Friday, 31 October 2008

China Zheng Yi High Priest Chen Lian Sheng Gained Enlightenment (中國正一高道陳蓮笙得道昇天)


Dear all,

Zheng Yi High Priest Chen Lian Sheng (Taoist Title Ding Chang 陳蓮笙鼎昌大道長) had attained Enlightenment at the age of 92.

His Enlightenment date was on 29 Oct 2008 (2nd Day of Lunar 10 Month 農曆十月初二日子時) at Rat Hour.

Before he got Enlightenment, he was being elected as one of the Chair Person in the Taoist Association in china and also, he is the Leader of Shanghai Cheng Huang Temple.

High Priest Chen Lian Sheng had spent his whole life promoting our Upright Taoist Culture and Teaching.

Long Shan Men and all disciples pay our Highest Respect to him.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Deities Birthday & Celebration of Wu Zi Year Lunar 10 Month (戊子年十月神誕及慶典)

According to Chinese Deity Systems Record, here are the Birthdays of the various Taoist Deities, Patrons, Sages & Immortals in the Lunar Tenth Month.

10th Day of Lunar 10 Month: Dukes Shui Xian

13th Day of Lunar 10 Month: Heavenly Marshal Wen Qiong

15th Day of Lunar 10 Month: Heavenly Lord of Waterly Realm

18th Day of Lunar 10 Month: Mother Lord of Earth

20th Day of Lunar 10 Month: Heavenly Master Xu Jing

22nd Day of Lunar 10 Month: Duke Ling An

24th Day of Lunar 10 Month: Lord Bao Sheng Descending Day

25th Day of Lunar 10 Month: Heavenly Master Xu

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Long Shan Men celebrating Heavenly Marshal Hua Guang’s Manifestation Anniversary (龍山門華光元帥誕辰慶典)

Last Sunday, 26 Oct 2008 (28th Day of Lunar 9 Month), Long Shan Men had conducted a simple and yet Official Ceremony for Heavenly Marshal Hua Guang (斗口靈官馬華光元帥), cos this Day was considered as the Manifestation Anniversary (Birthday) of him.

In the Morning at about 11.00Am, I arrived at the Office to do the necessary preparation for the Birthday Respect (祝壽) and also to do the preparation for the Dotting Ceremony (開光點眼) for another batch of new Deities. This time round, Lord Zao Jun aka Kitchen Deity (司命灶君), Bao Sheng Da Di aka Lord Medicine (保生大帝) and Long Xuan Zu Shi aka Spiritual Master Long Xuan (龍玄祖師), were invited to our Long Shan Men.

After the necessary preparation and the arrival of the various students, the dotting Ceremony was being conducted.

At around 2.00Pm, the Statue of Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) arrived in the Office (being staying with another local Taoist Group for quite sometime and now, it’s time to invite the statue back to our own Long Shan Men) and after Raising the Seat (昇座) for Jade Emperor of Heaven, the Birthday Respect ceremony started.

With rounds of Kowtows, Chanting and offerings, the Birthday Respect Ceremony ended at around 3.00Pm and then, all of us proceeded to the Sending off of Deities and Paper-offerings. That Day, even though the weather didn’t seems good but at least, no rain-pour occurred during the sending-off.

Upon completion of the Sending-off, it was time for us to have our Feast and so after keeping the Offerings and do cleaning in the Office, we proceed to have our late Lunch and after the Lunch, we went to Wan Shan Fu De Ci (萬山福德祠) to pay respect to the Old Hua Guang Yuan Shuai in the Temple.

Finally, it’s time for us to go back home and rest.

Next year, we will have another better and more better Celebration for Heavenly Marshal Hua Guang.

May he provide us with the necessary Blessing of Good Wealth and Great Knowledge.

Wu Liang Shou (無量壽).

This Ceremony is considered as the Official First Birthday Respect being conducted in Long Shan Men’s Office.

This time round, due to the inviting of Jade Emperor of Heaven’s statue back, we had prepared quite a number of Offerings, which is considered as the Highest Respect in Chinese Custom and Religion Practice.

Most of the Offerings are sponsored by Friends of Long Shan Men and some of the Students.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Paying Respect to 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian (敬昇六十四代天師登座)

Start:     Nov 9, '08 2:00p
End:     Nov 9, '08 3:00p
Location:     Singapore

On the 12th Day of Lunar 10 Month (9 Nov 2008 Sunday) at 2.00Pm, Long Shan Men will be conducting a simple Official Paying Respect Ceremony to the 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian in the current Long Shan Men Office.

