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Introduction on Zhuang Zi - Taoist Immortal Nan Hua (南華真人莊周)

Zhuang Zi (莊子), actual name known as Zhuang Zhou (莊周) or Zhuang Zi Xiu (莊子休), born in BC369 (生于公元前369年), during the Warring State (7 Kingdoms 正值戰國時代). Hometown in China An Hui Province Meng County (祖籍為中國安徽省蒙城县).

Since young, with the Strong Influences on the Study of Taoism (from Lao Zi's Classic and other Taoist Articles), Zhuang Zi started to do his Cultivation at a very young age. By then, he was Well-equipped with the Knowledge of Nature, Pureness and the Balancing of Yin & Yang Element.

And with the Understand of the Nature-flow, Zhuang Zi always impart the Teaching of Not doing Un-necessary hurting or harming to any form of Living Beings that stayed around Oneself. Due to this Imparting, Zhuang Zi gained quite a Great Support from the Commoners and also, the Followers of him.

At his Period, there's another Person who claimed that he was a Sage, this Person was known as Kong Zi aka Confucius (孔夫子). But since young, Zhuang Zi had been doing study on Kong Zi's Review, from there, Zhuang Zi discovered alot of Wrong Information & Teaching were being Imparted to the Students & the Commoners, so whenever Zhuang Zi came across the Teaching of Kong Zi, he would tend to explain to the People that the Serious & Negative results of that and Zhuang Zi would then tried his best to cover the "Negative Loops" of Kong Zi with the Upright Taoist Teaching. And this was the reason that in Chinese History, the Historians will tend to mark Zhuang Zi as the Enemy of Kong Zi and Kong Zi as the Correcting-target of Zhuang Zi.

Due to Zhuang Zi was born in a Poor Family, since young, he couldnt get much Good Opportunities of what the Rich kids had (eg: Good Books, Good Information from afar), but all these didnt put him down, cos he knew that, by stay Optimistic and an Open-minded, oneself will be able to gain whatever are Necessary & Good when the Time was Ripe. With this type of Optimistic Attitude & Open-mind, Zhuang Zi was able to learn more other stuffs than those who were being blinded by Fame & Reputation-gaining.

After Zhuang Zi reached a Mature-age, he started to travel around to see, learn and discover more New Stuffs & Knowledge, in-order for him to gain more Wisdom & Positive Assistances for his Taoist Cultivation. And with his Positive Attitude, Zhuang Zi succeeded in that.

At his Late-years of his Physical Life in this Mortal Realm, Zhuang Zi compiled ALL his Teachings, Findings & Theory into a Classic known as Nan Hua Jing (南華經). From then, this Classic was being Honoured as 1 of the 3 Taoist Classics that ALL Taoists must Read & Understands. (The 3 Classics are, Dao De Jing 道德經, Wen Shi Jing 文始經 & Nan Hua Jing 南華經).

In Nan Hua Jing, sometime oneself will tend to see very Weird Descriptions made by Zhuang Zi, such as Gourd, Rats, Poo, the Negative Teaching of Kong Zi, etc. Even thought such Descriptions looks Ridiculous, but if oneself will to understand what Zhuang Zi wanted to imply, they do have Positive In-depth Meaning behind them.

At the age of 83, Zhuang Zi gained his Immortal-hood.

With his Knowledge, Optimistic Attitdue, Open-mind & Carefree Emotion, Zhuang Zi was being Honoured & Respected Highly in Taoism. In Taoism, we addressed him as Nan Hua Zhen Ren - The Taoist Immortal Nan Hua (南華真人).

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Taoist Book Recommendation: Dao Ji Feng (道風集:道教的发展,道士的修养)

In here, I will like to recommend this Taoist Book to All or for those who are Interested in finding out more on Taoism & It's Culture.

This Taoist Book was written by Zheng Yi High Priest Master Chen Lian Sheng (陈莲笙), who just got his Immortal-hood last Year in Lunar 9 Month.

This Book was written in Year 2006, while Master Chen was seriously-ill and bed-ridden.

To him, completing this Book was his last Will and Final-contribution to the Taoist Culture. In this Book, it talk about the Development & Future-prospect of Taoism. Besides that, Master Chen also included Points & Lecturing to Taoist Priests on the Cultivation and Attitude that oneself MUST have. A Wonderful and Enriching Taoist Book to have.

For those who wished to get this Book, you can go Online to purchase it using the following Information:

作者:陈莲笙 著

Hope you all will like it and Treasure the Last Contribution of Master Chen Lian Sheng.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Introduction on Patron of Ye Clan - Hui Ze Zun Wang (南安葉氏先祖惠澤尊王)

Hui Ze Zun Wang aka Duke Hui Ze (惠澤尊王) or Guang De Hou aka Lord Guang De (廣德侯), actual name known as Ye Sen (葉森).

Hui Ze Zun Wang was Born in Southern Song Dynasty AD 1189, Chun Xi Period (生於南宋淳熙年間). According to Records, the Birthday was on 10th Day of Lunar 12 Month (誕辰為農曆十二月初十) and Hometown in China Hokkien Province, Nan An City, Gao Tian Area (祖籍為中國福建省南安市高田人).

Father of Hui Ze Zun Wang was Ye Ting Xian (葉廷显) and Mother known
as Madam Chen (葉門陳氏). After Hui Ze Zun Wang was born, few years later, his Parent gave birth to another younger brother, name known as Ye San Fu (葉三復).

According to the Records in the Ancestral Temple in Nan An City, on the Day of Hui Ze Zun Wang's borning, Spiritual & Extraordinary scenes were seen around the House and also the whole Nan An City.

In the Night before the his Born, a Bright Ray was discovered shining above the House of Hui Ze Zun Wang, besides that, a Strong sense of Fragrance Aroma was being found spreading from the House to the Streets.

Soon after Hui Ze Zun Wang was born, a Light Purple Ray shined into the Sky from the Room of where Madam Chen gave birth.

AD 1201, at the age of 13, Hui Ze Zun Wang was able to recite & compose Poems, Articles & Reviews. By the age of 20, he was able to challenge people with his own Talent & Skills.

Even though Hui Ze Zun Wang was brought up in a Scholarly family, but due to his over-activateness, when he reached 21 years old, he decided to learn a few sets of Martial Arts to protect himself, the Family and also, hoping to serve his Nation when War started.

Few years later, Hui Ze Zun Wang was well-equipped with Martial Skills and so, he decided to serve his Nation by defeating the Rebellious Invaders.

Around AD 1221 - 1223, Hui Ze Zun Wang defeated the Invaders and was being Officially rewarded by the Song Emperor.

Soon after Hui Ze Zun Wang got his Official Title, Southern Song Dynasty entered into a Chaotic Period where the Jin Empire (金朝) Invaded China and trying to over-thrown the Song Emperor.

According to some Records, in AD 1245, at the age of 57, while Hui Ze Zun Wang was protecting the Emperor from getting hurt by the Jin Troops, he sacrificed himself. And due to his Loyalty and Uprightness, after his Pass-on, Song Emperor bestowed him with an Official Title of Guang De Hou (广德侯).

After Jin Empire was defeated in the Ming Dynasty, Temples dedicating to All the Heros & Lords of Southern Song Dynasty were built, one of them was the Ancestral Temple that dedicated to Hui Ze Zun Wang.

The Main Temple is still being well-kept and look after by the Nan An Clan in China Hokkien Province.

Features of Hui Ze Zun Wang (惠澤尊王特徵):

1) Red or Black Face with Poppy-eyes (赤/黑面,雙凸眼)
2) 1 Hand holding onto the Robe's Upper-belt and 1 Hand placing on the Left-kneel (右手托戴,左手扶膝)
3) Both Legs stepping on 2 Leg-rests of the Arm-chair (雙足踏座底)

Due to the Features that being used to make the Statue are quite similar to Guang Ze Zun Wang (廣澤尊王), this is the main reason that alot of People tend to mistaken Hui Ze Zun Wang and Guang Ze Zun Wang.

Besides that, Guang Ze Zun Wang also being known as Bao An Hui Ze Zun Wang (保安惠澤尊王), so this add on to the confusion of the People.

