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Pictures of Gu Hua Tong Zi aka Immortal Boys of Looking after the Immortal Flowers (顧花童子)

In the Garden of where Madam Zhu Sheng (注生娘娘) performed her task for delivering the Souls of unborn Babies, there are a few Spiritual Trees being planted.

All these Trees are being taken care by the Assistants of Madam Zhu Sheng & Madam Chen Jing Gu (臨水夫人陳靖姑), which are Hua Gong & Hua Po (花公花婆), the Old Immortal Couple and a few little Kids, known as Gu Hua Tong Zi (顧花童子) aka Immortal Boys of Looking after the Immortal Flowers.

On these Trees, only 2 Color Flowers are being grown, which are Red – to represent the Souls of Boys & White – to represent the Souls of Girls.

Everyday, Hua Gong & Hua Po will visit the Garden a few times to do checking on the blossom of the Flowers, once a Flower is opened, means that a Little New Life is being added onto the Mortal World and Hua Gong & Hua Po will do the necessary recordings and then, report to Madam Zhu Sheng & Madam Chen Jing Gu - in-order for them to perform the Post-born Tasks, etc.

And so, what are the Tasks of these Little Immortal Boys?

They are there to assist Hua Gong & Hua Po to do protection on the little Flower Buds from Spiritual Storms invading, adding of fertilizers, loosening the soils, watering the Plant and checking of withered Flowers, etc.

Their tasks might seem to be very easy, but in actual fact, not Really. Since the 1st Day they being appointed to take charge of the Garden, they knew that, All these Little Flowers represent New Lifes on the Mortal World, any Flowers that are being damaged, the New Born Babies in the Mortal World will be affected, such as Blind, Crippled, Becoming Moron, etc.

And so, these Little Immortal Boys will do their best to perform their Tasks in a way that All the Little Flowers are being taken Good Care.

Changing of Flowers (換花)

During the Ritual/Ceremony conducted in the Mortal World by Taoist Priests and Spiritual Masters for the Changing of Flower (from Daughter to Son or Son to Daughter), a Spiritual Petition or Report will be sent to Madam Zhu Sheng & Madam Cheng Jing Gu in-order for them to get the Permission from the Heaven of getting the Lineage Changed.

Upon Permission granted, Madam Zhu Sheng & Madam Chen Jing Gu will direct the Grant to Hua Gong & Hua Po and then, Hua Gong & Hua Po will direct the order to any of the Gu Hua Tong Zi to make sure that the Flower is being changed correctly.

After the Flowers are being changed, the Gu Hua Tong Zi will report back to Hua Gong & Hua Po to do the necessary reporting to the Above Authorities.

Due to lack of Knowledge and No Skillful Spiritual People in Singapore, such a Ritual/Ceremony has not being performed Locallpy for Decades, those Rituals/Ceremonies that used the name of Changing of Flower or Exiting of Spiritual Gardens are just some Commercial Tricks that used by certain Groups to make Money. And so, do beware of being conned.

Ways of Getting Rid of Negative Entities or Ceasing Negative Forces Invading (驅鬼避凶之法)


In Taoism & Chinese Customs, Taoists & Chinese do have a set of Methods or Ways to get-rid of Negative Entities aka Ghost or Ceasing/Protecting any Negative Forces of invading one self or the surrounding, etc.

In here, I will do a few quick intro on the various Methods or Ways.

1st: Wearing of Natural Stones, Gems or Natural Resources (天生靈石鎮護身)

Natural Stones & Gems refer to Jade, Ruby, Diamonds, etc and Natural Resources refer to Gold, Silver, Bronze and Metal (but must be aware of Thunder & Lightning).

In Chinese Beliefs, such Items are Items that being formed after absorbing the Natural Energies that emitted out by Sun, Moon, Stars and other Natural Light Sources.

After Million Years of absorbing, such Items are more or less being enhanced with the Natural Positive Energies, by wearing them, one self will be able to get the Positive Energies that emitted out from these Items in-order to get one self being protected.

Even though such Items are Natural Enhanced, but after long term of wearing them, such Items must be cleansed too. Different Beliefs will have different methods of cleansing and so, do not need to compare or worry.

2nd: Placing of a New Broom in the Bedroom (新降掃把蕩穢神)

In Chinese Customs, Broom is one Item that the Taoists or Chinese believed that it will get rid of All Un-necessary Lucks and Negative Forces.

And so, in some Dialect Groups, the People will tend to get a New Broom to place it in the Bedroom of a New Home, in-order to avoid or block any Negative Entities from invading during the Nights.

For Parents who worried that their new born babies will be attacked by Negative Entities, try placing a New Broom, at the top of the Broom handle tie a Red Ribbon or Red String then place it upside-down (Handle on Ground), in the babies room, it does help the babies to have good sleeps at night.

3rd: Making the Middle Finger Bleed (心火連指除陰氣)

For those who always return home at late night or those who always use pathways that are extremely dark, this will be a good method for you.

One day, if you find that the pathway that you use is not extremely Right or Positive, do not get too worried, be calm and relax, try to get a sharp-pointed item (can be needle or pen-knife), poke a little hole on the Tip of your Left Hand Middle Finger and let the Blood flow out (do not Cut a Big Hole, if not, you will Join the Negative Entities if the Bleeding cannot stop).

If you feel that something is dashing towards you, sprinkle the Blood to towards the direction and then dash thru it, it will help to protect you for a short moment.

After you dash thru that spot, run as fast as you can to find a brightly-lit place or find someone on the Road to accompany you (remember to make sure that person is a Human and not other Beings).

Upon reaching home, wash yourself with some rice & salt, in-order to get rid of the Negative Energies that stuck onto your Physical Body.

4th: Capturing of the Soul using Red-string (硃砂仙索捆邪侵)

This is one of the dangerous ways to protect one self, if you are not brave and strong enough, do not use this method.

Buy a Bundle of Red-string, buy a Pack of Zhu Sha (Red ink for drawing Talisman) and a Bottle of Rice Wine.

After reaching home, get a Glass or Porcelain Bowl, pour the Rice Wine in and then throw the Whole pack of Zhu Sha into the Bowl, mix them well and then cut at least 2 meters of the Red-string and soak it inside the mixture.

Wrap the Bowl up and let it on the Altar for at least 3 Days (some will soak for 49 Days).

After the Bowl is being unwrap, carefully retrieve the Red-string out (some can be fragile after some many days of soaking), let it Wind-dry and then, cut it into the wanted length.

Bring 1 with you and the rest to hang around in the Home.