For those who are able to join in the Ceremony, please do give me a PM or email at

Arrangement will be made accordingly.

Official Press Release in Taiwan about the Passing-on of 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian (道教「64代張天師」張源先病逝)


This Morning, in Taiwan, the Official Announcement of 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian passing-on had released to the Whole World.

The 4 Main Press Groups were being informed and the news had been released. For the moment, Si Han Tian Shi Fu (嗣漢天師府) had been busily preparing for the Ritual/Ceremony for Raising the Seat (登座) for Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian.

According to the will of Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian, the 65th Heavenly Master will be appointed in no time and this will be the next Official Heavenly Master of Zheng Yi Sect in the World.

PS: Currently, there are a few Fake & Con-men "Heavenly Masters" popped out to do conning on other Taoists, so do be aware.

Below is the Official Press-release:


定居在南投縣草屯鎮的第64代「張天師」張源先,是在10月17日(農曆9月19日)因肝疾過世,享年78歲。其仙逝是道教界的大事,目前已由天師府受職的「大法師」和「夫人」共32人,分別負責場地、經典科儀、堪輿、事務等事務,此外張源先的3個女兒,則另有兩組人協助文宣等工作 。





Friday, 24 October 2008

64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian had left us (六十四代張源先天師回天了)

The Day had arrived and this was the issue that I had been trying to avoid and don’t dare to think of, since the Day I heard that our 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian had suffered from certain illnesses.

Last Friday Mid-night, upon getting the news from my Taiwan Senior on our 64th Heavenly Master had passed-on (got Enlightenment), I was totally shocked and felt terribly miserable and sad, cos I knew that I wouldn’t be able to see our dearest 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian anymore.

On the death-bed of my Late Master – Master Ding Gui, he had mentioned to me and strongly advised me to travel to Taiwan to meet up with our dearest 64th Heavenly Master, after the 3rd Year of his passing-on, but till today, I had yet to have the chance to make a trip to Taiwan.

During the last staying period of my Late Master, he verbally-passed me a few statements, hoping that I can convey his messages to our dearest 64th Heavenly Master, but maybe now, they would had met up in the Celestial Realm.

Since the 62nd Heavenly Master and my Late Grandmaster met in the 1800s, Long Shan Men and the Heavenly Masters had been working quite closely to promote the Culture of Taoism in China, Taiwan and Singapore.

In 1930s, while 63rd Heavenly Master came to Singapore, my Late Grandmaster & Master had been with them for quite sometime until our 63rd Heavenly Master migrated to Taiwan.

After 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian ascended the Seat of Heavenly Master, my Late Master and Elders had been keeping close interaction with him until in 1970s, Long Shan Men being forced to stop operating by some of our Local Taoist Groups.

Since then, the interaction between Long Shan Men and Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian seems to get lesser and lesser.

Year 2000, my bed-ridden Late Master had been telling me of visiting Taiwan one day when I’m able to and I did promised him to do so, but till today, I had yet to fulfill his dream.

On 17 Oct 2008, around 3.00 – 4.00Am in the Morning, our dearest 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian got his Enlightenment at the age of 78.

No one can change the History but to accept it and continue to live in it.

For now, Jave just sincerely hope that our 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian can give is the necessary Blessing and guide us in the Right Path to promote our Culture & Teaching of Taoism.

Wu Liang Guan
Wu Lian Shou

Long Shan Men 35th Generation Leader Xiao Hua Jun (Jave) and All disciples and the families pay our highest respect to 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

64th Generation Heavenly Master Gained Enlightenment (嗣漢天師第六十四代掌教張源先真人得道昇天)


In the Morning of 17 Oct 2008 (19th Day of Lunar 9 Month), our dearest and most honourable 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian had left us after gaining his Enlightenment (pass-on at home in Taiwan Tainan).

As a Taoist, we needed to show our best respect to him for promoting and bringing all our Taoist together.

Friday, 17 October 2008

The Names of the 500 Spiritual Protectors of Taoism (道教五百靈官名諱表)

In the following is the list of the Names of the 500 Spiritual Protectors in Taoism, which we called Ling Guan (五百道教守護神).