For High Res Pictures, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/561711283/pic/list

Banner of Kai Min Sheng Wang Bao Gao (開閩聖王寶誥)

In here, you will see the Bao Gao Banner dedicating to Kai Min Sheng Wang (開閩聖王) aka Wang Shen Zhi (王審知), the Ancestor of the Hokkien Ong Clan.

This is again another Rare Bao Gao that being recite during Ritual/Ceremony unless, the Ritual/Ceremony is conducted dedicated to Kai Min Sheng Wang.

In Singapore, seldom we can see Temples or Altars dedicating to him, but in China & Taiwan, you can find Temples of Kai Min Sheng Wang.

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Ong Clan Ancestor of Hokkien Jin Jiang City (福建晉江王氏始祖)

Upon request, in here, I will do a quick introduction on the Ancestor of Ong Clan of Hokkien Province Jin Jiang City (福建省晉江市).

Before I start on the introduction of the Ancestor of Jin Jiang City, I will need to do a brief intro on the History of when Wang aka Ong Surname originated (王姓起源).

Origin of Surname Wang aka Ong

The Surname Wang aka Ong was First Originated in Zhou Dynasty (周朝), after Crown Prince Jin (太子晉), the 23rd Generation Descendant of Ji Chang (姬昌) aka Emperor Wen of Zhou (周文王), being down-graded to an Commoner by his Father, the 22nd Emperor of Zhou Dynasty (周朝廿二世王).

After Prince Jin was being chase-off from the Zhou Empire, he fled to a faraway area to hide from the disaster of being Killed by his own Royal Family. Soon, Prince Jin got married and gave birth to a Son , named as Jing Zong (敬宗).

18 Years passed, Jing Zong had grow-up and soon after he knew that his Father was being wrongly punished and worried that he might get Killed by his own Cousins (as the 24th Generation of Zhou Empire, other People might worried that he'll returned one day to snatch the Throne) and so, Jing Zong changed his Surname from Ji (姬) to Wang (王).

From then, Wang Jing Zong shifted to Tai Yuan City (太原市) to stay. Soon, his Surname Lineage started to expand. Only then in Yuan Dynasty (元朝), due to War & dis-order, then the Surname Wang aka Ong started to have a Mass-mirating out to other Places in China.

Introduction on Ong Clan Ancestor of Jin Jiang City

In AD 885, Wang Chao (王潮), Wang Shen Gui (王审邽) & Wang Shen Zhi (王审知) leaded a Big Troop of Armies to Hokkien Province Jin Jiang City. After 24 Years of conquering the Area and doing serious planning on the developing the City, the 3 Brothers succeeded.

In AD 909, the 3 Brothers made an Annoucment to the Country that the Wang Brothers had built an Empire in Hokkien Province Jin Jiang City known as Min Guo (Empire of Hokkien 閩國).

Due to Wang Chao & Wang Shen Gui had entered into their Elder-age, so the 2 Elder Brothers decided to give up the Throne of Lord of Min (閩王) to the 3rd Brother Wang Shen Zhi, after Lord Liang (梁王) of Liang Empire (梁國) bestowed the 3 Brothers on the Official Title.

After ascending the Throne, Wang Shen Zhi was given the title of Kai Min Wang (開閩王) aka Zhong Yi Wang (忠懿王). His wife, Madam Huang Hui Gu (黃惠姑) was given the Official Title of Empress of Min (閩國皇后).

Wang Shen Zhi aka Wang Xing Tong (王信通) or Wang Xiang Xiang (王祥乡), born in AD 862.

In AD 898, Tang Emperor bestowed him as the General-in-charge after Wang Shen Zhi defeated the Rebellious General Huang Chao (反王黃巢).

In AD 925, at the age of 63, Wang Shen Zhi pass-on.

In AD 927, 3 Years after Wang Shen Zhi pass-on, his 10 Sons (out of 28 Children) migrated to Hokkien Province Jin Jiang City to stay. From then, the Lineage of Wang aka Ong Clan of Jin Jiang City started. These 10 Sons were considered as the Initial Ancestors of Hokkien Province Jin Jiang City.


Out of the 28 Children, only the follow Names of the Sons were Recorded:

1st Son Wang Yan Han (王延翰)
2nd Son Wang Yan Jun (王延钧)
5th Son Wang Yan Wu (王延武)
7th Son Wang Yan Xi (王延羲)
13th Son Wang Yan Zheng (王延政)
Foster Son Wang Yan Bing (王延禀)

For High Res Pics, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/1318001630/pic/list

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Qing Ming Festival Honouring (清明祭祀懷祖恩)



Drizzling to be seen everywhere during Qing Ming Festival.
The Cool-weather assists the People who visiting Tombs to honour their Ancestors to have a Good & Enjoying Mood.
With such a Good Mood, I will like to visit a Wine-inn somewhere around.
By asking the Young Cowherd, I got to know the Best Wine-inn is located in Village Xing Hua.

Above is a Poem to describe the scene of Qing Ming Festival in the Ancient Era.

In the Past, after Tomb-visiting, the Family Members or Friends of the Pass-on will tend to have a short gathering and enjoy the Cooling & Drizzling Weather.

Some of the People will find a Tea-house or Wine-inn to have a drink or some of the people will just find a Clean & Green open-space to have a Picnic. The People will have a great feast on the Offerings that they offered to the Ancestors or Pass-on. With a little sip on the Wine or Tea, the Educated People will recite or create Poems accordingly to what they feel, see and hear.

This is the Joyous Mood of Qing Ming Festival.

In Taoism, besides Honouring the Ancestors & Pass-on, this is also a Day to show Filial Piety, Unity & Gratitude to the Fore-fathers & Pioneers.

In the Ancient Era, to do Tomb-visiting, the whole Family must gathered around to do the Preparation of the Offerings, folding of Paper-ingots and then, when time is up, the whole Family will start their Journey to the Tomb. But in the Modern Era now, due to tight-working schedule and/or the Conversion to Non-Chinese-Religions, a lot of the People had neglected the Importance of such Practices and this is one of the main Reasons that in-directly cause the losing of Family Bonding and Close-relationship among Family Members.

Once Filial Piety & Unity of the Family are Gone, this is a Distorting in the Root of the Chinese, this is something that we needed more time to look into and ponder over.

Besides honouring the Ancestors & Pass-on, on Qing Ming Festival, we shall also offered 3 Incenses to the Fore-fathers or Pioneers that had assist us in giving us a Good Land to stay-on and providing us with Good Environment to stay-in.

In Year 2009, our Chinese Qing Ming Festival falls on the 10th Day of Lunar 3 Month (05 Apr 2009 - Rat Hour 子時/Singapore Timing 00:33 Midnight). For Chinese Custom, the Honouring of Ancestors & Pass-on will starts 10 Days before and 10 Days after the Main Day, meaning that, for this Year, the Qing Ming Honouring Period will starts on 26 Mar till 15 Apr.

So what to Prepare?

In here, I will suggest a few items that oneself or the Family Members can prepared for the Honouring.

For Food Offerings:

1) Ang Ku Kueh (紅龜粿) as to request for Long Lifespan for the Family Members

2) Fried Carrot Cake (菜頭粿) as to repuest for Prosperity

3) Fa Gao (發糕) as to request for Good Wealth Blessing

4) Sweet Potato Cake (蕃薯糕) as to represent Gold or Wealth

5) Fried Pumpkin Cake (金瓜糕) as to represent Gold or Wealth

6) Chinese Rice Wine (白米酒)

7) Chinese Tea (中國茶)

8) A set of 5 Oranges (五顆桔子) or Apples (五顆蘋果)

9) Spring Onion aka Qing Cong (青蔥)

10) Chinese Chives aka Jiu Cai (韭菜)

11) Beancurd aka Dou Gan (豆干)

12) Meat/Vegetable Roll aka Run Bing (潤餅/薄餅/春卷)

For Paper & Other Offerings:

13) A few stacks of Shou Jin aka San Bao Jin (壽金/三寶金)

14) A Pair of Red Candles (一對紅燭)

15) A Bundle of Good Quality Incenses (上等香)

16) A few Bundles of Jing Yi aka Daily-necessities for the Pass-on (經衣)

17) A few Bundles of Xi Qian (溪錢) aka Kai Lu Qian (開路錢)

18) A few sets of Paper Clothing (男女紙衣)

19) A few stacks of Zu Jin (足金)

20) A few stacks of Zu Yin (足銀)

For Paying Respect to Earth Deities (祭祀後土地祇):

1) A set of 2 Oranges (桔子兩顆)

2) A set of Jian He & Chinese Tea-leaves (餞盒茶葉)

3) A pair of Red Candles (一對紅燭)

4) Three sticks of Incenses (三枝上等香)

5) A stack of Shou Jin aka San Bao Jin (壽金/三寶金)

6) A stack of Tu Di Jin (一份土地金)

Procedure of the Honouring of Ancestors or Pass-on:

Upon reaching the Cemetery, lay-out the Offerings for the Ancestors or Pass-on.

