Sunday, 4 February 2007

The Offerings in Taoism (最重要的道教供品)

In Taoism, we always hear people saying about “5 Offerings” or “10 Offerings”.

And so what actually are they?

Here’s a brief intro on the Offerings:

The 5 Offering:

They consists of

1 Incense (香)
2 Flowers (花)
3 Light (can be candle or oil-lamp 燈)
4 Water (a cup 水)
5 Fruit (one quantity is enough 果)

Whereas the 10 Offering consists of:

1 Incense
2 Flowers
3 Light (can be candle or oil-lamp)
4 Water (a cup)
5 Fruit (one quantity is enough)
6 Tea (or Tea Leaves)
7 Food
8 Gems
9 Pearl
10 Clothing (new set)

As for Folks’ Practises, for items 7 to 10, we can change them to:

7 Food to rice (uncooked)
8 Gems to Longevity Peaches (make of flour)
9 Pearl to Longevity Noodles (uncooked)
10 Clothing to Traditional Kueh, eg: Huat Kueh, Ang Ku Kueh

PS: No matter what items/food/offerings that we offered to the Deities, the Deities won’t consume them, so a small quantity will be fine. The most important is the Sincerity that you have during the preparation and at the moment you make offering to the Deities.

Taoist Cultural Group of South East Asia (南洋道教文化研究會)

Start:     Jan 1, '07
End:     Dec 31, '15
Location:     Singapore

Dear All,

A piece of Good News for all fellow Taoists/Members & Passer-by here.

A Taoist Cultural Group (南洋道教文化研究會) is in the mid of setting-up.

This Taoist Cultural Group is being set-up by Long Shan Men aka Long Shan Taoist School and a few other Taoist Groups & Associations.

For those who are interested, please do volunteer yourself to be one of the members.

So who are eligible to be part of the group?

For this group, NO age limitation, you can be one of the members of any existing Taoist Organisations or Temples or Sintuas in Singapore or you are a NON Taoist/Chinese or you are a Priest/Medium at the moment, NO restriction, NO "obstacles", ALL are welcomed.

What are the possible events/activities of the group?

Most likely will to be promoting the culture of Taoism (in the so-called Main Stream and Folks) besides that, people will also learnt about the culture, practises and Chinese Customs of Celebrations/Sintuas/Temples, Chinese Festivals, Making Offerings and so and so.

For those who Eligible and Willngly to engage oneself into the learning of Spiritual Skills, etc, he/she will also be recommended to apply for Spiritual Registration under Zheng Yi Sect to be an Official Priest or Future-to-be Spiritual Leader.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate, find out more and join now