Saturday, 28 February 2009

Manifestation Anniversary of Wen Chang Di Jun (文昌帝君千秋壽誕)

PS: It's a Day late in posting this Banner but I'm sure Lord Wen Chang will still blessed All Students in their Academic Work.

Lord Wen Chang, the Main Deity that in-chrage of the Academic of All Mortals.

On the 3rd Day of Lunar 2 Month, it is known as the Manifestation Anniversary of Lord Wen Chang. On this Day, Taoists & Chinese will celebrate his Anniversary by visiting Temples to pay respect to him and also, conduct Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies to request for Academic & Wisdom Blessings for the Students or the Children.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Manifestation Anniversary of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神土地公壽誕)

2nd Day of Lunar 2 Month is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Fu De Zheng Shen aka Deity of Earth.

On this Joyouse Occasion, Taoists & Chinese, we will sure to prepare a certain amount of Offerings (Food & Paper) to pay our respect to Fu De Zheng Shen in-order to get the Kindness & Compassionate Blessing from him.

Fu De Zheng Shen is one of the few Deities that All the Different Dialect Clans will Honoured and so, on this Day, most of the Temples All over the World will be crowded with Devotees.

To find out more on the details on this Joyous Day, please proceed to the following link:

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Fu De Zheng Shen Manifestation Anniversary (福德正神壽誕祭祀)


Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) aka Deity of Earth, considered as the First Deity of Earth that being Officially Bestowed to take care of the Mortals in the Mortal Realm.

According to Records, Fu De Zheng Shen's full name was known as Zhang Fu De (張福德), a loyal servant of a richman. Due to Zhang Fu De was willingly to sarcrisfy for his Master's daughter, Zhang Fu De was being appointed by Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) as the Main Fu De Zheng Shen in the Mortal Realm to take care of All the needys.

As recorded, the 2nd Day of Lunar 2 Month was known as the Birthday or Manifestation Anniversary of Zhang Fu De. And so, in Taoist Culture, Taoists & Chinese will needed to prepare the necessary Offerings for Fu De Zheng Shen as a form of Gratitude and Respect.

On the 2nd Day of Lunar 2 Month, it is also known as Tou Ya (頭牙) - The First Feasting Day for Deity of Earth. On this Day, for those who Operates a Company, as the Boss, oneself will needed to pay respect Fu De Zheng Shen in-order to get the necessary Blessing for the smoothness of the Business for the New Lunar Year (or the next 11 Months).

In the following, some Food & Paper Offerings that oneself needed to prepare before the honouring:

Food Offerings

1) 1 or 3 Sets of Fruits (一至三色水果)

2) Fa Gao aka Huat Kueh (發糕)

3) Hong Gui Guo aka Ang Ku Kueh (紅龜粿)

4) Shou Tao aka Longevity Peach Bun (壽桃)

5) Shou Mian aka Longevity Noodles (壽面)

6) Rice Wine aka Bai Mi Jiu (白米酒)

7) Chinese Tea (茗茶)

8) 3 types of Meat Offerings (三牲禮) - Optional
Incenses & Paper Offerings

1) 1 Set of Good Quality Long Incenses (長壽香 about 48 cm)

2) 1 Pack of Good Quality Short Incenses (平安香)

3) 1 Pair of Red Candles or Dou Zhu (紅燭/斗燭)

4) 3 Stacks of Shou Jin aka San Bao Jin (壽金/三寶金 )

5) 3 Stacks/Packs Da Gui Ren aka Men Wai Gui Ren Lu Ma Zhi (大貴人/門外貴人祿馬紙)

6) 3 Stacks/Packs Gui Ren Zhi (貴人紙 )

7) 3 Stacks/Packs of Tu Di Jin (土地金)

10) Blue Paper Robes (藍色神袍 )

Once All the necessary Offerings are being prepared, on the 1st Night (農曆二月初一晚), you can actually lay them out onto the Altar.

When the timing strikes 0000 Hour, you can start to pay your respect to Fu De Zheng Shen.

For those who prefer to pay respect on the 2nd Day Morning, you are encouraged to do that too.

After 3 rounds of Tea & Wine are being Offered, send off the Paper-offerings. After sending off of the Paper-offerings, retrieved the Food items and distribute them out to Family Members and Friends. Allowed them to get the necessary Blessings too.

Remain the Fa Gao and 1 set of Oranges on the Altar, only retrieved them on the 3rd Day.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Paying Respect to Deities of Wealth at Temple & Home (敕開財庫日之祭祀)

Yesterday, the 26th Day of Lunar 1 Month (20 Feb 2009), was considered as the Day where our Dearest Deities of Wealth Opening of the Spiritual Coffer in-order to provide the necessary Blessings for the Mortals & other Beings.

As usual, Long Shan Men (龍山門) will pay respect to Deities of Wealth in-order to request for necessary Blessings for the Mortals & our Country.

In late Noon, 2 of the Official Disciples of Long Shan Men 36th Generation and I arrived at Sembawang Cai Shen Temple (三巴旺財神廟). By the time we reached the Temple, the Temple was already crowded with Devotees (even though yesterday was a Friday). Seeing them queue-up for the Blessing Ceremony conducted by the China Priests, we went to the Altar outside the Temple to lay out our Offerings and start with our Honouring.

After lighting the Incenses, we pay respect to the Heaven & San Qing (三清道祖) and the 2 Disciples started to recite the Mantras in front of the Main Urn and Main Altars. Upon completion, we offered our Incenses and then proceed with the Burning of Paper-offerings.

Regular routine took place again, after visiting the Cai Shen Temple, I were sure to visit the Ma Zu Temple (天后宮) situated at the side of Cai Shen Temple to pay respect to Ma Zu and the 2 Generals. This time round, 2 Golden Pendants of Ma Zu (sembawang_mazutemple_01 - 02) were being bought for my Disciples and got enhanced in the Temple.