Then proceed to pay respect to the Earth Deities (後土地祇). While paying respect to the Earth Deities, also report to the Earth Deities that who you and your Family Members going honoured (Ancestors or Pass-on's Name). After reporting, burn-off the San Bao Jin (壽金/三寶金) and then proceed back to the Tomb.

Passge to recite as follow:

San Zhi Qing Xiang Lai Bing Bao

Hou Tu Di Zhi Qing Wen Gao

Jin Feng Qing Ming Jia Jie

Di Zhi (your Name) Ji He Jia

Te Bei Gong Pin, Jing Gong Tang Shang (Ancestors or Pass-on's Names)

Yu Ci Hu Qing (Ancestors or Pass-on's Names), Qian Lai Ling Gong

Zai Ci, Di Zi Yi Jing Bei Bo Yi

Da Xie Hou Tu Di Zhi Shou Gu

Yi Ci Jing Bei Feng Shang Xie Guo (Burn Paper-offering)

Once returned, Light the Candles and then Call-upon the Name of the Ancestors or Pass-on, inform them that Today is Qing Ming Festival and the whole Family is here to pay respect to the Who & Who.

(Ancestors or Pass-on's Name) Deng Lai Dao

(Ancestors or Pass-on's Name) Qing Wen Gao

Jin Ri Shi Qing Ming Jia Jie

(Your Name) Quan Jia Lai Sao Mu

Te Bei Gao Dian Fan Cai, Yi Wu Qian Cai, Jing Gong Tang Shang (Ancestors or Pass-on's Names)

Qing (Ancestors or Pass-on's Names) Lai Xiang Yong Ji Ling Shou

After Three Rounds of Offering Incenses and Wine, proceed with the Burning of Paper-offerings. Once the Paper-offerings are being send-off, the whole Honouring will considered as Completed.

Packed the Food-offerings and then distribute-out after leaving the Cemetery. Remember not to waste any of the Food-offerings as most of them have Blessings from the Ancestors & Pass-on. Wasting such Food-offerings is the same as adding Sins & Debts to the Pass-on.

Before leaving, remember to Clean up the Place. This is to prevent Creatures from coming to stay around the Tomb. Once Creatures gathered around, it will bring Negative Issues to the Family Members.


Banner of Jiang Xian Guan Bao Gao (江飛捷元帥寶誥)


In here, you will see the Banner of a Totally Rare Bao Gao aka Praise Mantra dedicated to Heavenly Marshal Jiang Xian Guan.

This Mantra is being used in Official Taoist Ritual/Ceremony, while extending Invitation to Jiang Xian Guan.

To know more on Jiang Xian Guan, you can proceed to the following link:



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This is Taoism (道之根與本)


道非佛為本。Dao Fei Fo Wei Ben
佛非道之根。Fo Fei Dao Zhi Gen
道為漢族根。Dao Wei Han Zu Gen
德乃人之本。De Nai Ren Zhi Ben
非同生一根。Fei Tong Sheng Yi Gen
何來兩同本。He Lai Liang Xiang Ben
世人多胡鬧。Shi Ren Duo Hu Nao
清淨無為始。Qing Jing Wu Wei Shi

10 Days of Cleansing, Study & Training are almost over. During this Period, had visited a few places and go thru some studies with Taoist Masters and also having discussion with Official Religious People, I can said that, this Retreat is quite Fruitful and Enriching.

Recently, while having study and a short discussion with the Official Religious & Spiritual People, the above Poem was mentioned and after serious study and understanding of the Poem, it indeed tell us a lot about Taoism and also, the relationship of Taoism & Buddhism.

Nowadays, due to Commercialization and Business-opportunities, a lot of Folks & Ignorant People tend to put Taoism & Buddhism together. Worst is that, putting Buddhism above Taoism and degraded Taoism as a Sub-School of Buddhism. This is totally Ignorant and Inconsiderate.

After discussion & study with the Official & Spiritual People, including Taoists & Buddhists, we all totally agreed on the Meaning & Explanation on the above Poem. Cos this is what we, Official Taoists & Buddhists wanted to see and Promote on.

The translation of the Poem goes like that:

Taoism does not have Buddhism as Foundation.
Taoism does not need Buddhism as Root (Base).
Taoism is the Root of Chinese.
Positive Morality is the Foundation of All Chinese.
Taoism does not Form together with Buddhism.
Both of the Religions does not have the same Foundation.
All these are Human Misconception & Misunderstanding.
Be Calm & Pure, reach the Nullness, Human will understand the Root & Foundation of Taoism.

After knowing the Meaning & Explanation, now its time for individual of you to Ponder over these few questions:

1) Shall we always needed to Mix the 2 Pure Religions together even though we know that they are of Different Root & Foundation?

2) Shall we always needed to Compare which is Higher than which even though we know that these 2 Religions exist in Different Dimension?

3)Shall we always needed to force ourselves to Claim that without Buddhism, Taoism cant function, even though that we All Clearly-understand that these 2 Religions have Different Teachings & Objectives?

Yes, in this World, we needed to Respect each other's Religions and also, needed to understand at least a minimal percentage of how each other does the Preaching and the Promoting of the Root Faith. But as an Official follower of one's Faith, we shall not Act-smart or claimed that oneself is able to Promote the Upright Teaching & Culture of the other Faith.

In the Modern World now, how many of you is able to Proudly and Firmly claimed that you have understand your Own Root Culture thoroughly and truly? If not, why must you do the un-necessary actions to Promote other's Culture when you yourself is still in the Mist-of-dont-know-where?

Ponder over this question again.

For those who have found your Root and is able to Accept it Truly & Faithfully, I will like to Congrat you, cos you had made it.

For those who havent, in here, I sincerely wish you on discovering your Own Root someday in-the-near-future.

All the Best & Good Luck.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Banner of Master Zhang Liang Bao Gao (留侯張子房寶誥)


Zhang Liang (張良) aka Zhang Zi Fang (張子房), the Ancestor of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (祖天師張道陵之祖).

In here, you will see the Bao Gao aka Praise Incantation that is being bestowed and created dedicating to him.

A Rare Bao Gao and in South East Asia, you seldom will see Taoist Priests recite it in Official Celebrations.
Liu Hou Zhang Zi Fang Bao Gao (Praise Incantation)

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

Jia Shi Xiang Han. Gu Gong Zuo Han

Shen Bu Lao Yu Han Ma

Ming Yi Zai Yu Dan Shu

Diao San Cun She. Wei Di Zhe Shi

Shou Yi Pian Shu. Zuo Ren Zhong Jie

Jin Huang Shi Gong Lv

You Zhi He Yi Dao Tong

Cong Chi Jing Zi You

Sui Gong Cheng Er Shen Tui

Yu Jing Ti Zheng. Shi Jie Shu Ying

Da Bei Da Yuan. Da Sheng Da Ci

Xiao Jing Zhu Zai. Tian Su Shang Xiang

Fa Zhu Dao Jun Tian Zun

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Introduction on Officer & Madam Cai Fu Yi, the Founder of Popiah (薄餅始祖蔡复一及夫人)


Popiah (薄餅) aka Rice-wrap, a very Traditional Cuisine that the Hokkien Clan will consume during Big Occasions such as Lunar New Year (農曆新年) or Qing Ming Festival (清明節). In some Areas, Popiah is also known as Run Bing (潤餅). In here, I will like to do a quick introduction on how this Popiah is being founded.

Cai Fu Yi (蔡复一) aka Cai Jing Fu (蔡敬夫) or Cai Yuan Lv (蔡元履), born in Ming Dynasty AD 1577 (生于明万历五年), hometown in Hokkien Province, Tong An County (hkk known as Thang Wa 中國福建同安人).

Since young, with his Scholarly Family background, Cai Fu Yi was able to memorize all the Ancient Passages and Poems. By the age of 12, Cai Fu Yi wrote his very first History Classic on the Historical Character Fan Li (范蠡传 Taoism known as Deity of Wealth).

AD 1594 (万历二十二年), at the age of 18, Cai Fu Yi passed his Imperial Examination and was appointed by the Ming Emperor to become an Official Chief-in-charge for the Legal & Crime-investigation (刑部主事).

Due to his Uprighteous, Frankliness and Loyalty, Cai Fu Yi offended a few rebellious High-rank Officers in the Imperial Court and so, within a year or two, Cai Fu Yi was being accused and boycott by this group of wicked Officers.

One day, while Ming Emperor conducting the Morning Meeting, one of the wicked Officers suggested to Ming Emperor that, Cai Fu Yi was a person who can produced Good Calligraphy Art-pieces. After Ming Emperor got the reporting, the Emperor was interested in seeing the final Art-pieces of Cai Fu Yi and so, Ming Emperor asked the wicked Officer on what articles shall be appointed to Cai Fu Yi to do the Calligraphy-copying work.

After considering, the wicked Officer suggested to Ming Emperor that, in the Imperial Library, there were 9 Big Boxes of Ancient Records on Chinese History, why not asked Officer Cai to complete the copying in 49 Days before Emperor's Birthday.

Upon hearing the Reporting, Ming Emperor was delighted and so, agreed on the suggestion.

Knowing that the wicked Officer was trying to make him suffered, Cai Fu Yi had to take-up the courage and accept the Order from the Ming Emperor.

On the very day, after returning from the Imperial Court, Cai Fu Yi started to do the copying of the 9 Big Boxes of Ancient Records.

Soon 3 Days passed. Cai Fu Yi had not showered, eaten any meals or neither had any time for sleeping. Seeing that Cai Fu Yi suffered so much, Madam Cai (surname Li 蔡夫人本形李﹐外祖父是廣東副使劉存德) was worried and upset. So while Cai Fu Yi was concentrating on the copying, Madam Cai went to the Kitchen to prepare some dishes for her husband.

After the meal was ready, Madam Cai sent the dishes to Cai Fu Yi, but Cai Fu Yi was too concentrated on his work, he neglected the meal and the dishes were left on the table till late night. While Madam Cai returned to the Study-room, she was heart-broke. With no other alternatives, Madam Cai had to return to the Kitchen to prepare some dishes again.

This time round, Madam Cai ground the raw-rice into powder form, after that, she add in a bit of salt, sugar and water into the rice-powder. Gently mixed them up and after the powder was well-mixed, she heat-up the wok and slowly, pour the Batter onto the hot wok, gently lift-up the wok and sway around to make the Batter spread out on the wok. Within moments, the Batter turn into a thick layer of Rice-paper form.

With carefulness, she retrieved the Rice-paper out from the wok and then placed the heat-up cold dishes onto the Rice-paper and wrapped it up into small rolls.

Soon, the Rice-paper Wrap-ups were ready and Madam Cai sent them to the Study-room. Madam Cai quietly approached Cai Fu Yi, seeing that Cai Fu Yi was still so concentrated on his work, Madam Cai took one of the Wrap-up and sent it to Cai Fu Yi's mouth.

At first, Cai Fu Yi was shocked, but after seeing the Wrap-up and knowing that these Wrap-ups were specially prepared by his wife, Cai Fu Yi was touched and without moments, Cai Fu Yi finished the Wrap-ups.

From then, Madam Cai prepared the Wrap-ups everyday for Cai Fu Yi and soon, 49 Days due was up and Heavenly-blessed, Cai Fu Yi completed all the 9 Boxes of Ancient Records.

After receiving the Art-pieces from Cai Fu Yi, Ming Emperor was so happy and rewarded Cai Fu Yi generously.

Few Years later, Cai Fu Yi wrote a Long & Harsh Petition to Ming Emperor, stated All the Evil-doing of these few Officers and after Investigation, Ming Emperor beheaded All the Evil Officers and returned Cai Fu Yi a Clean Reputation.

From then, the Rice-wrap was being passed down Generation by Generation and this is what we called Popiah today.

Today, in China Hokkien Province, Tong An County, descendants of Cai Fu Yi are still selling the Rice-wrap and continuing the Culture of what their Ancestor had passed down - Upright, Compassionate and Loyalty.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Introduction on Lv Shan Sect Lian Hua Qing Ting Tong Zi (閭山蓮花蜻蜓童子)


Lian Hua Qing Ting Tong Zi (蓮花蜻蜓童子) aka Immortal Boy of Dragonfly in Red Lotus.

Due to the outlook of this Immortal Boy, alot of the Folks Culture may mistaken it as a Nether World Deity or a Newly Man-made Deity. At first, I do have such impression too, but after going in-depth into the Study and the use of the Salvation Scriptures, then I started to learn more and know more about this Wonderful Cute Little Immortal Boy.

According to Scriptures of Taoist Lv Shan Sect (道教閭山派), Lian Hua Qing Ting Tong Zi was one of the Assistants of Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (註生娘娘) and Lin Shui Fu Ren Chen Jing Gu (臨水夫人陳靖姑). Besides the normal Gu Hua Tong Zi (顧花童子), Hua Gong & Hua Po (花公花婆 see introduction links below) that assist Zhu Sheng Niang Niang and Lin Shui Fu Ren in looking after the Pre-born Babies' Souls, Lian Hua Qing Ting Tong Zi is one of the Spiritual Assistants that helps in "Transporting" the Babies' Souls to a destinated around for "Reborn".

Just like what being mentioned in the Title of this Immortal Boy, Dragonfly in Red Lotus, Qing Ting Tong Zi will get an order from Zhu Sheng Niang Niang, to Transport the Souls to a Red Lotus and while the Time is up, the Qing Ting Tong Zi will tend hand the Souls to Marshal Gao Yuan (監生高元帥) in-order to deliver the destinated Souls to the Families where the Babies shall "Reborn" to.

Once the Transporting of the Souls is done, then the task of Qing Ting Tong Zi will considered complete.

Nowadays, Qing Ting Tong Zi can be seen in the form of a Little Boy with the Wings of Dragonfly, stepping on a Lotus and hand carrying a Bowl or Box. In the Olden Days, Qing Ting Tong Zi can only be seen in the form of a Little Boy holding onto a small box with a little Dragonfly on top.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Video on the Recitation of Wu Fu Qian Sui (五府千歲禮讚樂短片)

This is a short video clip on the Recitation of Wu Fu Qian Sui aka Official Five Lords of Tang Dynasty.

The Five Lords, being bestowed by Heaven to look into the issues of Eliminating any form of Diseases that happened in the Mortal Realm. During the Celebration of Wu Fu Qian Sui, such Recitation will be done by the Devotees in-order to show their Respect to the Lords.

Here, sincerely hope that you all like the Video Clip.

Do enjoy.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pictures of Nan An Feng Shan Si (福建南安詩山鳳山寺)

China Hokkien Province Nan An County Feng Shan Si, an Ancient and Oldest Temple that built dedicating to Guang Ze Zun Wang aka Lord Guang Ze (廣澤尊王).

Lord Guang Ze, actual name known as Guo Zhong Fu (郭忠福) and this is why, in the Ancient Era, Feng Shan Si is also known as Guo Jiang Jun Temple (郭將軍廟).

Nan An Feng Shan Si was built in AD938. The latest round of Renovation was done in Year 1978.

Singapore Feng Shan Si, located at Mohd Sultan Tong Watt Road, was part of the Lineage of Nan An Feng Shan Si.

Till Today, the Guo Descendants of Hokkien Nan An Clan will still pay respect to Lord Guang Ze on every 22nd Day of Lunar 2 Month and Lunar 8 Month.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Long Shan Men Kai Zhang Sheng Wang (龍山門開漳聖王聖像)

Today, the 15th Day of Lunar 2 Month (農曆二月十五), is considered as the Birthday (Manifestation Anniversary) of Kai Zhang Sheng Wang aka Lord Kai Zhang (開漳聖王). I was quite happy to be able to get his Statue on today with the sponsorship of my Family.

Lord Kai Zhang, actual name known as Chen Yuan Guang (陳元光) aka Tan Wan Khong. The Ancestor of the Tan Clan of Hokkien Province Zhang Zhou Area.

Every year, on 16th Day of Lunar 2 Month (農曆二月十六), Singapore Bao Chi Gong (保赤宮), located at Magazine Road, will conduct Ritual to celebrate Lord Kai Zhang's Birthday, for those who are interested, you all may visit the Temple to pay your respect to Lord Kai Zhang.

Pictures of Quan Zhou Quan Shan Gong (福建泉州泉山宮)

Hokkien Province Quan Zhou Quan Shan Gong, an Old Temple built in Ming Dynasty Yong Le Period (about 600 odd Years ago).

This Temple was built dedicated to Fu De Zheng Shen aka Earth Deity (福德正神).

According to Records, in the Initial Period, this Temple was not known as Quan Shan Gong but Hu Zai Gong (虎仔宮), meaning Tiger Temple.

And from Folks Myth, this Area was once being invaded by Tigers and after the Folks made requests to Fu De Zheng Shen, Fu De Zheng Shen appeared in the Area to subdue the Tigers. Soon after the Tigers were subdued, the Area returned to its peacefulness again.

In-order to repay back the Gratitude, the Folks in the Area dedicated a Big Statue to Fu De Zheng Sheng and changed the Title of the Temple to Quan Shan Gong.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Taoism & Economic Recession (大社會經濟蕭條與道教輪轉週期論)


End of Year 2008 till current date, the Whole World is going thru the Great Recession. According to the Economic Experts & Analysis-researchers, such Recession will last for at least 2-3 years and will return in every 50-60 Years. As for Minor Recession, it will occur once in every 10-12 Years. And so, our Economic Experts & Researchers had been updating & reminding our People of such disasters happening when ever the dates get nearer.

But how many of such People really care?
But how many of such People think that it wont happen on them?
All of such People taking Granted that Recession wont happen in their Country or in their Working Environment?

Dao has 2 Faces, the Yin & Yang (大道有陰陽兩極).
In the Planet Earth, there are Day & Night (天地有朝暮二輪).

Whenever an Event or Issue reaches its Limit or Peak, it will tend to return to the Basic and when its time for an Event or Issue to take its action, it will accelerate and zoom to its highest point.

This applies to All things around us and I can said, in this Mortal Realm.

In Taoist Culture, we believed in Cycles (道教輪轉週期).

Everyone in this Mortal Realm will have their own Cycle and every Era, the Cycle will change accordingly to fit in the Best Element. Whenever the Cycle senses that there are some Negative Elements affected the Cycle, the Cycle will tend to break off or fasten it in-order to restart a New Cycle.

A Human, for Personal Luck, the Cycle will take 10 to 12 Years to complete or change (凡夫各自運程輪轉週期為10至12年).

A Surrounding with different form of Energies will take about 20 Years to complete the Cycle (身邊環境運程輪轉週期為20年).

A Mortal will change its Physical Elements in a Cycle of 60 Years (凡夫一生運程輪轉週期為60年).

A Big Society will change its Outlook & Internal Elements in 500 Years (大環境運程輪轉週期為500年).

And last, the Mortal Realm will change after a Cycle of 3000 Years (凡世運程輪轉週期為3000年).

Due to a Human is only considered as a Small Particle in this Big Universe, the only Cycle that we can see or involved in are only the 12 Years, 20 Years & 60 Years. Other than that, we can only see Records from the Past or thru Hearsay.

Since our Ancestors had already given us such a Precious Records, why, we the Taoists or Chinese wont want to make good use of such Records, in-order to remind oneself that our Good Luck or Bad Encounters will change every 10-12 Years?

And with such Cycle-Prediction, even our Economic Experts tend to use it as a Gauge System in the Share-markets & Individual Country's Economic Flow. Bad is that, many People take for Granted or just be too Ignorant.

In Year 1998 – 2000, the Whole World encountered a Minor Recession, during that Period, Retrenchment took place everywhere, but due to it is a Minor one, so not much tragic issues were seen.

In Year 1986 – 1988, Recession happened, Asia faced a Great Challenged, many People Killed themselves for not taking good care in the Stocks they involved in.

In Year 1946 – 1948 (50-60 Years ago), straight after World War 2, due to the Economic was strongly affected by the War, a lot of investments went into drained and many Wealthy People became Beggars over a Night.

From here, we can see, Cycle comes & goes. History is repeating itself in a shorter and shorter time-frame.

Why? Due to Ignorant, Trying-to-act-Smart and Fail to do Study.

Dont such Cycles being Recorded in our Chinese History?
Dont such Cycle-actions being mentioned in Taoist Contexts?

Just that People tend to take them lightly and commenting that such Records are Out-dated or of-no-strong-proven-evidence.

Recently, after the Recession, quite a number of People approached me for Spiritual Assistances, such as Blessing & Gaining of Wealth-blessing.

But to most of such Approaching, I rejected them. Reasons are:

1 Due to Ignorant, blindly follow the others in doing Investments
2 When things happened, then wanting to get Blessing & Protection
3 Seek Spiritual Assistances not for Normal Blessing but for Immediate Wealth-gaining
4 Hoping to get rid of their Work-mates in-order to protect their own Rice-bowl

As a Priest or Spiritual Teacher myself, if I will to assist them in such Blessing-requesting, I can only said that, I'm worst than Killing a Thousand People or Burning Down Chinese Temples.

Why such People only approached me or any Taoist People when they are in deep-shit?
Why dont such People be a Good Taoist from the Beginning?

Do you think such People will be Blessed just because they come and approached me or any Taoist People when they needed our Assistances and after that, shoo us like Ghost.

Whatever as a Taoist or Chinese, we shall always needed to know of the Before & After causes.

A person who does not believe in Taoism and when they are in need of Taoism, then approach Taoism, of cos Taoism wont neglect them, but to take in account, had they do any Good for Taoism, had they being Compassionate before coming to approach Taoism?

Taoism is unlike other Faiths, where Taoism can forgive anyone or eliminate All the sins that oneself accumulated. Taoism is a Faith or Believe that wanting oneself to seek own Solution and then realize what is the Cause, why is the Cause and How the Cause come about.

Taoism doesnt provide Solution to someone who is not willing to take solution seriously and taking it for granted. If not, the Whole Taoist or Chinese Society will be in Chaotic and No-Peace.

In Summary,

Economic Recession is not a Terrible Issue or neither it is the End of the World. The most Eerie Issue is that, Mortal dont know how to take care of themselves and always take things for Granted.

Ignorant, Selfishness, Proud & Act-Smart are always the Obstacles that block oneself from moving afar.

Release them, accept the necessary Teachings. Once oneself is able to learn and share, I'm sure, in the next Recession Cycle, there will be lesser harm being added to oneself and also, the Society that oneself live in.

If you are one of the victim in this Recession Cycle, hope that you have learn something from it. Need not be too pessimistic, pick yourself up, get going, I'm sure there, in somewhere, will definitely have a Nice & Fresh Green Grassland for you to step on.

Pictures of Hokkien Province Du Cheng Huang Temple (福建福州都城隍廟)

Fu Jian Du Cheng Huang Temple (福建福州都城隍廟), one of the few Ancient Cheng Huang Temples that had been well-preserved till today.

According to records, Fu Jian Du Cheng Huang Temple was built in AD282, in Jin Dynasty. For the past 1700 odd years, Fu Jian Du Cheng Huang Temple went thru 6 Renovations (AD1157, AD1178, AD1482, AD1515, AD1582 & AD1748).

According to the Fu Jian Recording Text, this Du Cheng Huang Temple was built dedicating to Western Han Dynasty Officer Zhou Ke (西漢禦史周苛), who was a Upright & Loyal Officer which later being cooked alive by Xiang Yu (項羽). In order to memory the Uprightness of Zhou Ke, after his death, the Han People built a Temple dedicating to him.

Even though this Temple was bestowed with the Title Du Cheng Huang (都城隍 1st Grade) but actually, it was only the Sheng Cheng Huang (省城隍 2nd Grade - Hokkien Province is known as Sheng and not Du - Capital).

Due to the misuderstanding in the Ancient Era, the Title was being used till today.
In South East Asia today, most of the Du Cheng Huang Temples actually got their Lineage from this Fu Jian Du Cheng Huang Temple.