This set of Names are being recorded since dont-know-when-Era and now, seldom people will used this set of Names for any special events or occasions.

This set of Names can be found in the Taoist Record known as Dao Zang Ji Yao (道藏輯要), which in Singapore bookstores, it is totally impossible to find that.

Due to there are too many names, for the moment, I wont be able to add in the Han Yu Pin Yin version, will do it soon.

For High Res Pictures, please proceed to this link:

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Pictures of Qin Dynasty Priest Xu Fu (秦朝方士徐福)

Xu Fu (徐福), full name known as Xu Jun Pang (徐君旁), a Cultivated Person or Priest during the Qin Dynasty.

According to records, Xu Fu was born before BCE 220, exact date & hometown unknown.

After Emperor Qin aka Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇) conquered the other Six Kingdoms (六國統一) and beginning to believe in Immortality, Emperor Qin started to have thoughts of gaining Long Life-span and so, after searching and discussion, Xu Fu was being summoned into the Qin Palace to do explanation and research on where to get the Long-life Elixir (長生不老藥).

Upon summoning and enquiries made by Emperor Qin, Xu Fu replied that, in-order to get the Long-life Elixir, oneself will needed to travel to the various Immortal Islands that are far from China. According to the records of Spiritual Master Gui Gu (鬼谷先師), there are 3 Immortal Mountains, which are known as Peng Lai, Fang Zhan & Ying Zhou (蓬萊。方丈。瀛洲). On these 3 Mountains, there are plenty of Immortal Plants that are able to made into Elixir for consuming to gain Long-life.

After hearing what Xu Fu had replied, Emperor Qin ordered Xu Fu to plan for the traveled to the Immortal Mountains.

Around BCE 210, Xu Fu went for his journey to look for the Elixir.

Just before Xu Fu set-off for the searching, Xu Fu made a request to Emperor Qin that, in-order to have a better result on the searching, he will need a total number of 3000 boys and girls (三千童男童女). Upon knowing of the request, Emperor Qin summoned his assistants to capture 3000 boys and girls to accompany Xu Fu out into the Faraway Land.

Years went by and soon, Emperor Qin reached his Life-limitation but Xu Fu had yet to return to the Qin Empire. Upon disappointment, Emperor Qin passed away with hatred and regrets. Just before Emperor Qin passed-away, he advised his Family Members and the other Officers who made planning for his Funeral to direct his Tombstone to face the Direction of where Xu Fu set-off for the searching of Elixir – reason, hoping that one day Xu Fu will returned and he can get back to life after Xu Fu feed the Elixir into his dying mouth.

Many Years after Qin Empire fall, people spread rumours about Xu Fu had gained Enlightenment after he found the Elixir himself.

But according to some History Records, Xu Fu actually went to Japan (日本 maybe he lost his way on the Sea route, etc) with the 3000 boys and girls. After finding that Japan was not a bad place to stay, Xu Fu and the 3000 boys and girls settled down in the Island to become the first group of People to stay on the deserted Island. And after many years, People believed that they will the Ancestors of the Japanese today.

If you will to go to Japan, you are still able to find Temples & Shrines dedicated to Xu Fu.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Pictures of Taiwan Righteous Robber Liao Tian Ding (台灣義賊廖添丁)

Liao Tian Ding (廖添丁), a Righteous Robber whom born in AD1883, 15th Day of Lunar 4 Month. Hometown in Taiwan, Tai Zhong Area (台灣台中市).

At the age of 2, Liao’s Father was killed due to an argument. After Liao’s Father passed-away, his Mother – Madam Wang Zu (王足), started to go around in the whole Country to look for Good Lawyer to fight for her husband’s innocent death.

After years of traveling and engaging of Lawyers, Madam Wang Zu was down with terrible debts, in-order to support the family, Madam Wang Zu had to re-marry to another guy known as Cai Rong (蔡榮) as the Mistress and so Liao had to follow his mother to married into the Cai Family.

Upon marrying into the Cai Family, Cai Rong’s initial wife couldn’t get along with Liao and Madam Wang Zu decided to send Liao to his aunt’s place and so from then, Liao stayed with his aunt known as Liao Ah Bao (廖阿寶).

At a young age, Liao started to work as coolie in a nearby shop, due to his mischievous attitude, Liao always get into trouble and his aunt had to step out to cease the trouble created.

After growing up, Liao followed his hometown-mate to Taipei to look for jobs.