Just before we left for the last Temple located at the rear compound, the 2 Disciples started to seek approval from Ma Zu by using the Divination Block (聖筊) and both of them got the necessary replies after 3 trials (not easy to get).

Proceeding to Peng Lai Temple, we offered our Incenses and left for late lunch at Causeway Point. So co-incidence, famous Taiwan Actress Yang Cheng Ling (楊丞淋
) and other 2 Male Actors were in the Shopping Mall to have their Meeting with Fans session and the whole Shopping Mall was crowded with people. After a quick lunch cum dinner, we proceed to Eunos to meet up with a few Religious People to observe on the on-going Celebration held besides the MRT Station.

Soon after observing at the Tentage, the whole group of us proceed to the nearby Hawker Center to have a 2 hours chit chat on Religions and due to time is getting late, we had to bid goodbye and agreed to arrange for another session soon.

After departing, we proceed to the 12th Disciple's Home to pay respect to Deity of Wealth before the Clock striked 0000 hour. We were so lucky to reach his place 15minutes before 0000 hour. With the 3 people & 6 arms, we prepared the necessary Offerings in a quick speed and just before 0000 hour, we offered our Incenses (studenthome_caishen_01 - 04).

Due to rushing back from so many events, we settled down at the Disciple's home for awhile before proceeding to burn off the Paper-offerings, while resting, the 2 Disciples started to show interest in learning our Taoist Practical Skills and so, without hesitation, we started to do a few procedure training in the wee-hours.

Looking at the Clock, I realised that it was already 2Am-plus and so, we proceed to burn off the Paper-offerings. Soon after the burning was completed, the 12th Disciple seems to have replenished with Full & Positive Energies and so, he suggested that we walked all the way to Bedok Reservior to have a rest, enjoying the Breeze and chit-chat, all of us agreed and so, we proceed our journey there.

Upon reaching, the whole place was quiet and cooling, so we climb our way up to the mid-level of the small hill and sat down. After a short rest, we started to chit-chat on Taoism, analysing the Future of our local Taoism and also sensing the Energies-changing in the Surrounding Enivornment. As we chit-chating, the time almost slip-thru, by the time we finished chit-chating and had a quick drink, the time had reached 6.00Am in the morning.

Just as we about to leave for home, the 10th Disciple suggested that we pay a visit to the nearby Temple - Loyang Pek Kong Temple (洛陽大伯公宮) and so, within hesitation again, we proceed there. With a quick honouring, we left for breakfast at Changi Village and then, head home for Bed.

This is really a Joyous, Energise, Spiritual and Fulfilled Day.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Han Dynasty Carving/Painting of Emperors & Bei Dou 7 Stars (漢朝帝皇與北斗七星圖)

In the 2 pictures below are 2 Han Dynasty Carving/Painting on Emperors & the Honouring of Bei Dou 7 Stars aka The Great Dipper of the North.

Since Han Dynasty, Taoism had been honouring Bei Dou Stars and it's a Must for ALL Taoists to honour this Group of Official Stars.

And this is why, till today, ALL Taoists & Priests will needed to master the Bei Dou Scripture in-order to understand the Basic Relationship of Mortals & Heavenly Realms.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Holland-citizenship Door Deities (紅毛荷蘭籍門神)

In here, you will see a picture of 2 Holland-citizenship (Ang Mo) Door Deities.
This pair of Door Deities can be seen in Taiwan Lu Er Men Zhen Men Gong (台灣鹿兒門鎮門宮).

This Temple was built dedicated to Zheng Cheng Gong aka Kai Tai Wang Ye (hkk: Tee Sheng Kong 開台王爺鄭成功).

According to the record, Zheng Cheng Gong requested to have the Door Deities to be 2 Ang Mo and so, in-order to fulfill Lord Zheng's request, the Temple keepers painted 2 Holland Soldiers on the Door.

If you will to see carefully on the feets, they do not have shoes, reason is that, their feet size too big, no chinese shoes can fit them.

One year in the 50-60s (五六十年代), these 2 Door Deities actually appeared in dreams of the Local to request for shoes and during that year, Lu Er Men actually conducted a Grand Event on choosing a good & fit pair of shoes for the 2 Door Deities (選靴大會).

Till today, the story is still being told by the Elderlys of the town.

Requesting Wealth from Deity of Wealth - Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (趙公明元帥敕開財庫期)


In Taoism, on the 26th Day of Lunar 1 Month (正月廿六日), is considered as the Day of Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (趙公明大天君) opening of Spiritual Wealth Coffer for All the Beings in this Realm.

On this Day, Taoists & Chinese will tend to visit Temples that dedicated to Zhao Gong Ming & his Assistants (五路財神) to request for the Blessing of Wealth & Good Lucks and also, Official Personnels will request for Blessing for the Country or Big Society.

So when is the Best timing to pay respect to Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming?

For some Taoists & Chinese, they tend to start the honouring at Zi/Rat Hour (子時 in China 11Pm to 01Am, Singapore 0000Hour) but some can honoured Zhao Gong Ming at 9.00Am in the Morning till Evening time (best before Sunset).

So in Singapore, where can we pay respect to Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming?

Here’re a few recommended Official Temples that oneself can visit:

Yue Hai Qing Temple (粵海清廟) at Philip Road (in CBD, at the Side Altar)

Yu Huang Temple (玉皇殿) at Havelock Road (at the Side Altar)

Telok Blangah Tee Kong Emperor Temple (天公廟) at Telok Blangah Road

Du Cheng Huang Temple (都城隍廟) at Tanjong Pagar (outside the Main Hall)

Jin Lan Temple (金蘭廟) at KimTian Road Tiong Bahra (at the Side Hall)

Sembawang Cai Shen Temple (三巴旺財神廟) at Admiralty Road (in the Main Hall)

So what are the Offerings that needed to prepare?

