Monday, 30 November 2009

Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Lord Shui Guan (水官大帝千秋聖誕)

Dear All,

15th Day of Lunar 10 Month is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Lord Shui Guan whereas in Taoism, it is known as the Day of Inspection (考校日) on Mortal Realm of Shui Guan Da Di.

On this Day, Taoists & Chinese will visit Temples dedicated to San Guan Da Di (三官大帝) to pay their respects and request for elimination of Unforseen Disasters (解厄).

For those who are interested in honouring Shui Guan Da Di, here are a few Temples in Singapore that you can visit:

1) Havelock Road Tee Kong Temple
2) Bukit Merah View Lei Yin Si

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Introduction on Taoist Immortal Pei (慈惠真人裴仙師)

Taoist Immortal Pei, actual name known as Zhou Jian Jie (周简洁), born in Northern Song Dynasty (北宋), on 10th Day of Lunar 3 Month (農曆三月初十日) & Year unknown (生年不詳). Hometown in Zhe Jiang Province, Shao Xing County (中國浙江省紹興縣).

Since young, Immortal Pei's father had been teaching him on performing Charity. From the age of 8, Immortal Pei had started to follow his father to travel to different places to assist Needys.

One year while they were on their travelling, Immortal Pei's father founded that Hokkien Province Fu Zhou City was a good place to settle down and so, the whole family decided to shift to Fu Zhou City Gu Lou Area (中國福州市鼓樓區). At that time, Immortal Pei was already 20 years old.

After settled down in Fu Zhou City, Immortal Pei was being encouraged by his father to take part in the Imperial Examination. With one trial, Immortal Pei passed his examination but due to the result that he got, he could only be given a position of Advisor and was being appointed to station in one of the Magistrate Office in Fu Zhou City. From then, Immortal Pei performed his duties for 30 years before he gave up his position to continue on his Taoist Cultivation.

During these 30 years, Immortal Pei didnt stopped performing his Charity. Whenever he was off from his duty, he would travelled around to record on the needs that the Needys and then once he returned back to him Office, he would ordered his Subordinates to send the items over for the Needys in the night.

After 20odd years of Cultivation, Immortal Pei was being bestowed with the necessary Spiritual Taoist Skills. At the age of about 80, Immortal Pei still travelled around to assist the Needys and due to Immortal Pei never like to wear Taoist Robe while he's performing his Taoist Task and so from then, all the Commoners addressed him as Fei Yi Dao Ren (非衣道人). Due to Fei Yi was not a very respectable term and so, after then, People changed Fei Yi to Pei (裴), place the Fei character on top of the Yi character which pronouced as Pei.

At the age of 108, Immortal Pei got his Immortal-hood.

On the Day of his Immortal-hood, Immortal Pei was being summoned to the Celestial Palace and after meeting up with Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊), Immortal Pei was being bestowed with an Official Title of Xia Fu Hu Dao Yi Ling Bi Hua Hong Ji Zhen Guan Fu De Ci Hui Zhen Ren Dao De Zuo Hua Tian Zun (霞府護道翊靈弼化宏濟真官福德慈惠真人道德佐化天尊). Besides that, he was appointed to take charge of performing Salvation for the Sufferings, Inspecting of Heavenly Armies & Celestial Reporting Officers.

AD 1064, some said AD 1067, a great Temple was being built by the Commoners in Fu Zhou City Gu Lou Area to show the Gratitude to Immortal Pei. Till today, the Temple can still be found in that area.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Offering of Winter Clothing for the Pass-on (送寒衣)


On 1st Day of Lunar 10 Month, it is known as the Day for the Mortals to Offer Winter Clothing to the Ancestors aka Han Yi Jie (寒衣節), Pass-on Family Members & Wanderings.

This Tradition had been practised by the Taoists & Chinese since Qin Dynasty (秦朝).

In Taoism, this Day is considered as an Important Day for Taoists to show their Gratitude towards the Ancestors, Fore-fathers & Pass-on Family Members. Besides Qing Ming & Seventh Month, 1st Day of Lunar 10 Month, Taoists will prepared a great amount of Offerings and then performed Tomb-visiting.