If any Stubborn Negative Entities will to invade your home, the Red-string will take effect and once you see the Red-string is being tangled up or a knot is being tie-up then quickly take down the Red-string and burn it off with a stack of Incense-Gold-paper.

PS: This is a Cruel Way to treat such Souls, try to engage Spiritual Priests or Masters to perform Rituals/Ceremonies to salvage them, rather then Capture them and then Kill them off.

5th: Inviting of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling to Home (天師鎮宅保平安)

This is one of the ways that the Taoists will do, by inviting a Portrait or a Picture of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling to be hung at home or honoured.

According to Taoist Records, Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling does have the Authority and Ability to ward off Negative Entities & Forces, by doing so, the Home will be blessed with Positive Energies and also, the necessary Blessings from Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling.

6th: Carrying an Ancient Coin (天圓地方一銅錢)

Ancient Coin, made into a shape of outside Round and inside Square, this is to represent Tian Yuan Di Fang, meaning, getting the Enhancement from the Heaven & Earth.

By carrying an Ancient Coin with one self, if anything will to happen, just take out the Ancient Coin and throw towards the direction that you feel the Negative Forces, the Negative Forces will be ward off.

Do remember, after throwing the Coin out, do not retrieve it back, cos, once an Ancient Coin touches the Soil-ground, it loses its Ability and Enhancement.

7th: Placing of a Pre-Heavenly Creation Trigram aka Xian Tian Ba Gua (先天八卦治妖邪)

Pre-Heavenly Creation Trigram aka Xian Tian Ba Gua, Xian Tian Ba Gua – the Qian Symbol is sitting directly opposite the Kun Symbol, Brilliant & Spiritual Symbols that being discovered, created & founded by our Ancestor.

In the Eight Symbols, they reveal the Miracle Strong Energies & Power that hidden inside this Mortal World and also, the Creation of the Universe.

By performing the Upright and Accurate Enhancement for the Ba Gua, the Ba Gua will be enhancement with Strong and Miracle Energies and by placing a Ba Gua in a Home, a Home will be protected by the Positive & Upright Energies that emitted out by the Ba Gua.

8th: Chopping of a Rooster Head (靈光紅現百魅清)

This is a very Ancient Way of Warding-off Negative Entities or Forces.

If an Area is being founded with Negative Entities or Forces invading, the Spiritual Master will request for a White Rooster with a Big Red Crown.

Upon doing a quick reporting to the Heaven and inviting of the Heavenly Marshals to do protection on the Area, the Spiritual Master will use the Seven-star Sword to cut off the Rooster Crown or Chop off the Head and then, sprinkle the Blood around the Area.

Once the Blood is being sprinkled around, the Spiritual Master will do the final round of Chanting, in-order to usher in the Positive Forces.

Today, in certain Countries, this Method is still being used, especially High-rise Buildings that founded invaded by Negative Forces.


For those who are learning Spiritual Skills, just need to memorize these 8 Sentences and where ever you go, you will be able to use these 8 Sentences to assist the needy:

Tian Sheng Ling Shi Zhen Hu Shen

Xin Jiang Sao Ba Dang Hui Shen

Xin Huo Lian Zhi Chu Yin Qi

Zhu Sha Xian Suo Kun Xie Qin

Tian Shi Zhen Zhai Bao Ping An

Tian Yuan Di Fang Yi Dong Qian

Xian Tian Ba Gua Zhi Yao Xie

Ling Guang Hong Xian Bai Mei Qing

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Burning of Paper-offerings for the passed-on or Ancestors 2 (為先人焚化紙供二)


Continue on this topic of Burning Paper-offerings for the passed-on & Ancestors.

These few recent years, Folks not only like to consult any Un-authorized Mediums to issue Talismans for the accompanying of the Paper-offerings that being burnt for the passed-on or Ancestors, such ignorant Folks also like to request for Talismans to be burnt during Funeral Wakes or Taoist Rituals that performed for leading the Soul of the newly passed-on to the Eastern Palace (東極青華宮).

This is ultimate a Rude and Inconsiderate action to get involved in.

If a person who are being educated and bring up Uprightly and with Good Knowledge of what is Right & Wrong, the one self will know that, Talismans that being issued by Mediums are just Nothing when there are Big Deities, such as San Qing (三清道祖), Lord Tai Yi (太乙天尊), Dong Yue Da Di (東嶽大帝), etc, involved or present during such Events.

2ndly, this is a very Dis-respectly action to happen on the passed-on. This will only add on the sins & debts of the passed-on and not assisting the passed-on to get his/her Enlightenment in any short moment.

If the passed-on is destinated to proceed to the Land of Eternal Joyous (長樂界) and yet, some one approach the passed-ons Family to present a Nether World Talisman to accompany the passed-on to the Nether World, so, what will happened to the passed-on? Just ponder on this question.

3rdly, these recent years, some ignorant and cruel Non-Official Taoist Priests or Spiritual Leaders have come out with Rituals/Ceremonies of Crossing the Nai He Bridge (奈何橋) for Souls or Spirits that have pass-away for many years, this is Ultimate Ridiculous and Not Realistic (each Soul or Spirit will only Cross the Nai He Bridge once, if the Soul or Spirit will to cross the 2nd time, meaning that, the Soul or Spirit is dying for the 2nd time and the whole suffering will restart once again).

A Trained and Official Accepted Taoist Priest or Spiritual Master will know that, for a Soul or Spirit to cross the Nai He Bridge, that will only occurred when a newly passed-on for not more than 7 Days, once a Soul or Spirit pass-away for more than 49 Days, the passed-on will automatically being summoned to the Nether World (if the passed-on is not a Merit-Holder Taoist or a Non-Taoist).

For Souls or Spirits that pass-away for more than 49 Days to 3 years or 3 years onwards, there will be Rituals/Ceremonies to lead the Souls or Spirits to cross the Immortal Bridge aka Xian Qiao (仙橋), Golden Bridge aka Jin Qiao (金橋) & Silver Bridge aka Yin Qiao (銀橋), definitely not Nai He Bridge.

So beware of such Ignorant & Un-trained Spiritual People, Sintuas & some Non-Upright Local Taoist Organisations.

Burning of Paper-offerings for the passed-on or Ancestors 1 (為先人焚化紙供)


Dear All,

Just got an enquiry from one of the members on the burning of the Paper-offerings for the passed-on or Ancestors.

In the enquiry, it says something like that, shall one get the permission from a Medium (in-trance of a particular Nether World Deity) in-order for the Paper-offerings to be receive by the destinated party in the other realm to receive the offerings, after reading it, Im totally being amused by that, cos, this was being told by a Medium from a dont know what ignorant Sintua.

To be more accurate and true, no one is to issue any authority for such Paper-offerings other then that Appointed Taoist Deities and further more, the Nether World that they mentioned in the Enquiry – which is Da Ye Bo (大爺伯) or Er Ye Bo (二爺伯) does not have the authority to perform such a Task, they main and only Task is just to grab the accurate & wanted souls or Spirits and, to withhold the Peacefulness in the Spiritual Realms.

In Taoism, we do have a Spiritual Document that will be issued by Taoist Priests or Spiritual Masters, upon the Authority of San Qing (三清道祖), Lord Tai Yi (太乙天尊).

This is the Only Spiritual Document that the Three Realms recognized.

This Spiritual Document is known as Lu Piao (路票), Lu Wen (路文) or Ji Wu Die Wen (給物牒文 different dialects/areas will have different names), in-order for the Folks, Chinese & Taoists to be able to get hold of such Spiritual Document, now in most of the Joss-shops, you are able to buy it, but before you buy it, remember to see whether a Taoist Seal is being stamped on the Document, usually the Seal will be an Authorised Seal of Ling Bao Da Fa Si (靈寶大法司) or Cheng Huang Cha Zheng Yin (城隍察證印). Without the Seals, then that is considered as a normal Paper only, just the same as Talismans issued by who & who.

What is the Main Purpose of this Spiritual Document?

This is to ensure that no other Souls or Spirits will come and snatch the Offerings burnt for the passed-on or Ancestors and if, on the way the Offerings are being snatched, the passed-on or Ancestors can do a claimed at the Nether World with this Spiritual Document and, the Nether World will take the necessary actions according to the complaint and the proof of the Spiritual Document.

Days of Taoist Deities descend onto the Mortal Realm for Salvation & Blessing 1 (道教諸真下降日)

In Taoism Calendar, on different days or Festivals, different Deities will descend onto the Mortal Realm to provide the necessary blessings or perform the Salvation Tasks.
In here, I will provide the First Set of Days and the particular Deities that descend onto the Mortal Realm:
3rd Day & 9th Day of every Lunar Month (每月初三及初九日)
For Lunar 7th Month will be on the 11th Day (農曆巧月為十一日)
Lord Tai Yi of Salvation of Suffering Souls (太乙天尊下降日)
On these 2 Days (mentioned in Taoist Scripture: Tai Yi Jiu Ku Hu Shen Miao Jing 太乙救苦護身玅經), Lord Tai Yi aka Tai Yi Jiu Ku Tian Zun (太乙救苦天尊) will descend onto the Mortal World from the Eastern Palace Qing Hua aka Qing Hua Gong (東極青華宮) to perform his Salvation Tasks.
In Taoism, we will encourage the Taoists or Chinese to do chanting on Scriptures that dedicated to Lord Tai Yi to assist him in his Salvation Tasks and also, to call-upon him to salvage our passed-on Ancestors & Relatives or Friends, etc.
While doing the chanting, one self must be calm and at ease (if one self is not feeling well, do not do any chanting, etc), before the chanting, recite him Praise Incantation aka Bao Gao (寶誥), visualize a Taoist Priest wearing a Purple Robe (紫金相) sitting on a Nine Head Lion (九頭獅), Right Hand holding to a Stalk of Willow Leaf (右手楊柳枝), Left Hand holding on to a little Bowl containing water (左手清水盂) and the Whole Body giving out Purple & Green Bright Rays (法身紫青光).
By doing such visualization, one self is trying to get his attention and main a close connection with Lord Tai Yi.
For those who dont know how to do chanting on the Scriptures or Reciting on the Bao Gao, then just by Calling-upon the Official Title of Lord Tai Yi – Tai Yi Jiu Ku Tian Zun (太乙救苦天尊), Lord Tai Yi will be able to get your request and the passed-on-members in your Family will be salvaged and being lead to the Eastern Palace to enjoy the Eternal Joyous (長樂界).
PS: For those who are not trained in Visualization, then one self shall not perform the visualization, just look into the picture or a statue of Lord Tai Yi and do the chanting or reciting, Lord Tai Yi will still be able to get your request.
Best Days or Festival to do chanting & reciting, besides the 2 Days mentioned above will be during Qing Ming Festival, Seven Month Festival and End-of-Year.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Types of Talismans 5 (符咒符文符令)

In here, you will see the various different Big Talismans that used in Taoist Temples or Rituals/Ceremonies.

Different Talismans will have different functions, but mostly are for Protection or Getting Rid of Negative Forces.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Pictures of Bai He Tong Zi aka White Crane Immortal Boy (白鶴童子)

Bai He Tong Zi (白鶴童子) aka White Crane Immortal Boy, an Immortal who transformed from an Immortal Crane.

According to Records & Myths, Bai He Tong Zi was an Immortal Crane who performed Taoist cultivation at Kun Lun Mountain (崑崙山).

One year, while Bai He Tong Zi was out on the cliff of Kun Lun Mountain enjoying the scenery, due to carelessness, Bai He Tong Zi fell off from the edge of the cliff, hurting his wings and down into the thousand mile cliff. Upon reaching the bottom of the cliff, Bai He Tong Zi was in coma state.

After several hours, Bai He Tong Zi woke up and was surprise to find himself unhurt.

Just at the moment of wondering what had happened, an Immortal in an Old Man form approached him. By looking clearly at the Immortal, Bai He Tong Zi recognized that he was Chang Sheng Da Di (長生大帝) aka Lord Chang Sheng, which in Folks Culture, known as Shou Xing (壽星).

Immediately, Bai He Tong Zi knelt onto the ground to express his gratitude to Chang Sheng Da Di.

From then, Bai He Tong Zi stayed by Chang Sheng Da Dis side to assist him and learn the various Spiritual Skills.

One year, while Chang Sheng Da Di & Bai He Tong Zi were on their way to the Celestial Palace, they passed-by the spot where Bai He Tong Zi fell into the Thousand Mile Cliff.

After recalling and going thru the incident, from that day, Bai He Tong Zi had never used his wings to fly into the air. And so, while they passed by the spot, in order to let Bai He Tong Zi picked up his courage and braveness, Chang Sheng Da Di pushed Bai He Tong Zi down from the Cloud.

Immediately, Bai He Tong Zi was in a great shocked and struggled of trying to grab something in-order not to fall deeper. Just at the moment of his struggling, Chang Sheng Da Di shouted from the Heaven: Try your best to concentrate, throw away all your fear, pick up the courage, direct your energy onto your back and transform your white robe into your wings, you can fly and from there, you will get your learning.

Just after Chang Sheng Da Di finished his words, Bai He Tong Zi calm himself down and direct all his positive energy onto his back and with the assistance of a Spiritual Mantra, he found himself floating into the air.

He was delighted and grateful.

From then, he knew that, only by putting down the fear in one selfs Soul, Mind & Heart, then one self will be able to move further and achieve higher into another level of Cultivation.

By then, Bai He Tong Zi got his enlightenment. In-order to show his gratitude, he stayed by Chang Sheng Da Di side to assist him in performing the tasks of Mortal Longevity Issues and help to find against any negative forces that harm Mortals & Children.

And so, due to the Braveness and Determination of Bai He Tong Zi, in Taoism, Taoists & Folks will pay respect to Bai He Tong Zi for Protection and also Braveness Enhancement (some say Spiritual Power).

Another Story is that, Bai He Tong Zi was believed to be one of the Disciples of Yuan Shi Tian Zun (元始天尊) and his is the Only Animal disciple that Yuan Shi Tian Zun accepted.

During the learning period under Yuan Shi Tian Zun, Bai He Tong Zi was a obedient and hardworking disciple, whatever Yuan Shi Tian Zun said and imparted, Bai He Tong Zi would do his recording and able to recite & practice out according to what Yuan Shi Tian Zun had said & explained.

After Bai He Tong Zi got his enlightenment, Yuan Shi Tian Zun took him by his side to do all the Administration Works and also, to assist the Heavenly Realm to do the sending of Important Notices,Petitions & Reports to the other Realms.

Today, in certain Taoist Temples or Altars that are dedicated to San Qing (三清道祖), a mini statue of Bai He Tong Zi will be seen, this is the reason of his existence on the Altar of San Qing.

In summary, Bai He Tong Zi is not only a Deity that what the Folks believed to have Spiritual Power of getting rid of Negative Forces, but is also a Deity to represent Braveness, Wisdom, Determination & Intelligent.

For Higher Res Pictures, please proceed to this link:

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Introduction on Xue Shan Tong Zi (雪山童子簡介)

Xue Shan Tong Zi (雪山童子) aka Immortal Boy of the Snow Mountain, one of the Divine Protectors of Taoist Lv Shan Sect (閭山派).


According to Records & Mantras used in Taoist Lv Shan Sect, Xue Shan Tong Zi is one of the Assistants or Disciples of Xue Shan Da Sheng (雪山大聖) aka Sage of Snow Mountain.


In the various Records & Mantras, Xue Shan Tong Zi is being recognized as one of the Immortal Assistants that assist in performing the following tasks that are associated with Mortals:


1 to stop bleeding (止血)


2 to stop or prevent any un-necessary Boy-Girl Relationship (解是非姻緣及爛桃花)


3 to ease sicknesses that associated with high heat or temperature, such as Fever, Chickenpox, Plaque, etc (化解熱毒)


For the Spiritual Skill of stopping bleeding, here’s the mantra that Xue Shan Tong Zi is being call-upon (actual set of Skill comes with Hand-symbol, in here, I will not go deep into that introduction):



Ri Chu Dong Fang Xian Dian You


Translation: When one self got a cut, the 1st thing that one self see on the wound is a form of transparent semi-liquid form leaking out from the wound.



Shou Zhi Jin Qiang Qi Bai Niu


Translation: In-order for the bleeding to stop, the White Blood-cell aka Leukocytes will be needed to exist (by using the Spiritual Will to increase the quantity of Leukocytes), not only to stop bleeding, but also to stop any external virus from entering into the body from the wound.



San Sheng He Zhu Chang Liu Shui


Translation: By calling Thrice upon the Spiritual Will and the enhancement from Xue Shan Tong Zi, the bleeding will stop.



Jin Zhi Hong Men Bu Zhun Liu


Translation: Bleeding stop, wound heal and scar will disappear within time.



Xue Shan Tong Zi Lai


Translation: Calling upon the Arrival of Xue Shan Tong Zi



Xue Shan Tong Zi Dao


Translation: Awaiting for the Arrival of Xue Shan Tong Zi



Xue Shan Tong Zi Zhi


Translation: Upon the Arrival of Xue Shan Tong Zi, all Bleeding stop and wound heal.



Introduction on the 13th Immortal Maiden (十三姑娘簡介)


Dear All,

After watching the Drama Series of Singapore Mediacorp Channel 8, a lot of people had approached me on the issue and the identity of the 13th Immortal Maiden (十三姑娘), and yes, in some of our Chinese Records, there are a few records on the 13th Maiden.

In here, I will do a quick introduction on the various 13th Maiden:

1 The sister of Yellow Emperor aka Huang Di (軒轅黃帝之妹).

According to the Chinese Deity Record of Taiwan, the younger sister of Huang Di, name unknown, was the sworn sister of the 12th Heavenly Maiden aka Shi Er Yan Tian Xi Nv Niang Niang (十二延天溪女娘娘).

Due to her name is not known and she is the younger sworn sister of Shi Er Yan Tian Xi Nv Niang Niang, so in the Folks Culture, she is being address as Shi San Niang Niang (十三娘娘), Shi San Huang Gu Niang (十三黃姑娘) or Shi San Niang (十三娘).

2 The 13th Daughter of the Senior General of Tang Dynasty (唐太原督都之十三女).

Her statue can still be seen in China Dun Huang Cave-carving number 130 (敦煌石窟第130號).

Monday, 24 March 2008

Grand Talisman of Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君大符)

In the following is a Talisman dedicated to Dou Mu Yuan Jun, another very rare and unique Talisman.

Usually in Taoism, we do not dedicate any Talismans to such a High Level Deity.

Taoist Day Dinner at Taoist Mission (道祖誕道教協會圓融晚宴)


Ack to Mr Victor Yue of Taoism Singapore eGroup

Hi folks,
Thanks to the invitation from Master Lee Zhi Wang of Taoist Mission, a few of us representing Taoism-Singapore Yahoogroups were present to join in the commemoration of Taoist Day this evening at Jurong East field next to Blk.130. The guest of honour was the Minister of Finance and Education, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam and his wife. Leaders of various religious groups in Singapore were also present.

Led by the Taoist Priests of Taoist Mission in an elaborate ritual, Mr. and Mrs. Tharman Shanmugaratnam led the members present in paying respect to Lao Zi, the founder of Taoism. This was followed by prayers for universal peace by respective leaders of all the religious groups present. It was an evening demonstrating the religious harmony amongst people of different faith in Singapore.

As is in most Chinese gathering, the atmosphere was informal and guests could reach out to each other and chat. Many looked and nodded with approval as they saw Mr. Tharman taking the lull in between events to chat up with various leaders of the religious faith and the community.

Also present in this year's gathering were some 14 members of Taoism Mission from Semarang (and nearby - Tega?), Java, Indonesia. They participated in the rituals held over the week. And in this evening, they even gave a performance especially dedicated to the Indonesian Ambassador who was also invited to the occasion.

Credit to the organising committee of this year's event, many programmes were also included. Apart from the rituals and the talk by a Taiwanese Academic, on this dinner night, there was also a sketch to share with the audience how one should be patient and be respectful to one's elders. It was a story of an elderly mother who kept asking the daughter if the bird calling was a crow. The daughter, who was looking after her own little daughter got annoyed and irritated with the numerous same questions. As one with elderly parents or grandparents might have encountered, such questions could come repeatedly. Should one answer with patience and understanding? In this sketch, the daughter got irritated and scolded the poor mother. Ah, and in a booming voice (must be that of Master Lee), Tai Shang Lao Jun called upon this daughter to ask if she has been filial to her mother.

While many look upon the crow as a bird that brings bad luck, tonight, we learnt that the crow is one bird that would stay to look after its parents until they passed away. And so, even a bad bird has its virtues.

In this year's celebrations, Taoist Mission (TM in short) is also going all out to raise funds to buy a piece of land to build a centre of its own. For S$10, one could contribute towards a brick. For S$100, one could contribute towards a tile. And for S$500, one could contribute towards one sq ft of land. So, if you are keen to contribute, you can reach TM through They also have a S$100 package with which one contributes towards the poor and the building fund and even towards the poor at Semarang, Indonesia.

In addressing the audience, Master Lee announced with pride that despite their hardwork, the Taoist Mission has achieved much in creating the awareness about Taoism in the past 13 years. Judging by the turnout tonight, Taoist Mission deserves a pat on its back for the hard work they have put in. More still needs to be done but from now on, perhaps, the momentum would have already been created and might be smoother than the earlier days.

To Taoist Mission, great work and jia you!


PS: Thanks for a wonderful dinner and again, a night of greate discussions amongst us at our table with the occasional appearance of Ardian. Members in this evening's dinner were: Margaret Chan, Su Yin, Tim, Gloria, Raymond, Jave, Simon Lee, and Doris.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Grand Talisman of Lin Shui Palace San Nai Fu Ren (臨水宮三奶夫人大符)

In the following is a Talisman of Lin Shui Palace San Nai Fu Ren.

This is a very Rare Talisman use or distribute out to devotees, unless upon special request or permission of Deities/Taoist Priests & Spiritual Masters.

Usually such Talisman will be issued to Pregnant Ladies or Families with new born babies, in-order to get the blessing from San Nai Fu Ren.

Manifestation Anniversay aka Birthday of Dao De Tian Zun (道德天尊萬壽日)


15 Day of Lunar 2 Month (農曆二月十五日), a day for the Taoist to celebrate the Reborn of Lao Zi and also, the Manifestation Annivesary of Dao De Tian Zun (道德天尊).

In Taoism, this is an Important Day for the Taoists to pay their sincere & faithful respect to Dao De Tian Zun (道德天尊) or Lao Zi (老子), one of the San Qing aka Three Supreme One (三清道祖).

Dao De Tian Zun, same as Yuan Shi Tian Zun, is one of the Three manifestations of Yuan Shi Tian Wang (元始天王) aka the Initial Gust of Miracle Energy or Force before the Universe & Dimensions existed. After Yuan Shi Tian Wang reaches a certain stage of manifestation, he manifested the very first Manifestation Energy to create Yuan Shi Tian Zun (元始天尊), followed by Manifesting Ling Bao Tian Zun (靈寶天尊) and last, Dao De Tian Zun.

Upon being manifested, Dao De Tian Zun started to perform his task by making his different forms of manifestation in different Eras to do salvation for the Mortals & Beings and also, to impart his Spiritual Teachings to the Cultivated Taoists, such as Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張道陵天師), etc.

So on this Day, what shall one self prepared?

For a Taoist, the things that needed to be prepared are very simple.

Just prepared the Taoist Five Offerings (道教五供) or the most, the Ten Offerings (道教十供), once ready, place them on the Altar that set-up facing the Heaven (with an Urn, 2 Candles and some simple paper-offerings).

After setting up, one self can start the honouring to Dao De Tian Zun.

Sincerely make a short report Dao De Tian Zun who you are, what is the event today and after the report, make 3 times of kneeling down, each time of the kneeling down, make 3 kowtows (which make 9 kowtows after the whole honouring).

Once the kneeling & kowtow are done, stand-up and make a simple bow and then leave the spot.

Besides doing the honouring, this is a Day that the Taoists will do chanting & reciting or perform Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies. On this Day, all chanting & reciting of Scriptures & Mantras, the credits & merits will be enhanced & multiplied.

For normal Chinese who wished to pay respect to Dao De Tian Zun, this will be encouraged. Just prepare the items that one self usually prepared for honouring the Home Deities. After preparation, place the items on the Main Altar or if one self wish to set up a Temp Altar facing the Heaven, this will be best.

Follow the procedure that being mentioned above.

If at home, one self is not able to do the honouring, can visit Temples that dedicate Altar to Dao De Tian Jun or Tai Shang Lao Jun (太上老君).

In Singapore, one self can visit Havelock Road Yu Huang Dian (合樂律玉皇殿), Telok Blangah Tian Gong Temple (萬壽山天公廟), Amoy Street Xian Zu Temple (夏門街仙祖廟), Wang Hai Da Bo Gong Temple (望海大伯公廟) or any Celebration Venue to make your respect.

So when can remove the Altar?

For those who wish to set-up the Altar till the next day, this is encouraged, if not, can remove the Altar on the very day, after the whole family pay respect to Dao De Tian Zun.

After removing the Altar, do not discard the Five or Ten offerings, one self can transfer the offerings to the Main Altar to continue offered to the Main Deities.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Pictures of Jin Shi & Qing Long Tong Zi (金獅青龍兩童子)

Jin Shi & Qing Long Tong Zi (金獅青龍童子) aka The Immortal Golden Lion & Immortal Green Dragon.

According to Stories & Records, these 2 Immortals were being sent for reborn in the Mortal Realm during the Sui Dynasty (隋朝) to assist the Sui Empire to withhold the Empire Strength and also to assist the Sui Emperor Yang Guang (隋煬帝楊廣).

After growing up, these 2 Immortals go thru their basic academic study and martial art training. When the Imperial Court started to recruit new strength for the battling, these 2 Immortals signed up and by going thru various testing and training, both of them were being selected to stay by the Sui Emperor side to protect the Emperor.

During the battle with Tang Empire, Sui Empire was being defeated and Sui Emperor Yang Guang was being forced to surrender, just before Sui Emperor was being killed, these 2 Immortals tried their best to protect the Emperor, just at the crucial moment, arrows from the surrounding were being released and most of the arrows were aimed and shot onto these 2 Immortals physical bodies.

Immediately after physical bodies were being shot, the original forms of these 2 Immortals were being summoned back to the Heavenly Realm.

After being summoned back to the Heavenly Realm, due to their braveness & loyalty, Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) bestowed them with the title of Jin Shi Tong Zi & Qing Long Tong Zi and returned them the original form as 2 little youthful boy.

This is why, today, usually these 2 Immortals are being made into Little Boy outlook and not in General form.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Sembawang Tian Hou Temple (三巴旺天后宫)

Here is a link to Sembawang Tian Hou Temple website, do visit the web and give them your fullest support.

Qing Ming Festival Period (孝思清明節)

Start:     Mar 25, '08 12:00a
End:     Apr 14, '08 12:00p
Location:     All Over the World

Qing Ming Festival is here again, this year, Qing Ming Festival Period starts from 25 Mar 2008 - 14 Apr 2008 (18th Day of Lunar 2 Month to 9th Day of Lunar 3 Month).

Actual Day falls on 4 Apr 2008 (28th Day of Lunar 2 Month), timing starts from 18:16Pm.

In our Chinese Custom, usually we will starts our honouring or paying respect to the Ancestors or passed-on 10 days before the Actual Day and end the Qing Ming Period 10 days after the Actual Day, which allows the descedants to have a long 20 days to visit tombs or honour at home (十天前及十天后).

Qing Ming Festival is not only a Festival to just visit tombs or doing honouring, but to keep in memory of how our Forefathers & Ancestors strive for living and providing a good life for their Children & Us.

And so, this time round, besides paying respect to your own Ancestors, do remember to offer 3 sticks of Incenses to those who had made their effort in making our Home Country that Peaceful & Nice.

I'm sure, you will benefit more that ever.

Good Luck.

Wu Liang Guan 無量關
Wu Liang Shou 無量壽

Pictures of Master Long Xuan aka Long Xuan Zu Shi (閭山法主龍玄祖師)

Long Xuan Zu Shi aka Master Long Xuan (龍玄祖師), also being known as Master Lv Shan or Lv Shan Fa Zhu Long Xuan Zu Shi (閭山法主龍玄祖師), having a surname of Lin and name unknown (姓臨名字不詳).

Long Xuan was born in Yuan Dynasty, hometown in Hokkien Province Yong Chun Area (生于元朝,家鄉於福建省永春).

At the age of 10+, Long Xuan had been doing training under Lv Shan Sect (小時習就閭山法派玄術), by the age of 15, Long Xuan was able to use the various Spiritual Skills that being passed down by the Fore-fathers and Ancestors of Lv Shan Sect.

One year, while Long Xuan and his classmates were doing his Taoist Cultivation in one of the Taoist Monastery, a beggar approached them, due to the outlook of the beggar, all the other classmates ignored him, only Long Xuan walk towards the beggar.

While Long Xuan walking towards the beggar, Long Xuan saw a Red Light Ray covering the beggar physical body, this Light Ray made Long Xuan more interested in finding out more on this beggar and so, Long Xuan opened him mouth wanting to ask the beggar of why the Red Light Ray kept shooting out from his body, just as Long Xuan about to ask, the beggar smiled at him and with one leap, the beggar jumped onto the Sky and transformed himself in the outlook of Zhao Gong Ming (the Deity of Military Wealth 武財神趙公明).

At that moment, Long Xuan was shocked and the rest of the classmates were shocked too, but by the time the other classmates dashed out, Zhao Gong Ming was gone, disappearing into the Heavenly Realm, leaving 5 Golden Characters in the Sky – Long Xuan Men Jing Fa (龍玄門靖法).

By looking at the 5 Characters, no one could really understand what they meant, but from then, Spiritual Skills of Long Xuan increased tremendously.

Few years after the incident, Long Xuan brought 2 of his disciples to wander around to perform their salvation tasks.

One day, Long Xuan and disciples came to a place where he realized that, one of the spot in the grassland got not a single stack of grass being grown on the soil.

After approaching the spot, Long Xuan found that the energy emitted out from the emptied grassland was extremely Positive and Spiritually, without consideration futher, Long Xuan sat onto the grassland and advised his 2 disciples to stand guard while he do his Spiritual Cultivation on the spot.

After 6 hours of meditating sitting on the spot, Long Xuan entered the Third Dimension (visualization realm), where he saw himself dressing up looking like what Zhang Gong Fa Zhu (張公法主) was wearing and on the ground he stepping shows the Trigram aka Ba Gua formation (地煞八卦陣). After staring at the Ba Gua, a Spiritual Ruler aka Zheng Tian Shen Chi (天罡鎮天尺) pop-out from the ground and so, Long Xuan went to grab the Ruler.

Immediately after Long Xuan grabbed the Ruler, he awakened by negative force that approached them.

Just as he opened his eyes, a demon appeared in front of him. With Long Xuan highly cultivated skills and Spiritual Weapon he got from the Dream, Long Xuan did not show any fear in front of the demon.

After Long Xuan got up from the spot, Long Xuan started to fight against the demon, after rounds of battling, the demon was being defeated.

By showing his compassionate against all beings, Long Xuan advised the demon to stay by his side to assist him in performing tasks and the demon agreed, from then, the demon became the carriage of Long Xuan and the weapon of the demon was transformed into a Fiery Wheel (風火輪) that Long Xuan stepped onto.

Just at the moment of subduing the demon, Long Xuan was being summoned to Heaven and from then, Long Xuan got his enlightenment on the spot.

Due to he was being imparted with the Spiritual Skill of Long Xuan Men Jing Fa, after he got his enlightenment, the folks addressed him as Master Long Xuan or Lv Shan Long Xuan Zu Shi.

Till today, in some branch Lineages of Lv Shan Sect, the descendants still honoured Long Xuan as one of their Spiritual Ancestors of Spiritual Skills.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Xuan Tian Shang Di Invitation Mantra Intro 1 (玄天上帝神咒簡介)

Here, I will do a quick intro on the following Mantra that use to do invitation for Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝).


This Mantra is not commonly used in South East Asia (東南亞), 1 reason is that, this Mantra is not being passed down to any Lineage in this area.


This is a Mantra used by Lv Shan Sect aka Lv Shan Pai (閭山派) or known as Fa Zhu Gong Pai 法主公派 (which Specialize in Spiritual Skills and Culture).


In the Mantra, you can see, besides that normal Assistants of Xuan Tian Shang Di & the normal Protectors of Lv Shan Sect, Long Shu Wang (龍樹王) is also being invited. Why? To enhance the necessary Energies and also, to add on the Positive Effect that the Temple or the Spiritual Group needed (such as Sintua, Fa Tan, etc).


Ok, here the quick translation on the Mantra (never treat any translation as a Final or Exact one, translation for Taoist Writings can only be treated as a form of reference, only by knowing the surface meaning of the Writing, then one self shall do more understanding, find-out and Realising of the Deeper meaning & wisdom)



Bai Qing Ben Tan Zhu Meng Jiang


This Mantra starts with the invitation of the various Generals of the Spiritual Group (can be Temple, Sintua, etc)



Li Dai Jin Gang Long Shu Wang


And then invite the various generations Long Shu Wang (due to in Tibetian Belief, Long Shu Wang will get reincarnation into different forms, just like the various Rinpoches)



Zhen Wu Xuan Tian Shang Di Gong


Then finally, invite the key character Xuan Tian Shang Di



Jiao Ta Teng She Ba Gua Gui


So what will be his appearing form? Xuan Tian Shang Di will arrive with his 2 assistants, which as Turtle & the Snake, both of them are being stepped by Xuan Tian Shang Di.



Chang Mao Da Shan You Tian Xia


And with his hair all separated and messy (to show his authority and determination in subduing of different kinds of demons & devils)



Shou Zhi Bao Jian Dao Ren Jia


And  the most important item, the 7 Star Sword that he is holding on to.



Liu Ding Liu Jia Sui Wo Teng


With him, General Liu Ding & Liu Jia will be there to accompany him.



Liu Shi Jia Zi Sui Wo Shen


The 60 Star Lords will be there too.



Er Shi Ba Xiu Sui Wo Xing


And last, the 28 Constellation Star Lords to accompany him to perform the necessary tasks of warding off Negative Entities.



Zheng Shi Yu Huang Qin Jiang Chi


Why so many Generals are being appointed to stay by Xuan Tian Shang Di sides? Due to the Authority and the bestowed that Jade Emperor of Heaven bestowed upon onto Xuan Tian Shang Di.



Shen Bing Ji Ji Ru Lv Ling


Now, upon hearing or getting the request, signal or invitation, Xuan Tian Shang Di & All other Generals will arrive.



Shen Bing Ji Ji Ru Lv Ling


With the Authority given and permission granted, Xuan Tian Shang Di & All other Generals will perform their tasks as requested, etc.



Birthday of Fairy Maiden Bai Hua (百花生日)


In our Chinese Culture & Belief, on the 12th Day of Lunar 2 Month 農曆二月十二日 (some said 2nd Day of Lunar 2 Month 或農曆二月初二日) is known as the Birthday of Fairy Maiden Bai Hua aka Bai Hua Xian Zi (百花仙子) and also known as Hua Qi (花期), Hua Chao (花朝) or Pu Die Jie (撲蝶節 – translated as Catching Butterflies Day).

On this Day, no one is to pluck or damage any flowers or plantations that are associated with flowers in-order to give the highest respect to the Fairy Maiden Bai Hua.

According to Stories & Records, this Practice was being passed down by Empress Wu Ze Tian (武則天) of Tang Dynasty (唐朝).

In the Stories & Records, this is the Day that Empress Wu Ze Tian gathered all her Officials to visit the Imperial Garden to enjoy the Blossom of the different type of Flowers.

After this Practice being spread to the commoners, the commoners also held certain celebrations keep in memory of the Flower Maiden.

Due to Rules & Regulations set by Empress Wu Ze Tian of not hurting or damaging any Flowers on the Day, a lot of commoners followed in-order not to break the Law which would get themselves into big troubles and so, this action was also being passed down generation by generation till today (in some Chinese Countries, on this Day, all Florists will stop operating for 1 Day).

So how do the people celebrate in the Ancient Era?

According to the Records, the folks will cut Red Papers into small flowers pattern and then, paste them onto Tree Branches to represent Full Blossom and Ladies will used colorful strings to tie little knots and then tied them onto their hair.

If the Weather is good on the Day, the folks will gathered together to go for hiking or picnic in the Garden side or River side to enjoy the nice scenery of the Spring Arrival and Blossom of Flowers.

And Ladies will be there to chase after Butterflies using a Round-shape Silk-made Fan, this is why, this Day is also being addressed as Pu Die Jie.

So any Country still practices this now?

Yes, in Taiwan, some areas in Taiwan, the folks still carry out certain ceremony to keep the Culture going.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Introduction on the Filling of Spiritual Coffer Ritual/Ceremony (補庫科儀儀式簡介)

Being doing follow-up on such Rituals/Ceremonies and to my horror, a lot of the Rituals/Ceremonies conducted are not going according to what is being passed-down and some of the culture or information that being shared around are totally being distorted and destroyed. This is how sad our ignorant folks can do to our Upright Culture.
Filling of Spiritual Coffer, is a Taoist Ritual/Ceremony and a Solely Taoist Culture (純道教科儀法事). But due to the influence and the attention that the Ritual/Ceremony can gain, a lot of Non-Taoist Religions (非傳統中華本土宗教) started to Copy and change the Content, which resulted in Distorting and Degarding the Actual Upright Culture of Taoism. This is something that cannot be forgiven and tolerate.
Now in the Market, almost All the Rituals/Ceremonies conducted, using the name of Taoist Filling of Spiritual Coffer, are commercially planned and not going according to the Actual Culture & Teaching, which may result in Non-effective and harming one self Spiritual Will and Cultivation.
So what is Spiritual Coffer & the Ritual/Ceremony involved?
Filling or so-called Topping-up of Spiritual Coffer is a form of Ritual/Ceremony that conducted by Taoist Priests (道士) or Authorize Spiritual Masters (正規道教宗師) to refill the Spiritual Money/Amount in one self Spiritual Coffer (Spiritual Bank Account) in the other Realms .
Such Money/Amount is needed to support ones Luck, Life and Prosperity.
According to Taoist Scriptures, by constantly refilling the Spiritual Coffer, one self will be granted with better luck and also, will be able to clear certain sins & debts, in-order for the next reborn to be a good one (for normal Taoists not Cultivated Taoists).
And according to the Taoist Scriptures, before each person is born, a Spiritual Coffer is already appointed to that person. The Money/Amount in the Spiritual Coffer is being top-up according to the persons next life and the Credits/Merits that the persons Future-to-be Family has or accumulated.
If the person is granted a Good Life, the Spiritual Coffer will be fully/mostly filled whereas a Bad Life person will be granted with a certain Money/Amount only.
After a person is born, the Spiritual Coffer will not automatically top-up or top-up un-necessary. The Spiritual Coffer that belongs to the person will only top-up according to the Good Deeds that he/she does or by certain Merits/Credits being transfer to him/her.
If a person is so bad that he/she always do bad things that harm the others and created a lot of un-solvable problem, the Money/Amount in the Spiritual Coffer will be deducted accordingly, which some may result in serious illness, disease, early death or un-known death.
When a person who is always doing Good Deeds and found that his/her Luck did not improve or the Luck is getting worst, then the Filling of Spiritual Coffer Ritual/Ceremony will be needed to conduct or engage.
So how the Filling of Spiritual Coffer go about?
Like what I mentioned earlier, for such Ritual/Ceremony, only Taoist Priests & Spiritual Masters can be engaged, other then that, no.
No other personnel are being Officially Authorized to conduct this Ritual/Ceremony. Once such Ritual/Ceremony is being mis-conducted, Life & Death issues might arise and by the time, regrets will be encountered.
Usually for such Filling of Spiritual Coffer can only be conducted not more than 3 times in a year for each individual (some Taoists will only conduct this Ritual/Ceremony for not more than 3 times in a Life-time). Once it exceeded the limitation, the Topping-up will not be accepted and the person Luck might not get better but instead, drop.
If one self found out that he/she needed this Ritual/Ceremony to be conducted, he/she can approached any Taoist Temples to check out on Dates that they conduct such Rituals/Ceremonies, if not, one self can called-up any Taoist Priests to make arrangement for the Ritual/Ceremony to be conducted at home, in front of the Heaven Altar, etc.
During the Ritual/Ceremony, the Taoist Priest will do Reporting to the Three Realms, the In-charge of the Coffers, Coffer Officers (庫官 which is only 12, not 60) and the Horoscope Officers (元辰星官 which is also only 12, not 60). Once the Reporting is done, the Taoist Priest will do the Invitation of Deities and the necessary Officers to be present for the Filling of Spiritual Coffer Ritual/Ceremony.
By according to each persons Birthday, Birth Time and Gender, a certain Money/Amount will needed to be Top-up at a Time (the Priest will prepare for the person), in some Folks Culture, the folks thought that by Topping-up more, their Luck will be increase, which is absolutely Wrong.
After the Reporting & Inviting, the Taoist Priest will start the Chanting and this is the Peak (the Most Important Period) in the Ritual/Ceremony. Without the Chanting of the Correct Scriptures, the Filling of Spiritual Coffer wont achieve its objective and the person who wished to top-up his/her Spiritual Coffer wont be done. A Trained and Authorized Taoist Priest will know of which Taoist Scriptures to chant and who to call-upon during the Ritual/Ceremony.
Once the whole Ritual/Ceremony is completed, the Priest will assist the person to send-off the Petition and Incense-paper for the Filling of Spiritual Coffer.
And this will more or less mark an end to the Ritual/Ceremony.
So when will be the best timing/dates for conducting such Ritual/Ceremony?
According to Taoist Practice, on the San Yuan Festivals (三元節 15 Day or Lunar 1/7/10 Month), any Feast Day of Taoist Deities or on the Birthday of the person, will be best.
But again, keep in mind that such Ritual/Ceremony cannot be conducted more than 3 times for an individual.
As mentioned earlier, there are 2 sets of 12 Officers, so who are they?
In Taoism Filling of Coffer Ritual/Ceremony & Coffer Knowledge, there are only 12 Coffer Officers which are now under the Supervision of Dong Yue Da Di aka Lord Emperor of Dong Yue (東岳大帝). Their names and tasks are being recorded in the Scriptures that dedicated to the Filling of Spiritual Coffer Ritual/Ceremony known as Ling Bao Tian Zun Shuo Lu Ku Shou Sheng Jing (靈寶天尊說祿庫受生經).
Like what I have mentioned earlier, due to the attraction and the attention that this Ritual/Ceremony can gain, a lot of Non-Taoist Religions tend to Copy & Import into their Religious System. Some Religions even rewrite the whole Scripture into their own way, which resulted in the distorting of our Taoism Reputation and Uprightness.
Heres the 12 Coffer Officers:
Officer Li – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Rat
Officer Tian – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Cow
Officer Lei – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Tiger
Officer Liu – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Rabbit
Officer Yuan – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Dragon
Officer Ji – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Snake
Officer Xu – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Horse
Officer Zhu – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Goat
Officer Ju – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Monkey
Officer Zheng – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Rooster
Officer Cheng – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Dog
Officer Kang – Incharge of the Coffer for Horoscope Pig
Besides these 12 Coffer Officers, the 12 Horoscope Officers will also be invited according to the persons Birthday, they are:
Officer Liu Wen Zhen – Horoscope Officer for Rat
Officer Meng Hou – Horoscope Officer for Cow
Officer Zhong Yuan – Horoscope Officer for Tiger
Officer He Yuan – Horoscope Officer for Rabbit
Officer Li Wen Liang – Horoscope Officer for Dragon
Officer Cao Jiao – Horoscope Officer for Snake
Officer Zhang Si – Horoscope Officer for Horse
Officer Sun Gong – Horoscope Officer for Goat
Officer Du Zhun – Horoscope Officer for Monkey
Officer Tian Jiao You – Horoscope Officer for Rooster
Officer Cui Jian Jin – Horoscope Officer for Dog
Officer Wang Shuang – Horoscope Officer for Pig
In summary: Do not hesitate to find out more and do comparison on the different ways of people conducting such Ritual/Ceremony. Always find the Upright & Accurate one to engage for the conducting of this type of Ritual/Ceremony.
Due to too many cons and un-orthodox cheaters in the Market and Religious Society, one self must really know what is True and what is Fake in-order not to be conned.
Approach those who know and truthfully accept and learn the Positive & Upright Culture & Teaching.
Last of all, Good Luck to you.
Wu Liang Guan 無量關
Wu Liang Shou 無量壽