Here are the suggested items:

1 - One set of Mandarins (5 quantities 大吉)

2 - One set of Chinese Tea Leaves & Traditional Cookies (Jian He 餞盒)

3 - One set of Cai Shen Incense-paper (optional 財神金)

4 - One set of Cai Shen Robe (in Red Color 紅色財神袍)

5 - One set of Incense (not to short, medium length will be best - more than 48cm 富貴長命香)

6 - One Huat Kueh (發糕)

7 - Five Ancient Coins or The Five Emperors Coins (五個銅錢或五帝錢)
(Five Emperors Coins Pls refer to link:

8 - One Red Packet (一個紅包)

9 - One set of Red Candles (一對斗燭/紅燭)

After getting ready All the Offerings, visit any of the Temples and place All the Offerings on the Altar that dedicated to Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming.

Upon completing the placing of the Offerings, proceed to pay respect to the Main Deities in the Temple and last, proceed to the Altar for Zhao Gong Ming.

Sincerely light the Long Incenses, make 3 Respectful Bows and then kneel infront of the Altar.

Report to Zhao Gong Ming who you are and where you stay and then request for Good Luck & Necessary Blessing from him. (if you know of reciting the Bao Gao (寶誥), then do it before you do your reporting. Bao Gao can be found here:

After reporting and requesting, stand up and sincerely bow 3 times again and then place the Incenses in the Urn and then step off the Altar area.

After 15 minutes, retrieved the Paper-offerings and burn them off.

Upon completiong, return to the Altar, retrieve the Ancient Coins and make 3 rounds above the Burning Incenses, allow the Coins to received the Blessings and then, keep them in the Red Packet. Keep the Coins by one's side in-order to get Blessing for the Good Luck & Wealth.

Once this is done, then the whole Ceremoni will be considered smoothly done.

Wu Liang Shou 無量壽

Opening of Spiritual Wealth Coffer Anniversary (趙公明元帥敕開財庫期)

On the 26th Day of Lunar 1 Month, Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming will be authorised to Open up the Spiritual Wealth Coffer to give Blessings to the Credit & Merit Accumulated People.

This Year, the Day falls on 20 Feb 2009, a Friday.

In order for oneself to get Blessed by Zhao Gong Ming, do remember to visit any Temples that dedicate Statue to him for the Blessing.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Banner of Xuan Tian Shang Di Bao Gao 03 (玄天上帝寶誥之三)

In the following is a Banner created dedicating to Xuan Tian Shang Di.

In this Banner, the Praise Mantra is known as Bao En Bao Gao aka Paying Gratitude to Parents Mantra.

This is one of the Important Mantras that Taoists shall recite.

Upon recitation, the Credits & Merits will be dedicated to Parents of oneself in this Present Life and also, Previous Lives.

Recite more and Parents will be Blessed.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Four Items that Taoists & Chinese Dont Really Eat (道教四不吃的传说 )


In Taoism And Chinese Beliefs, there are a few things that we as Taoists and Chinese cant consume.

Reasons, due to mis-concept, mis-leading information being pass-down or certain instructions being pass-down by the Ancestors.

In here, I will like to share with all of you on the 4 Items that being advised by the various Heavenly Masters to their Descendants of not Consuming them in certain Occasions or Events.

The 4 Items are:

1) Calf (牛犢)

One Year, while the 30th Generation Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing (三十代天師張虛靖) was doing his Cultivation in Tian Shi Fu (天師府 HQ of Zheng Yi Sect), various Monks & Followers of the Three-in-One Religion (at that Era is still not yet being Officially Given a Title) approached Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing with a Calf.

Upon reaching the Main Hall of Tian Shi Fu, one of the Monks shouted at Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing, saying, since You All as Taoists can eat anything, why not You as the Leader of Taoism, killed this Calf in front of us and lead the Soul of the Calf to Heaven to enjoy the Eternal Blessing.

After hearing what the Monk had said, Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing got very disappointed and before he could replied, the other Followers of the Three-in-One Religion continued to bark at Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing, saying, since our Emperor believed in you so much, why NOT, You saw us your Little Tricks of how You Conned the Emperor.

Within seconds, Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing took out his Seven-Stars Sword and cut the Throat of the Little Calf. Just as he cut the Throat of the Calf, Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing summoned the Heavenly Generals to lead the Soul of the Calf to Heaven.

Upon the summoning & leading. Finally Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing opened his mouth to call upon All the Disciples & Students to the Main Hall. Soon, the Main Hall was crowded with Taoists & other Religions' Followers.

At this moment, Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing speak-up:

Due to Selfish-ness, Fame, Gaining of Reputation, etc, Followers of Sages & Saints are able to fight against each other and using forces to create Trouble for the others. All these are against the Upright Teaching of our Faith. In here, I have killed a Calf, but fortunate, I'm able to kill the Calf in a Cut without letting the Calf to suffer and able to give the Calf a chance of Reborn to a New Human Life.

But for those who have involved in asking me to Kill the Calf will always be put to a Suffering State, cos of their Selfish-ness, Ignorant & Inconsiderate.

From now on, in front of such People, we Taoists wont be eating any Beef or Meat from any form of Cow, Bull, Ox or Buffalo. Only when we are sincere in giving the Cow, Bull, Ox or Buffalo a Good Chance of Reborn into a Human, then we eat the Meat and drink the Milk. And of cos, recite the Salvation Scriptures for the Animal.

Knowing that Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing was not a Person who conned & could be defeated, the Monks & other Followers dashed off from Tian Shi Fu and from then, All Zheng Yi Sect Priests will only consume the Meat from Cow, etc, while we are really Sincere & Faithfully assisting the Cow, etc, in getting a Better Reborn.


Due to this Rule, alot of Folks tend to mix the Teaching-up, saying that Taoists dont eat Cow Meat due to Lao Zi or Guan Yin, etc, which is not True.

2) Snakehead Fish (烏鱼)

A Year while the 18th Generation Heavenly Master Zhang Shi Yuan (十八代天師張世元) and his Disciples went around to do preaching, they approached a River with lots of Fishes.

While one of the Disciples went nearer to the River, he was shocked and immediately, he called upon his Master and Classmates to come over to look at the Fishes.

Upon approaching, the Disciple told his Master that the Black-headed Fish was eating up the Little Fishes that it had born.

After hearing that, Heavenly Master Zhang Shi Yuan smiled and by using his Robe's Sleeve, he scooped up the Mother Fish and recited a Mantra onto it and soon, the Mother Fish awaked from the Mantra. All the Disciples were shocked.

Seeing that the Mother Fish had woke-up, Heavenly Master Zhang Shi Yuan released the Fish into the River and gathered his Disciples around and said:

This type of Fish is known as Snakehead Fish, in Medication System, this type of Fish can be used to heal sick-people and those who are weak with leaking of Energy. But as a Taoist, we shall not eat this Fish un-necessary. Why? Due to the Filial Piety of such Fish type.

Upon hearing that, the Disiciples replied, Fishes understand Filial Piety?

Heavenly Master Zhang Shi Yuan smiled and reply, Yes, this Fish type does and continue speaking:

Just now, one of your Classmates saw the Mother Fish eating the Little Fishes that she had born, actually is Not. The fact is Vice-versa. Actually are the Little Fishes whom know that the Mother Fish is lacking of Energy after giving birth to them, in-order to keep the Mother Fish alive, the Little Fishes actually swim back into the stomach of the Mother Fish to allow the Mother Fish to digest them and return the Energy back to the Mother Fish.

Immediately after listening to what Heavenly Master Zhang Shi Yuan had said, most of the Disciples kneeled down and starting Sobbing. From then, the Disciples of Heavenly Master Zhang Shi Yuan understand the Theory & Importance of Filial Piety - Little Fishes knowing of returning Gratitude to Parent, as a Human, why alot of us are not able to?

From then, Taoists & Chinese started to cut down the consuming of such Fish type unless any Serious Incidents happened. When ever we needed to consume such Fish, we the Taoists will needed to recite the Bao En Bao Gao (報恩寶誥) to thank the Fish and also our Parent.

3) Wild Goose (雁子)

One Year, while Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (祖天師張道陵) was traveling around with his Disciples to the other Cities in China, at a Cliff, suddenly 2 Wild Geese fell in front of them. Soon the Male Wild Goose pass-on. In-order to assist the Male Wild Goose of departing smoothly, Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling advise his Disciple to recite the Salvation Mantra for the Male Wild Goose.

Just as the Disciple approached the Pass-on Goose, the Female Wild Goose started to fight back and using one of her Wings to protect the Body of the Male Wild Goose.

Seeing that, Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling nodded his head and stepped forward to communicate with the Female Wild Goose. After a short recitation, the Female Wild Goose step aside and allowing the Disciple to send the last Journey of the Male Wild Goose off.

Soon, the sending off was done and one of the Disciples approached Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling and asked, why the Female Wild Goose was so protective against the pass-on Male Wild Goose?

Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling replied:

Goose, a type of Bird (Duck) type that show very strong bonding and relationship among it's own Family Lineage, especially Husband & Wife Geese. Whenever one of the Couple pass-on, the other half will tend to stay by the side and Cried out loudly and sadly in-order to show the Heart-pain of losing the other Life-time-partner.

And this is why, we shall not killed them un-necessary for Fun or consuming. Nowadays (in Han Dynasty), due to showing off of Skills, alot of People tend to use Wild Geese as the Bull-eye-target for Arrow-practising, which this is not Correct and Upright.

After hearing the reply, All the Disciples made a Vow of passing down this Message to the Descendants of not Killing such Wild Geese without any Valid Good Reason.

4) Dog (狗)

While 27th Generation Heavenly Master Zhang Xiang Zhong (二十七代天師張象中) was still 12 years old, one day while he was doing his Study of Taoist Scripture, a little Dog from no where appeared infront of him. With his surprise and delightness, Heavenly Master Zhang Xiang Zhong kept the little Dog as a Pet.

Soon, Heavenly Master Zhang Xiang Zhong had reached the age of 20.

One Year, while he was about to start his traveling to perform his Preaching Task, the Old Dog ran out of the House and keep barking. Knowing that the Old Dog wanting to follow, Heavenly Master Zhang Xiang Zhong allowed the Old Dog to join in their Traveling Group.

Within days, the Traveling Group reached a Town. Due to the Weather was getting bad, Heavenly Master Zhang Xiang Zhong had to advise the Disciples to rent a few rooms in the Inn to stay over night. Soon, the admission was done and All of them got back to their Rooms.

After Mid night, the Wind started to blow strongly and with a hard-blow sweep, the Oil Lamps in the Inn were being blown off from the Racks. Soon, the Inn was on Fire.

Just at that moment, the Old ran around the Rooms to bark loudly and kept banging onto the Wooden Doors and Walls to wake the Traveling Group up. Hearing the Banging and Barking, Heavenly Master Zhang Xiang Zhong woke up and realised that the Inn was on Fire and so, with his possible Assistance, he assist the Inn Owner to stop the Fire from spreading.

After a while, the Fire was being put-off, but with their horror, the Old Dog pass-on due to over exhausted. With a Thankful and Sincere thought, Heavenly Master Zhang Xiang Zhong asked the Inn Owner for a little piece of Land to bury the Dog up.

Upon completion, Heavenly Master Zhang Xiang Zhong said:

Dog, a Loyalty House-hold Pet. Knowing of serving the Owner, knowing of saving Lives. And why are there still so many People wanted to kill such Good Animal and consume it without shame?

From then, the Disciples vowed to pass the Message to People around the whole Country of not eating Dog Meat.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Introduction on the 3 Groups of Eight Immortals in Taoist Context (道教三洞八仙簡介)

Alot of People had approached me of whether is there a record of the Various Groups of Eight Immortals aka Ba Xian in our Taoist Contexts and Yes, I can reply to you all.