Upon reaching Taipei (台北), Liao got a job in a shop as an assistant selling the daily necessities. One day, Liao was being accused for stealing some of the items in the shop and was sacked immediately by the boss, from then, Liao’s bad reputation was being spread around the town and no one dared to employ him.

With the boycotting by the Town people, Liao had to wander around to seeking assistances from the others.

As Liao’s age got older, Liao slowly understood that how Japanese Government tortured his fellow Country-mate (during that Era, Taiwan was under the governor of Japan), Liao started to create a lot of trouble for the Japanese Governor and at certain times, Liao even sneaked into houses of such Rich Japanese to steal money and valuable stuffs to distribute out to the suffering Taiwanese.

Year 1909 (明治四十二年), 18th Day of Lunar 11 Month, Liao was being asked to meet up with some of his friends in one of the deserted place in Ba Li County (八里鄉). Due to few days of standing guard against the Japanese invading, Liao was terribly exhausted and felt restless. Just at the time of seeing his friends approaching, Liao stood up to wave to them and just at that very moment, Liao saw a group of Japanese Soldiers running towards him carrying their Guns.

Liao wanted to run but due to his tiring physical body, Liao was caught and after the Japanese Soldiers caught him, Liao refused to surrender to them and on the spot, Liao was being killed, at that time, Liao was only 26 years old.

After Liao’s death, those people who had got his kind assistances before, set up Altars for him, in-order to show their gratitude to Liao. And the friends that betrayed Liao was being boycott by the fellow people.

Few decades later, Temples dedicating to Liao were built in-order to keep in memory of how Liao showed his braveness while fighting against the invaders.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Zheng Yi Long Shan Men Taoist School (正一龍山門)

This is the First Official Website of Long Shan Men Taoist Group.

For those who are interested in finding more on Long Shan Men, please feel free to visit our Website.

We welcome all comments and suggestions.

Long Shan Men 180th Anniversary Celebration Event 06 – Finale - Dotting & Up-Raise the Altar (龍山門紮根南洋180年週慶項目六)

Few Days of Celebration and Events participation, on the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month, Long Shan Men conducted the Final Dotting & Up-Raise of Altar before the 9 Month Celebration Officially Close for the Year.

In the Morning of the 9th Day, I arrived at the Altar Premises at about 7.00Am to do the necessary for the Raising of the Altar (昇座) & Dotting of the 2nd Batch of statues.

Actually for this Year or in this Period, I didn’t really want to do the Raising of Altar, but again, human prediction is always something that cannot compare with the prediction of Heaven and so, certain things occurred forcing me to Raise the Altar for the 3rd time.

After the Raising of the Altar, the Dotting Ceremony started. Firstly by doing a quick and brief report on the Event to the Heaven and the various associated Deities and last, called upon the Deities that we inviting for the Dotting Ceremony.

Once the reporting and invitation was done, the Enhancing of the Objects for Dotting was done too and then the Dotting of the statues started.

This time round, Hua Guang Ma Yuan Shuai (華光馬元帥), Tai Sui Xing Jun (太歲星君), Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) and Zhang Tian Shi (張天師) were being dotted.

After the Dotting, the statues were being invited to Go Cross the Fire (set up on the Altar by using the Candles) and then placed them on the assigned Position according to their Rank and Task-holding-Authorities.

Upon placing them onto the assigned Position, the whole Raising of Altar and Dotting Ceremony mark an end and followed by was the Offering of Wine, Tea and other small Offerings for the newly added Deities.

From then, Long Shan Men’s Celebration for the 180th Anniversary of entering into Singapore mark an Officially End for Year 2008.

Next Year, we will try to do something bigger in-order for All other local Taoists to join in. Do keep a Look out on that.

Last of All, I will like to use this opportunity to thank those who had assist us in setting-up of the Altar and also those who had join in most of the Long Shan Men 180th Anniversary Events.

See you all next year.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Long Shan Men 180th Anniversary Celebration Event 05 – Taoist Cultural Tour & Gathering Nite (龍山門紮根南洋180年週慶項目五)

Last Saturday (04 Oct 2008), the 6th Day of Lunar 9 Month, Singapore Long Shan Men (about 8 people), UK Taoist Taiji Group (about 15 people) and a few of our Local Taoist Scholars (about 8 people) had gathered around to visit a few local Old & Traditional Religious Places and the very night, we had also a Gathering cum Taoist Cultural Sharing Seminar at a Function Hall located at Race-course Road.