In Pic 05 & 06, you will see the 12 3rd Grade Cheng Huang (閩州十二府城隍) being drawn on the Wall. These 12 3rd Grade Cheng Huang were supervise by the Cheng Huang in Fu Jian Du Cheng Huang Temple.

Qing Ming Festival (清明時節祭先人)

Start:     Mar 26, '09 12:00a
End:     Apr 15, '09 12:00a
Location:     Singapore, All over the World

A Year had passed and Qing Ming Festival will be arriving soon.

As Taoist & Chinese, we shall show our Respect & Gratitude to our Pass-on Ancestors, Grandparents, Parents or any Family Members.

This Year, the Actual Qing Ming falls on 05 Apr 2009 (Sunday), but for Chinese Culture, Qing Ming Festival will starts 10 Days earlier and end 10 Days after the actual Day.

So the whole Qing Ming Festival will starts from 26 Mar to 15 Apr.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Taoism, Long Shan Men, High Priest, Disciples & Me (道教,龍山門,高功,弟子與自己)


Taoism (道教), the Root Culture and Only Faith of All Chinese. This is a Fact and a Reality that cannot be changed or moved since the Day Yellow Emperor (軒轅黃帝) fix the Ancient China as the Main-land for Chinese or those who are born with Yellowish-complexion.

180 odd years ago, Taoism came into Singapore and maybe this is fated to allow our Taoism to grow its new Root in South East Asia. After 180 odd years, Taoism started to grow alive again. No because Taoism wanted to let more people make use of its name to gain Commercial Value, but hoping that Taoism will assist more Chinese to find back their own Root.

30 Years ago, Long Shan Men (龍山門) had been forced to close down due to my Grandmaster & Master who had tried to promote the Upright Culture of Taoism by assisting people without getting Physical In-returns. By then, a lot of our Local Commercial Taoist Groups ganged up to boycott Long Shan Men and worst, caused Physical Injuries of the Disciples of Long Shan Men and thus, a lot of public started to see Long Shan Men in the negative way.

In 1970s, my Grandmaster decided to Seal Long Shan Men. Reasons of doing so, to allow the Commercial Taoist Groups to gain whatever they wanted to gain, secondly, allow Taoism in Singapore to meet up with it's Doom Day in-order for the New Energy to re-start back.

And yes, what my Grandmaster's prediction had come true in about 5 years back.

Today, why Long Shan Men decided to come back to do preaching again, cos Long Shan Men had seen things getting worst and some of our Local Taoist Groups had got their punishment of being Commercial and Conning on our Folks' hard-earned money.

After 30 years of struggling and reflection, Long Shan Men decided to stand up again and be what we shall be and will never change our Objective of assisting the Needy whenever needed.

As we can see and know, Taoism is actually a Pure, Peace and Nice Culture or Faith that belongs to us, the Chinese, but due to Political Issues, Commercial Value & Reputation-gaining, a lot of so-claimed Taoists started to make use of the Name of Taoism to earn a living, build large Temples and worst, using the Money that Taoists donated to buy back Titles and Certificates. This is really ridiculous and ignorant. If this will to continue, I'm sure that our Local Taoism will be gone within another 20-30 Years.

2 Weeks ago, I got the Initiation of being a High Priest (高功) of Taoism. After knowing my Initiation or so-called Promotion, a lot of the Commercial People had approached me, asking me of using my Title to gain some good commercial in-return. First thing that I told them is, if Jave Wu will to use my Title to gain such Commercial In-return, I rather dont want to get my Title. So from here, you can see how corrupted can be when Commercialization involved.

Why cant Taoism be separate from being Commercial?
Why cant Taoist just do the necessary Promoting of the Upright Culture and put down the thoughts of gaining Fame & Reputation?

Lets ponder over this issues.

Just to keep in mind, whatever can be Named, is Temporary, whatever can be seen, will be vanished when the time is ripe. No need to take it too hard or treat it like Gems.

One thing that I really get touched and feel proud, is that, Heaven had sent me a group of Wonderful Disciples & Student.

In 2006, when Long Shan Men was about to start to do the Promoting of Taoism, actually a lot of people had approached me for accepting them as the Student of Long Shan Men, but during that time, I was still considered quite young, so I rejected them.

After consulting my Elders and Seniors in Singapore and Overseas, actually they told me that age was not an issue, the Mindset and the Willingness of accepting them were the main concern. And so, after reconsidering on their suggestions, in Year 2007, I accepted the very 1st batch of Student of Long Shan Men for the 36th Generation.

Due to some issues and the conduct of this batch of Student (about 30-40 student), at the end of Year 2007, the whole batch of Student's names were deleted. People who known me said that why I do such stupid decision as some of the Student in this batch are rich and will be able to assist you in the future (some of them owe Temples & Land). To me, whether you are rich or poor, this doesnt matters me, only those who are willingly to learn and wanting to promote the Upright Culture of Taoism, then these are the Real & Official Student or Disciple of Long Shan Men.

Soon, the 2nd batch of Student were being initialize and became the Official Student. But again, some of them were just wanting to get their Official Title and some necessary Teachings from me. And so, same in-return such Student got – Titles being deleted.

In Year 2008, the 3rd batch Student were being initialize. Till today, this is the best batch of Student that I had ever encountered.

Willingness (大願), Faithfully (大信), Sincerity (大誠), Intelligent (大智), Compassionate (大慈) and Open-minded (大徹). These are the few words that I can use to describe them.

Whenever I bring up these comments, they thank me. Actually I wanted to tell them is that, you all shall thank yourself, cos you all are the ones that willingly to learn, willingly to put down the un-necessary Un-official Teachings and willingly to assist people whenever such people are in need of helps.

You all shall thanks your own Parent for being supportive & open minded of allowing you all to join Long Shan Men, willingly to support you all in their heart and giving Long Shan Men the fullest support.

And also, thanking the Big Dao (大道) for giving you all a chance to come back to this Mortal Realm again to have a chance (maybe the final chance) to continue learning whatever you all had left out in the previous few Lives.

For me, I'm just a media in this Mortal Realm to guide you all along. To me, I didnt gain anything or lose anything, so no need to Thank me (大道無常。無失無得。無為勝之有為。妙中得妙。幻化玄妙。真道亦。).

Last, talk about myself.

Me, again, just a simple person who is the descendant of Long Yi Zhen Jun (龍一真君). Happy to be one and forever is one.

For the moment, just trying my best to do the Promotion of the Upright Culture of Taoism. In the past few years, I had encountered a lot of issues such as Insulting, Putting-me-down, disappointment, Physical-threatening, Mentally-abused, Conning my Money and Facing Life-death-issuse. All these happened to me because the people around me just wanting me to STOP promoting Taoism.But at the end, I overcome them.

Why I overcome them, cos I only believe in one thing – Determination (決心/信心).

No matter what Titles I got and no matter how High I got Bestowed, I'm still I and Jave Wu will still be Jave Wu. Nothing can change me.

Remember this, Jave Wu, born as Taoist and will also, Pass-on as a Taoist. Proud to be one and forever is the One (生為道門道中人。羽化成為道中魂。三魂七魄永結凝。一氣飛昇太虛宮。).

Last of All, wished everyone here, Finding your True Root soon and bring Proud to your Own Root.

Wu Liang Guan (無量關)
Wu Liang Fu (無量福)
Wu Liang Shou (無量壽)

Manifestation Anniversary of Dao De Tian Zun (道德天尊萬壽聖誕)

15th Day of Lunar 2 Month is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Dao De Tian Zun aka Supreme Lord of Taoism.

This Year, it falls on 11 Mar 2009, a Wednesday.

For those who are Taoists & Chinese, you shall find some time to visit Temples to pay your respect to Dao De Tian Zun.

For more info, you can proceed to the link below:


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Supreme Lord Manifestation Anniversary (道德天尊萬壽聖誕)


Supreme Lord aka Dao De Tian Zun (道德天尊), 1 of The Three Pure Ones (三清道祖) that being manifested by Yuan Shi Tian Wang (元始天王).

In Taoist Culture, on the 15th Day of Lunar 2 Month, it is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Dao De Tian Zun and so, in Taoism, this Day is being marked as an Important Day beside the Manifestation of Yuan Shi Tian Zun (元始天尊) & Ling Bao Tian Zun (靈寶天尊).