If you will to visit Jin Fu Gong (金福宮) located at Jurong West Street 91, you will be able to see the 3 sets of Paintings on the Various Ba Xian Groups. And I can said that, the Painting is Fabulous and Accurate.

In here, I will do a quick introduction on the 3 Groups of Commonly Seen Ba Xian in our Taoist Contexts:

Group One: The Superior Ba Xian (上洞八仙)

福星。禄星。寿星。Fu Lu Shou, the Three Immortal Lords of Prosperity, Fortune & Longevity.

张仙。Zhang Xian aka Lord Zhang. The Lord who is in-charge of Protecting Babies from being attacked by Heavenly Dog (天狗).

东方塑。Dong Fang Shuo. The Han Premier and also, the Taoist Cultivator who gain Immortal-hood. Always being seen carrying an Immortal Peach.

廣成子。Guang Cheng Zi. An Ancient Taoist Priest, in some Contexts, known as the Disciple of Yuan Shi Tian Zun (元始天尊).

彭祖。Immortal Peng. A Taoist who gained 800 Years Old Life-span from Lord Bei Dou (北斗星君).

骊山老母。 Immortal Lady Li Shan. The Female Immortal who got the Authorization from Xi Wang Mu (西王母) to do training on New Female Deities & Immortals.

Group Two: The Cultivated Priests Ba Xian (中洞八仙)

In this Group, most of them were Taoist Priests who gained Enlightenment after their Life-time Cultivation & Training. Some of them even got Immortalize by Taoists of the Newer Generation.

And this is the Most Commonly Group of Ba Xian that we can see nowadays.

钟离权。Zhong Li Quan

吕洞宾。Lv Dong Bin

李铁拐。Li Tie Guai aka Tie Guai Li

张果老。Zhang Guo Lao

何仙姑。He Xian Gu

蓝采和。Lan Cai He

韩湘子。Han Xiang Zi

曹国舅。 Cao Guo Jiu

Group Three: The Immortals, Priests & Human Ba Xian (下洞八仙)

In this Group, you will see a combination of Deities, Immortals, Priests, Humans & some said Enlighted-Demons.

陈抟。Immortal Chen Tuan. A Cultivated Priest who was the Teacher of many Famous Generals & Deities.

鬼谷子。Immortal Gui Gu Zi. A Cultivated Priest with Supreme Spiritual Skills of Predictions.

王乔。Immortal Wang Qiao. In records, there are 3 Wang Qiao but All of them are equipped with Good Spiritual Skills & Magic Power.

刘海。Immortal Liu Hai. A Taoist Priest or some said Immortal. Born in Tang Dynasty.

和合二仙。Immortals He He. Man-created Characters, some said Cultivated-Demons and some agreed that this Pair of Deities will be imported from Buddhism Context. Appeared in 2 Young Boy form, on them, they carried a Basket & Lotus.

李八百。Immortal Li Ba Bai. Gained a Life-span of 800 Years and this was why he got a Name of Li Ba Bai. Born in Three Kingdon Era. Hometown in Si Chuan Province. A Cultivated Priest.

麻姑。 Fairy Ma Gu. A Priestess. Some said she was the Disciple of Xi Wang Mu (西王母). Always seeing her carried an Immortal Peach.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Banner of Xuan Tian Shang Di Bao Gao 02 (玄天上帝寶誥之二)

This is the Second Bao Gao aka Praise Mantra dedicated to Xuan Tian Shang Di.

Though this is not a Common Bao Gao that being recited by the Taoist Priest regularly but in certain Rituals/Ceremonies, this Bao Gao is also being used to invoke the Invitation of Xuan Tian Shang Di.

Sharing of Xuan Tian Shang Di Pictorial Story Book (玄天上帝圖畫故事書)

Dear All,

In here is a Pictorial Story Book that I have collected since I was about 10 Years Old. Now, I think that this Book is Out-of-Published and it's quite impossible to anyone to find this Book in the Market.

If anyone is interested in having one copy of this Book, you can PM me or Email me at with your Full Name, Address & Contact Number.

I will assist you in getting the Book copied and send to you.

This Pictorial Story cosist of 60 Pages. And so with the printing and sending, it might cost you S$2.50.

PS: For the moment, only Open to All Singaporean, unless someone in Malaysia is able to get All the Names for me & get the Final Printed Copies from me.

PPS: This is NOT Commercial Trading, so do not Sell this Book to anyone.

Ancestor of the Ng Clan of Teochew Jie Yang Lineage (潮州揭陽黃氏祖先)


Upon request, in the following are the Ancestors recorded in the Ng Clan of Teochew Jie Yang County.

Ancestor No. One:

Huang De San (黃德三) aka Ng Teck Sam. Born in Yuan Dynasty (生于元朝年間), residing in China Ning Hua (宁化) & Hokkien Pu Tian (莆田). In Late Yuan Dynasty, Beginning of Ming Dynasty, Huang De San migrated from Pu Tian to Chao Zhou Zhi Pu Du (直浦都).

The Grandson of Huang De San known as Huang Liang (黃亮) aka Ng Liang, was the Founder Ancestor of Chao Zhou Guang Mei County (广美俗名港尾formerly known as Gang Wei aka Kang Buey).

Ancestor No. Two:

Huang Zhi Zheng (黃致政) aka Ng Tee Cheng. Born in Song Dynasty (生于宋朝年間). Hometown in China Hokkien Province Pu Tian Area (祖籍福建莆田).

In AD1068 (till 1085), Huang Zhi Zheng was being appointed to hold the Position of Magistrate Officer ar Hai Feng County (海丰县), after the his Years-of-Magistrating ended, Huang Zhi Zheng refused to return back to Pu Tian and so, he stayed in Chao Zhou Jie Yang County. From then, he started his Family Lineage in Jie Yang County.