On that Afternoon at around 1.00Pm, our UK Taoist Taiji Group led by my Taoist Brother Mr Matt arrived in Singapore and after their Check-in into the Hotel, our Taoist Cultural Tour officially started at 2.30Pm.

First Temple that we visited was located at Geylang Lor 27A, which was known as Ling Yun Dian aka Leng Hoon Dian (凌雲殿). This was an Old Temple that our Taoist Scholar Mr Victor Yue’s Mother served and stationed in.

At about 3.00Pm, we arrived at the Temple and after meeting up with the owners and the members of the Temple, we started to scatter off to visit the various different areas in the Temple and of cos, the most attractive area that we always like to advise and encourage people to visit was the 2nd Level Hall that dedicated to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊).

After the disciples of Bro Matt entered into the 2nd Level Hall, they went to pay respect to Jade Emperor of Heaven and the other Deities that accompanied Jade Emperor of Heaven.

Upon completion of the paying of respect, we mingled around in the Hall and of cos, a few quick and brief introduction were being done in the Hall to do some clarification and explanation of the different Deities that could be seen in the Hall.

At about 4.00Pm, we left Ling Yun Dian to visit the next Temple, which was my Old Temple, Wan Shou Shan Tee Kong Temple (萬壽山天公廟) located at Telok Blangah Height (the Owner of the Temple, Mr Lee, was also invited to join in this Joyous Occasion).

On our Way to the Tee Kong Temple, another Religious Brother known as Chan called up and informed us that he and a special Guest were be waiting at the Temple. And upon arriving at the Temple, Bro Matt and I were more that delighted to know that the Special Guest was Dr Leon Comber – a Popular and Famous Author and Senior Researcher on Chinese Culture.

After a quick introduce and recalling of who I am, Dr Leon Comber finally remember who was I, what a Close-relieve….

Again, paying of respect to the Deities were more important then other issues, so all our UK Taoists and Long Shan Men students went around in the Temple to make their respect and after the paying of respect, it was time for me to led my students to make an Unformal-Official Respect to Jade Emperor of Heaven and other Deities in the Temple.

After the respect-making, it was my Uncle’s task to perform the necessary Blessing for the UK Taoists.

Due to time restriction, the Individual Blessing had to change to Group Blessing and so my Uncle had to compromise with our request. Within 10 minutes, the Blessing was done and we proceed to visit another Local Folks Culture Group located in Chinatown Area.

Upon arriving at the Folks Culture Group’s Premises, we were being welcomed by the Leader and the members of the Group and special local food items were being prepared for our UK Taoists.

After the enjoying of the local food items, we needed to proceed to the next station, which was an Indian Restaurant located at Race-course Road. Once immediately after we arrived at the Restaurant, our Taoist Brother Mr Victor Yue ordered a Good Feast of Indian Food for our UK Taoists and after trying, all of them loved the food and was quite satisfied with the food.

And soon after the Dinner, our Sharing seminar started in the Function Hall that located just above the Restaurant.

The seminar started at about 8.30Pm and the whole session last for about 2 hour 30 minutes.

During the seminar, I was invited by Bro Matt to do a quick and brief introduction on various Taoist Culture, Deities and the latest hottest topic – The Big Bang Theory.

Soon after my sharing, it was Bro Matt’s turn to do introduction and experiments on the Taiji Skills. And again, another round of highlight of the Night started with all the physical & actions stuffs.

Time flies and it was getting late and so, we had to call for the day. After the seminar at Race-course Road, our Bro Matt brought his disciples to Bao Chi Gong (保赤宮) situated at Magazine Road to pay their respect to Lord Kai Zhang (開漳聖王) and to meet up with the Uncle that mend the Temple. Due to having Ritual on the next Morning, I had to apart with them and leave with my students.

As discussed and promised made with the UK Taoists, we hoped to have another round of Seminar next year and hope that more people will be able to join in.

Last of all, thanks to those who had made their effort to join in the Tour and Seminar and also, to thank those who had made the necessary arrangement for this Tour and Seminar to take place.

PS: More pictures will be posted soon.

Long Shan Men 180th Anniversary Celebration Event 03(2) – Dotting Ceremony for Student’s Home Altar (龍山門紮根南洋180年週慶項目三)

In the following are the 2nd Batch pictures taken on the Dotting Ceremony on last Sunday.

Pic 1 - to do cleaning on the new statues before Dotting.
Pic 2 - to report and invite Deities
Pic 3 - to enhance the Mirror before using
Pic 4/5 - to cleanse the Water for using
Pic 6 - to direct the Positive Energy into the statue
Pic 7 - to enhance the Positive Energy that being directed into the statue
Pic 8/9 - to usher the Deities onto the Main Altar
Pic 10 - to chant the Taoist Scripture for the newly Dotted statues
Pic 11 - Fire Flame burst out suddenly from the Cleansing Urn
Pic 12 - the Traditional Offerings

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Long Shan Men 180th Anniversary Celebration Event 04 – Long Shan Men Spiritual Registration 2008 (龍山門紮根南洋180年週慶項目四)

A Year had passed and this time Round, Long Shan Men has usher in the Third Batch of Students who show Keen, Interest and Faith in learning our Upright Taoist Culture and Spiritual Skills.

This time round, 1 of the students of older Batches was being Officially accepted as the Official Disciple of Long Shan Men (正式入門弟子), his Official Title is known as Li Xiang Jun (禮祥君), Zheng Yi School Taoist Title known as Luo Chang (羅昌).

This Year, besides the normal Taoists, who are keen in learning the Basic Taoist Culture and Teaching, signed up for the Spiritual Registration, quite a few of Knowledge-able students such as Feng Shui Master, Sintua Spiritual Person and other Religious People also joined in our Big Family. Really happy and appreciate their supports for Long Shan Men.

On the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month morning at around 11.00Am, 4 new students (among the 3rd Batch) arrived in Telok Blangah Tee Kong Temple (萬壽山天公廟) to join in the Spiritual Registration Reporting.

Upon arriving at the Temple, they were being advised to pay their respect to the Deities in the Temple first and after my brief Invitation for the other Deities, the Spiritual Registration Reporting was done with the witness of the arrival of Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君), Nan Bei Dou Xing Jun (南北斗星君) and other Invited Deities.

The whole Spiritual Registration Reporting took about an hour to complete, but due to the raining and the Wonderful food that being prepared by the Temple, we stayed in the Temple for a few hours before making our leave.

During the stay, my uncle approached me asking me whether on the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month was a Good Day to do new Altar Settling (安神案), immediately I replied with a Big OF-COS.

And so, I was being “Kindly-Friendly Conned” to perform the Ceremony of Settling the Altar for the Right Hall.

Being able to serve the Deities and assist my Old Temple in performing such Ceremony is my Honor and Proudest thing to do and so, within any 2nd thoughts, I started to prepare the necessary items for the Cleansing and Inviting of Deities onto the new Altar.

With the witness of the Temple Owner, my Uncle and the newly joined Long Shan Men students, the Settling Ceremony started and by doing a few simple reciting of Mantras, Cleansing and Drawing of Spiritual Symbols, the Altar was being moved into Position at the Right Hall with the assistances from the new students.

After the Settling of Altar, my 2nd disciple arrived in the Temple and I was being “Conned” for the 2nd time to go into the Kitchen. This time round, a Surprise was being planned.

My 2nd disciple brought a Cake to the Temple to celebrate my Lunar Birthday.

With the accompanying of my students and my relatives in the Temple, I celebrated my Special Birthday this Year.

Really appreciate all the efforts that my students had put in.

Due to have to go for another appointment, we had to leave the Temple at about 3.00Pm.

Hope that next year, we can have more people to join in the Joyous Celebration of the Ninth Month.

In the following are the Items that the newly students got from me:
1) Official Scripture of Long Shan Ancestor
2) Registration Card (endorsed again after A Years Training, the 1st Taoist School to use this in South East Asia)
3) Lord Long Yi Spiritual Symbol Card

Long Shan Men 180th Anniversary Celebration Event 03(1) – Dotting Ceremony for Student’s Home Altar (龍山門紮根南洋180年週慶項目三)

With the Blessing of the Ninth Month Celebration, a Dotting Ceremony was being conducted at one of Long Shan Men 36th Generation Student’s Home on the Sunday Morning (5 Oct 2008), the 7th Day of Lunar 9 Month.

At around 10.00Am, I arrived at the Premises of the student, who is known as Donnie, upon arrival, we started to do some simple and quick preparation for the Ceremony (some major preparation was being done on Friday Night).

After all the necessary preparation was done, a quick and simple reporting was being conducted and the Dotting Ceremony started.

Same usual procedure, Cleansing of Environment (淨壇), Invitation of Deities (請聖), Offering of Tea & Wine (三敬), were being carried out and last, to invite the individual Deity that needed to be enhanced into the new statues (迎神).

This time round, Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝), Yuan Tong Zi Zai Tian Zun (圓通自在天尊), Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神), Wen Qiong Yuan Shuai (溫瓊元帥) & Tie Tou Yuan Shuai (鐵頭元帥) were being invited and requested to do enhancing on the statues.

Due to this Dotting was being done on the Ninth Month Period, a set of Traditional Dotting Skill was being used.

As usual, during the Dotting, a few Natural Changes and Spiritual Encounters happened.

At around 1.00Pm, the whole Dotting Ceremony ended and in the following, you will be able to see the statues being invited onto the newly brought Altar.

PS: More pictures will be posted soon.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Long Shan Men 180th Anniversary Celebration Event 02 – Setting-Up of Deities Altars (龍山門紮根南洋180年週慶項目二)

Been waiting and waiting, been hoping to continue what my Ancestors & Masters had advised me on and finally, the Day had arrived.

On the Early Morning of 6th Day of Lunar 9 Month, our Long Shan Mens Altar had been set-up and by the order of my Late-Master, Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君), Nan Bei Dou Xing Jun (南北斗星君 considered as the Only Set that can be found in Singapore, quite similar to the one that we can see in Telok Blangah Tian Gong Temple), Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張祖天師) and Wang Ling Guan (王靈官 my Spiritual Protector) had been invited and dotted by me.

Arriving at the Premises (a small Office that Long Shan Men had got, which is in Friend’s Company) at about 6.00Am, I started the necessary preparation and once the Clock hit 8.00Am, I started the Enhancing of the Urn (in Taoist Term known as An Lu 安爐) and followed by the Dotting Ceremony (開光點眼).

Due to the number of Statues was not large, so within an Hour, I had finished doing all the Dotting and last, to invite them onto the Newly Set-up Altar, in Taoist Term known as An Zuo (安座).

By the time I finished the Dotting Ceremony, it was time to pay our respect to the Invited Deities and also to offer our Gratitude to the Deities and so, using the Traditional Customs, 24 – 36 bowls (廿四/卅六大供) of Sweet, Sour, etc, item were prepared.

Soon, the 2nd Batch of Statues will be dotted and once they are being invited, our Altar will be considered as more or less complete and future Rituals/Ceremonies will be able to be conducted according to all the Pass-down Teachings.

PS: If you are sharp in observing Altars, you might be able to spot a difference on our Altar. Try your best to see whether you are able to spot the different.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Long Shan Men 180th Anniversary Celebration Event 01 – Launching of Official Website (龍山門紮根南洋180年週慶項目一)

Time flies and yesterday (4 Oct 2008), the Official Date for the Launching of our very First Official Website for Long Shan Men was being done under a Big Group of witnesses (inclusive of Professors. Lecturers, Taoists, Researchers & Taoist Scholars).

With the assistances from my Students and other Taoist Fellows from All over the World, our First Official Website of Long Shan Men was able to complete in time for the Launching on the Auspicious Double Date of 6th Day of Lunar 9 Month.

The Website is about 60% completed at the moment, so for those who didn’t really get to see or find more Information in there, please do forgive me, cos for the Moment, we are still involve in some other Events that will last till Next Week.

Why this Date is being chosen?

1stly, due to we are doing Celebrating for our Long Shan Men.

2ndly, it is in the Ninth Month Period where our Main Deities & Ancestors Enlightenment Period are just around the Corner.

3rdly, using the Double Element to enhance the Life-span of Long Shan Men and All events that come under Long Shan Men.

This Year, due to time constraint and other minor Factors, Long Shan Men is not able to have a bigger scale celebration that allows the other Members and Supporters to participate in, Jave sincerely hope that for those who are able to join in, please do forgive me.

Once the situation allows and the timing is alright, Jave will sure to invite everyone in to join the Joyous Occasion for Long Shan Men.

In here, I will like to represent Long Shan Men to express my Gratitude to those who had been giving us the very Full & Best supports over the Years. Hope that we can together, promote our Upright Culture of Long Shan Men in the coming Years.

Thank you.

Website URL of Long Shan Men Official Web: