Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Video on Hong Kong Taoist Ritual 1 (香港太平清醮短片)

In the following is a Video Clip on the Taoist Ritual (partially) that being conducted by the Hong Kong Zheng Yi Priests during the Annually Tai Ping Qing Jiao.


Monday, 29 September 2008

The Ninth Month Celebration (農曆九月齋典)


A Year had passed, it’s the Ninth Month Celebration again, so this Year, have you prepared yourself for the Celebration, if you have yet to do so, do not worry, just be natural and I’m sure, you will also get the necessary blessing as what the other will get, cos Dao is Nature & Simple – Dao Fa Zi Ran (道法自然).

Same as last year, before the actual Day of the Celebration started, a lot of our Local Folks Temples had been preparing themselves for the 9 Days celebration, such as going on Don’t-know What Purpose Fasting (齋其形而非清其心), doing Invitation of the Spirits from the Seas and last, having long term Non-Taoist Chanting during this Period. Like what the Overseas Researchers & Taoists like to say, you all in Singapore, really have very Unique type of Celebration for the Ninth Month.

Today, while going thru some of the Photos online, I’m totally surprise to see Folks wearing the Mourning Apparel to do the Invitation for the Nine Emperors. As immediately, all my Hairs ALL over the Body stand up, a Cold Wind attack me and nearly faint on the spot. Maybe this is cause by my weak and un-healthy physical body or maybe, too disappointed on the things that I had seen. But never mind, this is what the other people like to say, this add on the Unique of Singapore’s very own Taoism Culture, I must agree.

Coming to this Era and Modern Society, without a Good Leading Religious Master or Teacher, an Old & Traditional Religion couldn’t move on or I can say, dying off. Without someone who is Intelligent & Wise to do the correction on such misleading Culture, a Nice & Colorful Religion will be totally destroy and gone with the Wind in no time. This is how sad ignorant can do to our Root Culture.

I must said that I’m lucky to have a chance to learn the Upright Culture from the Various Elders, Priests and Masters that I had met locally and overseas, at least they are daring & straight-forward in pointing the faults that I have and or the local Religious Groups had made. By losing a minute of Face & Pride will bring in a Long Term Satisfaction and Great Achievement that oneself can get.

So I will like to advise on all people who are going to join in any Celebration in this Ninth Month, be more Wise and Clean-in-mind, in order for oneself to learn and see the Upright Culture of our Beautiful Taoism.

Okay, back to topic.

On the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month, do remember to visit an Upright Temple that dedicate Altars to Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗母元君) & Jiu Huang Xing Jun (九皇星君/九皇大帝) aka Jiu Huang Da Di (The Nine Stars from the Northern Hemisphere, not the Pirates, Princes of Ming Dynasty or Bandits). If you cant find any, just visit any Tee Kong Temples (天公廟) that are near by, I’m sure you can see statues dedicated to Bei Dou Xing Jun (北斗星君), just pay respect to Bei Dou Xing Jun, it will be the same as paying respect to All Nine Stars and also Dou Mu Yuan Jun.

If you can, do prepare some simple Offerings, such as Flowers, Tea-leaves, Five Oranges and a Set of Good Incenses. As for Incense-paper, you can go with or without it, cos Jiu Huang Xing Jun & Dou Mu Yuan Jun do not need that.

Simply do a quick report on who you are and where you come from, ask for simple Request and ask for Blessing for your Home Country, I’m sure you will get more Blessings that those who make request for Wealth and Money.

For some people, they will go on Vegetarian Diet before going to pay respect to Jiu Huang Xing Jun or Dou Mu Yuan Jun, if you are used to that, you can just carry on with that, if not, no need to worry much, as long as you are sincere and at normal time, you didn’t do any things that harm people, I’m sure you are more Pure and Clean then to some of them who take a 49 Days Fasting Period.

Just keep this in Mind.

Pureness comes from your Keen & Sincere Heart and not from Physical Actions that lead to Nothing.

Sincerity comes from your Selfless & Open-minded Soul and not from Verbal Saying that announce to the Whole World.

Blessing comes from Simple & Non-Greedy Mind and not from Craving that gather Luxuries.

Once oneself can perform the “Diet” on Mind, Soul & Heart, you are better than any Vegetarian-goers.

Last of All, All the Best and Happy Ninth Month.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Deities Birthday & Celebration of Wu Zi Year Lunar 9 Month (戊子年九月神誕及慶典)

According to Chinese Deity Systems Record, here are the Birthday of the various Taoist Deities, Patrons, Sages & Immortals in the Lunar Nine Month.

1st Day of Lunar 9 Month: Star Lord Nan Dou

9th Day of Lunar 9 Month: Mother of the Great Dipper

9th Day of Lunar 9 Month: The Nine Emperors of the North

9th Day of Lunar 9 Month: Emperor Lord Feng Du

9th Day of Lunar 9 Month: Madam Li of Lin Shui Palace

9th Day of Lunar 9 Month: Ma Zu Enlightenment Day

9th Day of Lunar 9 Month: Heavenly Master Zhang Enlightenment Day

9th Day of Lunar 9 Month: Xuan Tian Shang Di Enlightenment Day

9th Day of Lunar 9 Month: Long Shan Men Anniversary

18th Day of Lunar 9 Month: Sage Cang Jie

28th Day of Lunar 9 Month: Heavenly Marshal Hua Guang

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Video on Taoist Priest Pan Mao Ming (道教真人潘茂名短片)

In the following is a Cantonese Video Clip on the History of Priest Pan Mao Ming and how the area of where he stayed named under him.

A very interesting Clip to watch.


180th Anniversary of Long Shan Men in Singapore (龍山門紮根南洋180年週慶)

Start:     Sep 29, '08 12:00a
End:     Oct 7, '08 12:00p
Location:     All over the World

This Year, Long Shan Men will be celebrating the 180th Anniversary (after entering into Singapore at 1828).

In-order to bring up the Culture of Zheng Yi Sect & Long Shan Men, we had organised quite a number of events.

Hope that soon, we can have a Public and greater scale celebration for All Taoists to join in.

Events for this 180th Anniversary:

1) Spiritual Registration for the 3rd Official Batch of Students/Taoists
2) Dotting & Enhancing of Statues
3) Official Launching of Long Shan Men's "important stuffs" (will reveal soon)
4) International Exchange Programmes (limited to a group for this Year)
5) Getting Spiritual Endorsement by Jade Emperor of Heaven for Taoist Flags
6) lots more.....

Friday, 26 September 2008

Pictures of Tie Tou of 36 Heavenly Generals (三十六天將之鐵頭元帥)


Tie Yuan Shuai (鐵元帥) aka Tie Tian Jun (鐵天君) or Marshal Tie, one of the 36 Heavenly Generals (三十六天將) & part of the Ten Subordinates (東嶽十太保) of Lord Emperor Dong Yue (東嶽大帝) in assisting the subduing of demons & warding-off of negative entities.

Tie Yuan Shuai, real name known as Tie Tou (鐵頭), born in Late Shang Dynasty (BCE941 - 841 生于商末朝代), hometown in Shi Cheng Area (家鄉於石城).

According to the Records of Taoist Deity System, Tie Yuan Shuai was actually the Manifestation of the General Liu Ding Energies (六丁之氣), after the Manifestation, Tie Yuan Shuai was being appointed by Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) to descend into the Mortal World to assist the suffering People from the torturing of the Shang Empire (商朝).

Upon getting the Celestial Edict, Tie Yuan Shuai descended into the Mortal World to look for his Physical Mortal Mother for reborn.

After getting the necessary advises by the other Heavenly Marshals, Tie Yuan Shuai arrived at China Shi Cheng Area and finally, saw his Physical Mortal Mother – Madam Yan (顏氏女 an Unmarried Virgin Cultivating Lady).

On the very Night, Tie Yuan Shuai entered into Madam Yan’s Dream to inform her that within months, she would gave birth to a little boy and after delivery, the little boy would be able to able to assist in maintaining Peace for the Area.

Soon after getting the Dream, Madam Yan woke up and as immediately, Madam Yan felt a gust of Hot Energy entered into her tummy and from then, the tummy started to grow as time went by.

10 Months had passed and on the 7th Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月初七日), Tie Yuan Shuai was being born. Due to Madam Yan was an unmarried Lady, so she used the surname Tie (鐵 translated as Iron or Copper) for Tie Yuan Shuai, hoping that Tie Yuan Shuai could be as Brave and Strong as Iron after he grown up.

20 Years passed, by then Tie Yuan Shuai was a young and brave man who always assist the poor and needy in his Hometown. One Year, the Shang Emperor sent its Armies to the whole country to recruit young man for Battles. During the recruiting, the un-controlled Army Troops went around to snatch wealth and other necessary stuffs from the commoners, upon knowing that, Tie Yuan Shuai gathered his close buddies to set up the Patrol Groups to fight against the Rebellious Armies.

Knowing that by using normal Physical Strength, he would be able to assist much People in this suffering situation and so, Tie Yuan Shuai decided to look for Cultivated People or Immortals to learn Spiritual Skills.

Soon, Tie Yuan Shuai started his searching and visiting to various Holy Mountains and finally, he settled himself down in Mountain Yin aka Yin Shan (陰山) to learn his Spiritual Skills from an Cultivated Priest.

Years of Training had prepared Tie Yuan Shuai to assist Zhou Empire (周朝) to fight against the Shang Empire and so, his Master agreed to release Tie Yuan Shuai to seek refuge under Emperor Zhou (Ji Chang 姬昌).

On his way to seek refuge at Zhou Empire, Tie Yuan Shuai pass-by the Forest of Mountain Yin, which conquered by the Demon Fiery Horse (火馬). That Night, Tie Yuan Shuai stayed in the Forest to wait for the Fiery Horse to appear and just as the moment of Tie Yuan Shuai shutting his eyes for a short rest, the Fiery Horse appeared in front of him and wanted to eat him up.

Upon feeling the Energy approaching, Tie Yuan Shuai took out his Iron Rob (鐵棒 imparted to him by the Master, some said Iron Axe 鐵釜) and fought with the Fiery Horse, within rounds, the Fiery Horse was being subdued and from then, the Horse followed Tie Yuan Shuai.

Soon, Tie Yuan Shuai arrived at the Camp of Zhou Empire and after doing a quick and brief introduction, Ji Chang accepted him and allowed him to work closely with the other Generals to do planning on the Battle.

During the final Battle with the Shang Armies, Tie Yuan Shuai was being directed to a Dark Room in the Shang Palace Zi Xu Tower (商宮紫虛樓), just immediately after he killed the Fox-spirit, Tie Yuan Shuai was being surrounded by the Demon Fire and within seconds, Tie Yuan Shuai was being burnt to death (this is the reason of why in some contexts, the appearance of Tie Yuan Shuai appeared to be Black in color).

After the Physical Body of Tie Yuan Shuai was being burnt, his Soul ascended into the Air and just at the moment of realizing that he had passed-on, a Heavenly General was there to guide him into a Big Palace.

After Tie Yuan Shuai got back to his awaken state, he realized that he was being summoned to the Celestial Palace (天庭) and after meeting up with Jade Emperor (玉皇大帝), Tie Yuan Shuai was being bestowed with the title Wei Ling Ling You Hou Meng Lie Tie Yuan Shuai (威靈靈佑侯孟烈鐵元帥).

From then, he was being appointed to follow Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) to perform the Eliminating Demon Task.

For High Res Pics, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/1153615858/pic/list

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Talisman of Star Lord Kui Xing (魁星點穎開智符)

In the following are a few pictures of Talisman of Lord Kui Xing aka Kui Xing Di Jun (魁星帝君).

In Taoism or Chinese Culture, such Talismans are being issued to enhance one's Wisdom & Intelligent.

Due to no Priests or Taoist Groups doing issuing nowadays, not much such Talismans can be seen.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Video on Taoist Dong Tu Ritual 1 (道教動土科儀短片)

In the following is a Video Clip on Dong Tu Ritual aka Taoist Ritual of Consecration of the Earth, before any Buildings are being built on the plot of land.

In Singapore, it is quite difficult to participate in such a Ritual unless the owner invited you or allow you to join in and observe.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Introduction of Generals Liu Ding Liu Jia (道教護法六丁六甲)


General Liu Ding Liu Jia aka Liu Ding Liu Jia Deities, a group of 12 Taoist Generals or Protectors that Taoist Priests or Spiritual Masters will invite or evoke the Energies while performing Rituals or certain associated Ceremonies.

Together with the 28 Constellation Generals (二十八星宿), 36 Heavenly Marshals (三十六天將) & 72 Earthly Generals (七十二地煞), Liu Ding Liu Jia are the assistants of Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) or the Heavenly Armies that stationed in the Northern Hemisphere of the Heavenly Realm.

So who are they?

According to Taoist Records & Scriptures, Liu Ding Liu Jia are made up of 6 Male Generals or Generals that representing the Positive Energies & 6 Female Deities or Generals that representing the Negative Energies.

Liu Ding consists of:

丁卯– Ding Mao, Chinese Name known as 司馬卿 (Si Ma Qing)
丁巳– Ding Si, Chinese Name known as 崔巨卿 (Cui Ju Qing)
丁未– Ding Wei, Chinese Name known as 石叔通 (Shi Shu Tong)
丁酉– Ding You, Chinese Name known as 臧文公 (Zang Wen Gong)
丁亥– Ding Hai, Chinese Name known as 張文通 (Zhang Wen Tong)
丁丑– Ding Chou, Chinese Name known as 趙子玉 (Zhao Zi Yu)

Whereas Liu Jia consists of:

甲子– Jia Zi, Chinese Name known as 王文卿 (Wang Wen Qing)
甲戌– Jia Xu, Chinese Name known as 展子江 (Zhao Zi Jiang)
甲申– Jia Shen, Chinese Name known as 扈文長 (Hu Wen Chang)
甲午– Jia Wu, Chinese Name known as 衛玉卿 (Wei Yu Qing)
甲辰– Jia Chen, Chinese Name known as 孟非卿 (Meng Fei Qing)
甲寅– Jia Yin, Chinese Name known as 明文章 (Ming Wen Zhang)

And so, what are their Tasks?

First, they are Heavenly Generals that being appointed to be the Protectors of Taoism.

Secondly, they are given the Authorities to look into issues that are associated with Rain, Wind and Thunder.

Thirdly, they are given to the Permission to use the Heavenly Thunder to eliminate the Negative Entities whenever is needed.

Fourthly, they are being assigned the Task to take charge of each individual Mortals Soul & Physical Body.

In the Ancient Era, for those who are doing Taoist Cultivation or practicing Taoist Spiritual Skills, they are required to do reciting of the following Liu Ding Liu Jia Mantra to stay protected or connection with Liu Ding Liu Jia. Reason for doing so is to get self-protected from Negative Entities or Energies invading and also, to keep oneself Physical Body in Balancing Status.

Liu Ding Liu Jia Hu Shen Shen Zhou

Ding Chou Yan Wu Shou. Ding Hai Ju Wu Hun

Ding You Zhi Wu Po. Ding Wei Que Wu Zai

Ding Di Du Wu Wei. Ding Mao Du Wu E

Jia Zi Hu Wu Shen. Jia Xu Bao Wu Xing

Jia Shen Gu Wu Ming. Jia Wu Shou Wu Hun

Jia Chen Zhen Wu Ling. Jia Yin Yu Wu Zhen

For Higher Res Pictures, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/253113230/pic/list

Friday, 19 September 2008

Night Visit to Sembawang Cai Shen Temple (夜訪三巴旺財神廟)

Just now, after a quick gathering with some of my students, one of my students decided to send me home. On the way back, he suggested to visit Sembawang Cai Shen Temple, in-order to pay respect to Lord Wen Chang (文昌帝君) and so, I agreed to accompany him to the Temple.

Upon arriving at the Temple, even though its already the Wee-wee hour, there were still a few devotees making their respect to Deity of Wealth aka Cai Shen and other Deities in the Temple.

After getting the Incenses and a set of simple Incense-paper, we proceed to the Big Tentage to pay respect to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊). The Big Tentage was being set-up for the Celebration of Mid-Autumn and also the Manifestation Anniversary of the Deity of Wealth of the Temple.

Soon after we pay respect to Tian Gong, we proceed to the Main Hall, which in the Main Hall, you will see the 3 Main Deity of Wealth (Wen, Wu and Zheng Cai Shen 文武正財神)/ Immortal Wong (黃大仙)/ San Tai Zi (三太子) & Wu Lu Cai Shen aka The Five Directional Deity of Wealth (五路財神).

The usual feeling for us, calm and quiet.

Right after the Main Hall, we proceed to the side Alley to pay respect to Dou Mu (斗母元君), Nan Bei Dou Xing Jun (南北斗星君) & the 60 Tai Sui (六十太歲). Soon, we reached the Hall that is being dedicated to Yuan Tong Tian Zun (圓通天尊), Kong Fu Zi (孔夫子) & Lord Wen Chang.

While we making our respect to Lord Wen Chang, both of us could sensed the Vibration in the Hall and immediately, my student was affected by the Positive Energy. Maybe this was a form of Blessing that he could get from Lord Wen Chang.

After the respect, I quickly do some quick photo-taking (worrying that the people might not allow us to do that).