Ancestor No. Three:

Huang Dao Mei (黃道美) aka Ng Toh Bee. Born in Ming Dynasty (生于明朝年間). Hometown in Chao Zhou Chao Yang Long Pi Area (潮阳龙陂). Not much history being recorded.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Roundest Moon in 52 Years (最圓的元宵月)

According to Reports, this Year, the Moon that appeared on the Sky on the 15th Night of Lunar New Year was the Roundest in the 52 Years.

And if you will to ask me, Yes, I will replied.

Last night, while Sending Off some of the Paper-Offerings to Tian Guan Da Di, one of my Students took a few Pictures of the Moon.

In here, we will share with you all :P

Monday, 9 February 2009

End of Lunar New Year Celebration (慶完元宵平靜復)

In about an Hour's time, our Lunar New Year Celebration will be ending.

Few things to keep all remind:

1) Offerings that being placed on the Altar since Eve of Lunar New Year, must be retrieved down. Edible-stuffs - please do not throw off. Inedible-stuffs - please wrapped them up and dispose Uprightly & Correctly.

2) Clean the Altar when the Stuffs are being retrieved. Do Not keep the Altar Un-clean or Filled with Dust & Incense-ash.

3) Remember to change the Water of any Flower-vase, if not, TIGER-ARMIES will be there to STING on you & your Family.

4) Replace the Tea-offerings to just Pure Water, try to maintain the Offering of Pure Water to the Deities every day. This is a form of Respect & Sincerity.

5) Remember to dispose the Ashes in the Incense-paper-Burning-Can. Pour the Ashes into a Bag and then dispose into your Rubbish-chute, if not, bring down to the Burning-can under your Block to pour off the Ashes.

6) On the Morning of 16th Day or 17th Day, remember to use Yin-Yang Water (陰陽水) plus 3 colors Flowers (三色花 Red/Yellow/Green) or Promogrante Leaves (石榴葉) or Pomela Leaves (柚子葉) to wash your Corridor. This is to make sure that you do Cleansing for your Home after SO MANY visitings during the 15 Days.

7) After the Cleansing, please do prepare some Cooling Soup (dessert) for the Family, eg: Barley Water (億米水), Green-bean Soup (綠荳湯), Cheng Thng (清湯) or White Fungus Soup (白木耳湯). This is to balance the Heaty Element in the Physical Body that being accumulated for the past 15 Days.

8) Last, wear a set of New Clothing (can be the set that you worn during the 1st 3 Days) and Offered 3 Incenses to Heaven, Deities & Ancestors. Ask for their Blessings again for the New Lunar Year.


Sunday, 8 February 2009

Chinese Newspaper Article on Offering of the First Incense (新聞文章之獻頭香)

Found this Chinese Newspaper Article on Offering of the First Incense to Deities on Lunar New Year. Very meaningful and Create Alerts to alot of Chinese & Ignorant-blind-followers.

If you are free, please do go thru it.

Cant see the Article? Please download it from the following link:

--->>>Tou Xiang Article<<<---

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Manifestation Anniversary of Tian Guan Da Di (天官大帝千秋聖誕)

15th Day of Lunar 1 Month is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary (Annual Inspection Day) of Tian Guan Da Di aka Heavenly Emperor of Heavenly Realm.

For Taoists & Chinese, we will prepared a certain amount of Offerings (Food & Paper) to pay our respect to Tian Guan Da Di.

Different Dialect Clans will start the Honouring Ceremony on different Days, such as 14th Night or 15th Day Morning.

To find out more on the details on this Grand Official Day, please proceed to the following link:

Introduction on Lunar New Year 15th Day (正月初十五簡介):

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Paying Respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun 2 (玉皇萬壽聖誕慶壽儀式)

Million Thanks to Bro Gilles for taking the Nice Pictures for Long Shan Men (龍山門) during the Paying of Respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun (玉皇大天尊) on the 8th Day Evening at Telok Blangah Tee Kong Temple (萬壽山天公廟).

In the Pictures, you all can see that the Disciples & Students were being call-upon to pay respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun together and some of them were being appointed to represent Long Shan Men to do recitation on the Bao Gao (寶誥) & Offering of Incenses to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun.

Last 4 Photos - The Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君) & Nine Emperors (九皇星君) Altar. This is where the Spiritual Registration take Place for new Students of Long Shan Men.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Paying Respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun on the 9th Day (玉皇萬壽聖誕慶壽儀式)

This Year, Ji Chou Year (己丑年), as usual, Long Shan Men (龍山門) went to Telok Blangah Tee Kong Temple (萬壽山天公廟) to pay respect to the Yu Huang Da Tian Zun (玉皇大天尊), but this Year, it's much more Special, cos most of Long Shan Men's Disciples & Students were being call-upon to join in the Honouring. And this was why, on the 6th Day of Lunar 1 Month, I had to start to prepare 15 Official Sets of Offerings for this Great & Official Event.

On the 8th Day Evening, I arrived at the Temple at about 7.30Pm to do the settting up of Offerings. Before my arrival, my 7th Disciple had already "Chop" a Good Place, so upon the arrival, I could just arrange them out with "ease".

Around 8.00Pm, most of the Disciples, Students & my Family had arrived at the Temple and they were advised to pay respect to All the Deities first before the Honouring Ceremony started.

At around 9.30Pm, the First Round of Honouring Ceremony started by Paying Respect to San Qing Dao Zu (三清道祖), Heaven and then Yu Huang Da Tian Zun. After Reporting, Lunar New Year Greeting & making our Manifestation Anniversary Respect, All of us made our Offering of Incenses to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun. Upon completion of the First Round, we sat around to chit-chat and talk about topics on Taoism & Chinese Culture.

At about 10.15Pm, the Second Round of Honouring Ceremony started. This time round, the 7th Disciple was being asked to recite the Praise Mantra of Yu Huang Da Tian Zun (玉皇大天尊寶誥). After the recitation, I initiated the reporting & paying respect.

At about 10.45PM, the Final Round of Honouring Ceremony started. This time, the 11th Disciple was being asked to recite the Praise Mantra and then, with the Final Round of paying respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun, we gathered around to Offer the Paper-offerings.

10.55Pm, the Finale. Long Shan Men Disciples, Students & Family gathered around the Main Altar to make a Three Bows respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun and then, All Paper Offerings were being Sent-off at the Rear Area of the Temple.

Upon sending off the Offerings, we made a short rest in the Temple and then, most of the Students made their leave in-order to catch the last Bus.

At 0000 Hour, we left the Temple, in-order to proceed to the 7th Disciple's Home to pay respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun of Long Shan Men.

With a bit of delaying & travelling, finally reached the home at 1.15Am. Without further delaying, we started to the Honouring and the whole session took about 1.5 Hours to complete.

By the time I reached home, it was almost 4.00Am in the Morning. With a short rest, I woke up early in the Morning to pay respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun at Long Shan Men HQ. By then, the whole Honouring Ceremony considered Smoothly-Round-Off.


This Year, indeed is a very special Year for Long Shan Men and most of the Disciples & Students, cos most of them are the first time joining in such Honouring Ceremony.

By seeing the Big Reunion of Long Shan Men & my Family, a very strong touchy emotion flooded me, a very nice & warm feeling.

In the temple, while seeing Taoist & Chinese Families, with 2,3 & 4 Generations, coming together to pay respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun, the Strong feeling of the present of Unity & Filial Piety for the Taoist & Chinese Community of Singapore appeared immediately in my mind, which is so Wonderful & Touching.

Hope that, in the next 20 Years, we can still see the Taoists & Chinese paying respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun with the present of most of the Family Members.

Shang Yuan Festival honouring Tian Guan Da Di (上元節祭祀天官大帝)

Start:     Feb 9, '09 09:00a
End:     Feb 9, '09 11:00a
Location:     Singapore, All over the World

15th Day of Lunar 1 Month aka Shang Yuan Festival, is also the Day for Taoists or Chinese to Pay Respect to Tian Guan Da Di aka Heavenly Lord of Heavenly Realm (天官大帝).

As usual, this Year, Long Shan Men will visit one of the Old Temples to pay respect to Tian Guan Da Di as in-order to request for the necessary Blessings for All people & Country-Peace.

Monday, 2 February 2009

It's Manifestation Anniversary of Yu Huang Da Tian Zun (又是玉皇大天尊萬壽聖誕)

Dear All,

After many days of Preparation, tonight, Taoists & Chinese will be making their Fullest & Sincere-est Respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun 玉皇大天尊 (hkk: Tee Kong 天公) in-order to get the necessary Blessings for the New Lunar Ji Chou Year (農曆己丑年).

For those who have yet to get the Offerings, do not worry, you still have another 5 Hours to do the preparation & shopping.

For those who wish to pay Respect to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun on the actual Day Morning, you are encouraged too.

In the following, are some write-ups on this Joyous Event, do go thru them if you have yet to see them:

Introduction on Lunar New Year 8th Day (正月初八簡介) - ref:archive2008:

Introduction on Lunar New Year 9th Day - Paying Respect to Tian Gong (正月初九拜天公簡介) - ref:archive2008:

History of Tian Gong Biscuits (天公餅之由來) - ref:archiveJan2009:

Preparation for Yu Huang Da Tian Zun's Manifestation Anniversary (玉皇大天尊萬壽聖誕籌備工作) - ref:archiveJan2009:

Preparation for Yu Huang Da Tian Zun's Manifestation Anniversary (玉皇大天尊萬壽聖誕籌備工作)

This Year, Ji Chou Year (己丑年), Long Shan Men (龍山門) will be conducting a Simple Honouring Ceremony for Jade Emperor of Heaven's Manifestation Anniversary (玉皇大天尊萬壽聖誕) at the 7th Disciple's home, located at Bedok North.

Due to on the 8th Night, Long Shan Men will be visiting a few Temples to pay respect to Jade Emperor of Heaven, so we had to set up the Altar and prepared the Offerings 1 Day earlier.

Thanks to the 2nd Disciple of Long Shan Men in assisting me & the 7th Disciple in setting-up the Honouring Altar.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Long Shan Men Guang Ze Zun Wang Statue (龍山門廣澤尊王神像金身)

Today, the 7th Day of Lunar 1 Month (農曆正月初七日), while I was in town with my students to do the ordering for the new statues and getting the Offerings for Jade Emperor of Heaven's Manifestation Anniversary, I saw this Wonderful Porcelain Statue dedicated to Guang Ze Zun Wang (廣澤尊王).

Immediately without hesitation, I bought it to add into Long Shan Men's Statue-collection.

According to the design & outlook, this Porcelain Statue of Guang Ze Zun Wang was made according to one of the Old Statue of Guang Ze Zun Wang China Nan An Feng Shan Temple (中國南安鳳山寺).

This can considered as the Best Present for Long Shan Men in the Beginning of Ji Chou Year (己丑年).

History of Tian Gong Biscuit (天公餅之由來)

Tian Gong Bing aka Tian Gong Biscuit (天公餅), a type of Typical Traditional Hokkien Offering Item for Honouring Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) on the Manifestation Anniversary.

In Singapore, now we can only able to get the Officially-made Tian Gong Bing in 1 of the Traditional Biscuit Shops in China-Square Building. Due to this is a very Traditional and Old Practice, not much People really know of the procedure of making it and so, the Skill of making such Tian Gong Bing has actually being mis-imparted.

In other Countries such as China & Taiwan, you will tend to see a much more bigger size Tian Gong Bing, but in Singapore, due to Easy-to-Handle, we can only get smaller size Tian Gong Bing during the Lunar New Year Period.

So how to use it during the Honouring?

For Hokkien Customs, on the Leap-Month Year (閏月年), the Hokkien will Offered 13 pieces of Tian Gong Bing on the Manifestation Anniversary, in-order to get the Blessings for the next 13 Months, whereas for a Normal 12 Months Year. 12 pieces will be Offered.

After Offering, the Biscuits can be consumed by the whole Family, if not, the Biscuits can be placed on the Altar for a Year (strange is that, such Biscuits wont turned Bad for a very Long Period).

Okay, back to topic.

So how Tian Gong Bing come about?

According to Hokkien Ancient Records, there are a few versions of the come-about, in here, I will shared with All of you the 2 most Reasonable Myths of Tian Gong Bing.

First: Offering to Celestial Palace (香餅上敬玉皇尊)

On the 24th Day of Lunar 12 Month, after Kitchen Deity (司命灶君) returned back to Heaven to do his Annual Reporting, Jade Emperor of Heaven will tend to throw a Feast to reward the various Deities for the Completion of the Tasks of Looking after the Mortals & Beings in Mortal Realm for the past 12 Months.

During 1 of the Heavenly Feasts, Kitchen Deity took out some of his Offerings that he received from the Mortals and placed them on the Feast Table infront of Jade Emperor of Heaven, in-order to show Jade Emperor of Heaven of how Sincere & Faithful that the Mortals had for the Heavenly Deities.

After taking a look at the little Biscuits that the Mortals made, Jade Emperor of Heaven was quite impressed with the Detailed-patterns decorated on the Biscuits. Immediately, Jade Emperor of Heaven passed an Edict to Kitchen Deity to reward those who had Offered these Biscuits to Kitchen Deity and said, from then onwards, whoever is able to make such nicely-decorated Biscuits, the person and the whole family will be Blessed with Good Luck & Fortune.

Without hesitation, Kitchen Deity received the Edict and returned to Heaven on the Eve of Lunar New Year to Spread the Blessings to the Mortals.

One Year, in a Rural Village in Hokkien Province, on the 8th Night of Lunar 1 Month, a poor family was not able to offer any Offerings to Jade Emperor of Heaven and so, the wife at home was very sad and disappointed. By sitting infront of the Altar of Kitchen Deity in the Kitchen, the wife started to sob sadly and badly.

Upon hearing the sobbing, Kitchen Deity appeared infront of the wife to comfort her. The wife was shocked at first but after Kitchen Deity explained to her that who he was, the wife kneeled infront of Kitchen Deity to tell him about her situation.

After knowing the situation, Kitchen Deity recalled on the Offerings of the Nicely-made Biscuit and so immediately, Kitchen Deity asked the wife to prepare some left-over flour and peanut-dust (cos of too poor, only left with peanut dust and not Full peanut).

Soon the wife gathered all the necessary items and without further delay, Kitchen Deity assist the wife in making the Biscuits. Within moments, the Biscuits were being made. Due to the flour-made-&-bake-Biscuits were in white color, Kitchen Deity found out that, it was not very suitable for such an Joyous Occasion and so, Kitchen Deity took out his Cinnabar Recording Brush to do a Red-mark dotting on the Biscuits.

After the Biscuits got the Dotting from Kitchen Deity, the Biscuits turned to more tasty & nicer-fragrance-emitting Biscuits, which attracted the surrounding neighbours.

Upon knowing that people were rushing to the wife's Kitchen, Kitchen Deity made his leave and told the wife of remember to offer this to Jade Emperor of Heaven on the Manifestation Anniversary, once Jade Emperor of Heaven got the Biscuit Offerings, Jade Emperor of Heaven will Blessed the whole Family. After getting the message, the wife kowtowed to Kitchen Deity for his assistance and soon, the kitchen was flooded with people.

In-order not to reveal the identity of Kitchen Deity, the wife told the people that she dreamt of a Deity to advise her to offer this Biscuit Offering to Jade Emperor of Heaven to get Good Blessing. After getting such a piece of Good News, most of the People rushed back to their homes to prepare the Biscuits for the Manifestation Anniversary on the 9th Day of Lunar 1 Month.

From then, this Tradition was being pass-down till today.

Second: Gratitude to Jade Emperor of Heaven (護命答謝敬玉皇)

On the Day, after returning from the Sugar-cane Plantation, the Hokkiens started to prepare for the Thanksgiving Offering for Jade Emperor of Heaven for saving their lives.

Due to just returned from the disaster of almost got Barbarians' Slaugthering, the Hokkiens were too broke to get Luxury Offerings for the honouring of Jade Emperor of Heaven and so, among the Hokkiens, one of the Elders from the Village made a comment.

The Elder suggested of making Offerings from Flour & Sugar-cane (Sugar extracted from Sugar-cane). Immediately, Positive Agreement was heard and without further delay, the Hokkiens started to prepare the Flour-made Offerings.

Just at the moment of the starting of making Offering from the Flour Dough, someone made a comment of what items to make. Immediately, another commotion arise. After a short moment of discussion, the Hokkiens came to an agreement of making Flour-made-Biscuits with Sugar-peanut Fillings.

Soon, the preparation got into place and different Families made into various shapes & patterns Biscuits to differentiate the Biscuits came from different Families.

After completion, the Elder whom suggested the making of the Biscuits was being invited to the front Altar to offer the Biscuits to Jade Emperor of Heaven. Just before he offered the Biscuits, he saw that the Biscuits were too plain and so, the Elder look around and he saw some Red Prunes hanging on the Prune-trees. He walked towards the Trees and plucked a few of the Prunes. Upon getting the Prunes, he returned back to the Altar and squeezed the juice out from the Red Prunes and then, do a little dotting onto the Biscuits.

As he performed the dotting, he annouced to the Hokkiens that, by doing the Red Dotting, everyone in the Village (Province) will be Blessed with Red-hot Fortune & Luck.

After getting the annoucement, All the Hokkiens shouted with Joyous and kneeled onto the Ground to return their Gratitude to Jade Emperor of Heaven.

As a form of Highest Respect to Jade Emperor of Heaven, the Hokkiens addressed this type of Biscuits as Tian Gong Bing.

From then, it was being pass-down till now.

PS: Thanks to Juin Wen for providing us with the Pictures of Tian Gong Bing