Upon arriving at the Tomb/Grave, Taoists will start to clean the surrounding of the Tomb/Grave just like Tomb-sweeping Day, after then, a short reporting to the Earth Deity & City Deity will be made for the summoning of the Pass-on and last, making Offerings to the Pass-on with the burning of Winter Clothing.

These Winter Clothing are actually Paper-made Clothing which we can see nowadays in Joss-shops. But in the past, Taoists/Chinese will really used Thick/Wool Cloth to make into Clothing for the Offering, this is to show the Compassionate and Caring for the Pass-on, hoping that they wont be suffering in the Cold Winter Weather.

For Offering Winter Clothing to the Wanderings, usually the Taoists will go to Road-side, Mountainoues Areas or Ancestral Shrine to burn Five-colored Papers (五色紙) for them. Sch Five-colored Papers will be burnt off with an Enhanced Talisman (化衣符) issued by the Taoist Priests. By doing so, with the Energy of the Fire (火煉) & Chanting, the Talisman will transformed the Five-colored Paper into Clothing for the Wanderings. Once the Offering completed, the Taoists will leave the Place without turning back their head, this is to prevent seeing any un-necessary scene.

For those who are able to make such an Offering this Year, please do so, I'm sure Heaven & the Deities will be able to take note of your Compassionate and most probably, you and your Family will be blessed.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Scroll of Cheng Huang & his 12 Recording Officers (城隍尊神與十二記錄司官)

In here, you all will be seeing a Scroll-painting of Cheng Huang aka City Deity and his 12 Recording Officers.

Usually this Scroll is being used in Rituals/Ceremonies associated with Passing-on or Salvation.

According to Records, these 12 Officers will travelled around the Mortal Realm to do recording and then submit the Records to Cheng Huang for vetting, besides that, such Officers will also assist Cheng Huang in summoning of Souls of Passing-on Mortals for reporting to the Cheng Huang Department.

Hope you all Enjoy the Scroll.

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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Marshal Hua Guang (馬華光天君聖誕吉慶)

28th Day of Lunar 9 Month is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Marshal Hua Guang.

On this Day, besides Taoists, the Cantonese Opera Troupes will also conduct Grand/Official Celebration for Hua Guang (due to Hua Guang is being recognised as the Protector for the Cantonese Opera Troupes).

For more Info on Hua Guang, please proceed to the following links:


Hua Guang Bao Gao Banner:

Monday, 9 November 2009

Introduction of Liu Ren Sect Founder Master Li Bo (上清六壬法門祖師李播)


Alot of people have been approaching me to find out more on the actual/official Founder of Liu Ren Sect, in here, Jave will do a brief introduction on the Official Founder of Liu Ren Sect - Master Li Bo.

Master Li Bo aka Priest Huang Guan Zi, born in AD 552 (during Sui Dynasty 隋朝), Date of Birth unknown. Hometown in China Shan Xi Province, Feng Xiang County (中國陕西省凤翔縣).

Since young, Li Bo had been studying Taoist Scriptures, Prediction Methods & Spiritual Skills. At the age of 20 (AD 572), Li Bo decided to leave home to seek for proper Taoist Training. After doing researches & asking, Li Bo finally decided to enroll into Shang Qing Mao Shan Taoist School (上清茅山道宗) to do his training & study.

Upon reaching the Main Ancestral School of Shang Qing Sect, Li Bo was taken in by High Priest Zheng Si Yuan (上清祖師鄭思遠) as Disciple.

By the age of 32 (AD 584), Li Bo mastered almost all the Taoist Skills that High Priest Zheng had imparted to him. On 15th Day of Lunar 9 Month, High Priest Zheng called upon Li Bo to his Preaching Hall and advised him to go back to his hometown.

Upon hearing that, Li Bo was shocked & sad, assuming that he was being expelled by his Master, but after High Priest Zheng explained to him that, he got other tasks awaiting for him to settle in his hometown. After then, Li Bo finally understand and with some simple packing, Li Bo reluctantly bid farewell to his Master and left Mao Shan.

After leaving Mao Shan, Li Bo didnt go back to his hometown immediately but travelling around to do his Field-study and hoping to gain experiences from his observations. During this period, Li Bo composed quite a number of Poems & Songs and most of his Articles were being pass-down (now in some of the Chinese Museum, his Poems & Songs can still be seen).

AD 588, due to his Articles & Poems getting more popular, Li Bo was being summoned by the Sui Emperor to the Imperial Court. After the meeting up with the Sui Emperor, Li Bo was given a post to assist the Sui Emperor in doing planning & strategies.

On the following year (AD 589), while Li Bo was practising his Spiritual Skills of Observing the Stars, he found out that Sui Empire would be destroyed in another few years and so, he decided to resign from his post. Soon, his resignation was being granted and Li Bo gained back his freedom as a Wandering Priest again.

After he was being released from the Sui Empire, Li Bo began his Travelling again.

By the time he returned to his hometown, Li Bo was already 40 years old (AD 592), by then, his parent had already match-made a Lady for him as the Wife. On the 3rd year of his marriage (AD 595), Li Bo got his 1st son and he chosen a Name, using his Prediction Skills, as Li Chun Luo (李淳洛).

At the age of 45 (AD 597), Li Bo's wife gave birth to the 2nd son and the child was given the name of Li Chun Pu (李淳浦).

In AD 602, just before his 3rd Son was being born, Li Bo got a dream Tai Shang Lao Jun aka The Supreme Lord (太上老君) passing a set of Scriptures to Jiu Tian Xuan Nv aka The Ninth Heaven Maiden (九天玄女) in a Celestial Palace. After Ninth Heaven Maiden got the Scriptures, Li Bo was being asked to step forward to receive the Scriptures. Just as the moment of Li Bo receiving the Scriptures, a strong aroma of Sandal-wood fragrance entered into his nose and he was being woken-up by a Maid telling him that his Wife had given birth to the 3rd Son.

With joyous, Li Bo dashed to his Wife's Room and just as he was about to step into the Room, Li Bo started to smell the fragrance of the Sandal-wood again. This time round, he told himself that, he must had got a Spiritual Child that being given to him by the Heaven.

Upon entering into the Room, Li Bo was delighted to see his 3rd Son being born with a extraordinary face (looking like an Immortal), immediately, Li Bo used his Prediction Skills to choose a name for his 3rd Son and the Child was given the name of Li Chun Feng (李淳風).

After returning to his room, Li Bo was shocked to see a stack of Scriptures being placed on his study table. Upon opening, he was amazed by the cover-page of the Scriptures, cos these Scriptures were those he saw in his dream. After going thru the Scriptures, he realised that ALL the Skills recorded in the Scriptures were known as Liu Ren Skills (六壬法門) and from then, he started his Indepth study on the Scriptures and hoping that one day, he & his descendants could bring pride to the Heavenly's Gift.

In AD 603, Li Bo got another Son which was known as Li Chun Xue (李淳雪). By then, Li Bo was already 51 years old.

AD 620, Li Bo was being summoned by the 1st Emperor of Tang Dynasty - Li Yuan (唐高祖李淵), to the Imperial Court. After the meeting up with Emperor Li Yuan, Li Bo was being appointed as the Officer of Prediction (司天監).

During this Period, Li Bo was being high respect by Li Shi Min (李世民), the 2nd Son of Emperor Li Yuan.

Soon after Li Yuan pass-on, Li Shi Min became the 2nd Emperor of the Tang Empire, by then, Li Bo had reached an age of 75 years old, he decided to return to his hometown and just before Li Bo returned home, he recommended his 3rd Son - Li Chun Feng (李淳風) & his Eldest Disciple - Yuan Tian Gang (袁天罡), to assist Emperor Li Shi Min in the Prediction & Strategies Planning (cos only Li Chun Feng & Yuan Tian Gang were being imparted the full set of Liu Ren Skills).

Upon returning to his hometown, Li Bo started to do his cultivation on the Liu Ren Skills again. Due to he knew that his Lifespan was getting to an end, he decided to impart the reminding Liu Ren Skills to his other 3 sons. And so at the age of 90, he set-up 3 branches for his 3 sons. These 3 branches were Feng Huo Yuan (風火院), Qun Ying Guan (群英館) & Fu Ying Guan (伏英館).

After setting up the 3 branches, he wrote a Letter to Li Chun Feng & Yuan Tian Gang to look after these branches, in-order not to let the Disciples of the 3 other sons to fight against each other for the gaining of the Leadership Throne.

At the age of 109, Li Bo got his Immortal-hood and from then, Li Chun Feng & Yuan Tian Gang were being appointed as the 2nd Generation Leadership of Liu Ren Sect.

Due to alot of misconceptions & mis-leading information, the Actual Teaching of Liu Ren Sect was being distorted and used in an astray-method. Till today, alot of People who are undergoing the Training of Liu Ren Sect still do not know who is the Official Founder of the Sect, which is really a miserable thing to know.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Longevity Peach (Bun) for Birthday & Celebrations (壽桃包之源由)


Recently, got a PM from a Member from my Web to enquiry on the Origin and the Usage of Longevity Peach Bun during Birthday & Celebration. Due to I was away for some Issues, so not able to post this Article immediately for Public Reading. Today, finally got the chance to share with ALL of you here.

If we will to trace back the 1st usage of Longevity Peach Bun, it shall be back to the Period of when Yellow Emperor aka Huang Di (黃帝) making his attempts to defeat Chi You (蚩尤) aka the Destroyer, which was about 4800 years ago.

During the battling with Chi You, Huang Di was not able to defeat him and so, with no other choices, Huang Di had to make a report to the Heaven to request for assistance. On that very night, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv aka The Ninth Heaven Maiden (九天玄女) appeared in Huang Di's dream to present him a few Manuals & Scriptures for the placing of Formation & making of Spiritual Objects to defeat Chi You.

After waking-up, Huang Di really got the physical Manuals & Scriptures besides him and so from that Day, Huang Di followed the teaching of Jiu Tian Xuan Nv and finally, Huang Di defeated Chi You and took back the whole Mainland.

On the Night of Victory, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv appeared in the dream of Huang Di again. This time round, she was here to congrat on the Victory and also to advise Huang Di on the presenting of Longevity Peaches to Mother Queen Empress of the West (西王母) on the 3rd Day of Lunar 3 Month, as a form of Gratitude for sending the Manuals & Scriptures for the defeating Chi You. Just as Jiu Tian Xuan Nv was about to finish the last sentence, an Internal Assistant (內侍) of Huang Di woke him up for the Morning Meeting. With the sudden call, Huang Di was not able to know of where to get the Longevity Peaches and so, during the Morning Meeting, Huang Di seems to lost concentration for quite a long period. Knowing that Huang Di was having some doubts, one of his Officers step out from his seat to provide assistance to him asking what had happened.

Upon hearing that, Huang Di explained to the Officers on the dream that he got and due to the waking-up, he was not able to know of where to find the Real Longevity Peaches for the Offering. After a short discussion, one of the Officers known as Tian Nv (天女) suggested of using Rice Flour Powder mixing with Water and make into dough of Peaches.

With Tian Nv's suggestion, Huang Di was delighted but still with doubts on how to make the color of the Flour Peaches to be like the Real Peaches. Just after Huang Di made the comment, another Officer known as Yu Shi (雨師) suggested using the extraction of the Red & Pink Flowers to dye the outer layer of the Flour Peaches.

Upon hearing that, Huang Di agreed and order was being pass-down for the making of the Flour Peaches.

Without moment, the Flour Peaches were ready and after inspection made, Huang Di was very satisfied and on the 3rd Day of Lunar 3 Month, such Flour Peaches were being Offered to Mother Queen Empress of the West as a form of Gratitude.

From then, Flour Peaches were being used in the replacement of the Real Peaches for Offering.

Using of Flour Peaches for Offering got 3 meanings. Here they are:

1) Returning/Showing Gratitude
2) Requesting of Longevity
3) Highest Respect (for Normal Celebration & Not Birthday)

Alot of Folks tend to misunderstand that such Flour Peaches are mend for the Deities to consume, actually the Fact is NO. Such Peaches are being used to symbolised Longevity & Prosperity or Good Luck. Same goes to Huat Kueh (發糕).

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Immortal-hood Anniversary of 64th Generation Heavenly Master Zhang (64代張天師得道日)

A year had passed and it is really fast.

On this coming 19th Day of Lunar 9 Month, it will be the 1st Immortal-hood Anniversary of 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian.

For those keen Taoists, you may you wish to offer an Incense to him at home by calling upon his Title or Name while facing the Heaven. I'm sure our 64th Generation Heavenly Master will be able to get your message.