Soon after the Incense-paper was burnt, we continued our journey back home.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Pictures of Tian Shi Zhen Zhai Fu 2 (天師鎮宅符)

In here, you will see the Traditional type of Tian Shi Zhen Zhai Fu aka Enhancing Home Talisman of Heavenly Master (天師鎮宅符).

In Old Temples or Taoist Organisations, you are still able to see this type of Talisman being distribute out to Taoists or any Devotees.

If you will to observe closely, you will be able to see the Five types of Posionous Creatures that attacked one's home - so can you name them?

Pictures of Xuan Wu Symbol (玄武星象表圖)

Xuan Wu, a title used to describe a Group of 7 Stars that are found in the Northern Hemisphere (Part of the 28 Constellations).

In the Chinese Star Symbol Records, Xuan Wu Symbol is made up of 2 Animals, which are a Black Tortise & Dark Blue Snake. These 2 Animals will always be pictured or drawn Curling-up together.

Why these 2 Animals are being pictured in Black or Dark color?

Cos in our Chinese Beliefs, Northern Hemisphere had a Element of Water or Darkness and also, an Energy of Coolness. And so, in-order to have a better visualization for the Chinese, Xuan Wu is always being pictured or drawn in Dark form.

In this Group of Xuan Wu, you are able to see the 7 Bright Stars that representing the 7 Different Deities or Generals in Taoist Contexts and/or Spiritual Records.

So who are they?

They are:

Dipper (斗木獬)
Ox (牛金牛)
Girl (女土蝠)
Emptiness (虛日鼠)
Rooftop (危月燕)
Encampment (室火猪)
Wall (壁水獝)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Video on Hang Zhou Funeral Ritual 2 (杭州道教齋事短片)

This is the Part 2 Video Clip on the Funeral Ritual of Hang Zhou.

Video on Hang Zhou Funeral Ritual 1 (杭州道教齋事短片)

In the following is a Video (Part 1) on a Funeral Ritual conducted by the China Hang Zhou Taoist Priests.

The Ritual is quite different from those we see in Singapore.

Different Forms of Ba Gua 2 (太極/兩儀/八卦)

In here, you will see the various pictures of Ba Gua aka Trigram.

Some of those in Red-ink are the Ancient Printing Ba Gua used in certain Rituals/Ceremonies, a very rare and precious pictures to be seen in the Modern Days.


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Pictures of Qing Niu Dong at Long Shan (龍山青牛洞)

In the following, you will see the pictures of the various spots of Qing Niu Dong aka The Green Bull Cave (青牛洞) in China Long Shan Area (龍山) - this is considered as another Holy Spot of Taoism.

Long Shan, the Founded Area of Long Shan Men (龍山門發源地). This is considered as a very special area for us.

According to records, this is a spot the Lao Zi (老子) passed by during his traveling. During the stay, the Green Bull of Lao Zi transformed a few times and while the transformation, the Green Bull did some assistances to the Mortals.

Till today, the Taoists staying at this area still believed that, by paying respect to the Green Bull, their problems will be solved and sicknesses will be cure.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Paper Deities Figurines at Zhao Ling Temple (昭靈廟法會紙紮神像)

In here, you will see the various type of Paper Figurines of Zhao Ling Temple.

All these Paper Deities are specially made dedicating to the different Deities and also, the different part of Rituals that being conducted in the Thanksgiving Ceremony.

And again, I will like to say that, this is the only place in SIngapore that I can find and see the most Superb Paper Articfact made dedicated to our Taoism Culture.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Zhao Ling Temple Celebration 04 (昭靈廟淨壇請聖科儀)

In the following, are the pictures taken during the Heng Hwa Taoist Priests conducting the Reporting, Cleansing and Inviting Rituals.

Look closely at the Head-gear of the Leading Priests, it is different from the Normal Lotus Crown that we wear in Singapore or Taiwan.

If you got chance in the future to take a closer look at the Head-gear, you will be able to see the Wu Lao aka The Five Elderly Lords' pictures on it.

Zhao Ling Temple Celebration 03 (昭靈廟法會法器鑒賞)

In the following are few pictures of the Objects that being used in Normal Day Rituals and this Thanksgiving Ceremony.

Zhao Ling Temple Celebration 02 (昭靈廟法會供品鑒賞)

In here, you will see the Offerings that being prepared by the Temple for this Thanksgiving Ritual.

From the 3rd pictures onward, you will see the various Flour-made-Buns that prepared by the Aunties from locally and China. They had put in a lot of efforts in preparing the Buns.

In between the gaps of resting, I went to the Kitchen to do a quick interview with the Aunties and managed to pick up some tips on how to prepare the Buns, the simple ingredients are as followed:

1) Flour
2) Baking Powder
3) Sugar
4) Red-coloring
5) Green-coloring

Zhao Ling Temple Celebration 01 (昭靈廟全景一覽)

These pictures are taken at the various spots in the Zhao Ling Temple.

Outside the Temple, a high stage was being set-up dedicating to San Qing aka The Three Pure Ones.

Taoist Thanksgiving Ritual at Zhao Ling Temple (昭靈廟答謝神恩法會)


Yesterday, the 14th Day of Lunar 8 Month, upon the invitation by the Member of Zhao Ling Temple (昭靈廟), a few of us, arrived at Zhao Ling Temple (located at Yishun Industrial Park A) to join in the Unique and Wonderful Ritual conducted by the Heng Hwa Taoist Priests.

Upon arriving at the Temple (which I was late), I managed to see our Old Friends and some new Friends (2 Ladies). After finding out from our French Brother Gilles on what the Event was about, I was told that this was a Thanksgiving Ritual that being engaged by a few Local Heng Hwa Families.

Before the Official Ritual started, dinner was served and we were all being invited to join in the dinner. At the dinning table, we were all delighted to see the various Home-made Heng Hwa vegetarian dishes. After trying the various, we all came out with one common comment - Splendid.