In the past & now, Taoists and Chinese will visit Temples to join in the Celebrations & Rituals/Ceremonies that conducted for Dao De Tian Zun.

Reasons for the joining are:

1) to promote the Culture of Taoism
2) to continue the lineage of Taoism to the descendants
3) to gain the necessary Blessing from Dao De Tian Zun

In the following, some Food & Paper Offerings that oneself needed to prepare before the honouring:

Food Offerings

1) 1 or 3 Sets of Fruits (一至三色水果)

2) Fa Gao aka Huat Kueh (發糕)

3) Hong Gui Guo aka Ang Ku Kueh (紅龜粿)

4) Shou Tao aka Longevity Peach Bun (壽桃)

5) Shou Mian aka Longevity Noodles (壽面)

6) Rice Wine aka Bai Mi Jiu (白米酒)

7) Chinese Tea (上等茶)

Incenses & Paper Offerings

1) 1 Set of Good Quality Long Incenses (長壽香 about 48 cm)

2) 1 Pack of Good Quality Short Incenses (平安香)

3) 1 Pair of Red Candles or Dou Zhu (紅燭/斗燭)

4) 3 Stacks of Shou Jin aka San Bao Jin (壽金/三寶金 )

5) 3 Stacks of Tian Gong Jin (天公金 )

Once All the necessary Offerings are being prepared, on the 14th Night (農曆二月十四晚), you can actually lay them out onto the Altar.

When the timing strikes 0000 Hour, you can start to pay your respect to Dao De Tian Zun.

For those who prefer to pay respect on the 15th Day Morning, you are encouraged to do that too.

After 3 rounds of Tea & Wine are being Offered, send off the Paper-offerings. After sending off of the Paper-offerings, retrieved the Food items and distribute them out to Family Members and Friends. Allowed them to get the necessary Blessings too.

For those who wished to pay the respect to Dao De Tian Zun at home, this will be encouraged. For those who are visiting Temples, here are a few recommended Temples:

1) Havelock Road Yu Huang Dian (合樂律玉皇殿)
2) Telok Blangah Tee Kong Temple - besides Block 45 (萬壽山天公廟)
3) Changi Feng Shan Si - Lor Melayu (鳳山寺)
4) Xian Zu Gong - Amoy Street (仙祖宮)

Long Shan Men Jing Zhe Day Event (龍山門驚螫日后敬虎爺)

As usual, Long Shan Men will only pay respect to Tiger Deity on the 2nd Day after Jing Zhe Day (actual day: 05 Feb 2009).

This Year, after a Long Shan Men Promotion Meeting held at Tea-chapter (茶淵), all of us proceed to Bao Chi Gong (保赤宮) located at Magazine Road to pay our respect to Tiger Deity.

We reached the Temple at about 11.00Pm plus, just enough time for us to offer our Incenses to Tiger Deity before the Clock Strikes Zero Hours.

As you can see in the pictures, the 2nd, 10th & 12th Disciple were paying respect to the Tiger Deity using the Official set of Offerings.

While, the 7th & 9th Disciple were outside at the Main Altar folding the Paper-Offerings and 8th & 14th Disciple (14th Disciple will be bestowed with title on the 5 Month) were going around the Temple to pay respect to the other Deities.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Banner of Dou Mu Bao Gao (斗母元君寶誥)

Dou Mu Yuan Jun Bao Gao, a Praise Mantra dedicated to Dou Mu aka Mother of Star Lords.

This is another very Rare and Special Bao Gao dedicating to Dou Mu Yuan Jun. Till today, this Mantra is only kept by a few Official High Priests and Taoist Leaders.

Usually this Mantra is being recited during Rituals/Ceremonies dedicating to Dou Mu.

Best time to recite this Mantra will be on Dou Mu's birthday, which is on the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

三十六天將之鄧化天君 Introduction of Deng Hua of 36 Heavenly Generals

Heavenly Marshal Deng Hua (鄧化) aka Deng Hua (鄧花), was One of the few Important Thunder Marshals in theHeavenly Thunderial Department (雷部).

In some other contexts, he was also known as Deng Cheng (鄧成), Deng Zhong (鄧忠) or Deng Bian (鄧燮).

Deng Huawas born in Jin Dynasty Period (生于j晉朝年間 - AD266 - 420), hometown in Jiang Xi Province, Nan Chang City (中國江西省南昌市).

After the first year of marriage, Deng Hua's mother, Madam Hua, was not able to bear any child and so, one day, with the encouragement of her husband, the couple visited San Qing Temple (三清殿) in Jiang Xi Province He Ming Mountain (江西鶴鳴山).

Upon arriving at the Temple, Madam Hua started to felt un-easy, but due to her objective of paying respect to San Qing, she continued her activities in the Temple. After getting the Offerings, Madam Hua proceed to the Main Altar where San Qing Statues were, she sincerely lighted the Incenses and kneeled onto the Pad infront of the Altar, just as she kneeled down, the Chang Shou Wan Ming Deng (長壽萬明燈) aka Lamp, gave out a loud sparking sound and upon lifting her head to look at the Lamp, Madam Hua notice a Round & Bright Ray emitted out from the Lamp and entered into her tummy.

Just as the Ray entered into her tummy, Madam Hua felt giddy and within seconds, she fainted in front of the Altar. Without hestitation, Mister Deng had to carry Madam Hua back home. Upon reaching home, Mister Deng engaged a Chinese Physician to their home to do checking on Madam Hua's situation and to their delightness, Madam Hua was pregnant for 3 Months.

On that very night, Madam Hua got a dream, seeing a Little Green Boy running towards her and then, sneak into her tummy. With horror, she woke up immediately and convey the dream to her husband. After analysising the dream, both of them decided to visit San Qing Temple again on the 15th Day of the Month.

Soon, 15th Day arrived. Both of them woke up early and prepared themselves for the visiting to the Temple.

Just as both of them step into the territory of the He Ming Mountain, a Taoist Priest approached them. After bowing to the Couple, the Priest congrat the 2 of them of having a Extra-ordinary Child. The Couple was blur and confuse, but they had to accept the wishing and then proceed with their paying of respect.

Time flies and 10 Months had passed. In the morning of the 5th Day of Lunar 5 Month, Madam Hua felt a tremedous pain in her tummy and within moments, Deng Hua was born. At the time of the giving-birth, a Green Ray emitted out from the House into the Sky, most of the neighbours were shocked by this scene and so, soon, the house was crowded with people.

Upon knowing that Deng Hua was born, the neighbour congrat Mister Deng and commented that Deng Hua might be someone special in the future.

Eight Years passed. One Day, while Deng Hua was out in the forest with his father, the same Taoist Priest appeared infront of them. Immediately Deng Hua dashed towards the Priest and kneeled down infront of him and called his Master. Mister Deng was shocked by the action and was totally puzzled.

After the Priest explained to him on the Affinity and the reborn of the Thunder Deity as Deng Hua, Mister Deng was delighted and touched.

Upon the requesting of accepting Deng Hua as the Official Disciple, Mister Deng agreed and allowed Deng Hua to follow his Master back to the Temple to do his Cultivation.

Within 8 Years, Deng Hua was being imparted with All the necessary Spiritual Skills such as Lei Fa (雷法), Fu Fa (符法) and Prediction. At the age of 16, Deng Hua was advised to go back to his own home. With sadness and un-willingness, Deng Hua had to depart with his Master and left for home.

On his way home, he pass-by a Temple which he had never seen before in the past. With curiosity, he went into the Temple and check out who was the Main Deity. Just as he stepped into the Temple, he sensed that a very strong Negative Energy emitting out from the Altar. And so, Deng Hua decided to open up his 3rd Eye to check on the Mystery Energy.

Just as he was going to do so, a Black Gust of Energy flew towards him and with a Bang, the Black Gust of Energy hit onto the Forehead of Deng Hua. With a Great Shock, Deng Hua recited the Mantra that allowed the 3rd Eye to stay on the Forehead forever. Upon knowing that, it was too late to make any changes and so, Deng Hua had to accept it.

