him.

After 6 Months of Planning & assisting the Sufferings, most of the Homes were being rebuilt and soon, Peace regained in the Territory.

AD 700, Lunar 1 Month, Di Ren Jie & Jin Hua returned back to the Capital.

Upon returning back, Empress Wu was delighted with the hard-work & loyalty that both of them had put in, on the Day, Di Ren Jie was being appointed as Nei Shi (內史) – Imperial Highest Officer whom could distribute Imperial Order on behalf of the Emperor and with the Reporting of the Credits that Di Ren Jie had send in for Jin Hua, Jin Hua was being promoted to Grade 2 Marshal.

AD 700, Lunar 5 Month, Empress Wu released an Edict on making Buddhism (佛教) as the Main Religion in China (國教) and Taoist Temples (道觀) had to close down. Upon receiving the news and knowing that this was the trick that Wu San Si plotting, despite seriously ill, Di Ren Jie made his trip to the Summer Palace (避暑別宮) to request Empress Wu to stop promoting Buddhism. After getting the Advises and listen to the explanation from Di Ren Jie, Empress Wu had granted his wish.

On the way back to the Mansion, Di Ren Jie had ask Jin Hua to do follow-up inspection on Wu San Si, in-order not to let him had any more choice to plot nasty tricks again. Just as Di Ren Jie reached his Mansion, he collapsed at the Door-way and from then, he was in coma state.

Heavenly’s Will was Something that ALL Mortal couldn’t escape.

In the Winter Season of AD 700, Di Ren Jie left the World with an age of 71 years old.

After Di Ren Jie’s pass-on, most of the following-up tasks were being left to Jin Hua. And with the Last Will of Di Ren Jie for Jin Hua, Jin Hua had to fulfil his will by assisting the next new Premier – Zhang Jian Zhi (張柬之). And also due to Di Ren Jie’s pass-on, Jin Hua & Chen Qing Lian’s marriage had to be delayed.

AD 701, Jin Hua was being appointed by Empress Wu as the Overall-in-charge of Military Training and make planning for the Military Scholar Examination (唐朝武科舉) that took place in AD 702.

Jealousy could kill Millions.

After Jin Hua had accepted the Post of Overall-in-charge of Military Training, Wu San Si had started to do planning to pull Jin Hua down. In some events, Wu San Si pretended to show concern on Jin Hua, but secretly, he was making private records on Jin Hua.

AD 702, a day before the Military Scholar Examination commenced, Jin Hua was being thrown into the Jail due to the accusation of betraying & doing planning for the Over-throwing of Empress Wu.

AD 703, after the Military Scholar Examination was over, one of the Selected Military Scholars, known as Chen Tian Yao (陳天耀), was being taken-in by Wu San Si as the Private Assistant of him.

Chen Tian Yao, was actually the Schoolmate of Jin Hua. Due to Jin Hua was an Intelligent & Humble boy and always got the most praising from the Elders, Chen Tian Yao had somehow grew hatred against him. Since young, Chen Tian Yao had this thought of getting rid of Jin Hua.

Now, being taken-in by Wu San Si, Chen Tian Yao was granted the chance to get closer to Jin Hua. And seeing that Jin Hua had already gained a certain level of Recognition in the Imperial Court, Chen Tian Yao became more jealous and more hatred had arisen.

On the Lunar 8 Month of AD 703, Chen Tian Yao was being ordered to ransack the Mansion of Jin Hua. Just as Chen Tian Yao arrived at the Mansion, Chen Qing Lian was in there doing some cleaning for Jin Hua. Upon seeing Chen Qing Lian, Chen Tian Yao hatred arisen more against Jin Hua and so with an Order, Chen Qing Lian was being captured and thrown into the Jail while Chen Tian Yao accused her as part of the Group that betrayed Empress Wu.

Due to long term of stress & sadness, Chen Qing Lian had been infected by illnesses and with the shock that Chen Tian Yao had added on to her, Chen Qing Lian’s illness was worsen.

In the Jail, Qing Lian was locked beside Jin Hua.

Knowing that Qing Lian was being accused due to his fault and seeing her infected with illnesses, Jin Hua was totally heart-broken. Soon after Qing Lian settled down in the Jail, Chen Tian Yao arrived outside the cell where Jin Hua was locked to mock at him for being useless, mocking at him for Good-for-nothing and also mocked at him for not able to be a Real-Man, which cause his Love-one to suffer in Jail.

With all the mocking that Chen Tian Yao had made against him, Jin Hua got annoyed and with a spit, his saliva landed on Chen Tian Yao’s face.

Staring hard at Jin Hua whom had dared to spit at him, Chen Tian Yao was provoked and with an order, the Jail Guards pulled Jin Hua out and Chen Tian Yao stepped forward and gave Jin Hua a serious & hard bash.

Just before Jin Hua pass-out, Chen Tian Yao took out his sword and cut off Jin Hua’s tongue, after then, he threw the tongue back at him and warned him to be more polite in the future when Jin Hua see him.

Pitifully, Jin Hua was being thrown into the cell again and left there with blood continue flowing out from his mouth.

Upon seeing that Jin Hua had been tortured and he had lost his tongue, Qing Lian was extremely upset. Trying her best to shift her body to the barrier between the 2 cells, Qing Lian grab hold onto Jin Hua’s leg and tried to wake him up.

Tears rolling. (淚流成河無時干。)
Voice choking.( 聲喊成啞人已殘。)
Love seems like Fateless. (有緣又似無緣盡。)
Suffering multiplied. (傷悲為何增延長。)

Jin Hua was not able to regain his conscious. Qing Lian was frightened by the thought of Jin Hua had pass-on. As she shook his leg, Qing Lian tried her best to call out Jin Hua’s name. With a blast force of calling, Qing Lian spitted out blood onto the cell-barrier and slowly, she collapsed onto the ground.

Weakly, Jin Hua regained his conscious. With a slow turn, he saw Qing Lian was in coma lying on the ground. With a dash, despite the pain and suffers, Jin Hua came to the barrier. Looking at Qing Lian’s pale face, Jin Hua quickly grab-hold onto her hands. With a shock, Jin Hua realised that the hands of Qing Lian was Cold, Cold like freezing ice.

Jin Hua tried his best to rub his hands against Qing Lian’s hands. Calling with a tongue-less mouth, blood flowing, tears rolling, Jin Hua was not able to call back Qing Lian. The warm in his hands couldn’t warm the Already-cold Body of Qing Lian.

Jin Hua kneeled onto the floor facing the small opening space on the top of the cell-wall, holding on to Qing Lian’s cold hands and cried out tragically at the Heaven.

The Cry was loud and pity.(一聲哭泣成傷悲)
The Cry had reaches the Celestial Jail where Hong Ling Zi was being locked up.(再聲哭泣天地憐)
Celestial was crying.(三聲哭泣淚難干)
Mortally was crying too.(終盡無期還魂天)

With a knocked onto the cell-wall, Jin Hua killed himself in the Jail. With this knock, Jin Hua ended his 33 years of Life in this Mortal Realm.

Heaven is fair.

AD 705, Empress Wu was being Over-thrown. Wu San Si was being killed and Chen Tian Yao was being chopped into pieces by the Imperial Armies.

With a Gust of Wind, the 3 Spirits went back to the Celestial Realm again.

After their Departure, a Poem was being composed for them:

姻緣巧配天註定。(Fate are planned & arranged by the Nature)
無人能使他更替。(No one can change it, no one can rearrange it)
看似有緣又無緣。(Sometime, the Fate seems like None)
只因十世未完結。 (Just because, the Fate had not yet reach its final)

To be continue … …

Monday, 22 March 2010

API Cemetery Tour on 03 Apr 2010 (清明暢游集福地)

Start:     Apr 3, '10 2:00p
End:     Apr 3, '10 6:00p
Location:     Singapore

Dear All,

API & Taoism-Singapore-Online-Forum will be organising a Cemetery Tour on 03 April (Saturday). Timing from 2.00Pm - 6.00Pm.

We will gather at Newton Food Center at 1.45Pm.

For those who are interested in joining the fun, please do let me know by posting a reply here.

Transport will be arranged for bringing us to the Cemetery and so, a little contribution will be needed - S$5.00.

Do act fast before ALL the Seats are being taken up.

See you there.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Introduction of Lin Shui Tai Bao She Ren (閭山臨水太保舍人童子)


A lot of People had been wondering, who are Tai Bao She Ren (太保舍人) in Taoism and Why in South East Asia or Southern China, there are Records & Statues dedicated to them? But yet, seldom People know about their Real Identity.

To be accurate, in Taoism (Southern Taoism), there are 2 groups of Tai Bao She Ren.

1 group is known as Qing Long Sheng Wang Tai Bao She Ren (青龍聖王太保舍人), which is the 2 sons of Qing Long Sheng Wang aka Duke Green Dragon (青龍聖王) in China Teochew Province (中國潮州).

Another group, which is known as Lin Shui Tai Bao She Ren (臨水太保舍人), this is the group that is always being invited in Taoist Lv Shan Ritual (道教閭山科儀). Besides that, this group of Tai Bao She Ren is quite well-known in China Fu Zhou Province (中國福州) and also in Taiwan (台灣).

In here, Jave will like to touch on the 2nd Group, which is the Son & Foster Sons of Lin Shui Fu Ren aka Madam Chen Jing Gu (臨水夫人陳靖姑).

AD 929 (唐朝永和二年), Tang Dynasty, on the 9th Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月初九日), Madam Chen Jing Gu was found pregnant with a Baby Boy.

On the Day of knowing that she was pregnant, Madam Chen’s Master – Heavenly Master Xu Xun (許遜天師) had advised her not to engage into any form of Rituals in the next coming 3 Months. Knowing that her Master was making some hinting to her, Madam Chen Jing Gu gratefully kept the Advise in her mind.

AD 929, 13th Day of Lunar 8 Month, Madam Chen Jing Gu received a news from her Taoist-mate that River Bai Long (白龍江, in China Gan Su Province 位於中國甘肅省) had encountered Demon spreading Evil Energies that harm the Commoners on the Area.

Upon receiving the news and somehow Madam Chen Jing Gu had forgotten that she was pregnant, immediately, she set off for River Bai Long to subdue the Demon.

On 15th Day of Lunar 8 Month, Madam Chen Jing Gu arrived at the River. As she was performing her inspection on the situation, she saw that the Demon had released out harmful & negative energies from the River-bed and so, without further delaying, she dived into the River, hoping to subdue the Demon.

As Madam Chen Jing Gu was diving into the River, she realised that her stomach was reacting vigorously against the strong wave, only then she remembered the Advise that her Master had given her.

Just as she started to hesitate on the subduing of the Demon, a voice appeared in her mind to encourage her not to stop. Recalling seeing the People on the River-bank was suffering, Madam Chen Jing Gu chose not to give up and vowed to subdue the Demon. As she dived deeper into the Sea, she caressed her stomach and apologised to the unborn baby.

While Madam Chen Jing Gu comforting the Baby, she arrived at the Coral-cave where the Demon Dragon hid. Upon reaching at the Cave, Madam Chen Jing Gu released her 7-stars Sword (七星劍) and start to fight with the Demon Dragon.

Within moments, strong Waves (tsunami) started to appear on the surface of the River and in a while, the Waves had washed onto the bank which killed a number of the Commoners.

Just as the Waves had washed onto the bank, Madam Chen Jing Gu released out a Talisman and with some strong struggling, the Demon Dragon transformed itself into a White Snake (白蛇). Before the Demon Dragon fully transformed into a Snake, it released out a gust of Poisonous Gas to attack Madam Chen Jing Gu. Without noticing, Madam Chen Jing Gu was being hit by the Gas and within seconds, she was being blacked-out.

After returning conscious, Madam Chen Jing Gu realised that her Master was besides her and while she lift her head up, she saw that she was in Tian Ji Fu (金闕天機府), which was the Celestial Court where the Heavenly Masters performed their daily task.

With her Master’s explanation, Madam Chen Jing Gu realised that she had actually got her Immortal-hood. At the moment when she was being killed by the Demon Dragon, her Master had descended to the Mortal Realm to lead her Yuan Shen (元神) back to the Celestial Realm.

As Madam Chen Jing Gu listening to her Master on the whole encounter, she was also being told that her son had miscarriage. Realising that her son had sacrificed due to her, Madam Chen Jing Gu couldn’t forgive herself for not taking good care of her own flesh & blood.

Seeing that Madam Chen Jing Gu was so depressed, her Master had to reveal another piece of news to her, telling her that after 8 years, she would be able to see her Child in Feng Du City (酆都城) again. Cos after the Child was miscarriage, Master Xu had sent the Soul of the Child to Feng Du City to perform his cultivation under the Inspection of Recording Officer Bao & Bai (包白雙判官).

Upon knowing that, Madam Chen Jing Gu was grateful to her Master and she vowed to concentrate on her cultivation and would wait for the day for the Reunion. Besides that, she also made a vow on doing her best to protect ALL pregnant ladies and unborn babies, preventing them from getting hurt by any Negative Entities & Demons (發願為護童監生).

AD 936, 15th Day of Lunar 7 Month, which was about 8 years after Madam Chen Jing Gu got her Immortal-hood, she made her way to Feng Du City after bidding farewell to her Master.

On 15th Day of Lunar 8 Month, Madam Chen Jing Gu arrived at Feng Du City. Just before she stepped into the City, she was stopped by a little Boy. Looking at the Boy, Madam Chen Jing Gu thought that he was the Son of her, so immediately, she went forward to question the little Boy.

But just as Madam Chen Jing Gu was about to open her mouth to ask the Boy, the Boy started to speak up. The Boy told her that she was Chen Jing Gu and her main purpose of coming to Feng Du City was to look for her son. Upon hearing that, Madam Chen Jing Gu was surprised by the Boy’s Fore-casting. Knowing that Madam Chen Jing Gu was amazed by his Prediction, the little Boy had to tell her the Truth that he was actually the Foster-son of Officer Bao (包判官), his name was known as Bao Da Ting (包打聽) – meaning being Busybody wherever he went.

After knowing his true identity, Madam Chen Jing Gu was being amused by his name and with motherly love, she carried the Boy up and asked him to lead the way into the City to look for her son.

Due to Bao Da Ting was being killed at a young age in a Riot, he had never felt Motherly Love since he entered into Feng Du City, after being hug and carried by Madam Chen Jing Gu, Bao Da Ting was deeply touched and in his mind, he hoping that one day, he could have a Mother like Madam Chen Jing Gu. By looking into the eyes of Bao Da Ting, Madam Chen Jing Gu had somehow read the mind of him and so, she returned a smile and nodded at the him.

As both of them were about to reach the Magistrate Office of Officer Bao, 2 Boys were fighting on the Street. When Bao Da Ting saw the 2 boys, immediately he shouted out to the one wearing white to stop and called upon the other boy who dressed in Prince-robe to come forward to meet his Mother.

Upon hearing that, Madam Chen Jing Gu was shocked and stunned, immediately she freezed at the spot staring at the Prince-robe boy.

After returning to her calm state, Madam Chen Jing Gu looked down to Bao Da Ting, Bao Da Ting nodded to her to hint her that this boy was her Son.

Before Madam Chen Jing Gu could react further, her tears had rolled down and when the Prince-robe Boy saw her, he was deeply touched too. With a dash, he ran forward to hug Madam Chen Jing Gu and called out Mum. Hearing that her son was calling her, Madam Chen Jing Gu couldn’t withstand her upset and sorrow anymore, both of them hug together tightly and sob for quite some time. After 8 years, both of them finally reunited.

As Madam Chen Jing Gu comforting her Son, Officer Bao & Bai arrived at the spot. After introduction and making some enquiries, Madam Chen Jing Gu knew that Liu Cong (劉聰) - the Son’s name, was being taken care by both of them for the past 8 years under the Order of her Master, she was Grateful and Happy and immediately, she returned her Sincerest Gratitude to the 2 Officers.

While Madam Chen Jing Gu talking to the 2 Officers, Bao Da Ting & the white robe boy – known as Bai Gan Sheng (白感生), the Foster son of Officer Bai (白判官), were sobbing sadly aside as they recalled about their past.

Bai Gan Sheng, son of a loving couple in Fu Zhou City (福州市).

One Year, while the father of Bai Gan Sheng was out in the field ploughing the ground, he was being bitten by a Poisonous snake, just as he was about to call out for help, the poison had somehow travelled through-out the whole body and before he could get any assistance from the people nearby, he was died.

Soon, the news reached the wife. After receiving the news, the wife was not able to accept the fact and on the spot, the wife broke-down mentally and with a dash, the wife killed herself by jumping into the nearby River.

Bai Gan Sheng became an orphan.

At the age of 5, drought invaded the Area of where Bai Gan Sheng was living. In a month, the whole village was being seriously affected and for the people to survive, they had to move away to find a new place to settle down.

One day, while Bai Gan Sheng’s adopted father went out to look for food, Bai Gan Sheng was being left alone at home. Due to hunger, Bai Gan Sheng had to run around in the house for food. Just as he passed by the corridor, he saw a dog biting onto a bone. Looking at the bone, Bai Gan Sheng thought that there still some meat sticking on it and so, he ran towards the dog and snatched the bone away. Just as he placed the bone into his mouth and bite hard on it, the bone cracked and with a hungry swallow, Bai Gan Sheng swallowed the broken bone into his throat and after a while, Bai Gan Sheng found out that he couldn’t breathe (due to the stuck in the throat) and soon, Bai Gan Sheng was found died due to suffocation.

After Bai Gan Sheng pass-on, his Yuan Shen (元神) couldn’t find the way back to the Source and was found floating in the Air.

One Day, while Officer Bai was performing his inspection on the Drought situation, he saw Bai Gan Sheng’s Yuan Shen and with a Grab, Officer Bai took his Soul back to Feng Du City.

Back in Feng Du City, Officer Bai released the Soul out and transformed the Yuan Shen into the original look of Bai Gan Sheng. Looking at Bai Gan Sheng, Officer Bai felt pity for him and with compassionate, he kept Bai Gan Sheng by the side, acknowledged him as the Foster Son while waiting for the real Foster Mother to arrive in the Feng Du City to fetch him off.

With years of waiting, finally the Day had arrived.

Knowing that Bai Gan Sheng & Bao Da Ting were closely & Strongly connected with herself, Madam Chen Jing Gu pleaded to the 2 Officers for bringing them along back to Lv Shan (閭山) for cultivation.

Upon hearing that, Officer Bao & Bai were delighted and immediately agreed with the request.

Just before Madam Chen Jing Gu and the 3 children left for Lv Shan, Heavenly Master Xu Xun arrived at Feng Du City, upon ushering Master Xu in, Master Xu carried out his task on announcing the Celestial Edict for promoting Officer Bao & Bai to Chief Recording Officer and they were be relocated to Mountain Tai (泰山) to assist Lord Dong Yue (東嶽大帝) in looking after the Spiritual Coffer (受生庫).

As for Madam Chen Jing Gu, she was being Officially Bestowed with the Title of Pu Hua Bi Xia Tai Hou Bao Tong Zhu Sheng Zhao Hui Chong Fu Jiu Shi Yuan Jun (普化碧霞太后保童註生昭惠救世元君).

For her Son Liu Cong, he was giving the Title of Ling Yong Tai Bao San She Ren (靈勇太保三舍人).

For Eldest Foster Son Bao Da Ting, he was given the Title of Yin Yang Tai Bao Bao She Ren (引陽太保包舍人).

For Second Foster Son Bai Gan Sheng, he was giving the Title of Tong Ming Tai Bao Bai She Ren (通冥太保白舍人).

The 3 little Boys were being appointed the Task to assist Madam Chen Jing Gu in salvaging the Pass-on and also to protect those Un-born Babies. Besides that, for those who died before they were being born, their Souls were be lead to the Flower Garden (花園) to wait for Reborn.

Upon completing the Task of announcing the Celestial Edict, Heavenly Master Xu Xun brought Madam Chen Jing Gu and the 3 Boys back to Lv Shan.

Today in China Fu Zhou City, the story of the 3 Boys can still be found. Every, on their Manifestation Anniversary, Taoists will flock to the Main Ancestral Temple dedicating to Madam Chen Jing Gu to honour the 3 Boys.

For Bao Da Ting, his Anniversary falls on 14th Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月十四日).

For Bai Gan Sheng, his Anniversary falls on 13rd Day of Lunar 3 Month (農曆三月十三日).

And for Liu Cong, his Anniversary falls on 9th Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月初九日 using the Date when Madam Chen Jing Gu released the news out on her pregnancy).