At around 6.30Pm, the Ritual began, before the Heng Hwa Taoist Priests take their actions, one of the assistants was being possessed by one of the Deities of the Temple to give the necessary advises on what to prepare and who to invite, etc.

Immediately after advises being given to the Temple assistants, the Heng Hwa Taoist Priests started to perform the Ritual for Making Initial-Reporting (上奏) & Environmental-Cleansing (淨壇).

During the Ritual, I went into the Inner Hall of the Temple to make closer Observation on the Taoist Priests and was Utimately & Anxiously to find out the Heng Hwa Taoist Priests were the Typical & Traditional Taoist Priests of China Lv Shan Sect (中國福州閭山派道士), this was totally a Delightful Susprise for me.

After knowing that, I stayed a little bit longer in the Inner Hall to observe the Priests and I can said that, the Skills that this Group of Priests had were wonderful.

Immediately after the Priests done with the Cleansing, another 2 assistants of the Temple got in-trance with the Deities known as Liu Jin Sheng Hou (柳金聖侯) & Da Di Sheng Hou (達地聖侯 2 typical Heng Hwa Deities – which were being known as the assistants of Ma Zu).

After the 2 Mediums got in-trance, they carried out their tasks of ushering in the Invited Deities, such as Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊), Bei Dou Xing Jun (北斗星君), Nan Dou Xing Jun (南斗星君), various Deities from various Temples around the World, etc.

Just before the ushering in ended, the Taoist Priests started their 2nd round of Ritual again, this Ritual was conducted to offer the various Offerings to the Invited Deities (known as San Jing Jiu 三敬酒) and last, the Offerings made by the Sponsor of this Thanksgiving Ritual (known as Xian Jing 獻敬).

By the time the Xian Jing ended, it was already 8.00Pm-plus and so, we had to make our leave.

For those who are interested to observe and join in the Joyous Celebration of this Temple, please do be there at 5.00Pm on 15th Day of Lunar 8 Month, I’m sure you will be able to see a lot of different stuffs that you cant see outside.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Talisman of The Great Dipper of the North 2 (北斗消災驅邪護身符)

In the following is a Taoist Talisman of Bei Dou Xing Jun used for Eliminating the Negative Entities that stayed around oneself, reducing of the Debts & Sins of oneself and last, to protect oneselfs Souls & Spirits.

On the Top of the Talisman, you will see the Secret Spiritual Code of one very important Taoist Deities - which is Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝).

And so, in this Talisman, you are able to get the necessary enhancing from 2 groups of Deities from the Northern Hemisphere.

Video on Hang Zhou Xiao Shan Taoist Ritual 2 (杭州道教法事短片)

This is another Video on Taoist Ritual conducted by the Hang Zhou Priests, do enjoy.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Talisman of The Great Dipper of the North (北斗安魂魄壓驚符)

This is a Rare Taoist Talisman that being use locally.

This Talisman is drawn while being called upon the Enhancement from the Great Dipper of North. Once the Enhancement is done (with Reciting & Chanting of the Mantras & Scriptures), this Talisman is able to use to calm those who suffered from frightening or Mental-unstable.

A very useful and effective Taoist Talisman.

Due to many Un-trained People trying to use this Talisman to con on the others, so for those who wished to gain one of such Talismans, must be careful and aware.

PS: This Talisman shown here is not yet the complete one, so do not use it un-necessarily.

Video on Hang Zhou Xiao Shan Taoist Ritual 1 (杭州道教法事短片)

This is a Video Clip on the Taoist Ritual conducted by the China Hang Zhou Taoist Priests.

Do go thru it and see the differences that they have with the one in Singapore.


Sunday, 7 September 2008

Video on Hang Zhou Taoist Ritual (杭州道教齋事短片)

This is a Video Clip on the Taoist Funeral Ritual in China Hang Zhou.

See the different way of chanting and display.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

The 10 Types of People whom wont be Connected with Deities (十組三界不容之人)


一) 不孝父母。三界不容。
1) People who are not Filial and/or Pretending to be Filial

In Taoism, besides being an Upright & Loyalty Person, another most Important Character that oneself needed to have will be Filial Piety.

Being a Child of the Parent, regardless whether the Parent are still around or not, oneself shall always show Concern and Care for them.

If Parent are still around, Concern & Care are always the Best Gratitude that as a Child can give to the Parent.

If Parent are not around, then certain Salvations or Ceremonies must be taken care of, in-order to repay oneselfs Spiritual Gratitude to them.

二) 不務正業。三界不容。
2) Doing the Improper type of Jobs. In here, we are referring to the Uprightness of a Job and not referring to doing Low-Standard Upright Jobs (eg: Road-sweepers, Collecting of Junks, etc).

Oneself must always keep in mind that, being able to engage oneself in Proper Job is the most Fortunate and Lucky thing that oneself can have.

Just consider those who wanted to engage themselves in Proper Job and yet they are not able (such as Handicaps, etc), a Normal Person can consider as the Most Fortunate Person in the World (not to compare with those you cant compete with).

三) 親朋不義。三界不容。
3) Treating Relatives & Friends in an Unreasonable Way or Cheating/Hurting in certain issues.

To be able to born in this Mortal World, oneself can considered as Heaven being Compassionate and able to have Relatives & Friends accompanying, oneself can considered as the Most Fortunate Person/Being in this Mortal World.

Everyone in this System (Family or Friend) is Strongly and Closely being connected. If oneself will to treat the others with a very Bad Attitude, in the end, the Result will be reflected on own and so, in-order to prevent any Un-necessary issues to happen, oneself must always keep in mind that – Be Good to All people around us.

四) 賺不淨財。三界不容。
4) Earning of Un-righteous Money.

Till today, this is still a very Big & Un-solvable issue in our Society.

Even though this issue is surrounding oneself, oneself shall not take it as this is Natural. Oneself shall always keep in mind that, while earning such Money, people at the other side might get into un-necessary harms or Life-Death-Threatening issues.

In-order not to get anyone into any Fatal situations, oneself shall not take in or Earn such money.

五) 不遵聖訓。三界不容。
5) Disrespecting or Ignoring of the Teachings that being passed-down.

In Taoism, Filial Piety, Loyalty, Uprightness and Respectful are the few things that oneself needed to keep in mind and Practice.

Some people might think that just by practicing either One of the mentioned above, oneself is considered as an Upright Person, usually this is not very Accurate.

In-order to be a Fully Upright & Cultivated Person, oneself shall try to practice All of the Above-mentioned. This may be quite difficult to some people, but as long as oneself put in Effort to achieve whatever needed to achieve, I am sure that, but the end of the Day, oneself will gain more that those who always have the thoughts of Giving-up.

Teaching, a way to keep oneself to balance and able to see things more Clearly. Without the passing down of the experiences/encounters that our Ancestors or Forefathers gone thru, as the descendants or followers, we will tend to create more problems and mistakes. And so, if we are able to learn the Teachings and from there, study more in-depth into the Teachings, I am sure that oneself can be a Better or maybe a Higher-level Person in the end of the Day.

六) 欺貧重富。三界不容。
6) Looking down on Lower-Class People and Boot-licking the Rich People or People who are Famous, etc.

In Todays Society, this issue does not only happen in Normal Working Environment, but also in Religious Groups & Organisations. This is indeed a very Sad & Disappointed issue to know and come across.

For those who are Really into Cultivation & Promoting of the Uprightness of our very own Religion & Culture, oneself shall always treat everyone Equally (unless the people you know are not considered as Upright).

For people who always look down on the Lower-Class People, usually such People will get in-return within short Period or at the end, suffered from more Criticizing from the Surrounding.

Try to be Humble to People who are willing to learn or show interest in things that oneself does, etc.

七) 暗室虧心。三界不容。
7) Always doing certain Planning to Harm people or using Un-righteous way to gain Power, etc.

Again, this is another issue that always can be seen in our Society.

Just ask yourself this question: After I gain all the things from my Un-reveal-able Planning, what did I really gain?

Money? Relationship? Respect from others? Praises from Country?

Usually people who are in this Group, they will get more Shooting, Boycott, etc, then those who put in their Real & Upright effort to gain the things that they want.

And oneself must always keep in mind that, how careful oneself Planning can be, one day, there will be another person who is able to Crack your Secret – this is the Result of a Normal Cycle.

八) 心地不善。三界不容。
8) People who are not Compassionate or Kind.

Due to the fast pacing of the Modern Society, more people had become more unkind and lesser Compassionate. If this will to go on, it will actually create more issues or problems to the Society and at the end, carried forward the problems to our descendants.

Oneself shall always have the thought of being Compassionate & Kind. Remember what being mentioned in Point 3, everyone living in this Mortal World is more or less being connected. If you are not able to show the Compassionate or kindness to the people who in need of that, one day, while oneself is in the same situation, oneself wont be able to gain the necessary assistances from them and by that time, regret is always the thing that accompanying oneself.

九) 見苦不救。三界不容。
9) Seeing People in Sufferings and yet, do not want to provide a Helping Hand.

Due to the points that being discussed in Point 8, a lot of the Modern People can be categorized in this Group.

The people here rather see people suffered than just to provide a little assistance to them.

十) 好賭貪淫。三界不容。
10) Addicted to Gambling, Flirting, Cheating, Damaging, etc.

People who are in this Group, is considered as the Worst and if any of them are not able to turn-over-a-new-leaf, these people will sure to suffer in Great Pain at the end of the day.

For such people, how much they put in effort to pay respect to Deities or seeking Spiritual Assistances from Masters, Priests, etc, usually their requests wont be fulfilled or worse, get more punishments.

For those who are in this Group, just ponder over this Question of mine:

Stop your pace, turn back and look at the people around you, may it be your Parent, may it be your Wife (Husband) or may it be your Children. Are they happy? Are they living in a Wonderful Environment? Are they being taken Good Care of?


Do you have at least 1 Good & Sincere Friend that stay by your side?

If you are able to see thru the hidden meaning behind my Question, then, try to be a Better person from Now-on. There is No so-called Too-late, as long as you are willing to change, a New Tomorrow will always be there for you.


In Taoism, in one of the Scripture known as Qing Jing Jing, there is a phrase of:

Da Dao Wu Qing, Yun Xing Ri Yue, Da Dao Wu Ming, Chang Yang Wan Wu

Translated as:

The Big Dao does not have any Emotions but yet, the Big Dao is able to make things happen accordingly. Why? Due to the Uprightness that Big Dao has, so the whole Universe is able to get Alive with the Positive Energy.

Big Dao does not have an Actual or Real-known Name, but yet, Big Dao is able to give lives to some many Beings. Why? Due to the Compassionate that Big Dao has.

If oneself does not give-up on oneself, Big Dao wont give-up on you. Moreover, Big Dao will provide you with a chance to Re-new your own self.

Hope that after reading this piece of Article, oneself can really sit down, calm down and then do a serious Reflection on your own.

Maybe you will see something that you didn’t see it in the past.

Last, all the Best to you and hope that, we can meet each other in somewhere near to our Big Dao in someday.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Video on Hokkien Province Fu Zhou Area Taoist Ritual (中國福州道教科儀法會)

In the following is a Video Clip on the Taoist Ritual that being conducted in China Fu Zhou Area.

This Ritual was conducted dedicating to Mt Lord Tai Shan aka Dong Yue Da Di.


Thursday, 4 September 2008

Introduction of the 3 Traditional Offerings for Salvation Ritual (傳統普度三色粿簡介)


In here, you will be able to see the 3 different types of Traditional Offerings aka Kuehs that being used in the Salvation Ritual for the Suffering Souls during Big Celebrations or Seventh Month Ceremonies.

These 3 types of Kuehs are commonly being seen in Singapore, but again, due to the changes in our Chinese Religions and the Misconceptions that being passed-down by some Folks, these 3 Kuehs are being eliminated from using in some of the Rituals, which seems to have disconnected the Traditional Culture that our Ancestors & Masters had imparted to us.

Again, in-order to keep the Culture going, here I will like to do a brief intro on the various Kuehs and their simple usage during a Salvation Ritual.

Mo He (摩喝), in Hokkien known as Mor Hay, a type of very Old Traditional Kueh that being used in Salvation Ritual. The outlook of this Kueh looks quite similar to Kueh Nen Khor (雞蛋糕), a type of Cake with raisins (葡萄干), in Singapore.

So when this type of Kueh originated (普度三色粿之由來)?

According to History, this Kueh was being founded in the Three Kingdom Period, while Premier Zhu Ge Kong Ming (諸葛孔明) fighting against Duke Cao Cao (曹操).

During one of the Battle between Cao Cao, a General was being sentenced to be beheaded, but due to the Credits & Merits that this General had accumulated, he should not be punished that severely and so, the other Generals approached Premier Zhu Ge Kong Ming for solutions.

Upon hearing the request, Kong Ming went straight to the Cooking Area in the Camp and ask the Chef to prepare Kilograms of Flour and Water, in the water, he mixed some coloring to make it look like the skin-color of a Human.

Once the Flour and Water were well-mixed, he started to pound and slam on the Dough to make it soft and tender. After a while, Kong Ming shaped the Dough into a Big Ball shape (about the size of a Human Head in Three Kingdom Era) and then asked the Chef to steam it.

Within Hour, the Steam-Dough was ready and after the Dough was being removed from the Pot, Kong Ming used some other ingredients to add onto the Steam-Dough to make it look like Eyes of Human, etc.

And last, Kong Ming splashed some Red-coloring Water onto the Steam-Dough and asked the other Generals to present this Steam-Dough to the Officer-in-Charge, claiming that this was the Head of the Beheaded General.

Just as the Steam-Dough was being presented to the Officer-in-Charge, the Officer-in-Charge regretted and thought that everything was too late. At this moment, Kong Ming came in and he explained the whole situation to the Officer. After knowing that, the Officer was relieved and from then, this Story was being spread around in the Camp and also, in the Society of the Commoners.

Due to the using of the different Colorings & ingredients in Kong Ming’s creation and so, today, you are able to see that the Raisins are widely being used – why? To represent the ingredient that being used to represent the Eyes and the Red-dot onto of the Kueh – to represent the Blood of the Head.

And so, during Salvation Rituals, this Mo He aka Mor Hay (摩喝由諸葛孔明所創作) is being used to represent Human or Male, once the Priest released or throw out this Mo He or Mor Hay, meaning that the Souls of Human or Male will be Salvaged.

Bi Tao aka Pi Toh (碧桃), a type of Traditional Kueh that being created after Mo He being imported into the Salvation Ritual.

In the Ancient Era, while Mo He was being used in the Ritual, Priests and Spiritual Masters founded out that, while the Salvation, mostly the Male Souls were being Salvaged whereas the Female Souls were not being taken good-care with.

And so, one day, while the people were preparing the Mo He Dough, a Lady suddenly being possessed by some Entities and started to do certain un-explainable actions.

Just at the moment where a Dough was being completed, the Lady started to open her mouth and say something:

Mo He Pei Bi Tao (摩喝配碧桃)
Nan Nv Sheng Tian Zao (男女昇天早)

Meaning that, Mo He must come along with Bi Tao and with these 2 Kuehs, the Souls of the Male & Female will be able to be Salvaged in short Period.

From then, Pi Tao is another Traditional Kueh that cannot be missed out during such Rituals.

If you will to take a closer look at the shape of a Bi Tao, actually it is showing you the significant-sign of a Female (the Legs and the Private-area) and take note that, this Bi Tao is different from the normal Peach-bun that we used for Deities Birthday or Big Celebration. The tips of the Pi Tao must not be pointing Upwards.

Hong Yuen aka Ang Ee (紅圓) or Ang Pao (紅包), a very common Traditional Kueh that being widely used in Chinese Customs, Rituals & Ceremonies.

According to Chinese Custom, this is a Kueh to represent Smooth, Round and Reunion (圓滿/順利/團圓).

During Rituals/Ceremonies, usually this Kueh will be used in the very ending part. This is to show the People & Beings that the Event here is considered End and the Whole Event is being carried out Smoothly & Fully. Hope that, the other Beings are happy and willingly to accept the different Offerings and of cos, to Bless the Beings.

And so, during the Salvation Ritual/Ceremony, these Ang Ee must come along with the other 2 Kuehs, in-order marked a Nicely Ending of Salvation.

Next time, while you are attending any such Salvation Ritual/Ceremony, take a closer look at the different Offerings, see whether you can find these 3 Kuehs, if not, you shall know that the People there are not following the Traditions.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Video on Taoist Ritual Qing Wei Qi Sheng (道教清微道宗啟聖發表科儀短片)

This is a Video showing the Ritual on doing Reporting & Invitation of Deities during Rituals/Celebrations.

In here, this Ritual is conducted by the Taoist Qing Wei Lineage, which in Singapore, is very Rarely and Uncommon to be seen.

Do enjoy.

Paying Respect to Lord Bei Dou in Bao Chi Gong (保赤宮內向北斗星君祝壽)


Dear All,

Just back from Bao Chi Gong (Poh Chiak Kheng) after paying respect to Lord Bei Dou (today is the Manifestation of Lord Bei Dou).

Arrived at the Temple at about 7.30am (after getting some famous Ang Ku Kueh at the shop situated behind Cantonment Police Station) and there were already some working adults making their offerings to Duke Chen Yuan Guang and Jade Emperor of Heaven.

After preparing the offerings, I started to make my respect to the various Deities in the Temple and last, to the Tian Gong Altar to pay respect to Jade Emperor of Heaven and Lord Bei Dou.

Just before I went off to burn off the Papers, the Uncle, which I always address him as Ah Jek, called me. I was shocked cause so early in the Morning, who would call me in Temple… after turning my head around, I saw him approaching and he was delighted to see me in the Temple.

As usual, we had a long chat and this time round, he recited quite a few verses of Old Hokkien Idioms, which was interesting and meaningful (Ah Jek welcomed all others to join in the chatting & reciting of the Old Idioms when we next visit the Temple).

Besides that, Ah Jek also mentioned about our Bro Matt, saying why so long he didn’t come to the Temple to drink the Chinese Tea and I replied to him that, soon he will be in town (Bro Matt, remember to visit him on your next trip in Town :P).

Just before I make my leave, the Auntie (which shall be the Wife of the Chairman) arrived to take over Ah Jek’s Shift, she was also delighted to see me in the Temple and again, another 30 minutes chat went on.

She told me that, the Temple had started the Lighting of Blessing Lanterns and for those who are interested to do the Lighting of the Lantern must act fast, cos not much spaces left.

For individual lantern, it cost S$150 and for Group lantern, it cost S$1000.00.

For those who contributed S$1000 and above, the name will be carved onto the Stone Plaque. So, for those who wished to have your lantern or name being seen in the Temple, do take the necessary action.

Ok, see you there on the next trip.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Scripture of Lord Zao Jun (九天司命定福灶君真經)






















































































































Manifestation Anniversary (Birthday) of Kitchen Deity (九天司命灶君聖誕)


Kitchen Deity aka Lord Zao Jun, the Deity that being appointed to look into issues that are associated with Cooking and Daily Life of a Household.

In the Ancient Era, Paying Respect to Zao Jun was a MUST DO event every year, even Emperors were had to make their Respect to Zao Jun in-order to request for Blessing for the Country and Commoners.

On the 3rd Day of Lunar 8 Month, Taoists & Chinese will prepare the necessary Offerings, such as Wine, Chinese Tea and some Cooked Stuffs to offer to Zao Jun, in-order to repay the Gratitude to him for keeping the Household Blessed.

And on the 24th Day of Lunar 12 Month, Taoists & Chinese will prepare Sweet Stuffs & Wine to offer to Zao Jun before Zao Jun returned to Heavenly Realm to do his Annual Reporting to Jade Emperor of Heaven.

Okay, back to the main Topic.

Lord Zao Jun Manifestation Anniversary falls on the 3rd Day of Lunar 8 Month (in 2008, it falls on 2 Sep, Tuesday).

On this Day, remember to prepare the the Offerings and then placed them on your Stove or Cooking Area to pay respect to Lord Zao Jun.

More info here: http://javewu.multiply.com/photos/album/78

And so, what to prepare?

According to our Chinese Custom & Folks Practice, here are some recommended items to be prepared for the paying respect:

1 Five Oranges (桔子)
2 Longevity Noodles (壽麵)
3 Longevity Peaches (壽桃)
4 Ang Ku Kueh (紅龜粿)
5 Huat Kueh (發糕)
6 Rice Wine (米酒)
7 Chinese Tea (茶)
8 Paper Offerings (紙料)
9 Candles (蠟燭)
10 Flowers or Lotus (鮮花或蓮花)

Once all these stuffs are prepared and ready, placed them on the Stove or Cooking Area.

1st, pay respect to the Heaven & the Main Deities in the House, then proceed to the Kitchen.

Make a Bow in front of the Offerings and then sincerely kneel down and proceed with the following Passage (for those who know how to recite the Bao Gao of Zao Jun):

Jin Feng.

Jiu Tian Si Ming Ding Fu Zao Jun (Bow)

Qian Qiu Sheng Dan Zhi Qi.

南洋新加坡共和國。 (你的住址) 。
Nan Yang Xin Jia Po Gong He Guo. (Your Address)

信士 (你的名字) 。及闔家同人。
Xin Shi (Your Name). Ji He Jia Tong Ren.

Yu Ci

Qian Bei Bo Li Jiu Yi.

Jing Xiang.

Jiu Tian Si Ming Ding Fu Zao Jun (Bow)

Qian Cheng Qing An. Qing He Sheng Dan.

Yu Ci Qian Qi.

Jiu Tian Si Ming Ding Fu Zao Jun (Bow)

Ding Shou Ding Lu Ding Fu Gui. Fu Ci Yi Men Wan Shi Xing

Zao Qian Mei Yao Chang Bu Ting. Jun Zun Ci En Wan Min Jing

Yi You.

信士 (你的名字) 。及闔家同人。
Xin Shi (Your Name). Ji He Jia Tong Ren.

Yi Nian Ping An Chang Zai. Yue Yue Fu You Bu Dai.

Si Ji Shen Guang Pu Zhao. Wan Shi Sui Xin An Zai.

Yu Ci.

信士 (你的名字) 。及闔家同人。
Xin Shi (Your Name). Ji He Jia Tong Ren.

Jing Xiang.

Jiu Tian Si Ming Ding Fu Zao Jun (Bow)

Xian San Bai Li.

Yi Bai. Zai Bai. San Bai. Li Cheng (Raise)

After rising, make another sincere Bow and then left the spot.

After about 15 minutes, retrieve the Paper-offerings and then burn them off.

And so, the whole Paying Respect to Lord Zao Jun is considered end.

Video on Taoist Ritual Qi Sheng (道教樓觀宗啟聖科儀短片)

This is a Video showing the Ritual on doing Reporting & Invitation of Deities during Rituals/Celebrations.

In here, this Ritual is conducted by the Taoist Lou Guan Lineage, which in Singapore, is very Rarely and Uncommon to be seen.

Do enjoy.