Immediately after the 3rd Eye was opened, he saw that All the Statues were being possessed by the Spirits of the Mountains, Forest and Grassland. Knowing that such Spirits were here to disturb the Peacefulness of the Commoners and retrieving the Positive Energies of such Normal People, Deng Hua was totally annoyed by their motives and so, taking out the Summoning of the Five Thunder Spiritual Talisman (五雷召號), Deng Hua called upon the Thunder Deities from the Thunderial Department to arrive at the Temple and destroyed the Temple immediately.

Upon receiving the Commands, the Thunder Deities arrived at the Temple within moments and with the Commands that Deng Hua gave, the Temple was destroyed in a Loud Roar of Thunder.

Soon after the Evil Temple was destroyed, the Town returned to their peacefulness. In-order to thank Deng Hua, the Commoners made their contribution and built a Temple dedicating to Deng Hua at the spot where the Evil Temple was.

Returning home after the Destroying of the Evil Temple, Deng Hua found out that his Parent had pass-on due to Plague that happened in his hometown. With sadness and disappointment, Deng Hua pay his last respect to his Parent's Tablet and then, pack-up to return to where his Master stayed.

At the age of 36, one day while Deng Hua was out in the Field to practice his Military-skills, a Loud Road of Thunder was heard and immediately, a Golden Light Ray shined upon him and he was being summoned back to the Celestial Palace. At the moment of following the Golden Ray back to the Celestial Palace, he turned his head and saw that his Mortal Physical Body was being retained at the spot and now, he was in another form of Green Face (青面), Bird Face (雷公嘴), Three Eyes(三眼) And Red-hair Marshal (赤髮).

Upon arriving at the Celestial Palace, Deng Hua was led to pay respect to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊). Soon, Deng Hua heard that Jade Emperor of Heaven bestowed the Official Title Deng Hua as Ying Yuan Bao Yun Miao Hua Zhen Jun (應元保運妙化真君), Guang Miao Heng Tian Yan Zhen Da Yuan Shuai (光妙橫天演真大元帥). In-charging of the Five Thunders Commands and eliminating of All Evils & Demons.

Other Official Titles were given to him at different Eras, such titles were:

Wu Hua Deng Jiang Jun (五花鄧將軍)
Dong Fang Tie Bang Kao Gui Deng Yuan Shuai (東方鐵棒拷鬼鄧元帥)
Lei Ting Zhu Ling Deng Tian Jun (雷霆主令鄧天君)
Lei Ting Du Du Yuan Shuai Deng Bian (雷霆都督元帥鄧燮)

Deng Hua Yuan Shuai's Manifestation Anniversary falls on 5th Day of Lunar 5 Month (鄧化元帥聖誕為農曆五月初五日) and Enlightenment Anniversary on 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month (得道之日為農曆九月初九日).

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Long Shan Men Lord Zhen Wu's Statue (正一龍山門真武大帝聖像)

In the following are the pictures of the Statue of Zhen Wu Da Di (真武大帝) aka Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) of Long Shan Men.

This Statue was brought to Singapore by the Elders of Long Shan Men many years ago. Really like the Human-look of it.

It is really special and so, its great to add into the Collection of Singapore Long Shan Men.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Taoist Spiritual Promotion Ceremony at Taiwan (樓觀道宗傳度/奏職/陞職大典)

In the following are Pictures taken on the Taoist Spiritual Promotion Ceremony in Taiwan on 28 Feb 2009 (4th Day of Lunar 2 Month).

This Year, a few of Malaysian Taoists & Taoist Priests were invited to join in the Spiritual Registration as Taoists and Spiritual Promotion for current Taoist Priests.

In Singapore, I'm the only One who got the chance to get Spiritual Promotion in this Rare & Special Ceremony.

With the support & encouragement of my Taiwan Senior (see pictures 04/11), I was being promoted as the Higher Grade Taoist Priest.

In here, you will see the various Titles for the Taoist Priests and Taoists who got their Official Title after the Ceremony:

新加坡陳李吳大孝門主-晉陞首席大法師 (my Official Position)
- 虎威子道長 (my Official Title)



Awakening of the Mortal Realm - Jing Zhe Day (己丑年驚螫日)


Jing Zhe Ri aka Jing Zhe Day, is a Day to mark the Wakening of the Planet Earth or Mortal Realm after the long & cold Winter (for the past 4 Months).

On this Day, usually raining (drizzling) or slight storm will take place and a Loud Thunder Roar will be heard.

For Ji Chou Year or Year 2009, Jing Zhe Ri falls on 9th Day of Lunar 2 month, which is 5th Mar 2009, timing starts at 19:02 pm (Chinese Hour - Xu 戌時).

Why is there a Loud Thunder Roar and why is it so Special?

In the Ancient Era, Taoists & Chinese believed that this was the Thunder Roar that sound to wake-up all Beings that were sleeping or resting during the Winter Period. Once this Thunder Roar was being released, then all Beings were have to wake-up and continue to perform their regular tasks for the New Year (平地一聲雷,大地復甦醒).

Besides that, what the Taoists & Chinese will do on this Day?

Due to this is the Day of All Beings being waken up by the Thunder Roar, All Animals (including the Spirits & Energies) will also be waken up, this includes that Tiger Deity that the Chinese & Taoists or Folks pay respect to.

On this Day, the people will prepare the following offerings to pay respect to Tiger Deity for the blessing of getting rid of Back-stabbers aka Xiao Ren (小人): (A lot of Folks tend to mistaken this Day as rhe Birthday of Tiger Deity)

1 A few Raw eggs (幾只生雞蛋)
2 A piece of Raw Pork meat with fats (豬肉與豬油)
3 A handful of Uncooked Yellow Noodles (生面)
4 A piece of Tau Kua aka Beancurd (豆干)
5 2 or 5 Oranges (桔子)
6 Jian Hup & Tea Leaves (餞盒與茶葉)
7 Paper Offerings for Tiger Deity (usually can get in the Temple 虎神紙料)

Once all these items are being prepare, then the paying respect can take place.

So what is the best timing to pay respect?

The later the better.

For example: If Jing Zhe Ri starts at 13:10pm, oneself or the Family shall try to visit any Temples to pay respect to Tiger Deity after 4-5 Hours later (which says 17:10pm or 18:10pm).

This is to allow the Tiger Deity to have his full meal before the requesting of Blessing take place. Due to the Wakening of the Tiger Deity, the initial Energies that being released by the Tiger Deity is considered Strong & Fierce, and so, we will advised people to go later in-order for those with weak body to get lesser un-necessary interuption in their Physical & Spiritual Mind, Soul & Body.

So this Year, who shall avoid?

For Chinese Zodiac Snake, remember that this is a Year that You shall avoid paying respect to the Tiger Deity, so do be aware.

So how to go about with the paying respect?

Once in the Temple, lay out the offerings, if the Temple allowed, place the Meat in the mouth of the Statue of the Tiger Deity.

After the laying out of the offerings, pay respect to Heaven and the Main Deities in the Temple and then, last, pay respect to the Tiger Deity.

During the paying respect, report one self name, the Date, the reason of this paying respect, etc.

After that, take out the Paper Offerings, get the Red Paper Doll & Green Horse, paste them together on the Pink Paper, after that, Paste them on the Wall provided and then burn off the remaining Paper Offerings.

In here, I wont encourage people of beating the Xiao Ren, cos, here you beat them, at the other sides, people are beating you too and so, once this continue, the Cycle wont stop (冤冤相報何時了).

If one self is that Generous and Kind to accept the others, one day, the others will be there to accept you and so, let the hatred gone with the Fire and Retrieve the Goodness back for All and one self (欣喜接納福氣至).

Once the burning is done, do not need to retrieve back the offerings, just leave the Temple and then forget about the whole situation.

Annual Anniversary of Jing Zhe Ri (農曆節氣驚螫日)

Jing Zhe Ri aka The Awakening of the Mortal Realm.

In the past, Taoists & Chinese believed that, on this Day, a Loud Thunder Roar would be heard and from then, All the Animals & Insects were wake-up and Plants were start to grow.

And of cos, Mortals were start to get into their Work of Plantation Cultivation, etc.

Due to the Awakening of Animals, it also representing that the Tiger Deity (虎爺/虎神) will also wake-up and so, Taoists & Chinese will visit Temples to pay respect to Tiger Deity for Blessing.

Pls refer to this link for more Info: